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Ch. 2: Australia

Two weeks after my first gay experience, and my lover’s return to Australia, I received an email from him.

“Rob: Unable to make it next week due to work load. I’m having a great year so the trip to Australia is on me. Give me a date and I’ll set everything up from here. I’m looking forward to the reunion. J.”

Two weeks later, I found myself on a.Quantas jet, heading for Sidney, where Jay had a limo pick me up for the trip to an extended stay inn. As soon as I got to the room, I unpacked, put everything away and stowed the luggage in the closet. Not knowing what he had planned, I took a shower, gave myself an enema, using the kit I’d purchased just for the occasion, and put on shorts and a polo shirt, leaving the kit on the back of the toilet so he would know I’d prepared myself for him.

I was sitting on the balcony, just loving the view from my room, when t heard the door open and he stepped into the room, locking the door behind him. He dropped his briefcase on the couch and went into the bathroom. My cock was already pulsing with excitement and he hadn’t spoken a word yet.

We exchanged greetings and an embrace, talked about the flight and other small talk, but the whole time we talked, I was watching his cock swell in anticipation casino şirketleri of what we both wanted.

When he reached over to grope into my crotch, I moaned my appreciation and leaned back to give him free access. Since I was already erect and throbbing, the touch of his hand, the simple motions as he pulled the zipper down caused me to moan and at the release of the top fastener, my briefs tented out. Stroking over me through my briefs, he had me almost begging him to set it free and he finally did, stroking over me several times before coming to take me in his hot mouth. I felt like I was going to explode too soon but he is a skillful lover and knows how to control my climax..

He lifted me enough to slip my shorts and briefs off, and returned to slowly suck me into ecstasy .as his finger probed into my anus. Sucking the head of my cock like a ripe plum, running his tongue over the tip and around and under the base, probing into the slit, he kept drawing me closer and closer. With my hand on his head, I urged him on, until I felt my balls swell and my anus tighten just before I came. He didn’t stop until he had every drop and even then he continued until I started going limp.

I couldn’t wait to get at his cock, unzipping his pants to reach in, casino firmaları pulling it free and stroking it as he stripped. Before he could get naked, I had him in my mouth, savoring his taste and the feel of him on my tongue and in my throat. I was in heaven again, sliding up and down his cock while I cupped and massaged his balls. Each time he tapped the back of my throat, I took him a little deeper until I could aImost get the whole thing in my mouth. The more I sucked, the more I wanted and when he came, I managed to swallow most of it, letting the rest ooze from the corners of my mouth, only to be licked away with the tip of my tongue.

We went to the bedroom to recover, fondling each other the whole time. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed it when he sucked and nipped at my nipples and that I was able to elicit a soft moan from him when I did the same to him.

Once he was erect again, he put me on my back to lift my knees up so he had access to my anus. With my legs over my head, he licked it several times and sucked on my balls while his fingers probed into me to relax the sphincter. I’d placed a tube of lube under the pillow so I retrieved it and waited as he generously applied it to the opening and his cock.

I love the feeling of opening myself güvenilir casino to him as he slowly and gently enters me, fucking me with just the head of his cock until I am relaxed enough to allow him to move into me, expanding my rectum to accept him. He moved into me so slowly I felt every inch as it slid smoothly in, stretching me, working deeper and deeper until almost all of it was in me.

For a time, he just held it there until he felt that I was ready, and only then did he start fucking me in long, slow strokes that felt so good. It was quite a while before he picked up the pace but when he did, he went deeper and I knew it wouldn’t be long before my body would be driven up the bed as he drew close. I swear, I think he went deeper than ever this time, hammering my ass like a jack-hammer and the sound of flesh against flesh made me want his come all the more and I wasn’t disappointed when he did as he ground his body into mine, moving his cock in me to touch some new places. When he was done, I had been thoroughly fucked and loved every minute of it.

He didn’t spend the night, but we made love once more before he left to go home, telling me he had some things to take care of. He said he had early morning meetings but that someone would be there for me first thing in the morning. I slept that night wishing that I had a cock shaped dildo in my ass to relax me.

Note: The following chapters will include some straight and lesbian sex and therefore will be posted in the bi-sexual categories.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32