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Lisa’s Journey: From housewife to Lesbian Slave.

All persons depicted engaging in sexual activities are age eighteen years or older.

For the tenth or maybe it was even the twelve time since arriving I look up to stare across the street towards my destination. It had taken over two hours of driving just to reach this point. Two hours of leaving my current ordinary existence behind me. That of a housewife married to a wonderland man. The mother of two beautiful children. An eleven-year-old daughter and a nine-year-old son. It had been only two hours, but it felt like a lifetime. Now I sit here in my car gazing across the street towards my final destination.

Looking through the car window my destination was still right there just across the street. A place I had first learned about in many of the chat rooms that I have been secretly visiting over the last several months. In recent weeks I had begun reading even more about it. I have never done anything like this before. It was now or never. My husband and daughter were away for the weekend at a father daughter retreat with several other dad’s and their daughter’s. My son was spending the whole weekend with a friend at his house. It was the first time since my marriage twelve years ago that I had been left alone in the house for an entire weekend. My thoughts about doing something like this having never gone this far before.

Opening the car door and stepping out I think to myself, “It’s now or never.”

Looking at my outfit one last time in the side view mirror I wonder how I had ever gotten up the courage to even leave my house dressed the way I am. Even before I was ever married, I would have never worn anything quite like this before. A short white dress. The skirt ending just below mid-thigh. The top had short almost non-existent sleeves. The neckline plunged low to just the top of my cleavage. The most revealing part was a sheer white center section narrowing down to a point extending down to my waist clearly exposing my cleavage and showing that I was not wearing any type of a bra. On my feet were four-inch heel open-toed white sandals that I had been secretly wearing around my house while my kids were in school, and my husband was at work. I had never worn shoes like this before and I wanted to be well practiced in walking in them. I felt hotter looking at that moment than at any other time in my life.

Confidence finally filling my body and soul I pick up my pace to quickly finish crossing the street. Now as I approached the door, I slow my pace a little bit. Hesitating not a moment longer I open the door to pass through the entrance.

Now inside the door the noise from the club becomes almost overwhelming. Looking around I quickly head straight for the circular counter bar in the center. I had decided a long time ago that if I ever got up the nerve to do this, I would show that my confidence had never been a matter of question. I was determined to look as cool and as calm as I could. Like I belonged here all the time.

Spying an open spot at the bar I made my way there. While waiting for the bartender to get to me, I casually look around. Couples moving to the music on the dance floor. Other people sitting in groups or just couples at the tables and booths scattered around the room. In all outward appearances it appears to be just another club given that I am by no means an expert having not even been in a place like this for many years or even visited that many of them at all. Everything looked pretty normal other than the fact there was not a sole man in site. “So, this is what a lesbian bar looks like,” I thought to myself. But from what I had read in the chat rooms and scene on the internet this was more than just any lesbian bar, but one that also had the reputation of being frequented by those seeking something more. Something even more taboo.

But it was what was happening over on the dance floor that really caught my eye. There what was happening was what I have had many dreams about. Women dancing together, showing their passion towards each other. Of course, it was not like they were having sex right out there in the open. As I watched, however, I could clearly see couples together, two women, completely absorbed in one another. It was as if the rest of the world did not exist to them.

“What will you have?” said a voice. Turning, I see the bartender standing across the counter in front of me, a pleasant looking woman, older than me, mid to late forties, short brown hair, with a bright smile on her face. A black leather vest over a white shirt. Her look and appearance to be what I think would be called ‘butch.’

“Red wine, please,” I answered, “Preferably a merlot.”

“I know just the perfect one.”

“Here you go,” bringing me my drink a few moments later. “Shall I start a tab?” the bartender looked at me expectantly and then smiled again as she nodded. “You know, I don’t think I have ever seen you in here before. I’m Cindy,” london escorts offering her hand.

“Lisa,” I answered, taking it with a firm grip. “And no, I haven’t been here before. A friend,” I lied, “recommended it to me so I thought I would drop in and see if I like it. And so far, I do,” taking some cash from the small white purse hanging from a thin strap around my neck to pay for my drink not wanting to use my credit card.

“Nice to meet you, Lisa. I’m Cindy and glad to hear that you like it. I’m the owner, as well as sometime bartender.” Smiling once more, “One of my regular bartenders needed the night off so I’m filling in for her.” Then excused herself to fill a drink order that one of the many young attractive waitresses wandering around the place had brought up to the bar.

Taking my drink in hand, I turned again to gaze out into the bar and mostly out towards the dance floor. Lifting the glass to my nose. Closing my eyes, I inhaled deeply to breath in the bouquet. Very promising, I thought and put the glass to my lips to take a small sip. Running it along my tongue, I let the liquid touch every part of my mouth. Smiling as I realized that the promising bouquet did equal the reality. Opening my eyes and turning back around so that I could complement Cindy on her excellent choice, I almost bumped into the woman who had suddenly appeared standing right next to me. Reacting quickly, I managed to keep from spilling any of my wine.

“Oh gosh, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you,” the dark-haired woman blurted out. She then stepped back a pace, but only slightly. But still starred directly into my eyes.

“I noticed you from the very first moment that you entered through the front door,” she said. “Also, I know exactly what you walked in here looking for.” She then paused for a few very brief moments, “And I also know that you should have taken the time to remove that wedding ring from your finger before you stepped through that door.”

I looked down at my left hand. The woman was right. The diamond ring on my finger clearly stood out. How foolish could I have been to forget that.

Then speaking with great confidence in her voice, “Since I already know what you are looking for. Let us go and find out if you are what I am looking for,” and with that the woman grabbed my hand gripping it strongly leading me across the club towards an empty booth.

Looking at her outfit as she led me across the club, she appeared to be exactly what I was looking for. Slightly older than me, in her late thirties or possibly early forties. Her outfit could be best described as black. A tight black leather skirt came down to well above mid-thigh. Black stockings covered her legs ending in black stiletto heels even taller than my own. A black leather vest pushed up and together her obviously exceptionally large breasts. Her long black hair was pulled back into a tightly braided ponytail.

Once seated in the booth the woman sat at the table with her back to the wall so that she could still look out over the room. Although she appeared to be intrigued by me it was also very obvious that if I was not what she was looking for she did not want to miss any other potential opportunities. I sat quietly next to her. Her hand still holding my hand firmly.

The woman calmly looked at me. The nervousness that I told myself I would not feel was suddenly there. I decided it was best to talk rather than to try and meet her gaze.

“You said that you already knew exactly what I came here looking for. And what is it that you think I came here looking for?” I asked.

“You came her looking for someone to choose you,” she answered. “As I said I saw you when you first came in all confident and beautiful. At first, I thought that you were here to meet someone. Then I saw you stand alone at the bar. But you were not watching the door waiting for someone to walk in. Instead, you looked around the room. Getting familiar with your surroundings. Trying to keep your nervousness in check. Just as you are trying to do so now.”

“Choose me for what?” I asked.

“To be theirs, of course,” she answered. “You came here looking for someone to claim you. Own you. Someone to give yourself to. Someone to submit yourself to.”

This woman could not have been more right. The words she spoke were exactly my reason for being in this club that very night. How was it that she was able to read me so well? “Yes,” I answered to myself, “I came here looking to be claimed.”

“Now first tell me your name?” she asked.


“I’m Audrey. Nice to meet you, Lisa.”

I saw her look away for a moment. Following her gaze, I noticed the nearby table where three women were sitting together discreetly trying to not look our way, but still closely monitoring everything going on. Even to my very un-trained eye I could see that they were all most probably Dommes very much like the woman currently sitting with me.

“Don’t mind them,” she said, london escort “They are just jealous that I saw you first.”

Turning her attention back to me she continued, “Now there Lisa, am I right in your reason for being here tonight.”

Knowing that she was already right in my reason for being there, she was still needing for me to acknowledge it to her. “Yes, I came here looking to be claimed,” I loudly announced not just to her, but to any one standing close enough to hear. Including the group of Dommes sitting at the nearby table.

“Now there Lisa, I am going to tell you some of what I am looking for. You know just to see if you are really worth me putting any of my valuable time into.” Then after a brief pause, “Or to maybe find out if you are really just a silly little bored housewife who is already in way over her head?”

Those words sent a shiver through me. I tried to stop it, but I could not. I could feel my nipples harden under my dress and my pussy begin to moisten. My eyes dropped to the hand holding my own.

Her hand loosened the grip on my own hand. Her dark red painted fingernails slowly made their way up my arm. Her touch electrifying me in ways I have never felt before.

“Now let us see if you are a worthy applicant or not?” she began. “Just because I chose you first does not mean that I will eventually claim you.” Then pausing mostly for effect, “I find it best to be very up front with the ones that I desire. This allows for a much less likelihood that there while be any future misunderstandings. It is important that you understand what I desire. I will control you. I will decide when and if you receive any pleasure. You will please me when and where I need to be pleased. So, is what I am looking for still what you are looking for?”

“Yes,” I answered. Then thinking just, a little, “And more,” I slowly added.

“You are looking for more?” she questioned, “More in what ways?”

I started to try and say, but she stopped me, “No, let me guess.”

After another pause, she said, “Pain is that what you are looking for? Is that it, you need pain, but you are unable to tell your husband what it is that you really need. That what you need is to be spanked before he fucks you!” This she also said in a loud enough tone that the neighboring table could easily overhear. Then in a softer voice, “Tell me is that what you are looking for, Lisa?” almost whispering it into my ear.

“Yes, I am looking for pain,” I shamefully replied.

“Say that again,” she responded. “Say it a little bit louder.”

Again, I said it a little louder than I had intended to. “Yes, I am looking for pain.”

“Do you want pain, or do you need pain?” she asked.

“Yes, I need pain.” This proclamation making me even more nervous. Even though I felt like I desired it. I had never actually experienced it.

“Then maybe what you need is even something more. Possibly even the feel of the lash. Say it again.”

“I need pain. I need to feel the sting of the lash. I need to be whipped.”

“There is something else I think you desire as well isn’t there,” she added. “Humiliation that’s it. Am I right?”

Not being able to speak, I just nodded, this woman understanding my own thoughts better than I knew them myself.

“So, you desire both correction and to be taught your place. Is that it?” needing again to hear my answer only to confirm what she already knew. “You need to be called a slut. Treated like a whore. Used and abused like a bitch.”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Yes, what?” she questioned.

Knowing enough now to know what she wanted to hear I repeated, “Yes, I need to be used and abused like a bitch. Called a slut. And be treated like a whore.”

“Well now I can give you all that you desire and still more. But enough talk for now. Come dance with me.” Taking my hand again firmly into hers she led me out onto the dance floor.

The club DJ was playing a hard pulsing beat that greeted us as we head out onto the dance floor. Audrey raised her arms up over her head as she spun around, her hips started swaying back and forth. My mouth went dry.

Her hands came back down to wrap around my waist, pulling me gently towards her. Her big brown eyes looked up through their long lashes as her body melded into mine. I picked up her rhythm quickly, one of my legs sliding between hers. Her arms went back up into the air for a moment longer, shaking them over her head, before bringing them back behind my neck, her right hand holding on to the back of my neck while the left raked through my hair and then down my cheek. I felt a growl escape my chest as she moved her arms around my back and pulled me in tighter, her large breasts pressing into my body just over my own.

Her right hand moved up between my shoulder blades, and she leaned against it, bending back at the waist, turning in a slow semi-circle. The move exposed the length of her neck and amplified the cleavage showing from her vest. london escort agency My libido purred at the sight. She straightened up, lifting a leg, and pressing her thigh against my hip.

Her hand held my shoulder and she dipped again. This time she brought her free hand to my throat, trailing it down over my chest and between my breasts. She opened her eyes and looked into mine. Oh my God, this felt amazing, her arms around me. I have never been really good at dance before this. Dancing had always been for me, well kind of awkward. But this felt like anything other than awkward, this was wonderful. I was very aware that there were many other women dancing all around us, but my entire world had now just shrunk to just this one woman and me. The way we moved together, how my leg slid against her hip, the way she smelled, she was perfect. Then suddenly the music came to a stop, which was jarring in and of itself, but she just kept holding me slowly rocking me in her arms. Staring me straight in the eyes. I did not want to pull away either.

There could be no way for me to know how many times this woman whom I had just met may have done this in the past. Chose a woman in a club. Hold her close, stare into her eyes while dancing, drive her crazy like she is doing to me now. There is no possible way of knowing any of this but at this very moment I am very close to following her anyplace she wants to lead me.

The music started again, this time soft and slow. She looked down at me. “Are you ready to go back to the table?”

“No,” I said as rested my head on her shoulder. “No, I don’t. Just dance with me some more.” I pressed myself against her. She pulled me closer. I could feel her strong arms tighten around my back. We began to sway in time to the soft music, and I let myself ride against her. I drifted into my own little heaven. I felt, I don’t know, for the first time like I was a completely different woman, if that makes any kind of sense. I could smell her perfume, mixed with the sweat from her skin, and it was heady beyond words.

When the music finally stopped, she led me back to our table still holding hands. I did not let go of her hand, not for a moment.

“Are we having fun?” Audrey said smirking at me, and I could not help but smile and blush back at her.

Seated back at our table, Audrey’s tone once again got profoundly serious, “It is time now for a little demonstration of how much you want to be owned. To show me how obedient you can be. Go now to the lady’s room. Remove your panties and bring them back to me.”

As I hesitated contemplating about what she had just asked me to do, Audrey whispers into my ear, “Or you could just take them off for me right here sitting at this table.”

Slowly raising from the table as if now in a trance I made my way across the club towards the lady’s room. On the way there I pass remarkably close to the front door. I could still just walk right out. No runaway. And forget that this night ever happened.

Just a few minutes later again finds me sitting next to this woman who as she put it has chosen me. My white thong panties that I had tried to discreetly pass to her under the table as I sat back down now laid flatly spread out on top of the table. After passing them to her she brought them up to her nose inhaled their scent before spreading them out right in the center of the table in front of me. She then motioned to a passing waitress. “Please bring us two glasses of merlot. Cindy knows the one I like.” The waitress clearly seeing my white panties prominently displayed on the table right in front of me but acting like it was an everyday occurrence. I had my chance to leave earlier. Instead, I returned to the table only to have my panties prominently displayed before me.

The fingers on my left hand played with my wine glass. Taking a sip, I recognized the familiar taste to be the same merlot Cindy first served me upon my arrival. My new acquaintance had her left hand behind my neck resting my left shoulder. Her right hand slowly making its way up and down my right thigh. Occasionally only removing her hand to raise her wine glass to her lips. Take a sip then return it to my thigh.

Then I felt her move closer to whisper in my ear, “I require total obedience without question. Nod if you understand.”

Slowly still somewhat mesmerized that this was happening so fast I nodded my head.

“Open your legs wider,” she whispered. “I want to play with my newest slut.”

The feeling of losing control that I had been searching for slowly came upon me. I spread my legs wider. Only to feel Audrey’s hand move higher up my inner thigh.

She took her forefinger and moved it along my slit. Having never felt another woman’s touch there before sent another shiver running down my spine. It came out of my mouth more like a ‘purr.’ Maybe it was.

“My little slut likes this,” She whispered.

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered.

“Now, Now, we are not quite there yet. Just call me Ms. Audrey for now.”

Trying hard to control myself my hips still thrusted themselves forward on to her finger. She pushed into me with two maybe three fingers. My pussy seemed to suck them right in. She ground them hard into me.

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