Little Dickie and the One eyed Monster


My wife Sally and I moved into a bungalow in a nice neighborhood.  She looked out the window and said, “The guy next door looks a bit creepy.”I said, “I should go meet him.”He was on the front porch of his own bungalow, not a very big guy about thirty five with a shaved head and black-rimmed eyeglasses.  It was a warm day and he was in shorts and a tight tank-top.  His name was Victor.  We shook hands and he invited me inside.It was in his living room that I first noticed his dramatic body.  He was lean and hard  with dramatic ropes of veined muscles.  I felt my cock stir. He seemed to have a habit of standing too close to people.  I suddenly realized that my hand was on his upper arm.  I don’t know how it got there.  My fingers encircled his bicep.  It felt like a chunk of wood.  When I squeezed I felt the raw, tight power of the man.  I was afraid of him suddenly.  I made a mental note to never cross him.  I was taller and I outweighed him.  But I’m not much of a physical specimen–I knew this guy could crush me easily.  My erection was raging now, my heart was pounding.  Ever so slightly, I began to tremble.When He rested the palm of his hand on top of my head, I knew It was a command.  Just like that, I obeyed..  When my knees hit the floor I was looking at a huge, angry, one eyed monster.He said, “Take your time.  I’m in no hurry.  Just kiss it for a while, you know, as a Ankara escort sign of respect.”  I was down there kissing forever– the monster cock, his balls, his hole.  Then he had me using my tongue.  I lollipopped him for a long time.  Allow me to say that this wasn’t my first blow job.  Back in high school I lusted after certain boys– boys who, like Victor, had eye-popping shoulders and arms.  Occasionally a boy would allow me to service him.  Of course, I’d never seen a hunk of anatomy like this!Finally he pushed it into my mouth and said, “Be a good girl and watch the teeth.”It was inside my mouth for a very long time while I sucked and swirled my tongue.  With my fingers I feathered his balls and tickled his hole.  When he said he was in no hurry he wasn’t kidding.  I realized that Victor had complete control over his orgasm.  I also realized that the cock in my mouth was a lady killer.  Without a doubt he made them all cum with ease.  I knew it.  I felt it.  I was suddenly jealous and humiliated by my own inadequacy in that department.The head of his cock was fat and purple.  It filled my mouth.  I felt it swell inside me.  I gazed up at him.   He had removed his glasses and was wearing a smug smirk, a look of triumph, of victory.  I wondered how he had pulled this off.  He hadn’t seduced me.  Apparently I had seduced myself.  He merely Ankara escort bayan presented himself to me and I got  hard fondling the brick in his arm.He was still in my mouth when he said,  “I saw your wife– not bad at all.”I went, “mmmm.””Does she cum when you fuck her?”I shook my head.”I didn’t think so,” he said. “She looks unhappy.””Mmmm.””No worries,”, he said, “when I fuck her she’ll go off like fireworks.” “Mmmm.””Would you like to watch?”I nodded my head and he said, “Teeth.”He was really working me over now, giving me a good pounding.  He grabbed a fistfull of my hair and drove that cock into me repeatedly like a hot, thick piston.  I was a mere vessel, his receptacle.Eventually he took pity on me and allowed himself to cum into my mouth and all over my face.  I left without a word, wiping my face with my tee-shirt.  The back of my throat hurt, my lips  were numb.  My entire face ached.  But the real damage wasn’t physical.  I had been thoroughly skull-fucked.  I felt small, empty.  Victor and his monster had undone me.  I knew that I was broken, not for the day, but for good.   I hurried home, an insect with an desperate erection.Sally was at the kitchen counter when I pressed my hardness against her butt.  It was a mistake.  I should merely have gone into the bathroom and jerked off.  “My God,” she said, “what’s gotten into Escort Ankara you?  What were you doing next door, looking at porn?”We were soon naked on the bed.  I gazed with shame at my meager erection.  Thinking of Victor’s nine inch rolling pin, a wave of humiliation swept over me.  Sally was once kind enough to tell me I had six inches when we both knew it was a lot less than five, and very thin.  After all, it was she who had measured me.  “It grows inside me, I can feel it,” she had said.  So you’re really six inches, and I’m told that’s average”She told me that back in the early days, before she realized how terrible I was in the sack.  What wasn’t average about my dick was its shape.  It did not thicken at the tip like Victor’s with it’s enormous knob, like the cocks of my high school buddies back in the day.  The head of my dick was a little eraser on the end of a pencil stub.  I was frantic when she threw her legs over my shoulders.  Little Dickie was dripping.  I was already close to ejaculating.  She said, “Come on Big Boy, ravish me.”Big Boy.  Ravish.  She enjoyed running me down these days.   She’d been doing it for a while now.  It was second nature to her.  I think she thought about it while masturbating.  She took hold my cock and said “What’s that guy’s name anyway?” I said, “Victor,” and came on the bed.  When I rolled over on my back she said, “You’re such a little girl.”I did not know it at the time but it was the last time she would touch my cock, ever.  I did know one thing, however:  she and Victor would make a marvelous couple.As we lay there on the bed she said, “Listen girl, you’re famous for your quick little fucks but this takes the cake.”

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