Malcolm’s Fantastic Life


As was the custom for the past few months, Malcolm woke up to the sound of his alarm blasting somewhere to his right and he groggily reached and felt around for his cellphone, eventually finding it and with the use of muscle memory he hit the snooze bottom of the screen, bringing back silence to his room.

He stayed unmoving for a few seconds before he snorted, quickly rising from his bed as he properly woke up from his slumber, made more difficult by the low temperature of his room but it was just how he liked it so he was not going to change that any time soon. Besides, he had already gotten used to waking up this early anyways.

Knowing the layup of his room better then be back of his hand, he moved quickly to his bathroom, which was only accessible through his room, and quickly went through his morning ritual of a shower with water that wasn’t as cold as the temperature of his room, making him feel the water warmer than what it actually was, which suited him just fine and because of it there wasn’t a chance of him getting sick due to sudden changes of temperatures. After his shower he brushed his teeth, looking at his reflection with a dull look on his face.

Malcolm was quite a handsome fellow, though he never saw himself as such, no matter how much he was told that by his mother, aunts, sisters and cousins. He knew that he wasn’t ugly, but he would never say he was handsome. He just didn’t see it. Anyways, at eighteen years of age, fair-skinned, green eyes, dark, short messy hair and a narrow face that lacked any sign of acne, Malcolm was definitely more than average looking, not matter how much he tried to deny it.

And it wasn’t just his facial features that were attractive either, his body was also more than average, even for one who worked out regularly. He wasn’t bulging with muscles thankfully, as he found it disgusting. His muscles had their fair of volume, simply because he used them every day, either with his work around the house or his own exercising, which he did everyone once in a while using the treadmill, the rowing machine and the few dumbbells scattered around his room. Because of this, Malcolm had a very defined musculature, though he hid it wearing hoodies most of the time and the only ones that had ever seen it were his family, whenever they gathered and went to a place that required for him to not wear his preferred type of upper clothing.

Finishing brushing his teeth, Malcolm moved towards the toilet and pulled his circumcised penis out as he proceed to empty his bladder, subconsciously wondering when had it grown so much again. Thankfully he had enough self-control to never show when he was aroused, otherwise he would’ve been in the end of even more endless teasing and provocation since a long time ago seeing as he was the only male in a house full of extremely attractive women.

Malcolm thanked the gods and supreme powers above for the fact that his room was in the basement of his house and that he could hear whenever someone was coming down, meaning that he could jerk off as much as he wanted without fearing getting caught. That was a must do for him, which was understandable once you took in consideration who he lived with and his age, in spite of the fact that he looked slightly older than his actual age.

With a small smile on his face, Malcolm stepped back into his room, hurriedly flipping the lights on, only wearing briefs and he quickly went to put on white basketball shorts and a black hoodie with a white fringe going through the middle. Malcolm then went to his bed, disconnected his phone from the charger, put it on his hoodie pockets and made up his bed, making sure that everything was relatively organized before he turned the lights off as he walked out of his room, immediately taking the stairs to the right as he did so.

Silently going up the stairs, Malcolm reached into his hoodie pockets and pulled out his smartphone to look at the hour. It read 6:22.

‘I have 38 minutes before they start to wake up,’ he thought idly before slipping his phone back into his pockets, then opening the door to the main hallway of the house and closing it behind him, silently without meaning to do so thanks to the months of practice now.

Malcolm walked towards the kitchen, quickly rummaging through a cabinet and pulling out a ‘Kiss the Cook’ red apron when he found himself in it, and proceed to prepare the morning breakfast for his mother and his sisters, one of the many task that he had assigned himself ever since his father left.

Thinking of his father made Malcolm glare darkly at the knife he was holding as he cut through an orange, whishing he had the bastard in front him so he could stab him repeatedly until there were only stabbing wounds all over his body. He quickly shook his murderous thoughts away, realizing that the bastard was not worth thinking about after what he pulled.

It was almost a year ago when it happened. It wasn’t like it had been an extremely outrageous thing, truly, since he knew that it was certainly not the first thing it happened nor it would be the last time it happened to anyone. His bastard muğla escort of a father had cheated on his mother. That wouldn’t have been too much of a problem if you didn’t take into account a few factors… factors than ensure that Malcolm hated his father with a passion.

The first one was his father and his mother had been together since before they finished high school, and had gotten married while in college, just before his older sister was conceived when they were his age. Three years later he was conceived and a year after that his younger twin sisters came around, which was when his mother decided not to have any more children so she could finish college without more interruptions. Because of this, his father and mother had quite the stable and loving relationship, meaning that his father cheating on his mother had come extremely out of left field.

Because of this, his mother had been hurt deeply, which was the second factor one had to take into consideration. Malcolm absolutely adored his mother, as in he was a momma’s boy through and through and he was not shy to admit it to anyone. The reason behind this was because Malcolm’s mother, Sandra, or Sandy as she preferred to be called, was perfection in his eyes. If giving birth to him and his sister hadn’t been enough, Sandy had made sure to give her children more than comfortable lives, huge amounts of love and made sure to raise them properly. Malcolm knew that he was never going to be able to repay her that, so he decided to always treat his mother with love, care and respect, something he had never failed to do so and planned on keeping it that way until he died.

This took us to the next and final factor, which was the fact that his father had cheated on his mother with another man. Now, mind you that Malcolm had nothing against homosexuals in general, hell, he was even the unofficial singer of a rock band with gay kids that were dating each other and he got along splendidly with them.

No, what Malcolm had a problem was the fact that his father had cheated on his mom with a member of the same sex that wasn’t even remotely as attractive as Sandy, which made the blow three times as hard on her: 1) Because of the length of the relationship, 2) Because of him cheating on her and 3) Because it was with a man. Sandy had been devastated and had gone through a depression for almost two months.

Thankfully it had not been her he found about it as it had been Malcolm himself. He had found his father and this random man, having sex on the couch and he had immediately seen red. Malcolm beat the shit out of them and kicked them out, not even allowing them to get clothes on. He had immediately told his mother, who had gone and confronted her husband, after which she filled in for a divorce which she quickly got along with getting the entire house to her name and custody of all of her children.

“Fucking piece of shit,” he muttered angrily, preparing the coffee for his mother after he made sure that everything else was going smoothly, as he remembered the state his mother had been for the following almost two months. While she continued to work, though not as efficiently as she normally would, she acted as if she didn’t care and Malcolm had immediately taken to make sure that things around the house were going smoothly, under protest of his sisters since they wanted to help too, but he had been adamant, saying that as the man of the house it was his job to take care of them. They had relented after that. That was the reason why Malcolm did everything he did

Malcolm had let her be, knowing that his mother needed to work through this on her own, though he admitted that he was extra loving and caring during those tough times and while he knew she appreciated his efforts a lot, he could see that her depression was getting the best of her. And he understood, from a certain perspective, what she was going through as he’d tried many times to put himself on her shoes and he found himself shuddering at the feelings just imagining evoked in him The real thing must’ve been much, much worse.

Everything had come to a head when he had come home to find her sprawled on the floor of the living room, a bottle of vodka almost empty next to her. The only that had saved her had been his quick thinking and the fact that he owned a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 2018 that she herself had given him for his eighteen birthday. He had gotten two tickets for skipping the red light and his license had been almost revoked but when the situation had been explained the judge had been sympathetic and had allowed him to keep his license though the fee still had to be paid, not like he cared since his mother was alive.

He remembered her laying on the bed, connected to cables that were working on purging the extreme excess of alcohol of her body while at the same time filling it with glucose, looking extremely guilty as she refused to look into the eyes any of his children. It had been Malcolm who had broken the ice, fed up with how his mother was destroying herself, even though he understood her feelings somewhat.

He muş escort recalled the same exact words he spoke to her.


Malcolm grasped his mother’s shoulders tightly, wincing internally at the wide eyed and panicked look she gave him as he stared into her eyes, a serious expression on his face that booked no room for any argument against what he was going to say.

“Mom, I know you are hurting, and God knows I’ve been trying to understand what it must have felt to be betrayed like that by the man you thought loved you with all his heart, who is also the father of your children. I can only imagine the pain you must be going through but I’m sure it is much worse than I can’t come up with. However, you can’t keep doing this to yourself, mom. You almost died! And that is something I cannot accept. And also, moping over that bastard and almost getting yourself killed is not worth it. He was an idiotic moron to have ever cheated on you like that. You are the most beautiful woman I know after all, so idiocy is the only reason why the bastard did what he did. He doesn’t deserve your pain mom. Please, be back to your loving, caring self. Please.”

-Flashback end-

After his passionate speech, his mother had teared up, getting tears from her children and the ended up hugging each other over his mom’s bed, crying as they poured their feelings towards one another. In the end, the event had united his family more, which was the reason why Malcolm, in all the hate he had for his father, was also grateful to him, but not enough to impede him from decking him across his ugly mug if he ever saw him again, which he doubted since he had moved to another state, the shame of being caught having sex with another man being too much for him.

“Hm, good morning, sweetie,” said a mature, loving voice from his right and Malcolm smiled happily as he turned towards the source. It was his mother, Sandy, walking towards him with her own happy, albeit somewhat sleepy, smile on her gorgeous face.

She was simply breathtaking. She had light brown hair that reached just past her shoulder blades, hazel eyes that shifted from green to yellowish occasionally, fully and pouty lips and perfect teeth, which he could see in her smile. Also, in spite of the fact that she was 39 years old, she looked a decade younger, thanks to her healthy lifestyle and regularly working out. Her body was also something out of this world, with very big, round breasts that didn’t sag even a bit, a flat, slightly muscled stomach, a thin waist, wide hips that denoted she had given birth to four children, a round, big ass that looked firm and soft at the same time and finally long legs that looked as soft and supple as they were muscled. In Malcolm’s mind, she was the perfect woman.

Sandy’s smile widened as she saw the happiness in her son’s eyes as he admired her beauty, as he tried to discreetly to look at all of her, something she made easy for him as she put a bit of sway to her hips as she approached him. Sandy knew that her son was attracted to her and she didn’t mind one bit, knowing there was nothing perverse about it and the he was attracted to all of her and that he was never going to act on it unless she allowed it. The most he would do would be to jack off to the image of her and Sandy could admit to herself that it was more flattering that disgusting or wrong.

Malcolm was her precious son and he deserved everything good that came to him, even if that thing was to give him jacking off material by flaunting her sexy, curvy body for his watching pleasure. It was the least she could after he began to take care of the most basic things in the house like making breakfast and dinner, keeping the pool clean, mowing the lawn, making sure that all of the house vehicles were in working order and repairing anything that didn’t really call for a professional hand. The only thing he didn’t really do was the more general cleaning of the house and the laundry, his sisters were in charge of the former and she had hired personnel to come clean the house in the Sundays.

Malcolm was the man of the house, a tittle that she felt came with some benefits, which included her as his mother rewarding in any way she felt he deserved it, whether it meant giving him the latest car of his preferred type or letting him ogle her to his heart’s content, it didn’t matter. They had more money they knew what to do with thanks to her work as the owner of the most successful real state agency in the region and her multiple inversions. Also, knowing that she had an effect like that on a young man, that was her son, at her age was extremely flattering.

When she reached him she tenderly cupped his cheek and smiled up at him lovingly, seeing that she came up to just below his chin, and tilted his head down as she stood on her tippy toes so she could give him a soft kiss on his other cheek. For a brief moment, she contemplated kissing his lips but decided against him, not wanting to work him, up too much that he couldn’t concentrate on anything other than her.

Malcolm for his part enjoyed the tender nevşehir escort demonstrations of affection from his mother and he wrapped one arm around her, giving her a tight hug. He got a whiff of her natural scent, peaches and roses, before he pulled back and looked down at her happily. “Good morning, mom. Did you sleep well?”

She nodded happily. “Yes. Having a King-sized bed all for myself has the benefit of letting me move around as much as I want so there is no uncomfortable position for me,” she joked as she looked around smiling softly as she saw everything he was preparing. Their favorites, just like she knew he would today.

“I bet,” he chuckled before he motioned towards the table, which was out of the kitchen but still within sight of it. “Go take a sit. I’ll get you your coffee and your breakfast in a moment.” Sandy nodded before she hugged and kissed her son again on the cheek before she walked towards the table, making sure to walk as sensually as she could without being blatant about it.

Malcolm groaned internally but refused to look away from his mother as she walked away from him. He knew that it was wrong to be attracted to her in this way but he couldn’t really help it and it wasn’t like she helped with the way she dressed in the mornings. Sandy liked to wear tight clothes to sleep, which meant that more often than not she would wear tight cotton shorts and tank tops that clung to her like a second layer of skin and today was no different.

He managed to tear his eyes way from the magnificent and alluring sight when she took her seat, picking up the iPad that had been on the table as she began to read on the latest news around the state and the world. It was something she always did to keep to date with everything, which was sensible seeing her line of work. Malcolm turned to his work and smiled as her coffee was ready.

He expertly pulled out her ‘Best mom in the world’ coffee mug and poured the dark liquid into it before adding exactly three and half sugar cubes before swirling it around with ten times clockwise and five times counter-clockwise. Sandy was very exigent with her coffee and the only reason she let him prepare it for her was because she taught him how to do so, and she only allowed him to prepare it when he mastered the technique. It was ridiculous but it was one the many quirks of his mother that made her unique.

He walked towards the table and put the mug next to her hand, smiling at her. “Your food will take a little while longer, though you know we have to wait until everyone is here. You know how Hannah gets,” he said with a chuckle, getting a giggle from her. Hannah was the eldest of Sandy’s children and after the incident she was very adamant of them always sharing breakfast and dinner time together if they were all in the house. It was endearing, how she tried to maintain the new-found closeness, though everyone was happy to comply.

Sandy raised the mug to her luscious lips, took a sip from the steaming coffee and moaned at the flavor, knowing that by this point her son prepared her coffee better than she herself would do. She smiled at his flushed but pleased face, raising the mug at him in a salute, which he took as his cue to go back to the kitchen to continue his work. Sandy for her part stared at her son’s ass as he walked away, licking her lips before she shook her head and went back to enjoying her coffee while reading the news.

Malcolm then spent the next few minutes in comfortable silence, occasionally glancing at his mom as he continued to prepare breakfast for the rest of his family. Just a he was about to be done he heard the hurried padding of feet against the floor and he chuckled while Sandy giggled, shaking her head in amusement. Malcolm only had time to turn around and brace himself before he was suddenly glomped as one set of arms and shapely, muscular legs wrapped around neck and waist respectively.

“Ha! I won! Take that, Kay!”

“Dang it!”

Two identical voice sounded, one victorious and the other one disappointed. The victorious one came from the girl that was now clinging to him like she was a monkey and the other one came from the pouting one that stood in front of him at the door way, pouting as she looked at him and her twin. He shook his head again with another chuckle and wrapped his arms around Layla, getting a happy sigh from her as she tightened her hold around him. Kayla just pouted harder.

Malcolm for his part was thankful for his self-control as he felt everything Layla had to offer pressing against him and the best part was that he could see that as he looked at Kayla, since the twins had exactly the same body, seeing as they shared the same interest in fitness and sports. Their hair was a very dark brown, almost black, which Sandy said they inherited from her father. They had green eyes and their face was a feminine version of Malcolm’s, meaning that they were extremely beautiful. While the twins hadn’t inherited their mother’s melon sized breasts, they still got the general curviness of her body and the gigantic ass, coupled that the amount of exercise the twins did and their perfectly tanned skin, well, they were erection inducing… and one of them was pressing her athletic, but definitely feminine body against him, only wearing a sport bra that accentuated her orange sized breasts and spandex shorts that left nothing to the imagination.

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