Mary, Lucky girl

Mary, Lucky girl

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Its 1880ish before mobile phones and airplanes. Life was simpler then. Picture the scene, Massive Mansion, lawns trees, sunshine, birds singing sun shining…

Mary and her sisters were deep in animated discussion as they strolled across the lawns at Farleigh Court her new husband’s parents home It was the first time the sisters had been together since her marriage nigh on six weeks prior since when she had been on honeymoon around the sights of Europe returning on the famed “Orient Express.”

“Oh it sounds so wonderful,” Esme simpered, “Does it not Jayne?”

“And the nights, did Harold take you to heaven?” Jayne enquired mischievously.

“Jayne have some decorum|!” Esme chided, “But was romance as wonderful as you expected?”

“Yes, yes of course,” Mary insisted rather hesitantly, “Pray change the subject this is not a subject for discussion.”

“Why, was he insatiable,” Jayne queried, “Did he ravish you morning noon and night?”

“Jayne,” Esme chided and then continued, “Well did he?”

“Please!” Mary pleaded.

“It’s all right, we are sisters you can tell us,” Esme reminded her, “Could he not please you?”

Mary sadly shook her head, “On the contrary it was I who could not.”

“Submit, dear god why not?” Esme queried.

“She loves his younger brother,” Jayne added unhelpfully.

“John? No? Surely not,” Esme countered.

“Well they were inseparable before Harold wooed her,” Jayne ventured.

“No I do not love another,” Mary insisted, “But Harold loves me too much.

“How can anyone love one too much?” Jayne demanded.

“I have said too much,” Mary insisted.

Jayne thought a moment and then suggested “Perhaps he fornicates with her every minute of the night and day until her insides are stretched and red raw with.”

“No you idiot, quite the reverse,” Mary snapped.

“What he neglects you?” Esme queried how strange.

“No, no, no, He want’s me, I love him it’s just,” Mary explained.

“His appendage will not rise, father had a stallion like that,” Lucy agreed, “He had to send him to the knackers yard.”

“No, No, he loves me too much, it swells to such enormity that try as I might it will fit within me.”

“Are you saying his appendage is too big?” Lucy gasped.

“In a word yes, I can barely accept the tip within my conch,” Mary admitted, “And it is not enough, he says not to worry but I know he has to seek some serving maid or some such within whom to sate himself.”

“So you are still a virgin?” Esme queried.

“No, my physician confirms we have done enough to satisfy that one,” Mary insisted, “But I must do something, it is not fair on poor Harold.”

“Oh my, be careful what you wish for,” Lucy laughed.

“It is not a laughing matter,” Mary insisted, “And you can stop laughing too!” she added for quite un noticed Tilly a serving wench had caught up with them with as she returned from some errand or other and had burst into a fit of the giggles.

“Sorry madam, Tee he Teehehehe he,” she said as tears ran down her cheeks, “His dick’s too big!” Hahahahaha!”

“Have that wench sacked,” Mary said to no one in particular.

“You wants to stick a candle up yourself miss, or a rolling pin, that’s what I does afore the master fucks I when I don’t fancy him!” the maid said bursa eskort as she realized she was in big trouble.

“How dare you suggest it’s my fault,” Mary snapped.

“To be fair you did start courting John his younger brother,” Esme pointed out, “Mother told you to marry the heir not the spare.”

“Nonsense,” Mary replied though she did feel a nice warm feeling inside when she thought of John.

“Mother said all men are the same,” Lucy pointed out.

“Except some have bigger dicks!” Tilly laughed, “Sorry Ma’am.”

“Tilly exactly why are you still here?” Mary asked in frustration.

“I’m listening to see if I can help,” Tilly replied, “Perhaps you could do it with Master John a few times to loosen you up if you don’t want to stick a candle or broom handle up yourself.”

“I’ll stick a broom handle up you in a minute,” Mary snapped, “Metaphorically speaking, you understand, I don’t mean literally.”

“Shame,” Tilly replied, “I should like that, see all you posh women have to stop chaste and that and not stick anything up yourself ‘till you’re wed but us lower orders well we just get’s on and has fun.”

“I thank you very much for that information, Tilly,” Mary replied, “It was entirely and utterly, distasteful. Now go while you still have a job.”

Tilly ran away still laughing. Of course the whole household knew Mary’s secret by tea time and most of the county knew it by next day.

That night Mary lay beside Harold once again. The house was quiet. she could not sleep. They had made a token attempt to conjoin but failed utterly once again. Harold slipped slipped from the bed at first light, he dressed quietly and left Mary sleeping or so he believed.

Harold strolled across the grounds in frustration.

Mary watched from her upstairs window. She rang down to the kitchen for tea. Wires ran over pulleys all the way the bedrooms and indeed the withdrawing rooms to the Butler’s pantry and any ring after Mid Night and before Breakfast was assumed to be a request for tea.

Tilly was dispatched with a tea tray, surreptitiously she also collected a large candle and hurried upstairs.

“Tea Ma’am,” Tilly beamed, “And something a bit special!”

“Tilly!” Mary exclaimed as she sat bolt upright in the bed, “That is quite uncalled for.”

“It works for me,” Tilly explained, “Go on give it a go Ma’am.”

“Don’t be so disgusting,” Mary gasped.

“I’ll help if you want,” Tilly offered, “The Mistress, her ladyship, she sometimes needs a bit of help.”

“Yes thank you Tilly,” Mary replied sarcastically, but Tilly misunderstood and instead set the tea tray down and climbed on to the bed.

“What are you doing!” Mary demanded as Tilly gently pulled Mary’s nightdress aside revealing her left breast, “Stop, desist,” she demanded as Tilly ducked her head and kissed Mary’s left nipple before she started to suck greedily upon it..

“Desist, desist,” Mary protested as Tilly grasped Mary’s left breast with both hands as she suckled it. The teat rose immediately, Mary was confused, it felt so nice, she didn’t want Tilly to stop yet decorum required it. “Stop,” she repeated but less urgently.

“Do you feel all nice now,” Tilly asked, “You ready for a candle up you?”

“No absolutely not, desist,” Mary insisted but bursa escort bayan Tilly’s hand was down the front of her nightdress and feeling for her now moistened slit. Tilly’s fingers found Mary’s nub.

Mary shuddered in surprise and pleasure as Tilly now slid her fingers within Mary’s moistened slit.

“Ohhh,” Mary gasped as Tilly eased her fingers ever deeper inside her.

“I thought you said you was tight?” Tilly said brightly, “I reckon I can get my fist up you.”

“No we must not!” Mary insisted but her excitement was such that she could not bring herself to push Tilly away.

“That’s three fingers,” Tilly announced, “Now four, and now,” Tilly worked her hand around inside Mary and managed to silde her thumb inside as well and Tilly announced, “My whole fist.” Tilly’s hand was now buried up to her wrist.

“Tilly,” Mary whispered, “That’s wonderful.”

“If I can get me fist up why can’t Harold get his dick up you?” Tilly asked, “It don’t make no sense.”

“Ohhhhh,” Mary whispered, “That is wonderful.”

“I know Ma’am but a fist don’t shoot no cock juice do it,” Tilly explained, “I likes a nice good squirt of cock juice me self, I just have to hope as I don’t get caught.”

“Hush,” Mary whispered, “Someone will hear us.”

Tilly set about stretching Mary’s vagina to its absolute limit her forearm now deep inside her.

Tilly found it a strange feeling having her employer at her mercy, she wasn’t in to girls really but it gave her a feeling of power having her hand deep in Mary.

“Mary,” Harry anonnced as he opened the bed chamber door, “Have you!” He suddenly saw what Tilly was doing, “My god! No wonder you shun my advances,” he snapped.

“I werer just getting her warmed up for when you got back sir,” Tilly explained.

“Really, do I look like an idiot!” Harry demanded.

“Yes stood there with your gob open when you should be getting your pants off and giving her one,” Tilly responded.

“Yes Harry, Let us try again!” Mary pleaded.

“Very well, you had better brace yourself,” Harry replied and he threw his jacket aside and lowered his pants.

Tilly stepped aside as Harry stepped forward, he dragged Mary to the edge of the bed and rammed his huge tool between Mary’s now well spread and well lubricated labia lips.

“Aggggh,” Mary screamed. It was agony.

“What!” Harry protested as once again he failed to penetrate Mary.

“Perhaps you is too big,” Tilly marveled, “Maybe you have your brother give her a poke with his smaller dick to loosen her up some more.?”

“Ah an excellent idea since my beloved wife loves my brother John not 1,” he said as Tilly rushed from the room, “Uh, where has she gone?” he asked.

“She took you seriously of course, she has gone to fetch John.” Mary replied, “Try your fingers or that candle Tilly brought.”

“Really, you expect me to pleasure you when you won’t admit my member, how stupid do you think I am.” Harry asked.

Mary bit her tongue, she really had had enough of her insensitive husband.

Suddenly they heard running, the door flew open and Tilly led John into the room, John had been roused from his bed and was still in his night shirt “Tilly said you want me to fuck Mary for you?” John ventured.

“Don’t görükle escort be an idiot, I was joking.” Harry replied.

“Oh John replied,” he was already holding his well roused and swollen member in his left hand, a member not substantially smaller than Harry’s but rather more shapely and to Tilly’s eyes quite beautiful.

“Oooh that looks lovely,” Tilly cooed. Mary could not take her eyes off it either.

“You can stick it up me if you like,” Tilly offered, “Mustn’t spill your seed or you might go blind.”

“Really?” Harry replied, as he turned away from Mary to confront Tilly “Oh do what the hell you want.”

What he did not expect was John to step forward. He approached Mary with his member in his hand and as Mary was still on the bed edge with her legs apart John was able to slide his member deep inside Mary in a single motion.

“Ohhhhh,” Mary gasped as for the first time in her short life she felt a live cock deep inside her.

“Bloody hell you idiot!” Harry protested, but John was deep in Mary and both were in heaven as he humped her and their lips entwined.

“Oh bloody hell, cuckolded by my damned brother!” Harry snapped.

“Well you said do what you want,” Tilly reminded him, “Shall I suck your cock so you don’t spill your seed.”

“No,” Harry replied.

“You can fuck me if you want,” Tilly suggested.

“If my appendage is too large for my wife what makes you think it will fit you?” Harold demanded.

“We won’t know till we try will we?” Tilly suggested as she stared at his still swollen member, “Go on, let’s do it!”

Harry was angry and frustrated, Tilly put her arms round Harry, “Go on,” she said.

Harry responded, he lifted Tilly bodily and lowered her down onto his monster cock.

Tilly screamed as his member slid inside her. It stretched her vagina to its limits the pain was unbearable then it subsided and she thrilled to it’s immense size. It was more than she had ever dreamed of and then he started humping her. Her whole modest weight was on his cock and it was right against the neck of her womb.

Her first orgasm wracked her body. a whole flock of Crows rose from the trees as her cries of pleasure echoed around the house and grounds.

“Good lord she will waken the entire house,” John exclaimed as he ploughed Mary’s now very willing cunt.

“I think I might try Harold’s cock again,” Mary ventured.

“In your dreams he’s mine!” Tilly protested, but the brothers dutifully complied, John withdrew, Harold set Tilly down and with some awkward shuffling Harold once again tried to slide his monster cock into Mary’s vagina.

“Damn and blast!” Harold exclaimed as it barely entered an inch.

“Let me,” Tilly ventured and she grabbed Harold’s cock making him wince, and angled it to a much flatter angle, “Try that”

“Oh my lord! Aggghh its wonderful!” Mary screamed.

“Er what about me?” John asked.

“You heard the one about a spare prick at a wedding,” Tilly chipped in.

“You forget your place wench,” John reminded her, “Suck my cock there’s a good girl.”

“No I won’t its got cunt juice all over it,” Tilly replied, “You can stick it up me if you want, shame to waste it.”

“I said mind your place,” John replied.

Tilly sat on the bed beside Mary and held her cunt lip open, “I’m waiting.”

John could not resist, he slid his cock eagerly into Tilly’s sopping hole and that’s when his parents open the door to see what all the screaming was about.

To be continued, probably not. Use your imagination.

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