My Mothers, Old Maid, Friend Ch. 04

Close Up


I would like to thank bustyalix for all the kind words of encouragement about my writing.

As I ended the last chapter: Betty and Joe were getting ready to head home and just Sally, Elna and myself had the cabin to ourselves for Monday. We all sat and talked about the good times we had together Sunday for over an hour and we were wondering when we would be able to get together again.

I also asked to the forth person was who was a partner in the cottage and I could not get an answer from them All they would say was I would be shocked when I met HER.

As they drove out the driveway Elna suggested that we all go to town and use the phone, at the local diner to call my parents, to let them know all is well and not to worry why I was not home if they had tried to call yesterday. (There is no phone at the cabin and I had the number of the motel in Nebraska they always staying at for the week)

While at the diner we decided to have enjoyed a leisurely lunch. We found a booth and ordered the daily special. We sat there talking about different things that had happened over the weekend and they asked me what my plans were for college and beyond. Sally being fresh out of college told me how she had changed majors during her freshman years after seeing what she wanted to do was really not for her

Elna told of the time she was in college, 20 years ago getting her CPA , and how things have changed, as she taught a class on banking a couple of years ago at the local college in town.

Lunch arrived and with it a round of beer that we were told was on the house. (We all thanked the owner as we left.) All the time we were eating Elna had her foot in my lap rubbing my ever hard cock. Sally could tell what was going on and tried to get her foot involved, but her leg was too short to reach.

As we were leaving the couple from next door was coming in. We stood and talked for a while and when we told them Elna and myself were leaving for a couple of days that invited Sally to come over for a drink after dinner if she wished. She said she would love to do that. (That is going to be a sub chapter to this story I can bet)

When we were in town Sally also wanted to get some more liquor and stuff as she was going to be at the cabin by herself for the rest of the week. (She had a car but wanted to stay in the cabin if possible) We stopped at the liquor store and filled a couple of bags.

As I was driving back to the cottage Elna suggested that we try to get back up on Wednesday evening for supper, as she only had to work till noon. I said I would try to get off work early and suggested maybe we could stay the night and drive back very early Thursday morning so both of us could get to work on time. She agreed that that might work as it was only about a fifty minute drive from home to the cabin if we went the back way not through Harvard. Sally was very happy to hear this idea and even promised to make her famous Chocolate cake for our return Wednesday afternoon. At that suggestion I had to turn around to go get stuff at the local grocery store.

Sally sat in the front seat with me and Elna in the back, which I thought was funny till Sally, slid over next to me and opened my belt and unzipped me. She took out my cock and then slid back to the other side of the car. She the laid down with her mouth on my cock and start to suck on my cock. Elna reached between the door and the seat and found Sally’s more then wet pussy through her soaked panties. She slid the panties off to the side and inserted her fingers into the wet slit. Sally sucked hard and fasted on my cock as Elna worked her to a feverish climax. Just as her pussy let go she suck harder on my cock and I let out a moan as I filled her mouth with my pumping cock. Elna I found out later had been fingering herself with her other hand and we had not heard her moan with pleasure as she climaxed as we was making to much noise.

After we unloaded the car and stripped out of our clothes before putting the food away. We all went into the bedroom, and laid down to take a nap as we were spent from the past eighteen hour of sex.

I do not remember what time it was, but I was awakened by the sound of someone sucking pussy. I looked over and uşak escort saw Elna licking and sucking on Sally’s clit. I reached over and started to rub Elna’s pussy and she spread her legs to let me have a clear shot at inserting my finger into her cunt. She stopped sucking Sally’s pussy long enough to tell me to turn around so my cock was in front of Sally’s mouth so she could sucking my cock again. Sally took my cock into her hands and held it so it was like she was talking in to a microphone as she sucked the head of my now hard cock with its large purple head. Her tongue started to lick and work her magic on it and I went from my fingers in Elna’s pussy to my tongue. I now could reach one breast of each gal. I pinched their nipple ever so lightly and flicked them playfully. The first one I heard cum was Elna and then Sally. I tried to hold back but shot a load all over both of them as Sally had momentarily taken my cock out of her mouth and was stroking it when I exploded.

Between my cum all over their breasts and stomachs and juices from each gal all over our faces we got up to take a shower.

As I was getting the towels out of the closet I noticed a large box behind the shoe rack on the floor. I took it out and asked what this was. Elna took it out of my hands, opened it and there was about five or six different size sex toys. Sally said they were for when the gals were here along and needed something to pleasure themselves with when they didn’t have their man around to “fill the void.”

Sally said, “There was none quite as large as my cock when it was hard.” Elna suggested that after the shower that we check them out as I could see them on each other if I wished. I told them that was fine and dandy BUT my cock would give them more pleasure them something that was not alive and connected to an oversexed male. But they said that they could last longer and not get soft when spent.

As I was washing Elna’s back side I dropped the bar of soap so I could bend over to pick it up and look at her breasts hanging from below. I saw a very sexy lady and them she bent over and hung them in my face. I stood up and cupped each hanging breast and supported them with my thumb flicking the nipples.

She took her hand with the soapy wash cloth and stroked my cock and took hold of it and washed it even pulling the skin off the head and leathering it up good. She then rinsed it off the gave me the cloth to do the same to her crotch and pussy lips. Sally walked in and stood there watching. Once done with Elna I turned to her and she spread her legs so I could do her. We all got out and dried each other off and went out to the kitchen to fix some supper.

After supper sally got the tape measure and the box of “toys” from the bedroom where I had left them… We sat at the kitchen table and they started to measure each one the larger was 8 ½” long and only 5″ around. Two of them even have batteries in them to make them vibrate. (Remember again this was the early 60’s and the fancy ones were not around them) They them said they wanted to double check me so Elna got up walked over behind me as Sally took my cock in her hand and started to work it up to it’s fullest.

Elna stood behind me and put a breast on each side of my head and leaning over massaged my chest and played with my nipples. She said “turn around is fair play.”

My cock started to grow and Sally got some lotion to lube my cock up so it would not be dry. She stroked it with one hand and cupped my balls with the other. Once hard they measured it again and found it to be just a 1/8″ of an inch shy of 10″ long and still the same distance around.

With that done I suggested that we had better get ready to go as we needed to stop at a store in town and get some fresh milk and such for home. (Remember back in the 60’s you had no 24 hour stores and they all closed by 9:00PM)

I then also suggested that Sally come with us back to Illinois, BUT she wanted to stay at the lake.

Sally said that when we came back on Wednesday afternoon she was going to have a very nice surprise for us when we got back. (Now she was going to have to leave the cabin she said) She whispered something to Elna and she laughed and said “he will enjoy that.”

They looked at me and said that now was the time of a good fucking for both of them and I was to flip a coin to see who got my cock first.

I said NO you gals are going to have to wait till Wednesday night for that. I looked at them and said, “Why don’t we all just enjoy each other and which ever of you two get the hottest the fastest gets my cock buried in their wet cunt first while the other keeps themselves hot with the toy of my choice. They looked at each other and smiled and said at the same time, “Sure that is a GREAT idea.”

So we had a plan for our Wednesday night get together and we headed home for a long two days of work before returning.

Elna fell asleep while I was driving home and I had to wake her when I pulled into my parent’s driveway. She sat up and smiled and said she had dreamed about us while sleeping

We went in the house and took showers and went to bed, or at least tried to go to bed. I was so tired that she could not even get my cock to stir when she played with it. We rolled over and woke when the alarm went off the next morning.

We got up and I fixed some coffee and toast for us for a quick breakfast. I drove her to the bank and told her I would pick her up at 5:00 PM when she got off work. This would mean that I would work late to make up for being late this morning and still have my eight hours.

I was telling this office “girl for the summer” about the weekend. (I did not mention the part of being naked all the time) She asked if I could try to ask if she could come with one weekend as she loved to swim in the lake and I said I would, but no promises.

After work I picked up Elna and we went to the main post office to pick up her mail that was being held there because of the fire. She made arrangements to have her mail forwarded to my parents address till further notice.

In her mail was a letter from the insurance company with a check for the damage done to her belonging and a form to fill out for the money that they would pay her each week, for a year, for the difference in living quarter casts.

She also had a letter from a friend that was going to be in Chicago in two weeks and she was wondering if Elna would like to come meet and visit for the weekend. Elna told me she was also a NUDIST living in Arizona. She said the last time she had seen her she had the loveliest “allover” tan that she had ever seen. From what she told me, this friend lived in a small town near Sedona and being out in the back country could go naked all the time outdoors. She took a picture of her purse and shown me her friend. She was the girl that all men dream about. Strawberry blond hair with firm, medium sized tits, with large dark nipples, small waist and perfect hips. She was standing with the mountains behind her. Elna told me she had taken the picture two years ago when she went out to visit her.

She said she would call her from work tomorrow and see where she was going to be staying and maybe we both could go visit. I asked how would she explain this to my parents and she just told me that she would need someone to drive her to Chicago and ask if I could. No problem she said.

We stopped from dinner at a local Swedish restaurant and were sitting there when Steve & June and Frank & Linda from church walked in and asked if they could sit with us. Elna agreed and we got a larger table. Frank and Linda (I was informed later in the dinner one of the other two couples that owned part of the cottage)

The ladies sat together and us men sat on the other end of the table. Steve asked if I had heard from my parents and I said, NO as I was at work and dad had not called in to the office today. He said he had heard that they had had some bad storms out in Nebraska today and was wondering if my parents had been in them. Frank, the other guy spoke up and said that he had heard that a couple of the storms had had pretty good size hail and heavy rain. I told them that I would try calling the motel when we got home to check on them.

After we left the restaurant, we stopped at a local store for Elna to purchase some items that had been lost in the fire. She told me that she would be a short time but if I wanted to come in I could. I agreed to tag along. The first department we went to was the shoe department and them to the ladies clothes department. She picked out a couple of dresses and took them to the back room to try on. She came out to show me one of the dresses and then whispered in my ear to follow her back to the room, waiting a minute to not make it look to noticeable.

I looked around and notice the sales girl was taking care of another lady, so I walked through the curtain and saw the door that Elna had left slightly open. I walked in and she was standing there in bra and panties and grabbed me and kissed me while kicking the door closed. I squeezed her tightly to me and reached behind her and undid her bra. She moved away from me slightly so her bra cold slid off as she lowered her arms. Her breast pushed out and against my chest. Her hands let go of the dress and reached for my crotch. I reached up and cupped her breast and pinched the nipples tenderly.

She sat down on the dressing room bench and I got on my knees and removed her panties and pushed her legs apart. I lowered my head into her pussy and started to lick and suck. She pushed her hips up into my face and threw her head against the wall and said she had dreamed of this all day at work.

I lick on her clit till she exploded into my mouth. I sucked he juices and licked some more. She then took hold of my head and raised it and kissed me. She took her panties and wiped off her juices from my face and then between her legs. She handed me them and told me to keep them to think about her tomorrow at work. I got up from the floor and fondled her breasts for a minute more before we agreed to get out of there before we got caught and finish this at home.

When we got home, Bertha came out the door and told me that she had had a call from my parents, as we were not home at the time they called, and the car had been damaged by the hail and strong winds. They were OK along with my uncle, BUT they were going to have to stay three days longer till the car got fixed and they could drive home. I was to call them at the motel to talk to them ASAP.

I went in the house to call my parents and Elna stayed to talk to Bertha for a while. When she came in the house I was still talking to my parents and she asked if she could talk to my mother. As she was talking she was removing her clothes and motioned for me to do the same.

They must have talked for fifteen minutes and them Elna handed me back the phone. Mother told me to be good and treat Elna properly as a house guest. I was to take her out to dinner every night and make sure she got to work and back home. (If mother only knew how well I was taking care of Elna and her me.) ALL the time I was talking to mom Elna was holding my cock and cupping and squeezing my ball. I told mom that I would take care of her and not to worry and said goodbye and to say HI to Harold, my uncle.

I went to the bathroom and got us each a warn wash cloth to “wash” up from before as she was putting the clothes she had purchased away.

When I turned to take the cloths back to the bathroom she grabbed me and turned me around and as she did my semi hard cock swung directly into her face and mouth. She started to suck on it and it grew so fat that she almost chocked as my head filled her mouth. She took my cock out of her mouth for a second and said, “You are horny after the dress shop aren’t you.” I said, “I had been horny all day and was ready to fill her hole with my love juices right then and now.”

I pushed her back on the bed and spread her lags and rammed my cock deep into her love tunnel. It was still sloppy wet from before and I slid all the way to the bottom and as I got there I leaned forward and kissed her with an open mouth that was given back to me. I stayed buried in her for a minute and then started to pump in and out with long strong strokes. It did not take me long to fill her with my love juices and as I plunged one last time deep into her they leaked out all over the sheets. We rolled over and held each other in a tight love grip till we work to the alarm the next morning.

We got up and took showers and got ready for a ½ a day of work, as we were going back to the cabin by the lake this afternoon to be with Sally and see what kind of surprise she had for both of us tonight.

Next Chapter: Returning to the cabin and finding “our surprise.”

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