On-Line Fantasy Turns to Reality




First, the anonymous trolls can back off please. This story is based on true events and I make no apologies for my actions…

Over the years I’ve had literally hundreds of on-line “affairs” with all sorts of different men. Almost all of them just wanted to meet me, get nudes of me or enjoy free phone sex but in EVERY case I refused. Despite an almost ten year history and me having written about this numerous times, there are STILL guys who think they will somehow be the one to coax me into doing such things. Well, guys who push too hard for me to cam or send a photo of me other than what I want simply get put on my ignore list. Really, I mean why should I take any risks just for a little short-lived fun?

While the vast majority of people who contact me are pervs and fakes (I’m not as dumb as people seem to think), now and then I hear from someone who’s special. I mean someone who I’ve confirmed is real – although usually not because they wanted me to find out. Someone that does naughty things for me to prove what they tell me. It’s pretty unbelievable what some people will do for me. It’s funny that some people accuse me of making up some or all of my diary but I doubt anyone would believe what some of these guys have done. For this reason, and to protect everyone involved, I generally never post or discuss such things in my diary.

Scott was one of the few who met all the criteria – and then some. He was real, engaged, and willing to do things that would have shocked his fiance and mother had they known. I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide what parts actually happened – if any of it. All of the names, locations and other identifying attributes have been changed so don’t try to “read between the lines” to figure out who he is, where he lives, or even when this happened for that matter.


Flirting On-Line


Wow, it’s hard sometimes to believe all that’s happened since the first time I entered into an on-line adult chat site. Back then I was just eighteen; a home-sick, ultra-horny college freshman frustrated by the draconian rules imposed on me by my university regarding sexual conduct. Essentially it boiled down to they expected me to behave like I was at some sort of convent. No College Fuck-Fest episodes to be sure! I wasn’t even allowed to wear a bikini or shorts that came higher than mid-thigh!! It wasn’t like I didn’t know the rules when I chose to go there but like many things in life, reality turned out to be a whole lot more difficult to deal with.

Being on-line was new for me, at least in the realm of adult “meeting” sites, and I really had no idea what I was doing at first. Fearful of being discovered, I started out by pretending to be different women/girls of various ages, locations and backgrounds. At the beginning it seemed to be as much fun pretending to be a forty year-old frustrated housewife as it was to act out being a college girl again and anxious to explore my newfound sexuality. Of course the guys all ate it up regardless of how far-fetched things became and from the beginning it amazed me how they would believe almost anything I said no matter how ridiculous.

Perhaps what shocked me the most was how badly these guys WANTED to believe me. It wasn’t just to chat – most wanted me to call them, expose myself on cam for them and even meet with them – regardless of whether I was that forty year-old MILF or a clueless virgin. Some of the role play was particularly disturbing. For goodness sake, hasn’t everyone seen “To Catch a Predator” on TV at least once?

The things some guys would do with absolutely no proof of who I really was and without me responding in kind was astounding – and titillating! Men would masturbate for me on their cams and send me photos of them doing it. Some would also send me pics of their families – especially their wives and daughters. Then the things they would DO with those photos… you can probably imagine.

Yeah, so it was a lot of fun at first but over time it lost its luster. One of my biggest problems was keeping track of all the lies and misrepresentations I was making on-line. It was pretty embarrassing to start chatting again as a college girl and have the guy ask what was going on since apparently the last time we’d chatting I was supposedly older than his wife. It’s like me today when I chat with guys. I’ve learned that if I talk with a person long enough I can always determine whether or not they are being truthful. Think of it as a long-term interrogation where it’s almost impossible to maintain the facade without making a slip somewhere along the line. Like one guy who sent me a photo that when blown up showed a name badge, or another who took a pic of his daughter’s room showing a nametag on her backpack.

Not only was it embarrassing to be caught in a lie, pretending to be someone else wasn’t all that much fun after a while. I had to make everything up and it got to where I was asking myself matadorbet what was the point? I would’ve had to keep up a special notebook just to track all my impersonations and even then have been impossible not to slip up.

In some cases where I trusted the guy or woman I would trade photos but of course they had to be of someone that matched the person I was impersonating which meant stealing them from someone’s FaceBook page or other on-line source. The problem there was I would quickly run out and have to make up lame excuses for why I didn’t have more. That’s funny as that’s exactly how I “out” someone today when it turns out they have a limited portfolio. It immediately tells me they’re doing just what I did back then – borrowing them from someone else. It’s even more true when all they have are nudes. Like, who has more nudes of their wife than regular photos?

So over time I started to forego the “fake” Kelly and just be myself. Right off the bat I learned that for a number of people the real Kelly wasn’t nearly as appealing as the fake versions. I guess that’s only logical because as a fake I could do literally anything whereas in real life I was restricted by reality. Still, I found myself enjoying myself more with those who still wanted to be friends with me. It was so much easier and less nerve-wracking to be able to pick up a conversation after not having spoken to someone for months and not have to worry about what I’d said the last time we chatted!

At the same time that I made my switch from fiction to reality I found myself becoming less and less tolerant of people posing as someone else. Really guys, I’m not THAT naive! Of course people like to get on-line and live out their fantasies and to some extent I can tolerate it when people “enhance their resumes”. Still let’s be real… If I believed every “cock shot” then I’m living in the wrong part of the country as men everywhere else are eight inches long and two inches thick!

That said, while I would play along with most people so long as it wasn’t ridiculous, I would usually cut off contact with such people after the first chat or two. Really, what was the point in continuing? Over the years fewer and fewer people have made it to my “Friends” list and even fewer remain on it for very long. Today I would say there’s less than a dozen people on-line that I consider true friends. All of them have been in contact with me for years and shared enough with me to trust them. Well… trust them to a certain point. While I may provide more information about me and share racier photos and such, even these people have never gotten my phone number, heard my voice, seen me in person, or anything else that might allow me to be recorded, tracked or identified. As a rule, any photo I send is a year or more old so at least it’s not exactly what I look like today.

People ask me all the time why I’m so paranoid. Many get abusive and accuse me of being a fake. It gets pretty nasty sometimes but face it, why should I take ANY risks? I know it frustrates a lot of people but then that’s their problem. It’s not like I anyone on as I clearly state all of my policies throughout my diary and I like to think they’ve been consistent over the years. Even so, there’s always the one who thinks he’s special and that someone I will do with him what I haven’t done in the past ten years with hundreds of people who have tried before.

So what do I do when someone new contacts me either through chat or e-mail? Well, the first thing I ALWAYS ask is their name and age. I don’t expect it to be their real name but at least something besides a chat ID which I can never remember. As for age, I NEVER knowingly chat with anyone under eighteen. Of course someone could be lying but at least I have it down for the record that they at least claimed to be at eighteen or older. I’ve had some people “confess” to be younger after we’ve chatted after which I immediately cut them off and never chat with them again. It’s funny how many will try to make contact again claiming they were just kidding but even if that’s true, all the more reason not to chat with them again.

Once the age limits has been confirmed to be met, then I generally ask if someone is single. If not then I ask if they have any kids and then the names of their kids and wife – again to make it easier to discuss as I really don’t expect real names in return. Anyone who has chatted with me probably recognizes what I’m saying here as they’ve had probably been through this series of questions at least once.

Interestingly, while most “women” I chat with are actually men, so far as I know no woman has ever chatted with me pretending to be a man. Yes, I’m confident that at least 99% of the so-called “girls” who contact me are actually men. I always wonder why they bother. Do they think that somehow I’m going to be more willing to answer or even divulge more about myself to a woman than a guy? First, any such assumption is totally false. In most cases I’m matadorbet giriş not looking for another woman to have girl-talk with. The only reason I usually chat on-line under this ID is to have fun and get to know different people’s lives and fantasies. If anything, I tend NOT to chat with women who contact me because I know they’re probably fake in the first place. When I do it’s more a game for me to expose them than anything else.

As I just said, nowadays the only reason I chat for any extended period with someone I think is trying to pull one over on me is more out of fun and playing a game with them. First, I look for ways to “out” them and see their reactions when I confront them. I also find it fun at times to see how ridiculous the situation can become and yet they still think I am stupid or naive enough to believe them. It never ceases to amaze me how many “real” situations happen after I suggest the idea. Sheer coincidence? I think not. No doubt people are doing the same with me but I just wish them good luck as I’ve got nothing to hide or worry about when I chat.

One way for me to quickly learn about someone’s intentions is to ask them for a tribute. For those who don’t know the term, it means to take a photo of someone and then jerk off and cum on it. You can find photos and videos on-line of guys doing it to movie-stars, wives, girlfriends and such. Personally, for the most part I put these in the same category as porn. Seeing a stranger cumming on a photo of someone I have no connection with doesn’t interest me – I need that personal connection. Want to send me a photo of you cumming on Kim Kardashian? I could care less. Please don’t waste your time or mine. Send me one of you cumming on a photo of your wife or daughter… well THAT is hot. But even then only after I’ve seen enough of them in “real” situations to know they’re really who the guy says they are.

Needless to say the best tributes are the ones of them cumming on ME. As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. I just love seeing the proof that some guy I’ve never met is so hot for me that he would do such a thing and then send it to me. It tells me unequivocally that he finds me sexy and desirable. I mean like what girl doesn’t want to hear and see that from a man?

As I mentioned, the only reason I chat is for fun – not to meet people. Therefore unless it stays fun, why bother keeping up the relationship? Thus I push people to tell me more about themselves, to express their most secret and closely-held desires, to open their minds to new possibilities, and to do things they’ve never done before – or thought they ever would. It’s sometimes difficult because they ask for me to do the same and generally I ignore them but sometimes I just have to put my foot down and say no. As I’ve said many times, I chat for MY benefit, not theirs. So long as they play by my rules then that works for me but if they don’t like it then that’s just too bad. Just so I don’t sound TOO greedy, I DO try to “reward” them without compromising my own security.

If there’s one rule I follow – I don’t lead people on. I find it amusing when people get mad at me because I do exactly what I say I’ll do. Frankly, I really don’t care if they don’t like it, if they think it makes me a bitch, or even if it causes them to question who I really am. I’ve been called every name in the book, accused of being everything from a giddy teenager to a sexually frustrated sixty year-old fat bald guy. Some have even accused me of being associated with the police using my site to lure in pedophiles and perverts. Granted, there have been a few folks I think would have gone to jail had I reported them, but I never wanted to get involved in that sort of mess. It boils down to this… If you don’t like my rules then don’t contact me! Am I being hypocritical? Of course I am. Am I self-centered and selfish when on-line? Most definitely. Do I care if people don’t like it? Not a whit. I’m not chatting with people associated with my real life, my real family, my real friends or my real social circle. It’s all for MY entertainment and if the other person gets enjoyment from it as well then that’s great.

One thing I DO try to honor is that I never want to bring harm to anyone. I’ve had many cases where I’ve learned enough about someone to identify them, usually NOT because they wanted me to know such information but because they inadvertently told me or showed me something that allowed me to find out. Still, just because you can ruin someone’s life doesn’t mean you have to do it.

For example, a guy sent once me a photo of him and his 20-something daughter. Turns out it was a high-res photo which when blown up showed her last name on her name badge. With all the other information he’d told me here and there that was the final link towards getting everything I needed to know about him – name, phone number, address, employer, FaceBook profiles (his and his daughter’s), you name it. He was telling me things and doing things for me that had his wife and daughter known it would’ve certainly caused a lot of trouble of him if not an outright divorce. A simple anonymous letter with copies of our chats, the letters he wrote, the tributes he’d done, the private naughty photos he’d share, and it would’ve been all over for him.

Of course I never did such a thing nor would I even consider it no matter how provoked. Really, like what would be the point? For me the thrill is knowing I have the power to do it and that he knows it as well. While I’ve never threatened anyone to get them to do anything, I have no doubt for some it has to be a factor when considering whether or not to indulge my latest tribute request. This may be beating a dead horse but for me it’s important – especially in context of this story. I’ve NEVER done anything to expose anyone to their wife, fiance girlfriend or family. Yes, I DO admit to having fantasized about it but like all fantasies, it’s what you DO that counts and I’ve never come close to doing anything to hurt anyone.

There HAVE been a few cases over the years where a wife has learned about her husband’s activities and in some cases the repercussions have been severe – for him. In every case it was his fault for leaving an e-mail open, files on his computer to find, etc. so I don’t feel any personal responsibility for his woes.

In a couple of cases I’ve even been contacted by the pissed-off wife which I find rather ironic. I mean like why bitch at me? SHE’s the one that isn’t satisfying her husband so don’t blame me if he’s on-line at all hours of the night chatting with strange women and exposing himself. Besides, I seriously doubt I’m the only one he’s in contact with. If anything she should be happy in that I didn’t have any intentions of taking it to another level and it was just on-line entertainment for her husband. Think about it… If he’s sending me nudes of her that she let him take supposedly just for him and doing tributes to me using them, odds are he’s doing a lot of other even naughtier things that she doesn’t know about!

Scott Contacts Me


At first, “Scott” was just another horny guy contacting me after reading my diary on-line. His e-mail didn’t stand out although one thing DID catch my eye – he included his phone number and a biblical verse reference after his signature like it was a standard “signature” he used on all his e-mails. In any case I responded more or less automatically, not expecting anything different in return than the last hundred such introductions to which I’d responded.

Lo and behold he DID respond and told me more about himself as I’d asked. Scott claimed to be what I would consider a rarity these days – a 22 year-old virgin. Needless to say I didn’t believe him but hey, if that’s how he wanted to portray himself then what did it really matter? He claimed to be saving himself for marriage to Stephanie, his fiance, who was also supposedly unspoiled and by that I mean not even second base! Yeah, like I was going to believe THAT! True, I’ve known people who were intent on waiting until marriage for sex, including one of my roommates back in college, and I respect them for being able to hold to such principles in this day and age. Still, even those had at least fooled around to some extent up to the point of a hand job or even oral sex. To claim not to even have seen each other naked and yet be engaged… now THAT was pretty extreme.

At first for the most part we just chatted as Scott wasn’t into e-mail nearly as much as me. I just find it so much more efficient and useful than chatting but then I think most guys like that “personal” touch of a chat versus exchanging mail. The times he DID e-mail me were to send me photos of himself and his fiance. I saw immediately that while Stephanie was pretty with a beautiful smile, she was also a bit overweight to be polite. Apparently that didn’t bother Scott, especially since it appeared to be helping her out in the boob department and he seemed to be infatuated with breasts!

For someone supposedly betrothed to be married and sticking to his religious upbringing, Scott seemed more than anxious to share himself sexually with me. He sent me numerous photos of his erection which, if they were really of HIS dick, showed a nice thick cock of above average length. He was also uncut. Eventually I got him to send me some whole body shots of him nude with his erect dick poking out like a missile! I have to admit that the sight of him sporting that monstrous erection was quite a turn-on, especially when he would hold up a photo of me or his fiance next to it.

Yes, Scott was REALLY into doing tributes for me. He claimed that he’d never done one before but he became quite the expert in a short time. The best part was that he listened to me and did them just as I asked. For me, it’s not just the sight of him cumming that turns me on, it’s seeing where it came from. I always encourage men to include ALL of their dick and as much of their crotch as possible in every tribute pic for that very reason. Just the image of a photo covered with cum isn’t nearly as erotic as when the guy’s freshly spent dick is there with it.

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