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Caroline lazily stretched as she turned over in the bed gently tugging the sheet and down comforter over her naked body. She lay in bed and looked out her window.

Deciding it was a perfect September day for a horseback ride, she sighed and threw off the sheet and comforter grabbed her robe and headed for the kitchen to make a fresh pot of coffee. While the coffee was brewing she headed back upstairs for a hot shower.

Caroline put on her thong panties, levi jeans and socks. She then put on her bra and grabbed a snap down shirt and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Caroline then went downstairs and had a cup of coffee and a slice of toast and grabbed two apples. Putting on her boots she headed out the back door.

Caroline could hear Mitiz Blue, a quarter horse she’s had for a couple of years, in the stable stomping her feet. Caroline fed Mitiz one of the apples then proceeded to the tackle room and grabbed the saddle blankets and saddle along with the reins. Once Mitiz was saddled they headed out of the stable area and headed north to the creek.

Caroline knew the 240 acres like the back of her hand. This land had been in her family since her triple great grandparents and the land went to the first born girl. Caroline had been lucky enough to be born first and a direct descendant of her triple great grandmother. As Caroline’s 21st birthday was approaching her mom and dad gone ahead and moved out to let her move in. As her grand parents had done for her mom.

She approached the creek and smiled fondly of the times in her youth when she would swim in the creek. She noticed something odd though as she approached the bend in the creek. Never before had any trees or shrubbery ever been planted or grown around the creek. Caroline dismounted and took Mitiz reins in her hands as she found an opening in between two very tall oak trees. Had no one known better they would have thought that the trees and shrubbery had always been there. The leaves were in fall colors. Caroline and Mitiz cautiously stepped in and Caroline’s mouth hit the clearing floor.

Never before had Caroline seen anything as peaceful and serene as the sight she beheld. Caroline bent down and ran her hands through the grass that was soft like carpeting and the brightest green. She looked over to the bend in the creek and grown up in the bend was more beautiful green shrubbery but with a rock formation and a waterfall. Jutting out from the rocks was a ledge that was about waist high if Caroline had been more than 5ft1. The ledge appeared to be covered in the same soft grass. The creek water was crystal clear. Caroline stood in the middle of the clearing and just looked on in wonderment and amazement.

Caroline unsaddled Mitiz and laid the blankets out on the grass. Using her left foot she kicked her heel out of her right boot and then did the same with the other foot. She took off her socks and scrunched her toes in the grass, which felt soft against her feet. Not wanting to pass up this opportunity she unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them and slowly slid her jeans down over her hips and legs next she removed her thong panties. Next she unsnapped her shirt and shrugged it off her shoulders she then slid each strap of her bra down her arms and her nipples got instantly hard as the rush of air hit her nipples.

She walked over to the water and walked in she was amazed at how warm it felt for September. Caroline dipped herself under the water then swam towards the ledge. She wondered how to get up there about the time she felt the first step. Climbing up the 4 stairs she was able to sit right down on the ledge.

Caroline stretched out on her bahis firmaları tummy folding her arms up under her head. Totally alone and in the nude the sun kissed her backside as she lay drifting in and out of slumber.

The hands were gently on Caroline’s back about the time she started to sit up but the voice that was firm but soft and erotic said don’t be afraid your okay and I mean you no harm the hands were soft along her shoulders but firm as the massage started. The voice said Caroline; this is all for you one day of pleasure and peace relax and enjoy everything. Caroline couldn’t move either by now knowing she was no longer alone or the pleasure she was getting from those hands on her shoulders and back.

The massage lasted for what seemed hours as the hands worked from the shoulders to the middle of her back to her lower back to each cheek of her small tight ass down her right leg then her left leg. The hands were always gentle but firm.

The voice spoke no more as the hands were doing al the talking. Caroline felt herself being gently turned over and instantly her hands went to hide her body as she crossed her legs and went to fold her hands up over her chest.

Caroline opened her eyes as she felt the hands uncross her hands and placed them at her side. The voice now had a face. He was tall jet-black hair and a goatee. Caroline smiled at the mystery man as her arms again started to fold at her chest. The mystery man took both of her hands and placed them above her head and loosely wrapped the vines that were hanging from the trees around her wrists. Caroline was a little nervous but not scared or petrified. The mystery man then gently massaged her arms and then bent down and kissed her on the forehead, on the cheek and then gently nibbled on her lips as his tongue gently traced her lips. A small moan had escaped from her lips. Moving down and kissing her neck his hands massaged each of her 40D tits in his hands. He brought his mouth down to her left nipple and very lightly flicked his tongue over her nipple sending Caroline’s back into an arch. He sucked on her left nipple sending Caroline over the edge. She kept arching her body to get more but he removed his hand from her right tit that he’d been playing with and placed it firmly on her tummy so she couldn’t move. Then he proceeded to gently lick and suck her right nipple. Caroline could feel the moisture developing in her pussy and as she tried to cross her legs he unfolded them and got two more vines to gently wrap around her ankles so she couldn’t move them as well. Caroline’s head was swirling as sounds she never made before escaped from her lips.

The man then started massaging her right leg starting at the bottom of Caroline’s foot, slowly moving up her leg and as he reaches her thigh he moves over and massages her left leg. Caroline by now is wet and pleading for help wanting more but not sure of what more it is that she wants as this is her first time.

The mystery man gently blows on her very hot, wet pussy and that sends Caroline over the edge as she starts cumming Caroline arches her back and brings her ass up off the ledge trying to get nearer his mouth. He gently pushes her back down and smiles at her as he dips his head between her legs he breathes in her sweet scent of innocents. His tongue gently flicks out over her clit as her body goes into more uncontrolled arches. He backs off until she calms down then flicks again across her clit and runs his tongue down her pussy lips. He can taste her sweet innocent juices as he tongue gently devils into her pussy. He runs his tongue back up her pussy and assaults her clit with his tongue. Holding each kaçak iddaa of her ass cheeks in his hands she pushes her pussy more and more into his face, as she is cumming again. He backs away from her to have a moment to catch her breath As she calms down he raises her hips and latches onto her clit licking and sucking and nibbling until Caroline is calling out again and again begging for sweet relief.

Caroline’s breath is still raspy as the man steps up to her face and reaches down and kisses her again on the forehead and then again on the lips very light and very gentle bringing her breathing back to normal.

Caroline tries to reach out to touch the mystery man long hard cock all 10″ of it. The man releases her wrists from the vines and she gently holds his cock in her hands gently stroking it and getting the feel of it. Her thumb gently circles the head of his cock. He joins her on the ledge and lies down next to her. Caroline sits up and smiles down at him as she kisses his lips. Caroline then sucks on his left nipple as she plays with his right nipple. Her fingers slowly and gently runs down his tummy and stops short of his cock. She sits up and looks him over. His chest broad and lightly sun kissed. She moves down by his hips and gently massages his balls in her hands. He patiently lies there while she explores his body.

Tentatively Caroline flicks her tongue across the head of his cock as he inhales in breath. She stops and looks at him he runs a reassuring hand down her back. She then runs her tongue slowly and gently from the base of his cock to the head and slowly back down. Being brave and daring Caroline slowly sucks him into her mouth. She can feel him growing even harder in her mouth as she slowly sucks back up his cock. The man plays with Caroline’s long blonde hair as he props himself up to watch her. Caroline sucks on his balls and again runs her tongue back over his cock before sucking him back into her mouth. It’s all he can stand of her virgin mouth as he feels himself getting ready to explode. Caroline aware that something is about ready to happen sucks harder and faster on his cock. All of a sudden Caroline tastes his pre-cum right before he explodes his load into her sweet innocent mouth. Not knowing what else to do she continues to suck and swallow the tasty juices that are filling her mouth. She continues sucking until his body starts to quake from the after affects of her blowjob. He pulls her close to him as they both lay back down on the ledge.

He strokes her hair and back and her breath is on his neck. His hands trace her side down to her hips and in the front. She instinctively spreads her legs apart as his fingers once again play with her pussy. He smiles at her reassuringly and gently pushes her over on her back.

Kneeling down between her spread legs he rubs his thumb across her clit and gently inserts his finger into her pussy. She is again wet and pussy hot with desire and wanting.

He comes up over her and places his hands on each side of her head and smiles down at her. Caroline can feel his cock touching her pussy lips. Caroline wiggles her hips to feel more of it as the pleasure fire builds again.

He sits back on his heels and pulls her hips towards him as he runs his cock down her pussy stopping at her opening. He very gently pushes in and stops allowing her to feel the pressure of his cock there. He comes up over her and takes her right nipple in his mouth and sucks on it gently as he pushes a little further in. A small grasp escapes her lips as he found the barrier. He slowly backs out and smiles a reassuring smiles and then again starts sucking on her nipple as he pushes kaçak bahis in past the barrier. A small gasp again escapes her and he stops all movement for a moment to let her feel him there. Caroline starts moving her hips up knowing it’s more of that pleasure she wants. The mystery man starts fucking her a little harder with each stroke and Caroline is meeting him stroke for stroke as he fucks her a little harder each time. Caroline wraps her legs tightly around his waist not wanting to let go. All of a sudden that strange feeling takes over again as she screams out in pure pleasure which sends him over the edge on the next stroke. He impales himself deeply inside her pussy as they both can feel his cock pulsating inside her pulsating pussy. She holds tighter around his waist with her legs.

When the pulsating slows he rolls the both of them on their sides facing each other. He holds her and watches as she drifts of into sweet wet dream and watches her body shiver.

Caroline woke with a start and felt like she just had the weirdest dream until she saw the rose on her tummy. Caroline looked around but did not see anyone. Knowing it had to be getting late but still bewildered about what took place Caroline hurriedly took a swim to shore. As hurried as she may have been as she was getting dressed she kept looking around for the mystery man but he was no where to be found. She whistled for Mitiz and when Mitiz approached she saddled her and stopped and looked around. With reins and rose in hand she led Mitiz out of the beautiful clearing. Mounting Mitiz she thought she should be sore but wasn’t. Its all a mystery to me thought Caroline a wonderful mystery. Caroline got about a half mile from the creek and turned back to look to see her paradise but it was all gone. It looked like it had for all those years no trees any shrubs any anything.

Caroline arrived back at the stables and put Mitiz up for the night. She hurried into her house and stopped in the kitchen to put on a fresh pot of coffee. Up the stairs she ran and stripped down for the second time that day. She stepped into the hot shower and let the water run over her.

She toweled off and put on her robe went back downstairs for her cup of coffee when she noticed out of the blue a book. Caroline figured to call her mom first and explain what had happened earlier. Well she would tell her abut the clearing but not about the mystery man. Hey mom I had the funniest thing happen today. Caroline’s mom listened patiently as her oldest daughter told her about the day event. Caroline’s eyes all of a sudden fell on a book by the coffee pot and she asked her mom if she had been at her house today. Her mom said no dear not since your father and I moved out. Why don’t you read the book and call me later?

Caroline hung up the phone and poured herself a cup of coffee and curled up on the couch. The inscription on the inside cover had written in that pretty handwriting to my future grand daughters May you find happiness in these pages.

September 1850: Dear Diary, I went for a ride today down by the creek so as to clear my head and ride out my problems.

Caroline with a sudden jump snapped the book closed she could feel her heart beating fast inside her chest.

Oh my good god Caroline thought a diary but started back in 1850 and written by her great great great grandmother. Caroline knew that this was either just going to be about her life or it was going to contain her daughter and grand daughters and future grand daughters thoughts. One of the future grand daughters was Caroline’s mother the woman who birthed her, raised her and when Caroline had questions pertaining to sex her mother would smile at her that now when Caroline looked back on those rare moments of asking that question her mom always had a far away look in her eye and said dreamily in all due time you will know and understand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32