Open Household Ch. 01


As I got home, I noticed my stepmom’s car wasn’t in the drive. She must have a client, I thought, letting myself in.

I’d first met my girlfriend Sam two years ago when we were eighteen, when she and her mom had moved into town and we had enrolled in the same college. I still remember seeing her that first day down the hall — wavy red hair, sea-blue eyes, slim and curvy 5’4″ body, and a smile that could melt the Arctic. I was tongue-tied. But somehow I’d managed to blurt out a sentence that charmed her and we’d begun dating.

A few days later, my dad had said that he’d met someone new, and I’d been overjoyed for him. He’d had a hard hit since mom died when I was four, so the thought that he might have finally found some happiness was amazing news. He’d even let me have a beer — my very first. I remember trying to look macho and not choke on the bitterness of it. Funny now, because I love beer.

After a few months with Sam, we decided to meet the folks. I arranged for her and her mom to come across and have dinner with me and dad — I’d done some cooking lessons so I threw together a respectable stir fry. Only to open the door and find out my girlfriend’s mom was my dad’s girlfriend.

Yep. I didn’t see that coming.

Amber was similar to Sam. Stunningly attractive, same body structure, although she was surprisingly tall, at about 5’11”, with the same wavy red hair that came down to her chest. They both had curvy bodies, although Sam’s chest was bigger than her mom’s. Amber had sparkling green eyes, and the same warm smile. Amber was nearly forty, but she had aged so gracefully — she could have been mid-twenties for all I knew.

Dinner had been awkward. Turns out dad had already proposed to Amber, and they were planning to tell me in the next couple of days when I’d meet her. Dad, of course, said that that meant Sam and I couldn’t continue dating, because we’d be stepsiblings. We flat out refused.

Amber, surprisingly, was on our side. We’d already built that bond, just like she and dad had, and it wasn’t fair to tell us we had to scrap it just because they were getting married. Young relationships tended not to last, Amber said, and even if ours did, it was our business, not theirs.

Amber was pretty cool.

I had thought dad was pretty cool too. I could understand his logic, even if I didn’t agree with it. He and Amber sealed the knot just a year after they’d met. But the day after they got back from the honeymoon, dad vanished — no note, no goodbye, no nothing. Just a sudden absence, all his savings gone from the bank, and my poor new stepmom suddenly left to care for me by herself.

Amber didn’t care much about that last part. Sam and I were given the run of the house, as long as we were careful when guests were around — we’d had to pretend we’d broken up when our parents announced their engagement. She looked after me as good and true as any mom could.

So I stepped up and got a good-paying part-time job. Although my college had been paid for, Amber was suddenly left at home with bills to pay, so I sent money back to her to help her out however I could. Sam did the same. We still went home for holidays — because let’s face it, getting your own place isn’t cheap, and when your mom doesn’t care that you’re sharing a bed, why hurry? Amber decided to pick up a second job and became an escort. She was tall, graceful, incredibly hot … and of course, after some drinks at a high-end social event, who could argue the sex had been paid for?

It had been awkward the first time Amber had walked in on me and Sam though. We’d thought Amber had gone to meet a client, and so we’d decided to spice things up on my twentieth birthday by getting it on in the living room. Amber walked in right as I’d had Sam bent over the sofa screaming in pleasure, both of us completely naked. Her client had had to cancel. During dinner that night, she’d calmly said that sex wasn’t anything to be embarrassed about — hell, she had sex all the time with clients. She was often running around when running late almost completely nude herself, so if we wanted to have sex wherever we wanted in the house, we should.

So we started. We were still cautious at first, but eventually we settled into our current swing of things, where I’d bang Sam anywhere I wanted, even fixbet in the middle of dinner while Amber sat opposite us.

As I moved up the stairs, pulling myself back from memory lane, I checked in on Sam’s bedroom. She wasn’t around, which was a shame. I was incredibly horny and desperately wanted Sam’s mouth around my cock. Looks like I’d have to settle for some porn.

So I headed to my room, found some cheesy porno from my stash, and began beating myself off.


Later, Sam came in, wearing just a baggy t-shirt and some panties. She’d clearly had a shower, because her hair was slightly damp.

“You’re back.” I smiled, moving across on my bed so she could snuggle in.

“Yeah, about an hour ago.” She replied, putting her head on my chest. “I had a shower and replied to some work emails, then figured I should come and say hello because you’d definitely be home by now.”

“You went to go and see one of your fuck buddies, didn’t you?” I asked nonchalantly.

“Yeah.” She raised her head to kiss me. “What were you up to?”

“I was at work.” I sighed. “It’s a pity, because I came home ready to give you a good fucking.”

“Did you indeed?” She raised an eyebrow. “Well, I’m not quite in the mood right now, but how about I give you a little love to tide you over until later?” Her hand glided down my pants and grasped my hardening dick.

“Who am I to refuse?” I joked, pulling my pants down so my dick sprung free. “Take your top off, though.”

Sam smiled, getting onto her knees and lifting her top over her head, freeing her large 32-DD tits. She straddled herself over me, keeping her eyes locked on mine as she lowered her mouth around my swollen member. God, how I had needed that. I leant back and watched her work for a few minutes, enjoying the sensation as she moved herself up and down.

“So I’ve been wondering.” She asked, taking a moment and working me with her hand. “Your twenty-first is coming up in a few days. Did you want anything particular?”

I hadn’t even thought about it. It wasn’t easy to concentrate as she took me back in her mouth again, either. “Uh … I’m not sure.”

“Because I’ve had an idea on what to get you, but it’s a surprise.”

“As long as my birthday ends with me being able to fuck your pussy senseless, I don’t really mind what happens, if I’m honest.” I admitted.

“Not my pussy.” She said wickedly, swallowing me whole once more and working me with increasing vigour.

I tensed as I felt myself about to explode. Sam kept going, swallowing it all without missing a beat. As she pulled up, breathing heavily with a twinkle in her eye, the door opened.

“Hey kids.” Amber poked her head in, unfazed at seeing her daughter knelt over my dick. “Just letting you know I’m back.”

“Hey mom.” Sam said, unabashed. “How was your client?” She began licking my dick clean.

“He wasn’t terrible, but I’ve had better.” My stepmom admitted. “But never mind. He paid well, that’s what’s important.”

“Don’t you get bored of it all?” I asked, patting the bed beside me.

“Not really.” Amber shrugged, sitting down. “I’ve got a big sex drive and this way I get plenty of it while making money to keep you two fed.” Sam got me hard again and began sucking me off once more. “I do have a question, though.”

“What’s that?” Sam asked quickly before devouring my dick again.

“What do you want for your twenty-first birthday, John?” Amber asked me. “It only comes around once, it’s an important age.”

“I don’t know.” I admitted. But that brought me back to a point. “What did you mean, Sam, about not fucking you senseless on my birthday?”

Sam lifted her head, taking my dick in her hand while she grinned. “Like I said, it’s a surprise. But I’ve got a good feeling you’re going to love it.”

Amber looked back and forth between us. “Well, I’ll leave you two to it. I’ve got to go and get dressed anyway, these are yesterday’s clothes. If you do think of anything, let me know, John.” She put her arm on my shoulder. “But don’t take too long.”

“I won’t, I promise.” I nodded. “I’ll give it some serious thought tonight. I’m about to cum again, by the way.” I said to Sam.

“Spray it all over my face, baby.” She said, opening her mouth and closing her eyes. fixbet giriş Amber raised an eyebrow as she stood up, but I noticed she was watching as my dick spurted again and again across her daughter’s face. Then her eyes moved to me, and saw I was watching her.

“That’s the sort of load I wish I’d gotten today.” Amber chuckled to me, as she left. “My client barely gave me two spoonfuls.”


On the morning of my birthday, I woke slowly to the feeling of Sam’s ass pressed up against my cock. Sam was still asleep, dressed in one of my t-shirts and my favourite pair of panties. I lowered my hand between her legs and began gently teasing her.

She stirred gently, not awake but clearly becoming aroused. Her legs parted slightly, giving me better access to her pussy, and I rubbed her clit. Sam sighed, waking up as I nuzzled my lips against her neck. “What are you doing?” She moaned.

“You said I couldn’t pound your pussy tonight.” I reminded her. “So I’m going to do it now. I’m definitely not turning twenty-one without enjoying my girlfriend’s gorgeous pussy.”

“But you need to make sure you save up for tonight.” Sam argued — although I noticed she wasn’t protesting too hard, and she was turning her body around to grasp my dick.

“I’ll be fine for tonight, whatever the hell’s going on. But right now, I’m fucking you.”

“What about breakfast?” Sam tried once more.

“I could fuck you on the table, your mother wouldn’t care.” I reminded her. “I’ve done it before. Do you want to take this downstairs?”

Sam nodded, biting her lip. “I’ve got the whole day planned out, and it begins with me cooking for you. You can fuck me after you’ve eaten if you’re that serious.”

As she got up, I removed her top, and stripped myself down naked. “Today’s my day, remember? You’re not wearing anything today.”

Sam laughed, and pulled her panties down, bending over in front of me teasingly. I lent in and licked her clean-shaven pussy as it appeared, and she exhaled in pleasure. “Damnit, John.” She moaned. “Come on.”

Downstairs, I was surprised to see Amber at the dining table. She was dressed in a long flowing silk nightie. She didn’t say anything about us being completely naked as we came down the stairs, although her eyebrow raised slightly. She stood and kissed my cheek as I passed. “Happy birthday, John.”

“Thanks, Amber.” I said. “I thought you had a client today?”

“I rescheduled.” Amber shrugged. “I wasn’t going to miss your most important day.” She glanced down at my raging hard on. “Didn’t Sam take care of you already?”

“She insisted she cook me breakfast first.” I said, glancing over at my girlfriend as she bustled around our kitchen.

Amber chuckled. “Such a tease.”

“I know.” Sam called over. “But breakfast is important. I want to cook him a proper breakfast and prepare him for his surprise tonight.”

Amber nodded wisely. “Good thinking.” Wait. My stepmom knew what my surprise was tonight?

“Does everyone in this house know what’s happening tonight except for me?” I asked. Sam and Amber nodded. “Ok. Awesome. Amber, do you think you can convince your daughter to sort me out, please? I’m intent on fucking her today, even if it has to be this morning.”

“Come on, Sam.” Amber laughed, getting up. “Let me do breakfast. It’s a shame to let the poor man suffer on his special day.”

“Oh, alright.” Sam rolled her eyes, but let her mom take over the cooking. “Sit down, you.” She knelt before me, taking me in her mouth and bobbing her head up and down. Moaning slightly, I leant back, moving her hair out of the way as she worked.

Amber moved around the kitchen, occasionally glancing across to smile at me. “Breakfast won’t be much longer, you know.” She said finally, checking on some bacon.

“Then I’ll take what I can get and finish later.” I replied, and pulled Sam off my dick. I picked her up and laid her across the table, burying my face in her pussy. She squealed in pleasure as I ate her, running my tongue across her clit and probing her with a finger at the same time.

“John!” She moaned. “Fuck me!”

“If you insist.” I said, standing and running my cock across her pussy. I gently pushed myself in and began pounding away, taking pleasure in the sounds of her grunting and moaning as I thrust repeatedly into her. “Damn, your pussy feels so fucking good.”

“Trust me, your cock feels better.” She moaned. “I’m so glad mom lets us do this.”

“You mean fuck wherever we want?” I asked, looking across at the kitchen as Amber moved some bacon into the oven to keep it warm while she began scrambling some eggs.

“Yeah.” Sam grunted. “Or even just fuck. I’d be so disappointed if we’d really broken up when we said we had.”

“We’re never going to have to.” I said, increasing my pace. “Your pussy is mine forever, Sam.”

Sam’s tits bounced wildly as I thrust ever quicker against her, her face locked in a constant expression of pleasure. After a few minutes, she began screaming in ecstasy. “Shit, John, you’re going to make me cum!” She yelled.

“Ah, fuck.” I was in heaven as her pussy contracted around me, Sam writhing in her orgasm. As she shuddered, calming down a little, Amber appeared with two plates. “Ok, guys, eat first. You can finish afterwards.”

Reluctantly, I stopped pounding my stepsister’s pussy and pulled out. She breathed for a moment, and then lifted herself up and kissed me. “The wait will be worth it, I hope.”

“Me too.” I said, sitting down and eating quickly. Sam did the same. “God, I need that pussy as quick as fucking possible.”

“Then stop talking and eat so you can get it.” Sam replied.

Amber rolled her eyes at the two of us as we devoured our plates. “You two are like rabbits in spring.” She headed into the kitchen to get her own plate.

I nodded in agreement, but didn’t stop to reply. I was too determined to finish eating so I could get back to giving Sam a decent fucking. Amber set herself up opposite the two of us, reading a newspaper as she ate calmly.

It didn’t take Sam and I very long to finish our breakfasts, and we hurried our plates across to the sink. “Get back on that table.” I ordered her, as we hurried back.

Amber picked up her plate as Sam lay back across the table, and I thrust easily back into her, swiftly easing back into the rhythm we had had to pause while we had breakfast.

“Ah, shit.” Sam sighed, relaxing as I pounded her. “That’s amazing. Tonight’s girl is incredibly lucky.”

“Do I know this girl I’m meeting tonight?” I asked.

Sam nodded, biting her lip as we moved. “Ah, fuck! Yeah, you know her. That’s all I’m saying.”

“Amber?” I asked hopefully.

But Amber shook her head. “I’m not saying anything. It’s Sam’s birthday surprise to you.”

Worth a shot, I shrugged, and continued to fuck Sam as Amber ate her breakfast. After a few minutes, Sam came again, clenching around my dick as I thrust against her repeatedly.

I glanced across at Amber, who was idly looking through her paper, her plate empty on the table beside her. Every so often she’d glance up at us, and it was kind of hot to lock eyes with my stepmom while my dick was buried within my stepsister.

Sam was rubbing her clit furiously, awash in her ecstasy and cumming again and again on my cock. I pulled out of her and lifted her up to kiss her heavily. She smiled and lowered herself, taking my shaft into her mouth for a minute before bending across the table, lifting one leg up. “Fuck me, baby. Come all over my back.”

I needed no second invitation. I desperately needed release and Sam knew it. I pushed into her and began thrusting with an increased urgency, feeling my own pleasure building. Sam moaned and bit her lip as she looked back towards me. “Fuck, John! You feel so fucking good.”

“Not nearly as good as you do.” I said back. “Are you ready for it?”

Sam nodded, laying on her chest and smiling. I pulled out of her and aimed along her back as I began spurting my load. The first shot flung across the table, smacking Amber in the face. She recoiled in surprise. The second also went across the table, landing in my stepmother’s cleavage. The third and fourth shots landed on Sam’s upper back. The fifth and final spurt landed on her ass.

“Shit!” I panicked. “Amber, I’m sorry.” Sam looked up to see what I was apologising about and began laughing.

“It’s ok.” Amber laughed too, the shock abating. “I’d forgotten how far you could shoot. Besides, I still need to shower today anyway.”

“Did you get it all out of your system?” Sam asked, kissing me again.

“For the moment.” I replied.

“Well, it’s time to start prepping you for tonight.” Sam smiled. “Let’s get you dressed to impress.”

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