Out of the Blue – Part 4

Big Dick

Tuesday, Rachael phoned and asked me around for dinner. When I got there, she was home alone, as Lynette was on night shift. I have to say I was quite relieved, and very happy to have Rachael to myself. We sat and talked about the three of us, and I soon realised that Rachael was now a great deal more serious and wanting a permanent relationship. She was okay about us having the odd session where we invited Lynette in with us, but she brought up the fact that Lynette wanted to bring Shane into our circle. She was absolutely against this, and freely admitted she was jealous.Now as I have said, I was pretty keen to entertain a threesome with Shane, she was a very attractive young lady. But I found I also had very strong feelings for Rachael, and was not going to mess that up. So I promised her I would not sleep with Shane, no matter what happened.I was in a hard place, as I really did feel some very strong emotions about Rachael and did not want to hurt her, or for our relationship to end. But my experience told me that this affair was very unlikely to last. I had about seven weeks to run on my contract in Gisborne and then was traveling back to Auckland, where I had a new contract for two years. Added to that, I was seventeen years older than Rachael and thought she needed to have experience with guys more her own age before she could make any sensible decision about our relationship.Also Rachael was locked into a Radiography internship and it had at least two years to run. She talked of breaking this and coming to live in Auckland. I realised I needed to work at cooling this, so she didn’t make some silly decision. Very difficult to decide how to do this though, when I had over the last few days, had such amazing sex. Upper brain was saying one thing but little brain had a lot more sway.At this point, I can start making up stories about our sex over the next three or four weeks. The fact is I can’t really remember much of the sex in those four weeks. The three of us did wind up in bed together most weekends at least once, but Rachael https://www.kusadasibest.com engineered our timetable so it was just the two of us, most of our time together.Our first threesome must have happened about the first week in October. I know I finished my contract and left Gisborne to travel back to Auckland on Sunday,12 December.Anyway, the whole point of this story was that I wanted to tell about the last weekend, so let’s just jump to that.After one of our threesomes, we lay about in the flat, talking.Lynette asked us what our favourite sexual experience had been to date, then quickly modified her question to; ‘or our favourite fantasy’. She obviously did this because of Rachael’s limited experience.I seem to remember that Lynette’s was about doing it in a lift in a very tall building.I said my biggest fantasy was to have it in an Airplane and get in the mile high club.Rachael was very hard to get to open up about anything. She just couldn’t think of anything to tell. After a lot of prodding and suggestions from Lynette and me, she said she did remember getting very horny once.She was about sixteen and had gone to try on a new bra with her mother. They had travelled into Hamilton City and gone to a department store. Her mother was pulling out boring old stuff and the sales girl interjected, told her mother to go and have a coffee and that she would give Rachael a sizing and fit her with something appropriate for a girl of her age.Rachael was surprised that her mother accepted this and left her to the sales girl, I say girl, because Rachael said she was only two or three years older than herself.Once they were on their own, the sales girl shifted to a different area and selected three very nice bra and knickers sets. She then took Rachael over to the fitting rooms and told her to strip off and to call her in when she had one of the sets on.Rachael was mortified at the thought of stripping naked in the changing room and felt even more concerned about calling the sales girl in with her, only being dressed in bra and knickers. But she felt she had to go along with it, as it was much better than having her mother involved.She said that once she was naked, she heard a couple of guys talking in the booth next to hers and she suddenly found herself going wet between her legs and got goose bumps. It was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to her.The excitement was heightened when the sales girl came back and checked the sizing, and as the bra was too tight. The girl got her to take off the bra, took the other two bras and went out to get larger sizes.This left Rachael in the booth, wearing only a pair of very sexy lace knickers for about ten minutes, because the sales girl got distracted by another customer.She told us she almost had an orgasm in there while she waited as there were women and men walking past, with only a thin curtain hiding her.Over her shoulder, Lynette winked at me and mouthed, “We are going to get her into a changing booth.”Well, the final week of my term in Gisborne was upon me. I was to leave early on the Sunday for the drive to Auckland.Lynette arranged for the three of us to have dinner downtown on Friday night and informed me she had spent some time checking out all the shops with changing rooms. The best she had found was the Farmers Store, which is a large department store much like Walmart, only much, much smaller. She said it was the only changing room she had found that had a door, and the end one of the four changing rooms was actually quite large.We all met up for dinner at a restaurant we frequented, and after dinner I told Rachael I was going to buy her some sexy lingerie as a going away present. So we all walked from the restaurant down to Farmers and looked through the lingerie section. Lynette found several items that shocked Rachael, and with cries of, “I can’t wear that,” we headed for the changing rooms.There were not that many people in the store and the rooms were all empty and so we chose the end room, locked the door and proceeded to strip Rachael of all her clothes. She objected throughout, but was getting excited. We got her to try on lots of very sexy items, both Lynette and I taking every opportunity to feel her up and caress her boobs.Just when she was starting to willingly let us have our way, and she was getting very flushed and turned on, Lynette bundled up all her clothes and the items of lingerie into the bag she had, and we left her naked in the changing room, telling her we were going to get some more items for her to try on.The look of panic as we opened the door and left was priceless. I think she finally realised what we were up to.I followed Lynette around the store as she gathered more items. We took our time and waited until several women and men had entered and left the changing rooms, then returned. We had to knock on the door as it was locked. Rachael let us in, letting us know we were both a pack of bastards for doing this to her. But I also noted there were juices flowing down her legs and she was very flushed and short of breath.I took her in my arms to console her. Lynette moved behind me and started removing my clothes. Rachael got the message and quickly joined in, unzipping my jeans and pushing them down my legs. I spun around and unbuttoned Lynette’s blouse; she put up no resistance at all. Once Rachael had my Jeans and boxers off, she joined me in stripping Lynette.Once we were all naked, I spun Rachael around, hooked an arm around her hips and pushing her shoulders, bent her forward. I bent my knees, and in one thrust took her from behind.  Lynette slipped onto the seat in front of us under Rachael, grabbed her tits, bouncing them in her hands, and tweaked her nipples.I reached down with both hands and placed one under each thigh, just below where her legs met her butt, then opening her legs wide I stood up, lifting Rachael up off her feet.She fell forward onto Lynette, but then placing her hands on the mirror, she walked herself upright. This presented her fanny right in front of Lynette’s face, and she took full advantage of this and leaning forward, she attacked Rachael’s cunt with her mouth. She also had a few nibbles and licks of my shaft as it was slipping in and out past her mouth.

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