Alex , Beth Pt. 02

Alex , Beth Pt. 02

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Alex was woken by a delightful sensation in his crotch. As reality swam into focus he could feel something warm and wet on his dick. Pulling back the covers he revealed Beth bobbing up and down with his cock in her mouth and a devilish smile on her face.

‘Good morning,’ he said, placing a hand on the back of her head and guiding her up and down. It felt amazing, the best way to be woken up.

Beth moaned something that might have been a good morning as she continued to suck him, working her tongue around his cockhead. She took him to the point of gagging, each time a little deeper than before, as saliva pooled in her mouth and dribbled out around his cock.

‘Fuck your monster cock is amazing,’ she said when she finally came up for air. She might have stopped blowing him but she kept on stroking his cock. ‘That a nice way to wake up?’

‘Incredible,’ Alex replied, he lent in and kissed her while he groped her breasts.

‘I want you to fuck me so badly,’ she said. ‘I need you to fill me up.’

‘There is nothing I want more than to have you ride my cock,’ he said. ‘But we used the condoms last night.’

Beth eyed Alex’s cock hungrily. ‘What if you promised to pull out?’

Alex laughed. ‘Normally this is supposed to be the other way around. Given how wild we were last night I don’t think I can trust myself, or you, to pull out in time. I care about you too much Beth to risk getting you pregnant.’

‘Why do you have to be so sensible?’ Beth said, rolling her eyes and jerking his cock hard.

‘Trust me, when the time is right I will fill your cunt with so much cum you’ll be overflowing,’ Alex said, slipping two fingers to her wet slit and teasing her clit. ‘Sadly the time isn’t right today, but I hope it will be soon.’

Beth squirmed as he played with her clit. ‘Fine, but I’m going to make you cum.’

Again Beth took Alex’s fat member in her mouth, vigorously sucking on his bellend for several minutes. She was talented at keeping him at a rolling state of arousal, close too but not quite cumming. He greatly enjoyed her ministrations as her tongue teased his head and shaft, moaning and groaning as she did so.

‘Fuck, Beth, I’m getting close,’ he said as he felt his orgasm building and his balls tighten. ‘Fuck yeah, suck my cock.’

‘Paint my face,’ she said, as his dick popped out of her mouth. With one last flick of her tongue across his frenulum, she grabbed his hand and guided it to his cock. Shower me in your hot spunk. Make me your cumslut, cover me in cum like I’m your dirty whore.’

Alex was momentarily surprised by her filthy language but he saw the desire in her eyes and was soon jerking his dick as hard as he could. It took a mere moment for his orgasm to peak and he shot four long ropes of spunk. The first splashed against her face, the second hit her forehead and splattered into her hair, the third hit her chin and the fourth fell short but still splashed across her breasts.

‘Bloody hell that was hot,’ Alex gasped, slightly amazed he still had so much cum to shower her with. ‘Do you like getting glazed?’

Beth looked embarrassed. ‘I don’t know what came over me then. I’ve never done that before.’

‘Never had a facial?’ Alex said, a little surprised. He lent in and kissed her spunk splattered lips while his hands went to her pussy. ‘Well there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it was sexy as fuck.’

‘Sadly we don’t have time for that,’ Beth said, quickly scrambling from the bed. ‘I need a shower before breakfast. I’m sure we’ll find sometime later for you to practice fingering me into orgasmic bliss again.’

As she sprang from the room and hide in the bathroom Alex could only assume she was still embarrassed by her own filthy language. While the previous night they had indulged their primal passions neither of them had used such degrading language as “cumslut” or “dirty whore”, it was quite out of character for both of them. The fact that neither of them had the armour of booze probably contributed.

Alex was actually surprised at how well he seemed to be coping with being intimate with someone. The last few days had been a rather wild ride, very enjoyable, and not something he had ever envisioned doing. Beth just seemed so perfect. He desperately hoped that the magic wouldn’t disappear when they returned home. He was going to make sure that it didn’t fade because of him.

Waiting for his turn in the shower Alex relived the events of the previous day. It had been the most incredible experience with a truly wonderful woman. There had been a little bit of trouble in the small hours of the morning but fortunately, Beth had slept through that. Hopefully, she would never need to know about what he’d seen through the room’s fish-eye eyehole.

With more pleasant memories in mind, Alex checked his phone for messages. Turned out there were quite a few on social media, mostly people from work surprised to see pictures of him and Beth together at a wedding. That’s when he realised their mistakes. Even though neither he nor Beth took any pictures themselves, lots of Escort Eryaman other people had and they’d both been tagged in them.

‘It might not be a problem,’ he said when Beth eventually emerged from the bathroom, her shapely figure wrapped in a towel. ‘But we’ve definitely got a thing happening.’

‘What do you mean?’ she asked. He then launched into an explanation before she continued. ‘Right, yeah, I didn’t think about that. Shit. What do we say?’

‘The truth,’ Alex said calmly. ‘I came here to help you out with your family. We had a good old time. We don’t have to tell them any more than that if we don’t want too.’

‘I’m not that bothered about that lot. Let the office gossip-mongers gossip,’ Beth said. ‘I was thinking more about my mother. She’ll be hawkishly searching social media for any sign of impropriety. After the fuss, we made about keeping things secret before.’

‘If we’re lucky we’ll sneak out after breakfast and she won’t see us,’ Alex said shrugging. ‘If not, then I’ll think of something. Leave her to me.’

‘You’re welcome to try,’ Beth said as she released her towel and dried herself.

Alex wanted to stay and watch the show, he was starting to get erect again, but he knew he should shower as well so he retreated to the bathroom.

Washed, dried and dressed Alex and Beth headed down to the restaurant for breakfast. It was not overly busy and mostly occupied by people who weren’t part of the wedding party. Alex assumed the majority of them were heavily hungover. He considered it something of a minor miracle that neither he nor Beth was suffering this morning. He’d drunk way more than he had in years the previous night but it seemed a long session of sexual hijinks were the perfect prevention of hangovers.

They occupied the same window table they had the day before. Alex ordered a full English and so did Beth. The food had just arrived when Alex spotted Mrs Mackenzie over Beth’s shoulder. The old harridan made a beeline for them straight away.

‘So much for you two keeping things secret,’ snapped Mrs Mackenzie, trying her best to tower of them. ‘You were both plastered all over social media this morning. Have you no shame?’

‘Good morning mother. We didn’t take a single picture, even though we wanted too,’ Beth said in retort. ‘It’s not our fault if other people tag us. Anyway, I’ve seen them and it just normal wedding type pictures, nothing scandalous. We left as soon as it was appropriate for us to do so. I kept out of the way as you wanted me too.’

‘You bring shame on this family with everything you do,’ Mrs Mackenzie bleated. Repeating the same old tune. ‘Why can’t you be more like your sister.’

‘Wait just a minute,’ Alex said, he couldn’t stand this bollocks any longer. ‘I don’t know what the hell is going on in your head but Beth is not bringing any shame on your family.’

‘This has nothing to do with you,’ Mrs Mackenzie said, not even bothering to look at him. ‘This is a family matter.’

‘I rather think it does,’ he said. He didn’t want to do this but was going to have to for Beth’s benefit. ‘I’m not having you berate my girlfriend over nothing. Yeah, your family does have problems but Beth isn’t it. If you genuinely think she is then you are fucking nuts. I’m willing to bed your bedroom wasn’t on the top floor was it?’

‘What are you getting at you pathetic little man,’ snapped Mrs Mackenzie, finally looking at him but with contempt on her stony face.

‘There was a little commotion outside our room during the night,’ he explained. ‘Fortunately, Beth slept through it because if she’d seen what I saw I’m sure she would have died of embarrassment. You see at about 3 am I was heard noises outside, naturally, I went to check to see if anyone needed help. What I saw was the blushing bride getting fucked in the arse by that sweet boy Tarquin while she deep throated some older bloke who definitely wasn’t her new husband. Seems like the orgy going on in the bridal suite had spilt out into the corridor, I assume the groom was still in there fucking one of those skanks that were hanging off him at the reception. Franky, I feel sorry for the night porter who was trying to stop the spitroast from getting a mess on the carpets. It was only when she threatened to call the police that they waddled back to their room, cock still firmly in the bride’s arse. I wasn’t the only one to see the sorry affair, other guests saw it too.’ He paused in his tale to allow it to sink in. ‘So I don’t think Beth is the one causing you any problems, Mrs Mackenzie.’

‘You liar,’ the old woman said, spitting venom.

‘Why would I lie about something so easily disproved?’ Alex said. He nodded to the entrance to the restaurant. ‘Look, it’s the hotel manager and I think he’d like to have a word with you.’

True enough a grim-faced man in a suit was hovering not far away, with the air of a man who was not going away anytime soon. Behind him was the night porter, looking exhausted and still a little shell-shocked.

‘I’d run along if I were you and try to Eryaman Escort smooth this all out before the papers hear about it,’ Alex said. ‘They love this sort of story, wedding night debauchery at an exclusive lakeside hotel? The headlines write themselves. Might even be good enough for the nationals.’

Mrs Mackenzie turned with indignant fury and marched over the to the manager, who escorted her from the restaurant.

Alex meanwhile when back to his breakfast, which was cooling fast and tucked in. He felt energised and hungry after that.

‘Why didn’t you wake me?’ Beth asked, after a few moments. She was clearly shocked by the revelations. ‘I could have done something.’

‘Trust me, there was nothing you could have done,’ Alex said, munching on a sausage. ‘They were either pissed or high or both but I doubt even a blast with a hosepipe would have separated them.’

‘And they were just in the corridor?’

‘Yep, I thought someone was hurt,’ he said. ‘Turns out that was just the sound of a cock going into your sister’s arse.’

‘She always did like being the centre of attention,’ Beth sighed, eating her breakfast but without much conviction now. ‘She did everything first. Suck a cock before me, lost her virginity before me while she was still 14, took it up the arse before me, had a threesome before me and now she’s had an orgy on her wedding night before me. Wait, I wouldn’t want to do that last one. I meant more the wedding thing.’

Alex laughed. ‘I should so. You need to stop comparing yourself to her. You are your own woman Beth. Florence is someone else, you don’t want to be like her. Don’t be Flo, or Bethany, be Beth; the amazing, kind, loving woman that I know.’

He picked up her hand, squeezed it and gave it a kiss. He wanted to say more; about how he wanted to be with her properly and not just as fuck buddies, but the words wouldn’t come. Something was stopping him from making that leap. Perhaps it was his subconscious telling him now wasn’t the right time?

‘Thank you,’ she said, smiling shyly. ‘I’ve always been compared to her so it’s hard to remember to be me.’

‘I think it’s safe to say I wouldn’t have driven across the country to attend a wedding of a bunch of people who I don’t know for anyone else,’ Alex said, polishing off his last bit of bacon. ‘Though I suspect I’m not getting invited to any more family gatherings. I think your mother might want to kill me.’

‘That’s how she treats everyone,’ Beth quipped. ‘But yeah, if we’re lucky neither of us will be. Come on, as lovely as this hotel is I need to get away from here. Let’s get packed up and leave.’

They packed swiftly, after recovering all the items of clothing that had been flung around the room, and made an effort to leave the room at least vaguely presentable. As they left the room Alex noticed that a cleaner was working on the corridor carpet. He idly wondered what the best method was for cleaning spunk and lube from a carpet was.

Checking out the receptionist asked if they’d had a pleasant stay and genuinely Alex confirmed that he had and would hopefully stay again someday, though that would probably only happen if he won the lottery. He didn’t care to imagine how expensive the room had been and was thankful that Beth’s father was paying.

‘Excuse me, may I have a word?’ asked a lady as they waited for Alex’s car to be brought around by the valet.

‘Veronica?’ Beth said, turning to face the woman. ‘My god, I haven’t seen you in years.’

‘Beth?’ Veronica laughed. ‘So it is the Mackenzies in there. I should have known.’

‘What do you mean?’ Beth asked

Veronica held up a notepad. ‘I’m a journalist. My editor said he’d got a tip-off about some juicy goes on here last night. Wanted me to sniff around. There was a wedding?’

Beth gave Alex a sideways glance and he held up his hands. ‘It wasn’t me, I wouldn’t have a clue who to tell.’

‘My sister Flo got married yesterday,’ Beth said.

‘And the allegations of a depraved sex party in the bridal suite?’ Veronica asked, pencil poised to write.

‘I believe some people heard noises in the night,’ Beth said, diplomatically. ‘I slept straight through. So I know nothing.’

‘And what about you?’ the journalist turned to Alex.

He looked to Beth. Trying to ask her what he should say without actually asking it. After a moment or two, she shrugged.

‘There was a disturbance of sorts,’ he admitted, ‘Early in the morning. Some individuals were engaged in an intimate physical act in the corridor outside the bridal suite. I don’t know who they were though.’

‘Intimate physical act?’ Veronica quoted, cocking an eyebrow. ‘Interestingly put, OK, so there is some meat to this story after all. Don’t worry Beth I won’t name you in the story; you were always nice to me, unlike dear Florence.’

It was then that Alex’s car arrived and the valet handed over the keys. The two old friends wished each other well and Beth lept into the car so that they could drive off quickly.

‘My mother will never believe Eryaman Escort Bayan that you didn’t tip off the press,’ Beth said once they were underway.

‘I really didn’t,’ Alex said. ‘I considered it but decided against it. Who was that anyway?’

‘We went to school together, Veronica Lane, she wanted to be a writer if I recall,’ said Beth. ‘I guess journalism is sort of like writing. Not sure how glamorous hanging around hotels for gossip is though.’

As they set off early the drive back was quicker than Alex had feared it might be. About halfway they had to stop for petrol and he took the opportunity to restock on essentials.

It was early in the afternoon that they reached the Yorkshire Coast and Alex pulled up outside Beth’s flat.

‘Do you want to come in for a cuppa?’ Beth asked. ‘Least I can do to thank you for all the driving.’

‘Sure,’ he said. Suspecting that a cup of tea was the last thing Beth wanted to give him. Ever the gentleman he carried her bag up as they let them in.

This was the first time he’d actually been in her flat. It was on the third floor of a converted Victorian townhouse, up to a narrow staircase that had seen better days. The flat itself was much smaller than he imagined from the outside; comprising a small hallway, bathroom to the left then an open plan kitchen/living room and a bedroom to the rear.

‘Sling the case on my bed,’ she said. ‘I’ll get the kettle on.’

Alex took the case into the bedroom. There were piles of clothes scattered around the wardrobe, he guessed she’d been trying to pick what outfit to wear for the wedding. Carefully he put the case down and at the same time noticed the vibrator and dildo on the bedside table. Clearly, she had not been expecting guests, he chuckled to himself and joined her in the living room.

Beth was stood by the kettle, bopping along to a tune in her head. Alex watched her sexy arse, ensconced in a tight pair of jeans, and he felt a surge of desire. Why bother with the pretence of a cuppa? He came up behind her and hugged her, nuzzling the back of her neck and softly kissing it.

‘Hello,’ she said, clinging to his arms. ‘Oh, yes, keep doing that.’

His kisses continued on the nape of her neck. A hand went to her beautiful c-cup breast and he squeezed them through her t-shirt. Then his other hand slid up under the fabric and did the same on the other breast.

‘You are so fucking hot,’ he whispered.

‘If you don’t have some condoms I’m going to kill you,’ Beth said, grinding her arse into his crotch. ‘But not before I fuck you anyway.’

‘Yes, I did get some,’ he said. ‘As if I’d miss the opportunity to fill your sweet pussy with my fat cock.’

‘Oh God, yes, I want it so much,’ she said, turning around to hungrily kiss him on the lips. So gripped with the passion of the moment that neither of them noticed the kettle boiling.

Beth tore at Alex’s clothes, desperate to get them off. He shed his t-shirt and trousers, Beth pushed him back onto the sofa and she yanked his boxers down to expose his junk. She dived on his cock and got him rockhard in seconds, sucking on his bulbous head. It did not last long though because she wanted more than to blow him. Alex helped her take off her t-shirt, bra and jeans.

Her knickers were the last thing to go and as she stood Alex took the opportunity to spring up and kiss her. As their tongues probed each other’s mouths his hand slid down her belly and to her pussy. She was already wet but he knew he could get her wetter. He teased her labia which were already engorged and lubricated by her sweet pussy juice. He inserted a finger into her vagina, she moaned loudly so he slipped in another and hooked them around to probe for her g-spot. It took but a few moments of vigorous fingering to have her writhing in the throws of her first orgasm today.

‘Bedroom, now,’ she demanded as her orgasm subsided. ‘I’m not fucking you on a sofa.’

Not waiting for his response she ran from the room and he heard a clatter from what he assumed was the case being shoved off the bed. Alex had the presence mind to bring the condoms with him as he entered the bedroom. He found Beth on the bed, legs splayed and playing with her clit. It was a very erotic sight, his cock was almost painful it was so hard.

‘Bring that fat cock over here and fuck me,’ she said. ‘I’ve waited long enough.’

Alex tore a condom from its wrapper and rolled it down his cock. One day, soon he hoped, he would fuck her raw, the way it was meant to be done. He felt the primal desire to fill her cunt with his cum, but that would have to wait.

Positioning himself between her legs he smiled, her pussy was absolutely soaked and he could see the hunger in her eyes. To start with though he didn’t ram it in straight away. Instead, he slapped her clitoral hood with his fat bellend and then teased her slick folds, rubbing his dick up and down her slit.

‘So, what should I do now?’ he asked.

‘Fuck me, fuck me with your cock,’ she pleaded. As she said that Alex thrust down with all his weight. Her pussy lips parted and his fat cock plunged into her. In one swift movement, he was fully inside her and Beth screamed in orgasmic ecstasy. He could feel her vagina clamping down on his member as the contractions of her orgasm rumbled through her quivering pussy.

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Agatha Allbut , The Bimbo Squad Ch. 08: Departures

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© 2012 Sal De Klerk, All Rights Reserved

Authors Note:

This is a long story, containing 10 chapters a prologue and epilogue. All chapters have been submitted and should be posted within a few days of each other.

The idea for this story came from a story idea forum. Thank you janetsexy77!


This story contains fighting, but no sex. If you are looking for something erotic, please read another story.


Aggie came to her senses in a dark windowless room. She was completely naked, and her limbs were tied to the bed she was laying on. She had no idea where she was, or what was going on. Her memories were pretty foggy, and it was a struggle to think. She remembered leaving the party and encountering someone in the parking lot. She lay there pulling against the ropes holding her down. She had no idea how long she was lying there when the door opened.

“She’s awake,” yelled a girl whose voice Aggie didn’t recognize.

“Finally!”, came a voice all too familiar to Aggie. Bree, Pris and several other girls entered the room. “It’s time we had it out once and for all bitch. I am going to kick your ass up one side of this room and down the other.”

Aggie spat toward Bree. “Fuck you cunt. I’m naked, tied down and you’ve got a bunch of your friends to back you up. Some fair fight that’ll be. You must really be a skanky chickenshit whore to need all your friends to help you beat up one naked person tied to a chair. How scared of me are you?”

Bree snapped her fingers and Pris stepped forward and pulled out a knife. She waved it in front of Aggies’s eyes, trying to scare Aggie. Slowly she lowered the knife, cutting the tape holding Aggie down loose. Aggie sat up on the bed, stretching her limbs trying to loosen them for the coming brawl. She knew that Bree was stronger, taller and outweighed her. She also had longer limbs. Aggie doubted she had a chance of winning, but as long as the fight was fair, Aggie was fairly certain she could inflict some serious damage on Bree, maybe even break that oh so feminine celestial nose she was so proud of. Aggie giggled when she remembered Bree getting the nose job. For a brief moment, Aggie wondered if she could damage the nose so much it would go back to its original lopsided bulbous shape.

Aggie stood up as the other cheerleaders spread around the room, forming a circle. Pris made a gesture and two of the girls moved the bed off to one side of the room, opening up space for the two combatants. “This has been far too long in coming,” Aggie said, getting into something like a fighting stance.

Bree smiled without warmth and stepped forward offering a short jab to Aggie’s midsection. Aggie stepped back and easily dogged the punch. The girls started cheering for Bree and calling Aggie the most disgusting and vile names they could think of. Aggie blocked out the noise, and focused on her opponent, hoping to inflict some real damage quickly to end the fight.

Aggie charged forward and rammed her head into Bree’s midriff. It was firmer than Aggie expected but a surprised gasp of pain burst out of Bree’s mouth as she fell onto her ass. Aggie pushed her advantage and kicked her tormentor in the side, forgetting she wasn’t wearing shoes. There was an audible crack as Aggie felt her toes break. Fortunately, the adrenaline coursing through her veins kept the pain at bay. Bree grabbed Aggie’s ankle and twisted it around making Aggie spin around, facing away from Bree. Bree leaned back and raised her knees driving her feet into Aggie’s ass.

Aggie flew across the room, crashing into several of the cheerleaders who took the opportunity to strike at the naked woman. She struggled to free herself from the assault, and as she turned around, Bree punched her hard in the face, breaking her nose. Aggie saw red and slammed her foot down on Bree’s instep, remembering some long-ago self-defense lecture. Bree jumped back in agony and Aggie drove her knee into Bree’s stomach, making her double over in pain. Aggie slammed her elbow into the base of Bree’s neck making her fall face down onto the floor. She quickly squatted over her enemy and using a maneuver she had seen on some wrestling match she watched with her uncle. She sat on Bree’s back and put Bree’s arms on top of her legs. Grabbing Bree’s chin she pulled the girl up painfully. The name of the submission hold suddenly popped into her head, the camel clutch. She pulled Bree up as far as she dared not wanting to cause permanent injury.

Bree was moaning in pain “Give up and this is over. I won’t even press charges for kidnapping or drugging me,” Aggie told Bree. Before Bree could respond, Aggie was kicked in the chest and fell backward. Bree collapsed to the floor crying, as Pris stomped on Aggie’s knee. Aggie screamed in pain.

“That’s for stealing Lars,” Then Pris stomped on her stomach, “That’s for attacking Tiffi.” Pris walked around the beaten girl and said to the other Escort Sincan cheerleaders, “This skank attacked one of us, got her arrested and then beat up our captain. Are you going to let her get away with that?” as she kicked Aggie in the ribs.

One by one each girl approached Aggie and kicked or punched her leaving her bloody, bruised, and battered. Before the cheerleaders were halfway through, Aggie gratefully sunk into blackness.


This time when Aggie woke up she was in a different room. This one had sunlight, and she wasn’t tied to the bed, but she did feel some resistance to her movements. She started to take a mental inventory of all the aches and pains, gratefully surprised they were few and not too bad. Her right leg was in a cast, as was her left arm. Her left ankle was elevated, and she had several bandages covering other parts of her body. There were a lot of tubes and wires connecting her to various machines.

“Oh thank God!” Christina shouted, making Aggie wince, “you’re awake,” Christina stood up and walked over to the bed. You’ve been in a coma for 6 days. You were found outside the ER naked, laying in a pool of your blood. “What the hell happened?” Christina asked her friend and lover with anger and concern in her voice.

“That’s what we want to know.” Said the police lieutenant who helped Aggie after her arrest, walking into the room. “This is the first sexual assault on this campus ever.” She said. I plan on finding whoever did this and making sure they never have the opportunity to hurt someone ever again.

“Well then, I have good news,” Aggie said weakly, as she started to cough. Christina grabbed a cup and filled it with some water and held it to Aggie’s lips letting her take a few sips, getting her lips and tongue moist, “This wasn’t a sexual assault, just some old FrIeNdS reuniting.”

“Then tell me what the hell happened?” the cop said, pulling out her notebook.

Aggie smiled weakly. “Are you asking as a cop or a sister?” Aggie asked her.

“Sister first and always,” she said to Aggie sitting down on the bed. “We were never formally introduced, I’m Rikki Nagan. Nice to officially meet you, Aggie.”

“and you Rikki. So to make a long story short, some bitches that tortured and abused me in middle and high school just transferred here. They attacked me outside my dorm with the other members of the Bimbo Squad. They poured some liquid into my throat, the next thing I know I’m naked, tied to a bed in a room with no windows. Bree came in and told me we were going to fight. I was cut loose. We fought, and I was winning when Pris attacked me from behind and knocked the wind out of me. While I was down, she cajoled the other Bimbos into beating me until I passed out. The next thing I remember is waking up here.

Rikki nods her head. “That explains the Haldol found in your system. They did plan and execute an almost perfect kidnapping and assault. There was no foreign DNA on you, and they dropped you in an area not covered by security cameras. We only have your word, and that’s not enough for us to do anything but ask questions, and I’m sure they have an alibi.”

The door to the room opened and Kate walks in with Hannah and Tiffi. “Hey Aggie, how you feelin’?” Kate asks, as she gently tweaked one of Aggie’s toes that was sticking out of the cast.

“Tired, sore and hungry,” Aggie tells her.

After filling in the newcomers on what happened to Aggie, tears poured out of Tiffi’s eyes. Those fucking bitches. I’m going to murder them in their sleep.” she says furiously.

“A free piece of legal advice. Don’t go around announcing your intention to murder someone, that would make you the primary suspect if anything happens, and if you do get charged, it’ll be for premeditated murder, a capital crime in this state.” Rikki tells the other girls.

Tiffi tells everyone, “I think this is partially my fault. When I got home after my initiation, the squad was having a meeting/ They were discussing how to raise money for my lawyer. They thought I was sitting in jail while you had been released. I think they blamed you for my sudden and prolonged disappearance.”

“Wait! What? You’ve been initiated?”

“Well let me put it this way, is Erin always such a bitch?”

“Don’t make me laugh, it hurts,” Aggie says laughing with everyone else.

“So what now?” Tiffi asks the group. “I mean we can’t let them get away with this, right.”

“Without more to go on, legally all I can do is question Bree and Pris and the rest of the Bimbos. I’ll continue to investigate, but honestly unless one of the bimbos becomes a CI, we probably won’t make any arrests.” Rikki told them standing up. “I have to get back to the station. Get better soon Aggie,” she said leaving the room.

Alright ladies, gather round. I already ran it by the headmistress, and she took it to the small council, and they agreed. Now we can begin preparations for operation meltdown. Tiffi, you know what you Sincan Escort need to do. The rest of you here’s the plan. . .”


The next day, Aggie was struggling with her women’s studies essay. Pushing her books away from her, she sighed in frustration. “I wonder if I could get extra credit for all the women I’ve studied recently,” she asked herself aloud, as she tried to concentrate on her school work.

As she reached for her books, the door to her room opened and a strange man in a well-tailored suit was holding the door open. Before she could even think to ask who he was, Beatrice walked in. Aggie smiled in delight at seeing the old woman she admired. “Oh my dear, my dear. How are you feeling?” she asked Aggie.

“Honestly, tired of being asked that question by everyone who walks in this room,” Aggie tells her.

“Good for you my dear. Honesty. An admirable trait.” Beatrice smiled at Aggie.

“I’m sorry that was a bit bitchy,” Aggie said. “I’m ready to get out of here, but I was told that I could get out of here today, but I need to be on bed rest, and since I live alone, here I stay until something can be worked out.”

“That simply will not do,” Beatrice responded angrily. “Mr. Pierce, Please go locate Ms. Allbuts doctor and have him come here at once.”

“The man at the door nodded and walked off. Without another word, Beatrice pulled out her iPhone and called a number. “Hello, Chancellor Wormer? This is Beatrice. I am in the campus hospital and I just met the most interesting young lady, Agatha Allbut. Are you aware of her situation?”

Aggie could hear a man’s voice indistinctly. After a few seconds Beatrice interrupted him, “Yes yes yes, we all have excuses why things can’t be done. Now I’m going to tell you what will happen. I will take Aggie to live in my home, where she will rest and recuperate. I will also handle any further medical needs. You will ensure that any class assignments, lectures and any other materials she needs to stay current with her courses are made available to her. If her grades drop because she is not provided what she needs, you will answer to me and the board of trustees.”

Before he could respond Beatrice hung up and put her phone away. “I don’t know what to say,” Aggie told the older woman.

“I was dead set against hiring that man. After what happened at Faber College, why would any responsible institute of higher learning trust him to manage anything more complicated than an outhouse.”

“Wait! Chancellor Wormer was at Faber? My grandfather is an alumni of Faber. That’s where my grandparents meet. Aggie looked forlorn at the memory. “I miss Pinto and Mom Mom.”

Beatrice pats Aggie on the hand, letting her work through her emotions. Aggie wipes her eyes with her unrestricted hand and smiles at Beatrice. “I’m never going to be able to repay you for your kindness,” Aggie says to the older woman.

“Pish posh my dear. Mother isn’t just a title, I love all you girls like my daughters. The one regret I have is that medical science was not advanced enough to let Eunice and I have our own child. But we always had our wonderful lovely daughters to care for.” As Beatrice finished speaking the door opened, and Mr. Pierce entered followed by a man in a lab coat Aggie had never seen.

“Beatrice, what an unexpected pleasure.” the man said with barely hidden sarcasm.

“Please Harry, call me Mrs. Remington-Webley. Most of my lackeys do.” The scorn in her voice was palpable. Aggie could see how hard he struggled to keep his anger in check. “So, Aggie tells me the only reason she wasn’t released from this horrid place is because she didn’t have a suitable place to live. Is that correct?”

“Yes, But we will need to see her . . .”

Beatrice holds up her hand. I will ensure she gets any treatment she needs. Thank you. Now run along and bring a wheelchair so I can take her home.” Beatrice says dismissively. “

“Please wait here. I’ll have a nurse come right in with her discharge instructions and prescriptions.”

“Of course we’ll wait here. Do you think an old lady and a cripple are going to run a marathon as soon as you leave,” Beatrice says to his retreating back?

They waited in silence for 20 minutes until A young bubbly student nurse walked into the room. “Aggie, I’m so glad you’re okay,” she tells the bedridden girl. It took Aggie several seconds to place the face. She lived in the dorm, just a few doors down from Aggie. Aggie disliked the girl because she spoke nonstop while saying nothing. She was also a huge gossip, something Aggie hated.

The female began to read the discharge instructions and explain in detail everything Aggie would need to do as part of her recovery. After 20 minutes or so, she finally asked, “Do you have any questions?”

Sheri, her name is Sheri, Aggie thought in triumph.

“No my dear thank you. You are everything I’ve learned to expect from this institution, and it’s students.” Beatrice said.

Sheri Sincan Escort Bayan beamed in pride mistaking the comment for a compliment as she left the room.

Mr. Pierce gathered up all the flowers and cards adorning her room and went to the car with Beatrice. By the time he got back, an orderly was helping Aggie get into a wheelchair. They headed to the elevator as the orderly’s radio crackled to life. There was a lot of shouting and orders to people to report to various places.

“Umm sir,” the orderly said. “A patient is being airlifted in right now. The elevator is not to be used until further notice. We’ll have at least a 20-minute wait.”

“That is simply unacceptable, young man. I can not keep this young lady waiting here any longer than necessary.” Mr. Pierce bent down and scooped up Aggie effortlessly. He kicks open the door to the stairs and carefully descends with Aggie in his arms. Aggie was so tired, and felt so safe, that she drifted off to sleep, her head resting against his neck.


Lars had seen Aggie around school several times, but she was always with people he didn’t know, and he wasn’t sure how to approach her. He didn’t know if Tiffi had spoken with her yet, then heard that Aggie and Tiffi had gotten into a fight, and both of them were arrested. By the time he got to the police station, they had been released.

The next day he went to Aggie’s dorm and sat in front of it all day. When she didn’t return from class, he went looking for the RA. Tina, I’m Lars, Aggie’s boyfriend. She hasn’t been here all day. Do you know where she is?”

Tina shook her head and used her passkey to enter the room. The bed hadn’t been slept in, and the notes Aggie wanted to study were on her desk. When Tina couldn’t see the outfit Aggie was wearing last night, she began to worry. They began to ask the other residents of the dorm and no one had seen Aggie.

Lars and Tina decided to go to the campus police to report Aggie missing. When they drove out of the lot, Lars spotted Aggie’s car, making his heart leap into his throat.

That night, when a naked unconscious woman matching Aggie’s description showed up at the hospital Tina was asked to identify her. Tina went right away and identified Aggie. She kept Lars updated on Aggie’s condition, advising him to let her recover a bit before visiting.

The day after Aggie woke up, Lars couldn’t wait anymore. He decided to take matters into his own hands, and explain everything to Aggie. He was going to make her hear him out no matter what. He was willing to beg for her forgiveness, he’d even grovel if that was what he needed to do to win her back.

As he walked up to the main entrance, he saw an antique automobile idling by the curb. He whistled at the 1939 Mercedes Benz 540K that looked to be in mint condition. He was fixated on the gorgeous piece of automotive history, appreciating the elegance and beauty of the luxury car. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a tall good looking man carrying a large load, so he held the door open for him, and the old lady walking behind him.

“Thank you,” the man said as he walked through the door, and quickly placed his load in the back seat of the antique car. The old lady got in and the man got into the driver’s seat and eased the car forward and was soon lost from view.

Lars shook his head and headed into the hospital. HE started to whistle as he imagined the tearful reunion he was sure was about to happen, having no doubts that they would be a couple again. As Lars walked toward her room, he began to feel nervous. He stopped in front of the door to calm himself. His hand rested on the lever, not entirely sure if he wanted to open it. “Man up asshole,” he muttered to himself as he eased the door open, wishing he had thought to bring some flowers, a stuffed animal, or even a get well card.

“Lars! Hi. Long time no see.” said the nurse that was in the otherwise empty room. She looked over his muscled physique licking her lips in desire.

“Yeah, uhhh hi . . . Sheri.” He said recognizing the gossipy girl from Aggie’s dorm.

“If you’re looking for Aggie, she just left. Some hot guy in a suit carried her off. It was like the end of an Officer and a Gentleman. Too bad he wasn’t in uniform.”

“That was Aggie?” he asked, shocked, wondering why he waited so long.

“Yeah, it was really romantic. I was soooo jealous. No guy has ever carried me anywhere.” the coed rattled on not realizing the pain Lars was suffering. While she prattled about being carried off by some hot guy, Lars had a vision of picking her up and carrying her down the hall to the laundry chute and dropping her in it, just so she would shut up. Walking away before he lost control of his emotions, he just kept thinking, some older guy got her. An older guy with money. How could she? Why did I wait?

He drove aimlessly around campus, not paying attention to where he was going until he stopped in front of the student union. He parked his car and went inside at sat down to think. As he sat there wallowing in self-pity, he happened to notice a poster advertising a student exchange program. HE stared at the poster for several minutes, then pulled out his phone and went to the website and filled out the application.

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Afternoon Delight

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It’s Thursday night and I am making a trip to the local Lover’s Lane to see what I can find for my Friday afternoon rendezvous with Mark. I like to surprise him with a sexy outfit when I see him. I love to see the expression of desire on his face when he sees me. It gets me excited before he even touches me. Tonight I decided to try a few different options on and tease Mark by sending him pictures from the dressing room. The good thing about these stores is they are never crowded and the dressing rooms are quite private. A random click or the flash of the camera is probably not unheard of here. I brought my selections into the dressing room. I was ready to start teasing Mark.

The first outfit I tried on was a red and black lace baby-doll. It was form fitting and it was push-up so my breasts were full and looked ready for action. I put my black heels back on and looked in the mirror and thought to myself, “oh yeah I think he will like this.” I struck a pose and snapped a picture. I sent it to Mark with a caption that read, “For your holiday party perhaps?” I didn’t wait for his response. I just wanted to keep on trying on lingerie for him and fill his inbox with pictures leading up to the grand finale.

Next up was their Flirty Girl Chemise. This one was cupless, sheer, and purple. I was starting to get excited about the fun we were going to have tomorrow no matter what I decided to wear. For this picture I started playing with my exposed nipples. Rubbing my fingers around my nipples slightly pinching them. I was getting turned on and my nipples were pointed and hard. Time to snap the picture. I was pinching my nipple for this picture and sent it with the caption, “getting ready for your mouth to be sucking on my nipples tomorrow.”

My third and final outfit was simply a pair of black crotchless panties, nothing else but my black heels. My nipples were still exposed and hard. I looked in the mirror and realized just how exposed I was. I was really getting myself turned on at this point. I couldn’t resist touching myself. I started circling my exposed clit with my finger. I let out a quiet sigh because it feels so good. There is no stopping me now. I am going to make myself cum right here in the dressing room and instead of sending Mark a picture I am going to use my phone to get a video of this.

I Escort Keçiören set up the camera so it would have my whole body in its frame. I had one foot on the floor and the other up on the small chair in the dressing room. Facing the mirror I am mostly naked and my legs spread. Since this was a video I had both hand ready to explore my mostly naked body. Still trying to be quiet I had one hand playing with my breast rubbing and grabbing it. My other hand traveled down the front of my body until it reached my clit again. I am circling my clit faster now getting more excited. I am breathing faster now and trying not to moan out loud. I slid my middle finger deep inside me. I feel so warm and wet right now. My head is tilted back and my eyes are closed. I am no longer worried about what is going on outside the dressing room.

I am about to cum and my phone is recording it all for Mark. My back is up against the dressing room door; my legs are still spread and tensing up. My fingers still rubbing me fast and my finger enters me. I whisper, “feels so good, I am cumming for you Mark.” I let out a sigh as I cum. I can feel myself wet with cum, pulsing around my finger. I turned off the video on the phone and tried to get myself together. I smirked to myself and thought, “I guess the crotchless panties work. Must buy these.” In addition I bought another outfit ands stumbled across crotchless panty hose. These can be fun so I bought three of them. I left the store feeling satisfied, literally, and excited about seeing Mark tomorrow.

It’s finally Friday morning and like most Fridays I only have to work a half-day. Even that seems long because I cannot wait to see Mark this afternoon. It’s been a week and a half since I saw him last and I am ready for him. We decided to meet for dinner and perhaps a little shopping. I wanted to look sexy but not too over the top. The weather helped out a little. Most of the week there were wind chills at or below zero. Today it was a balmy 29. I decided to go with a wrap dress. Not to fancy but flattering and even better it offered easy access. The neckline was low and I was wearing a bra that enhanced my breasts. I decided to go with my crotchless pantyhose and black heels to finish my outfit. I put on some red lipstick and left. I could not wait to see how Mark would Keçiören Escort Bayan greet me.

Driving there I had the heat on and the seat warmers on in my new car. Knowing how exposed I was beneath my dress I reached down and started to touch myself. I wanted to be ready for Mark. At a red light I snapped a quick picture of my hand up my dress. I was hoping to get Mark hard and excited while he was checking out of the store he was at. I kept on texting him to build the sexual tension for our meeting.

We met in the parking lot of the mall. Mark got into my car. He immediately put his hand behind my neck and pulled me towards him. He started passionately kissing me. I loved when he kissed me like this. His mouth kissing me hard and his tongue entwined with mine. Mark is an amazing kisser and his lips are so soft. It’s hard to stop kissing him. I playfully bit his lower lip as I pulled away.

“Someone seems happy to see me.” I said to Mark with a mischievous smile.

Mark responded with, ” I am so turned on right now.”

He started kissing me again. His hand started moving up my inner thigh. I spread my legs a little for him tempting him to keep on exploring. His hand reached the opening of my crotchless panty house and he found my wetness.

“Oh God Catherine this is so sexy.” Knowing he could have me so easily because nothing was in his way was so hot. Now his finger found me and entered deep into me. “Catherine you are so wet. I want you so bad.”

There was a parking garage across the street so I decided to drive over there. Mark didn’t stop touching and teasing my clit with his finger on the short drive over. It’s hard to concentrate on driving when you are so turned on and Mark’s hand in between my legs. We found what we thought was a safe spot on the fourth level. As soon as we parked we took off our winter jackets and tossed them in the back seat.

We started passionately kissing again. As our tongues were entwined I lowered my seat so I was almost lying down. I backed the seat away from the steering wheel. I untied my wrap dress so it exposed my whole body to Mark. He was free to do what he wanted with me. I spread my legs more for him and put my left foot up on the dash. I was so ready for Mark. He started going down on me, his tongue circling Keçiören Escort my clit and exploring the rest of me. He again inserted his finger deep into my wetness as his tongue still exploring me.

I started to moan and yelled out, “Don’t stop Mark make me cum!”

Watching Mark going down on me is so sexy because he is so into it. He glanced up at me and our eyes met. I couldn’t take it anymore I was ready to cum for him.

I yelled out, “OMG I am going to cum!” Mark could feel me pulsing around his finger that was still deep inside me.

I pulled Mark up to me and we started kissing. I love to taste my excitement on his lips. I know Mark must be hard and I was still turned on. Our rendezvous in my car wasn’t over yet. My hand moved quickly down to find the hardness in his pants. I took off his belt and lowered his pants and boxer briefs so his big, hard penis was out of his pants and ready for me. I put my lips around his hardness and started moving my mouth up and down on him. “Catherine that feels so good,” he whispered to me. My hand was cupping him and my tongue was all over his hardness. I swirled my tongue around the tip of him tasting his pre-cum. I loved tasting him but he wasn’t ready to finish for me.

“Get on top of me,” Mark directed. Without saying a word I climbed on top of him and lowered myself on him in the front seat of my car.

Mark’s hardness is deep inside me as I continue to ride him faster and deeper. His hands grabbed my butt pulling me towards him. My body was so close to his. Neither one of us were aware of who else might be in the parking garage. Mark started breathing faster and louder.

“Catherine oh God yeah,” he yelled out as he filled me with his cum. I was still riding him but slowing down until he finished.

I collapsed on him for a few moments. We gently kissed each other as our breathing slowed down. Our eyes fixed on each other I lifted off him and went back to my seat. I was having a hard time tying my dress in the confines of my car. We glanced around then got out of my car to straighten up a bit. I leaned up against a wall in the parking garage my untied dress still exposing the front of my body to Mark. Before I tied my dress marked snapped a picture with his cell phone of me half naked in the parking garage. We quickly kissed and got back into my car.

“Do we still have time to do some shopping?” Mark asked.

As I drove us towards the mall in my newly christened car I smiled and replied, “We can probably find some places to have fun in the mall. Perhaps this time you can join me in the dressing room.”

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After The Shower

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Finally all the soap is from us. I close the water stream. We are looking each other in the eyes. Wow, I start drowning again into them. I would like to start again a passionate kiss, however I make first better sure to dry you. We’re both smiling to each other and as always when being near to you, I feel a heat going through my body. I take a soft woollen bath towel. I dab your all body. Afterwards you take the towel and start to dab my body. You do this so softly, what a lucky guy I am. In the mean time I took another, yet small, towel and start rubbing softly your hair. After that is done, you take the towel from me to start rubbing dry my hair.

We are both dry now and we are putting the towels in the basket. We stand still before the mirror where we both can see how happy we are. You turn yourself around and wrap your arms around my neck. Your mouth is very slowly moving towards mine. All the time you keep on looking me in the eyes. Oh, I see that you can feel my little guy coming to life. You’re pressing yourself to me. Your mouth has reached mine and again we start a breathtaking passionate kiss. I massage your bottom cheeks. Unfortunately we have to let go, because both of us need to regain our breaths.

You take my hand and pull me towards the bedroom. I follow you, being aroused very much. Once in the bedroom I help you install yourself on the bed. I go then to the CD player and put on a CD with romantic songs. I return to the bed and ask you to relax and let me do the job. I see you hesitate a little and I understand it. Then I open the drawer of the night table and take out 4 ropes. You look first with fear at me, but after looking into my eyes you nod. I tie your hands and feet to the bedpost. Although you’re still a little afraid you’re also waiting in anticipation.

I take now two feathers out of the drawer and sit down on my knees on the bed. With the soft side of the feathers I go over your face. I see now that all the fear is escaping from your body. You are more and more relaxed and even little sighs are coming out of your mouth. The first place I do is your face. The two feathers are going over your forehead, the temples, the cheeks, your nose, your lips and your chin. I make little circles. Then I go to your ears, caressing them all over and not forgetting to go also a little inside. Also the backside of your ears aren’t forgotten. It gives me a warm feeling to see you enjoy the whole thing.

Now it’s time for your neck. The left, right en front sides receive caresses. I’m happy because I notice that you’re enjoying this very much. Once again I notice some goose flesh starting to come on you. I go now with the feathers to your shoulders. Afterwards I follow the arms through the outside Escort Etlik until I reach yours hands. I go now between the fingers and start then coming up through the inner side. When I reach the armpits I notice that you start shivering. Now I follow the outer lines of your body.

Again and again I start giving you caresses. I pass the hips and go farther down. At the knees I stay a little longer before ending my journey down. When I reach your feet I go with the feathers between your toes. This gives the reaction that I was expecting as you start giggling and moving your feet in order to avoid the continuation of my teasing you. It’s time however to travel farther. I follow now the inner sides of your legs until I reach the flesh between your legs and your love-lips. You start moaning a little.

Via your hips I go higher until I finally reach your Adam’s apple. I go now down with the feathers, through the middle of the globes, until I reach the bottom of them. Then I go as well to the left as the right, in order to start making eighths with the feathers. I make the circles shorter and shorter so that the tip of the feathers touches now also your inviting globes. I’m coming always shorter and shorter to your nipples. They start getting stiff. Now and then I see you bite on your lips. After reaching the nipples and playing there a while, I start going down.

I’m heading for you belly and certainly don’t forget your belly button. I make little circles around it, to finish going into it. I go again over your whole belly before returning to that cute little button. Finally I start travelling again down. I reach the bush and go round it to go now over the groins for a couple of times. Little moans come out of your mouth. Now I reach the flesh between the legs and the outer lips. I hear more moans. I’m approaching very slowly the outer lips. The feathers reach now the outer lips and caress them.

I hear that your breathing is increasing. More and more I go to the little love-cave. I move the feathers up and down between the lips. I look at the little treasure, open like an inviting flower and I see that moisture is coming out of it. I keep on teasing you with the feathers, now attacking the cute, stiff little clit. The two feathers are on the left and right side of it and go up and down. More moans are escaping from your mouth and I see that your body is trembling. All of a sudden you look at me and say, “darling, fuck me”.

I replace the feathers now in the drawer and start to untie your feet and hands. I look at you and my heart starts bouncing because I see the desire in your eyes. I massage first a little your hands and feet where the ropes were attached. Now I take a pillow and Etlik Escort place it under your bottom cheeks. I take a little pack out of the drawer and install me between your legs. I now need only to look at you, and certainly at the little treasure, making thus that the little guy is at full length. I open the pack and take out a condom. I put the condom on.

I come a little closer to you and take my love spear. I go with my love spear between you lips in order to make that wet. I don’t need much time doing it. I place now the head for the entrance. I go forward with my upper body and place my hands beside your body. I look you in the eyes and slowly start penetrating you. It’s going in without any trouble and I stop when the head is completely in. I see that your eyes are widening up a little and that you bit with your teeth in your lip. Now I see you start to relax and that you are prepared to undergo it.

Oh, it feels so hot in your vagina. The heat is coming through the rubber. I start now slowly penetrating you more, centimetre after centimetre. Finally I’m completely inside you and hold still. All the time I was looking in your eyes. I can notice now that you are very pleased with what you feel. I feel you squeezing the little guy. That sure feels wonderful. You certainly know how to please a man, I’m very happy.

Now I withdraw very quickly, after that I start penetrating you very slowly again. I try to rub the head and the shaft against your G-spot. I see now that you understand why I did put the pillow under your bottom cheeks. Completely inside again I keep still again, allowing you to squeeze my love spear. I repeat this time after time, noticing that more and more moans escape from your mouth.

Now the time has come that I want to give you some additional stimulation. I bend forward and take one nipple in my mouth. I suck it very gently. I hear you take in your breath very loudly. I close my teeth now on the nipple, just to hold it, without biting it. Now I go with my teeth up and down, like if it were that I’m masturbating the nipple. More moans come out of your mouth and you start also to shiver. The twin nipple receives also the same treatment.

All the time I kept penetrating you very slowly and withdrawing myself very quickly. I can sense however that your climax is starting to build up, certainly by the way you’re squeezing my little guy. Suddenly you wrap your legs around my back. Without leaving your nipples, I start to speed up my pumping. I go now faster and faster in and out of you. You are moaning more and more and louder and louder. I notice that you try to push with your feet onto my bums to push me farther into you.

Your head is starting to go from Etlik Escort Bayan the left to the right. Your body also shows that you are reaching your climax. I try to go faster in and out of you. Now I close my mouth upon one nipple and start sucking it very hard. You’re moaning out loud now, squeezing me very hard. I feel you’re not that far anymore and I suck harder and harder and go even faster. With a loud cry you’re cumming. Your body starts bouncing up and down, you’re trembling all over, squeezing me that it almost hurts.

I go now very slowly up and down, at the same time releasing your nipple. I look at you now and see that your eyes are closed and that you’re undergoing your climax. Only very slowly you come down to earth again. Finally you open your eyes again and you’re smiling at me. I’m very happy to see that you really enjoyed what happened to you. I see now also that you’re ready again for me. I have to admit that I’m ready to go for it now.

I take up the speed. Again I take a nipple in my mouth. Oh, you’re nipples are so nice, only feeling them in my mouth turns me already on. Gently I suck the nipple while my penis goes in and out of you. You’re squeezing like hell and you’re murmuring lovely words to me. You feel that my climax will not last so long anymore and again you try to pull me into you with your feet. I’m speeding up noticing however that you’re building up also a new climax.

Now it seems to me that our bodies play a love-game, as if they were made for each other. It is as if each one is trying to get the maximum out of the other. We both know that it won’t take us not long anymore. I release now your nipple and concentrate on our love game. I feel that my seed is like begging to be released. We look again in each other’s eyes and we both know that it’s so far. We both start crying out our climax. Stream after stream of seed is coming out of me into the rubber. You sense it also and start like milking the little guy. Finally the last drop comes out of it.

We lay down now, searching for our breath. We both know that we gave each other a more then nice feeling and we both are happy about that. When we regain at last our breath your legs start returning to the bed. Now I withdraw very slowly, noticing however that this gives you little shivers. When I’m finally out of you, we both look with surprise at the quantity of seed that is in the rubber. Now I know why I got the impression that it was like if I was only cumming and cumming.

I take the condom off and put it on the night table. I come lying besides you. We’re turning our heads to each other and we start now a very passionate kiss. That also is like I would it to last forever. Finally however we let go. You nestle yourself into my lap with your back to me. I wrap my arm around you and cup one breast with my hand. We both lay still now. Soon we both fall asleep.

Any comment is welcome, certainly comments about preventing me from making too much mistakes in English.

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Chauffeur The

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Big Dicks

If I was going to finish college, I needed to work for a year and earn some money. Their card on the employment board said they were looking for a chauffeur. Most students took jobs in related fields to their studies.

I shaved, got a haircut, put on my suit and went for the interview.

His office was on the top floor of a downtown high rise. He was a bit taller than me, handsome, black hair with a rising tide of grey around his ears.

“You’re resume’ looks good, and you seem well spoken, Thomas. Let’s go for a practical test.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Call me Arthur. Let’s go.”

We went down the elevator to the underground garage. Directly across from the elevator door was a big parking space with a sign over it. ‘Reserved For Mr. Rosenfeld’.

There was a seventies vintage Shelby Mustang sitting there. A uniformed man appeared and opened the driver’s door.

“Get in Thomas. This isn’t the car you’ll be driving of course. Turn right out of the garage.”

Well, even if I didn’t get the job I could brag that I once drove a real muscle car.

Two weeks later I got a call from Mr. Rosenfeld’s secretary.

“I’d like to offer you the job. It includes room and board. Here’s the hours and what it pays. How soon can you start, Thomas?”

“Anytime. The semester ended last week, and Friday I have to be out of the residence.”

“Good, lets start right now. You can drive me home.”

This time in his parking space was a Maybach limo. The only one I’ve ever seen in real life. The uniformed man, again magically appeared and opened the back door.

“Thank you Bill. Turn right and proceed to the 410 Thomas. It’s programmed into the onboard nav. system under ‘home’ naturally.”

The ‘Bitch In The Box’ led me to an area of rolling hills with stately well separated homes.

What nice people to work for. Arthur and his wife, Didi, insisted I address them by their first names, and although the job was theoretically 24/7 unless I was actually driving most of my time was my own. I soon settled into the routine. Drive Arthur to work at 0830, go back ‘home’, drive Didi if she wanted to go anyplace, then back downtown to pick up Arthur at 1730. Sometimes they would go out in the evening and I’d drive them.

One afternoon I drove Arthur to the general aviation terminal at the airport, then carried his bags to his private jet.

When I arrived back home Didi summoned me. She’s as tall as Arthur. Very elegant. Shapely body. Ash blond and beautiful. Her age could be anywhere from forty to sixty. Today she was wearing a knee length yellow and grey wool skirt and a pastel yellow long sleeve pullover cashmere sweater, and cream flats.

She got into the back as I held the door. The partition was down. “Thomas, turn right out the drive. I’ll show you where to go.”

I realized we’d gone around to the other side of the concession Escort Ankara when she directed me up a lane through a bush. It opened to a clearing.

“Thomas, come back here with me.”

I sat beside her.

“Thomas, do you like working here?”

“Yes Mam.”

“Didi. Can you be discreet?”

“Yes, of course.”

“No girlfriend or boyfriend you’d be tempted to tell about your work here?”

“No ma- uh Didi. I’m not in any relationship. That’s why the hours don’t matter.”

“Not even an internet relationship?”

“No,no, nothing like that.”

“Actually, I know. Do you know we had you investigated?”

“Huh. Well, I guess that only makes sense.”

“Thomas, do you find me attractive? Pretty?”

Before I could answer she leaned over and kissed my cheek. Then my lips. She looked me in the eyes as her hands unbuckled my belt and pulled down my zipper.

“I want you to enjoy working here, Thomas.” She pulled my woodie out of my boxers.

“Pull down your pants Thomas.”

She slid across, ducking to clear the low roof. She lifted the hem of her skirt. No undies. She was crouched with her back to me as she lowered herself onto my cock.

“Mm, Thomas. Such a big boy.” She reached down and lifted my hands to her sweater.

I groped her breasts through the soft cashmere. She rolled her hips. It was so good. She picked up the pace. It had been so long. I couldn’t hold on.


“Sorry Didi, sorry.”

“That’s OK dear, lots of time to practice.”

She handed me a handful of tissues. “Time to get back to the house, Thomas.”

A few days later Didi said to bring her nineteen sixty nine red Mercury convertible with the white interior around. I wasn’t sure if I was driving or she was going for a drive alone.

“You drive, Thomas, and put the top down. It’s a beautiful day.

She was dressed a bit over the top. Like a sixties pinup girl or something. A pink knee length sundress with big white polka dots and a full skirt that flared out when a gust caught it. Her hair was wrapped in a red silk scarf that wrapped around her throat and tied with a little bow on her right shoulder. On her feet were pink open toe spike heels. Her sun glasses, earrings and necklace all matched. Wide pink plastic with rhinestones. The sunglasses were heart shaped with rose lenses. Her lipstick and nail polish were bright red. They matched the car. She sat in the front seat.

She directed me to a paved road that wound north around and over hills

and past farmland and forests.

“In the next village, let’s find a coffee shop, or local diner.”

Before we went inside she handed me a small pile of tens and twenties. “You should pay, Thomas.” Everyone turned and gave a quick appraising look at Didi when we entered. We sat in an old fashion booth with red vinyl benches.

We Ankara Escort had coffee and fresh cinnamon buns. We chatted. Didi was an easy person to talk with.

“Ever wonder about our last driver?”

“Huh? Actually I hadn’t thought about it.”

“He had a girlfriend. He talked to her, and she was not happy about the extra ‘bonus’ he was getting.” Didi chuckled and so did I.

“I can understand that.”

Back in the car I went to give her the change and the rest of the money back. “You keep that for times like this. Arthur and I don’t carry cash and you can pay from this petty cash. Just let one of us know when you’re getting low.”

Then she affected a very proper English accent. “Take me home now, Boy.” We both laughed.

As we drove, her hands reached across and pulled down my zipper. She reached in and pulled Mr. Happy out.

Why did bench seats ever go out of style? What a beautiful drive. The soft suspension of the big Merc. The sunshine and warm breeze. The beautiful scenery. And Didi, head on my lap with my cock in her mouth.

One hand on the wheel, one hand stroking her back, I kept to the speed limit. There was little traffic. A few cars and trucks overtook us. I came gangbusters. Didi licked me clean and tucked me back in. She sat up and leaning against the door patted her lips with a hankie. “Did you enjoy that, Thomas?”

“Very much Didi.”

She didn’t even smudge her red lipstick. Amazing.

Next day I got a text to have the Maybach at the front by eleven thirty.

At eleven forty five Didi came out. On her feet were maroon spike heel sandals. Her skirt was a burgundy mid calf length. She wore a pink long sleeve bow collar silk blouse. Her blond hair was down, flowing over the wide grey fur stole wrapped around her shoulders.

“The country club Thomas.” She rolled the smoked glass partition up. The ‘Bitch in the Box” told me where to go. At least the machine had a nice voice. “Turn right in thirty meters.”

After Didi went inside the parking valet directed me to pull around the circle and park behind the dark green Bentley. As soon as I stopped it’s chauffeur came back to me.

“Hi, I’m Ed. You must be the Rosenfeld’s new driver.”

“Thomas. Nice to meet you Ed.”

“I’m the Crawford’s. Oh, here comes Frank with Mrs. Byl.

After introducing freak and me, we went around to the employee’s cafeteria and had a light lunch. This is one fancy club. When I went to pay the waitress just asked who my boss was, saying it would be debited to their account. Wow. The rich really are different.

Almost home, the partition still up, Didi called me on the intercom. “Thomas, you remember how to find the lane?”

“Yes Mam!”

Before I could get around to the right rear door to open it she was out and standing. Her blouse was off and the fur wrapped around her chest. It’s Ankara Escort Bayan tail down her back

“Like this look, Thomas?”

“Wow, yes.”

She let it slip to her elbows. That was the first time I saw her breasts uncovered. Wow. Just the perfect size. Not to big, but plump and inviting looking.

“There’s a blanket in the trunk, dear, we don’t want any embarrassing grass stains.”

By the time I fetches and spread the blanket Didi had thrown the rest of her clothes (except for her shoes) into the back seat. “Bit over dressed aren’t you Thomas?”

By the time all my clothes were on the front passenger seat she was laying on her side on the blanket. Her left side down. Her chin supported by her left hand. Her right hand stroked her right thigh. Her eyes wandered up and down naked me. I dropped beside her and we kissed.

“Thomas, kiss me where it smells.”

“You want me to take you to Sudbury?” (copper and nickle mining town in Northern Ontario.)

We both laughed at the old joke.

I got right down to it, kissing and licking, with a little fingering too.

“Very good Thomas. Very …Aah!”

I kept lapping and fingering her tasty treat, wanting to make up for our first visit here. She came again, her heels drumming on my back.

“Baby, get up here and bone me.”

“Yes Mam!”

What a wild ride that was. Didi must have scared all the wildlife away. “Yes, yes! Don’t cum yet. Hold on Thomas. Not, not. Now! Aagh?”

We came together and lay there smelling the woods and the grass and the sex.

“We better get home now, Thomas dear. Don’t forget to send the blanket with the laundry, and get it back in the trunk for next time.”

Two days later I got Arthur at the airport. I felt so guilty I could hardly look him in the eye. He rolled the partition down.

“Did you look after my Didi while I was away, Thomas?”

“Er, Yes Sir.”

“What, so formal? This car has five hundred horses Thomas. I miss my Didi. Flog ’em.!”

The next morning when I drove him to work he told me to come up to his office when I came for him at quitting time.

His secretary had already left. “Come in and close the door.”

Oh oh.

“Have a seat, Thomas.”

I sat looking down at my hands clasped on my lap. Would he yell a lot before he fired me?

“Thomas, a relationship is built in trust. We have to be honest with each other. Do you understand that, Thomas?”

“Yes sir, Arthur.”

Good. Now. Didi and I have been together for a long, long time. We have no secrets. Another thing about relationships is that envy can tear them apart. Do you know that, Thomas?”

“Yes Arthur.” I studied my finger nails.

“so, you wouldn’t want me to be jealous of Didi. Would you?”

“No Arthur.” Here it comes, unemployment.

“Didi and I believe in sharing.”

Where was this going?

“This isn’t the first time for you, is it?”

Arthur lifted my chin. His cock was out of his fly, hard, and inches from my lips.

I smiled up at him, then wrapped my lips around his purple helmet.

What wonderful folks to work for.

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After a Night with the Girls

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My wife returns from having drinks with the girls a bit tipsy and flirtatious. I stand up to watch her plunk her car keys and purse down on the dining table. She ambles over to me, throws her arms around me, and gives me a deep kiss. Her mouth tastes of rum and pineapples. She takes off her over-coat and slings it on the back of the couch. I notice her bare legs and remember that she left earlier wearing something. “Where are your pantyhose?” I ask.

“They’re tights, dear. And they’re in my purse,” she says, walking toward the bedroom. I look over to the table and, sure enough, her tights are sticking out of her open purse.

“Honey?” I call after her as I follow her into our room. She stops just inside our bedroom and I walk up behind her and put my hands on her shoulders. “Did you snag them again?” I ask, knowing her history.

“No,” she says, turning around. “I took them off in the car so I could finger myself.”

She has a raw, daring look in her eye, helped along by the rum no doubt. I notice that her blouse-already low cut and thin-has a couple buttons undone. I can see her red bra and a glimpse of her stomach. She kisses me, her warm tongue probing in my mouth. “I got so horny tonight, I couldn’t wait until I got home. Besides,” she tilts her head to the side, tossing me a playful glance, “I think you’ll like the story.” She re-buttons her blouse, save for the top button. “We had this waiter who couldn’t take his eyes off us. He kept trying to look down all of our shirts. My second drink was pretty strong, so I decided to give him something to look at. I told Karen and Tina what I wanted to do if he kept looking-you know, being really obvious-and they thought it would be funny.”

“I don’t think you get to go out with them anymore,” I joked.

“Well, he came back with our food and kept leaning over to look down my shirt, so when he left to get the rest of our order, I popped a button. When he came back, I thought his jaw had come unhinged.”

“How much could he see?” I ask. She bends over slightly, only the top button undone. I can easily make out the lace that trims her red bra plunging to a front-clasp closure. Cleavage is the second priority in this view.

“He almost dropped our fries trying to set them on the table. He couldn’t take his Escort Çankaya eyes off my tits. It made me really horny, knowing this guy was turned on.” She puts her arms around my neck and starts kissing me. I want to be jealous, but this whole scene is a turn on for me as well. I kiss her passionately for a moment, tongues fully entwined, active, tasting rum in her mouth. I kiss across her cheek, to her ear, and down her neck to her collarbone. Her breathing grows heavier.

“After he had come back to service our table a couple more times, I buttoned back up,” she says.

“You did. Why?” I ask.

“Because I could hardly stand it anymore.”

“Did he say anything?” I say, between kisses. I trace the line of her collarbone from one side to the other, while I stealthily begin unbuttoning the rest of her blouse.

“He didn’t,” she says, “but I did. When Karen and Tina went to the bathroom, he came back over and asked if there was anything, ‘and I mean anything I can do for you,'” she emulates a deep seductive voice. “You wouldn’t believe what I told him.” I finish unbuttoning her blouse and stop kissing her. My eyes and hands slowly make their way to her breasts, now in full view, tucked inside the red lace bra, the object of another man’s attention not an hour ago.

“What did you say?” I asked, starting to gently run the backs of my hands across her erect nipples.

“When he asked if there was anything he could do, I motioned him closer and told him this: after giving you a clear view down my shirt, my pussy is so wet I’m about to go insane, and I really want to have someone fucking me right now. But since you reacted like a boy in Jr. High with just a glimpse of my tits, I don’t want to know what you’d do if I had my skirt around my waist.”

“You said that? You said ‘fucking’ right there at the table?”

“I said it in a loud whisper,” she says, clearly pleased with herself. “I thought he was going to faint.”

I can’t take anymore of this. I unclasp her bra and start kissing her tits. I make sure the bra does not reveal her nipples yet, though I can see their dark outline through her bra; she needs some teasing for this. While my mouth caresses her, my hands slide under her short black skirt, to the backs of her muscular legs, up Çankaya Escort and down, yet never going too high. Her breathing turns even heavier, letting a quiet moan escape. She slides her blouse and bra off in one motion and drops them to the floor. Taking her tits in her hands, she guides her stiff nipples toward my mouth. She gives me a groan of approval when my tongue circles first one nipple, then the other. I move one hand up her skirt, up the inside of her thigh. Before I could get to her panties, I feel a sticky dampness on her skin. This is amazing, I think to myself. By now, I am sucking on her nipples, swapping back and forth between them. My hand reaches her panties. She squats slightly, allowing me access. Her panties are soaked and hot; her cum is so thick it feels almost gelatinous.

“Take off my panties,” she says, in a musky groan, “no more foreplay, I’ve gotta have you in me.”

I reach the other hand under her skirt, grab the waist of her panties and tug them off. When they get to her knees, she starts trying to step out of them. She pulls her short black skirt up to her waist, walks to the bed and lies down. Usually she would have caressed and sucked my cock, but tonight is her night. I quickly undress myself; my cock is hard, and as I touch it, I feel that pre-cum sensitivity. She spreads her legs, her shaved pussy glistens even with the limited lighting the hallway provides. I crawl onto the bed and start to gently kiss the inside of her thigh. She abruptly grabs my head. “Not tonight. Fuck me. Now. Hard.”

She reaches down and guides my cock into her and I start pumping. She rocks her hips to meet each thrust. She spreads her legs wider and pulls her knees up; the angle is incredible. I hit a spot inside her; I feel it with the head of my cock. “Yeah, yeah, right there. Keep pounding right there,” she says. I’m unable to sustain this pace. “I’m cumming,” I say.

“No, not yet, I need more,” she says. And with that, I let go, spraying my cum up inside her pussy. She hunches back and lets out one scream, and another. I feel her juices all over my thighs. I certainly don’t want this moment to end, her pussy tightens around my cock, coaxing out the last drops of my cum. When I am finished, I get up and go to the bathroom to clean up. I wipe Çankaya Escort Bayan off quickly, thinking maybe if I return with a towel for her, and a cuddle, that will make up for my quick release.

As I walk out of the bathroom, I cannot believe my eyes. Unlike me, she is not finished. Her legs are open wide, one knee tucked up beside her body, and she is fingering herself. Her pussy is red and dripping with my thick white cum. When she sees me enter the bedroom, she scoops some cum with her fingertips and brings them to her mouth. While some of it goes in her mouth, she leaves most of the glob sitting on her lips; making sure I am watching, she reaches down for another helping. She does this twice more, and on the third time closes her mouth, smacks her gooey lips together and tips her head back in a deliberate swallow. She smiles at my stark amazement, returns two fingers to her cunt, and sinks them deep. “Whenever you’re ready,” she says, “this is good for the car, but it isn’t quite the same for me.”

Because I didn’t think she’d do it, and because I know her screaming will bring my cock up again, I say, “My cock can’t hear you. A little louder, please.”

“Did you like me yelling earlier? Ok, because I am so fucking horny. . .” She starts calling out to me in a speaking voice. “Did you hear that?” I teased, looking down at my member, “no?”

Then she really gets going. She lies all the way back on the bed, pulling the pillows out from beneath her head. “Fuck me, yeah I want it, fuck my dripping pussy.” She screams so loud it startles me a bit, but then a chill of arousal sweeps through me. And I grow. I almost leap between her legs this time. She is so wet I can barely feel her, but I hear the sloshing of my thrusts. We move to a new position every few moments. When I am fucking her from behind, I smack her on the ass. She seems to love it, so I swat her harder; her ass turns a light shade of red.

“Oh yes,” she yells back to me, “I’ve been naughty, fuck my cunt and spank my ass!” She has never been like this.

She is still wearing that black skirt, twisted around her and stained with cum, I hold onto it like a pair of reigns. The last few minutes of our escapade are almost silent, we are both exhausted, and I suspect the rum in her system has worn off. I cum in her again, from behind this time, she grinds back on me slowly, her pussy pulsates, squeezing every last bit my cum into her. I pull out of her and we collapse together. The humid smell of sweat and cum is thick in the air like a haze, and we sleep.

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Adventures with Leslie Ch. 02

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Chapter 02 — The Prom

The week was flying by and I was feeling good about things. My weekend getting to know Leslie and convincing her to play the game was outstanding. I still think I have more power in this game than even I realize, but only time will truly tell that.

I was on my way home from work on Thursday night, thinking of nothing more than having a beer and watching the ballgame. When I heard my cell phone ringing as I drove, I figured those plans might change

“Hello,” I picked up my cell.

“It’s Penny,” she said on the other end of the line.

“How are you my dear,” I asked politely.

“I’m good, but this is not a social call,” she informed me.

“It never is,” I cemented. “Is everything alright?”

“Oh yes,” she confirmed. “I am calling for Leslie. I have your first assignment in the new game.”

“I figured,” I jeered. “So what are we doing?”

“We aren’t doing anything,” she replied, sounding disappointed. “You need to get a tuxedo and meet Leslie at her house tomorrow night at 5:30pm sharp.”

“Ok, I can handle that,” I admitted. “Do you know what my ‘assignment’ actually is?”

“You will be chaperoning Mindy’s high school prom,” Penny revealed.

“Just me,” I questioned.

“No, Leslie will be with you,” she validated.

“Ok, then why didn’t she call me herself,” I inquired. “Emma always used to call herself.”

“She wants to keep you guessing,” Penny disclosed.

“Of course she does,” I responded. “Well, thank you.”

“Anytime, baby,” she giggled. “If you do well on this one Leslie promised that the next assignment will be fun for everyone.”

Before I could even ask if she knew what that meant, Penny hung up. That was the one part this game that always made me grind my teeth. The hanging up. They had all done it at one point or another. Ugh. So much for watching the ballgame.

I headed to the mall to rent a tux. It was a small chore, more an inconvenience really, but I got it done. I decided to get a hair cut while I was there, so I would look clean cut for Leslie. I finally headed home when all my errands were completed; I even took the time to pick up a corsage for Leslie, just to cover all my bases.

The next day dragged on, work sucked and there wasn’t much else happening. Late in the day I changed into my tux in the men’s room of our office and then packed up my stuff and headed to Leslie’s. I parked in the driveway and headed up to the front door where I was greeted by a young, blonde haired guy also in a tux.

“You must be Miss Adams’ date,” he said to me, extending his hand.

“Yes, I am,” I confirmed for him, shaking his hand. “And who might you be?”

“Oh, I’m Brad, Mindy’s date,” he divulged. “The ladies are still getting ready and they asked me to wait out here with you.”

“It’s nice to meet you Brad,” I responded to him. “Are you a senior?”

“Yes, sir,” he validated. “I’m headed to UCLA next year to play baseball.”

“Really, that’s great,” I said, impressed. Having been a ballplayer myself, Brad’s stock just went up. “What position do you play?”

“Third base,” he revealed. “Batted .650 this season.”

Brad and I talked baseball for the next 20 minutes or so as we waited on our dates. While we were talking, a long, black, stretch limo pulled up in front of Leslie’s house. The driver stepped and saw us in our tuxes. He made his way over to where Brad and I were standing on the porch.

“Central High Prom,” the driver questioned.

“Yes, sir,” Brad answered him.

“Very good,” the driver replied. “I’m Carl. I will be your driver for the night.”

“Good to meet you Carl,” I said, extending my hand to him.

Carl did not say anything as he shook my hand, in which a $50 bill was transferred to him. When the handshake ended Carl nodded.

“I understand there will be four passengers going and only two coming back,” Carl announced.

“Yes, sir,” Brad acknowledged. “Mindy and I will be going with some other people to the after prom party.”

Interesting. Leslie and I would be returning alone. Nice touch.

A moment later the front door opened and Mindy emerged. She looked lovely, wearing a strapless maroon gown that fell all the way to the floor and was very big on the bottom. Her makeup was not overdone and her dirty blonde hair was done up. Her white shoulders drew attention to the pearls around her neck. She was a lovely girl.

“Aunt Leslie will be right out,” she broadcasted as she passed by me.

She kissed Brad on the cheek and the head to the limo. Carl escorted them and opened the door for them. I stood on the porch and Escort Ankara waited, corsage in hand. I felt 18 again myself for a moment, until I saw Leslie. She materialized from the house looking like no 18 year-old girl ever has.

She had on a glittery, electric blue mini dress with very thin strap and the bottom of which fell only to her mid thigh. She had on tan stockings which hid the scars on her inner thighs and matching electric blue 4 inch heels that made her legs look delicious. Her hair was done nicely, with curls at the bottom and her makeup was pronounced, especially the bright blue eye shadow and candy apple red lips.

I was in awe. She was gorgeous and hot. My cock started to twitch in my rent tux pants. I could not take my eyes off of her as she locked the house and made her way over to where I was standing.

“We’re late, let’s go,” she barked.

“I got this for you,” I said to her, as I shower her the corsage.

She stopped and sighed.

“Sorry,” she asserted. “This isn’t a date. We’re chaperones.”

“My mistake,” I admitted.

Leslie then stuck out her hand for me to place the corsage on her wrist. Now I was confused, but then I remembered that my confusion was the goal of the game. I placed the corsage on her and she headed off towards the car. I followed submissively.

Carl held the door for Leslie to enter the limo and I watched her get in. Her ass was amazing in that dress and it seemed like she lingered in the door for a moment to ensure that I noticed. I climbed into the car behind and Carl closed the door.

Leslie had climbed into the seat on the far side of Mindy which left me to sit at the back of the car next to Brad. It was an interesting arrangement to say the least. She may have been new to the game, but she was good at it already. Mindy and Brad were excited for the evening as anyone their age should be. From the way Mindy was now speaking to me, I assumed Leslie and her had spoken about the current situation. Even though that was not confirmed for me, I felt relieved.

The just under twenty minute ride to the site of the prom was filled with small talk and bad jokes. We pulled into the parking lot of the Holiday Inn, where the sign read “Welcome Central High Class of 2007.” That was a nice touch, I thought.

Carl opened the door and we exited the car. I stepped out first, followed by Brad. Carl then held his hand out to assist both Mindy and Leslie as the emerged into the early evening air. Mindy quickly took Brad’s hand and headed inside. Leslie then walked towards me and I extended my elbow, offering her my arm.

“This still isn’t a date,” she reminded me.

“Of course not,” I agreed. “We have work to do.”

She then interlocked her arm with mine and we proceed to enter the hotel. We followed the well dressed students to the main ballroom, where the cocktail hour was going on. It was a classic scene, guys exchanging high fives while the girls were telling their friends how beautiful their dresses were and how awful the girls they did not like looked. There was even one girl in tears already. Ah, high school.

Leslie picked up her card on the way in, which indicated that we were at the faculty table. I was not looking forward to that, but I had no choice. I looked at Leslie, who was now smiling. She looked radiant until she noticed that I was looking and then her smile flat lined across her lips. She was one tough cookie.

We wandered around and Leslie made small talk with the parents and teachers she knew. The students were starting to dance and get a little rowdy. The DJ then announced that food was beginning to be served and we should be seated. Leslie found our table and we introduced ourselves to the faculty members and their spouses we were seated with.

The high ranking school official at our table was Ms. Marilyn Miller, the assistant principle. She was accompanied by her husband Bob. Marilyn was very complimentary and altogether too pleasant. Her focus stayed mostly on Leslie.

“Thank you so much again for doing this on short notice,” she reinforced. “Mr. Peters would have loved to have been here, but his wife went into labor this morning. I guess he saw it coming.”

Mr. Peters, it turns out, was the school principle. His wife was delivering their first child so the prom took a backseat, understandably. Our table had 3 other couples, all teachers and their spouses. I stayed quiet unless I had something clever to add, though often I think the table perceived me as a wiseass. As if I was not completely uncomfortable enough, just after dinner Mindy made her way over to our table.

“Hey sweetheart, Ankara Escort are you having a good time,” Leslie asked her niece. All eyes at the table were on the lovely young woman now standing next to her aunt.

“I guess,” Mindy sighed. “I just came over to see if your date would dance with me since mine is busy with the boys.”

I glanced past her and my embarrassment to see Brad laughing heartily with several other young men. I laughed to myself. In a room full of gorgeous young girls, these guys would rather talk to each other. They lacked vision.

Leslie digested her niece’s request and then turned to me. I looked at her to read her face. I quickly stood up and played to my audience.

“Mindy, I would love to dance with you,” I responded.

She grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. I could feel the eyes from my table burning holes in the back of my head with disgust at the thought that I said yes. Stuffy assholes.

I did my best to keep up with Mindy on the fast song that was playing when we hit the floor. I am not a great dancer but I gave a great effort. Thankfully for me, the DJ decided to slow it down as dinner was being served, though instead of returning to her table to eat, Mindy threw her arms around my neck for a slow dance.

I slowly placed on hand on her hip and took one of her hands from around my neck, to make our dance somewhat more appropriate. I looked at her and she appeared disappointed.

“You look lovely tonight,” I complimented her.

“Thank you,” she returned. “I am sorry about what I said to you last time you were at the house.”

“You have every right to protect your aunt,” I compromised.

“I know, but when she explained what was going on, I felt like an ass,” she admitted.

“You were not an ass at all,” I assured her. “Incidentally, what did she tell you?”

“Everything,” she responded. “Leslie and I don’t keep secrets.”

“And what do you think,” I asked, not wanting to give anything away.

“I think it’s a tremendous concept,” she replied. “Emma created something very interesting. I agree with you that this game could help save Leslie. I appreciate that you want to try.”

“So she did tell you everything,” I admitted, very surprised.

“Yes she did,” she echoed. “Including that I would never be part of the game. A rule I plan to challenge.”

As she said that she squeezed my butt. I was completely stunned by this move. I quickly moved her hand back up to my hip.

“Don’t you think I’m pretty,” she inquired as she batted her eye lashes at me.

“You are not part of the game,” I repeated back to her.

“Let’s change that,” she quipped.

“Neither one of us make the rules,” I informed her, wondering if that might be new information.

I was completely startled by a tap on my left shoulder. I turned to see Leslie staring back at me. She looked at Mindy who was smiling devilishly.

“Do you mind if I dance with my date,” she asked her niece.

“Not at all,” Mindy replied as she let go of me. “Thanks for the dance; I’m going to go peel Brad away from the boys.”

Leslie seamlessly stepped in where Mindy had been almost a moment ago. She too wrapped her arms around my neck, but I was not about to move them. I swayed in rhythm with her, my hands on her hips.

“You have done very well tonight,” she surveyed. “But Mindy is off limits.”

“I had no doubt of that,” I expressed. “And this is still not a date, right.”

“Now you are catching on,” she laughed. “But I do look good tonight.”

“You will get no argument from me,” I confirmed.

“How good do I look, would you say,” she requested of me.

“You are sensuality come to life tonight,” I proclaimed.

She stopped dancing and walked off the floor, headed for the ladies room. I returned to the table, unsure of what had just happened. When she returned, I sat next to her for the remainder of the evening, but she did not speak to me. She kept her attention focused elsewhere for the balance of the night. I sat, stone-faced, but confused, working hard not to show it.

The evening went nicely for the students, although Mindy was not named prom queen. That seemed to disappoint Leslie more than Mindy, which I understood instantly. I surprised myself there, unwrapping that situation so quickly in my mind. They were a unique pairing and I enjoyed watching them together.

As the evening began winding down, Mindy and Brad approached our table.

“We are heading out,” she announced to us.

“Have fun and be safe tonight,” Leslie said to her. She seemed vulnerable at that moment.

“I Ankara Escort Bayan will,” Mindy validated, with a look on her face that said “Trust me.”

Mindy and Brad then headed off across the room to join a group of others headed to the post prom party. Ah to be young again, I was exhausted just watching them. We sat for another few minutes before Leslie stood and began saying goodbye to the people we were sitting with. I stood in silent obedience and followed her lead.

We headed out to the car where Carl was waiting. He opened the door and Leslie climbed immediately into the limo. I followed and sat immediately, not sure where Leslie and I stood. Carl shut the door behind me and returned to the driver’s seat.

We pulled out of the hotel parking lot and Leslie put up the partition between us and Carl. She then climbed on top of me, kneeling on the seat. She looked deep into my eyes and then kissed me very passionately. We kissed for what seemed like hours, as if we were young lovers trying to devour each other. She finally pulled back and looked at me again.

“That was the sweetest, sexiest thing anyone has ever said to me,” she admitted. “I almost threw you down and fucked you right there. A lesser mind would have just said I looked hot. Hell, several of the girls in the bathroom even said I looked like a slut. But you found a way to make me feel good about myself and safe. I just can’t tell you what that did to me.”

“I’m glad you liked what I said,” I admitted. I smiled at her softly and she purred back at me.

“Do you know what the upside is,” she fired back, “those girls were right. I am a slut. I never went to my own prom, so we are gonna make up for that right now.”

I dropped the partition between us and Carl slightly.

“Carl, how much longer do we have the car for,” I asked him.

“About 30 minutes sir,” he announced.

“We are gonna need you to take it slow going home then,” I requested.

“Yes sir,” Carl stated as he closed the partition for us.

I ran my hands along Leslie’s thighs and pushed her dress up as we kissed. I slid her skirt above her hip and firmly squeezed her ass as we locked tongues. I was hard a rock already and wanted her badly. I ran my hands over her thighs again and found the tops of her stockings. I then let my hands roam to her hips and searched for the waistband of her panties. She knew what I was looking for.

“They were so soaked after you said that, I had to get rid of them,” she whispered in my ear before inserting her tongue into it. I knew my cock was spewing precum by the gallon at this point. Leslie wasted no time in reaching for the button my rented pants and ripping them open.

She worked them down just far enough to let my cock stand out. She then maneuvered herself on top of me so I could enter her flooded box. I was in heaven as she kissed me and worked her hips on top of me. My pole was embedded inside her as she ground her hips on top of mine. I was enjoying this very much when she stopped.

“Oh no,” she yelled. “You’re not getting off that easy. You are gonna fuck me right.”

She then climbed off of me and onto the limo floor. She turned around and presented her ass to me. I got on my knees on the floor of the car and grabbed her hips hard.

“Fuck my pussy,” she begged. “Give it to me good baby.”

I positioned my cock at her opening again and thrust inside her forcefully. She yelped as I entered her. I could not hold back, I held her hips and rammed into her again. It felt so good to impale her with cock over and over. I was in ecstasy as she moaned and yelped.

“Pull my hair,” she screamed. “Yank it until you cum inside me.”

I grabbed a handful of her gorgeous black hair and pulled hard. I used her hair as leverage to pull myself into her over and over again. I crashed into her cunt for a few short moments before my cock started swelling. I pulled her hair even harder as I exploded inside her repeatedly. I kept ramming into her as each spurt of spunk filled her hole. When I was completely spent, I sat back on the seat and gazed at her cum filled pussy.

“That was great,” she said, out of breath.

She returned to the seat next to me. I could not move. She lowered her dress and kicked her heels off onto the floor. She then tucked my cock back into my boxers and zipped up my pants. We sat there, silent, until the car came to a stop several moments later.

Carl came around and opened the door for us and I emerged from the car. I waited and assisted Leslie in getting out of the vehicle. She kissed me on the cheek and headed for the porch. I gave Carl another $100 tip for being such a professional.

I turned towards the house to see Leslie already standing in the front doorway.

“I’ll call you,” she shouted as she shut the front door.

I got in my car and headed home. This was a much different game, I thought.

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Adventure in Trust Ch. 03

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That sunlight on my face that morning would be the last of its kind. Radio reports said that a huge storm was brewing, and you made the decision then and there to pack up and head toward home. Little did I know that you had a little stop-over in mind.

As we broke camp and reloaded our vehicle, angry black clouds rolled across the sky. I begin to worry, as I always do, about the impending storm but your nonchalant attitude keeps me somewhat calmer than I would have normally been. You just grin and wink at me when I express my sorrow at our weekend ending so abruptly. I’m not quite sure what to make of that.

We get the car repacked and head back up the road just as the first raindrops begin to pelt the windshield. We begin to talk as we drive about our escapades in the woods ….. about how each of us feels about what we had done. I tell you how nervous I am knowing how out of character each and every step of the way had been for me. You just smile …. I think it warms your heart to think that you were responsible for pushing me to greater freedoms than I have ever known before.

I press you to find out if my behaviour made you re-think this relationship. “Are you sure that you still want me in your life??” I ask … knowing that you should never ask a question unless you are prepared to hear the answer.

You turn your head slowly, an incredulous look passes over your face. “I cannot believe you are worried about that! I was the one asking for everything you did!” You reach to take my hand in yours, and I feel like I could fly.

We continue to talk – – – about topics from large to small and everything in between. The miles fly by ….. I sing to the radio (off-key, as I am wont to do on occasion) and you tolerate it well. Suddenly, I realize that we are on an off-ramp.

“Where are we going?” I ask, not recognizing any of the small town signs.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head …. it’s a surprise,” you answer with a devilish twinkle in your eye. The rain is now falling in sheets, but you continue on into this little tiny town with one main street. At the end of the street, a large, Victorian-style house looms – – – the sign at the road reads “Bed and Breakfast”. I begin to giggle. Now I know!! You pull into the modest driveway and find a place to park. We exit the car and make a break for the huge front porch. We still end up soaked anyway.

Entering the lavish front door, we are greeted by a pleasant-looking woman.

“Hello!” she smiles, “and welcome! Please, come in out of the rain!”

“Do you have any rooms left?” you ask in a hopeful tone.

“Why, yes. As a matter of fact, we have one room left,” and she turns on her heels and skurries toward a large oak desk in the middle of the foyer. A computer sits on the desk, and she proceeds to ask you the pertinent questions to get us registered, and as you drone on, I roam about what would have been a sitting room had this been someone’s home. I wander far enough to find the living area, complete with a roaring fireplace. The rain has cooled the air so much that a small fire has been built therein, and there are several guests snuggled about the room on beautiful vintage furniture. Escort Ankara It is so cozy.

I am admiring the artwork upon one wall when you walk up behind me and wrap your arms around me. You put your face in my hair and say, “We’re all checked in. Our room is ready, and there is a whirlpool and a fireplace up there. We even have a balcony. I will go get the bags … here is our key … you go on up and unlock the room. The owner says that dinner is at 7.”

You thrust the key into my hand. A large number 7 glints gold from the key fob as I climb the large staircase. The landing opens up to a hallway with seven doors, each decorated with a gilt number on it. I search, and find our room at the very end of the hallway.

Using the key, I open the door and it swings wide, revealing a beautiful room … light, airy, and open …. with a large four-poster bed which dominates one entire wall. The antique quilts are pulled back on it, and this reveals the soft cotton sheets and large, fluffy pillows waiting for me to crawl inside and snuggle. An armoire, which holds a large television, stands to one side of the room; and French doors next to the bed open up onto a covered balcony, which is bedecked with white, cast-iron chaises with comfortable cushions – each big enough for two. At one end of the room, a large fireplace takes center-stage on the wall, the mantle holds gilded candelabras with white candles. The other end of the room opens into the master bath complete with jacuzzi tub. I just stand in the door and stare.

You walk up the hall, carrying our bags. Setting them down inside the doorway to our room, you murmur, “wow!” and take me in your arms. I look out through the French doors and over the balcony just as a large lightening bolt flashes and the thunder rolls in just behind it. I jump and tremble in your arms.

“What’s wrong?” you ask, holding me closer still.

“God, I hate storms. I always have….” I say, closing my eyes against the next bolt which is sure to follow.

“Well, guess we’ll have to make some better memories for you, then, won’t we??” you say softly, kissing me on the forehead.

My trembling subsids somewhat, and you suggest that I have a long bath and a nap before dinner. It is only mid-afternoon, after all – although the clouds darken the sky to more of a early evening light – and we have been busy almost non-stop for two and a half days. I agree, but ask if you would join me in the tub.

You tell me to get undressed while you run the bath. I hear the water begin to run, and I open my bag to fish out something to put on after the bath. I have to laugh under my breath – – – this was not what I had packed for – – – – so I figure I will just settle for a t-shirt and loose shorts. Moments later, you appear in the doorway – – – naked – – – and announce that the bath is ready.

I enter the bathroom to find that the tub is full of bubbles. You have managed to find a bottle of bubble bath, and now have the jacuzzi jets bubbling gently to keep the foam from dissipating. You are already ensconced in the tub, and I begin to undress. You watch me intently as I am slowly revealed to you once again. I then gingerly Ankara Escort begin to lower myself into the tub with your hands to guide me. I sit down, my back to you, and lean back against you as the jets sooth away my worries for the moment. You wrap your arms lovingly around me, and together we just lie there and soak without needing to say or do anything. Occasionally, you turn and give me a gentle kiss on the cheek, but other than that, we just enjoy the warm water and bubbles.

In a few minutes, you reach to pick up the shower handle that lies in its cradle on the side of the tub, and turn on the warm water. You wet my hair, and begin to wash it for me, massaging my neck and head as you do so. It feels so good to have your hands on me, taking care of me. When you finish, I turn and do the same for you. We let the water out of the tub and get out. We dry each other, dress, and retreat to the bed. I snuggle close to you and with each thunder clap, find myself wriggling even closer still. You don’t seem to mind too much, preferring to stroke my hair until I am fast asleep.

I awaken later to find you gone. I panic for a moment, a bit disoriented from the nap. I sit up in the bed trying to get my bearings. It is dusk now, and you have obviously been up for a while because candles are lit and give the room a warm, yet somewhat eerie, glow. About the time I decide to get up and look for you, the door to the suite swings open and you appear with a tray in your hands.

“I didn’t want to wake you, so I had them make us a tray for dinner so we could eat up here.” I smile, and you sit the tray down on an end table near the fireplace.

“C’mere …” you take my hand, and wrap an afghan around me as I rise from the bed. I sit in one of the side chairs, and you take the other. We eat a simple, delightful meal together, talking all the while. Afterward, you set the tray full of empty dishes outside our door, blow out the candles, and we crawl back into the bed. You pull me up against you, and we try to settle on what to watch on television for a bit. I find myself getting sleepy again … and I drift off in your arms.

I suppose it is the sound of the wind that wakes me. It always does. I lie next to you and feel you breathing ….. but that does little to calm me. I carefully extricate myself from the bed, wrap the afghan around me, and curl up in the arm chair where I can see out of the window. The lightening and thunder escalate my fears, and I sit there, quietly trembling, and worry about the storm. Storms at night have always terrified me.

You turn over in your sleep and reach for me, and realizing that I am not there, you sit up.

“Are you okay?” you ask.

“No …. the storm scared me.” I reply, and you can hear the fear in my voice.

You get up out of bed and come over to the chair, kneeling next to it and taking my hands in yours. “I am not going to let anything hurt you. Come back to bed with me.” You rise, pulling me with you. When we get back to the bed, you sit me down on the edge and let me ease back onto the bed. You climb into the other side and cuddle me close to you, and begin to kiss me softly.

“Ssshhhhh…..” you say Ankara Escort Bayan as another thunderclap causes me to jump.

You continue to kiss me, and slowly begin to undress me. I really want to feel your hands on me – – – to feel your mouth on me. You take things very slowly, though. I feel you caress me, trying to alleviate my fears as well as fan the flames of desire. It is working, and I feel my body respond to your touch. You are so gentle with me, and I feel your mouth work its way down to my breasts. You tease my nipple with your tongue, and hold the other breast in the palm of your hand. Your hands slide down my body and push my shorts off, finding my wetness irresistible.

You know that right now, what I need more than anything is tenderness and patience. Your hands find their way back up my body to my shoulders, and you begin to once again caress me softly, kissing my neck. Your mouth then takes possession of mine, and your tongue invades, dueling with my own. Suddenly, my worries dissolve, and all I know is the pleasure and love you are giving to me.

Your hand goes back down my thighs, and I feel your fingers begin to part my lips. I gasp as you push two fingers into me, and your mouth begins a wet trail down my stomach to my clit. Oh, how I want you at this moment! The minute your hot breath warms me, I cum, arching against your stroking fingers and tongue. The feeling is so intense that I begin to cry, and this startles you.

You take me into your arms and begin to talk softly to me …. I know you are worried that you have hurt me in some way. It takes me a moment to recover enough to explain that I am just completely and utterly overwhelmed by my feelings – – – and that is a good thing. You kiss my wet cheeks, and wipe the tears with gentle fingers.

I reach between us and find your cock. It is hard and warm in my hand. I begin to kiss you, and I work my way down to your chest, taking one of your nipples into my mouth and sucking on it. I bite at it gently, drawing a gasp from you, and continue down your body until I have the head of your cock in my mouth. I want so much to give you as much pleasure as you have given me, yet with a stroke or two of my mouth, you pull me back up to you.

“I want to make love to you,” you say to me, and you gently lay me back on the pillows.

I feel you hover over me, and take me into your arms, your hands on my ass. You pull me up to meet you as your bury your cock to the hilt in me. Your mouth is on mine again, as I feel you begin to move inside me. I feel so full, so fulfilled. I hear as you softly murmur in my ear how good this feels to you. Your hands come up to cup my breasts, you pinch my nipples causing me to arch against you. You raise up on your hands, your chest coming away from me. I reach and pinch your nipples gently, making you groan with delight. I reach down between us, feeling our bodies merging. It is so erotic, and it must turn you on to feel my hands on you as you are thrusting because you begin to moan in earnest now. As my hand continues to explore our union, I feel you tense and push deeply into me, exploding with such ferocity that you cannot hold yourself up. You collapse on me, smothering me with wet kisses and words of love. You move off of me, encouraging me to snuggle up closely, our naked bodies lying enterwined in a tangle of arms and legs. I have managed to completely forget about the storm as I drift off to sleep in your arms.

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A Stroke of Good Fortune

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The Amazon guy had been gone in a flash, dumping the neighbour’s parcel in my hands and running off to his truck. I checked the label and saw it was for Mrs Fortune, the stunning blonde who lived opposite. A few hours passed, and it was now a gloriously sunny afternoon. I fancied a walk in the sun, so why not take the parcel over to her house and see if she was in.

I rang the door bell; no answer. Hmmm. I didn’t feel like carrying a parcel around with me, so I took the side gate into their back garden. I’d leave it in a safe place and drop them a note. As I stepped into the beautifully manicured garden I stopped, stared and very nearly dropped the parcel. Stretched out before me on a luxurious wooden sun lounger was Mrs Fortune, stark naked bar a pair of stylish flip-flops, a chilled glass of white wine in her hand. She raised her glass and smiled.

“Hi Matt! Is that for me? I must have missed the delivery man.”

Her long blonde hair trailed over the side of the lounger, her legs seemed endless, lithe, supple. This reclining Venus beckoned me over.

“Come on, don’t be shy, you’ve seen a woman naked before surely,” she teased, patting the seat of the lounger next to hers. Her confidence was infectious, so I did as I was bidden, trying to keep my eyes on her face, fighting the magnetic attraction of her firm, sensuous breasts.

“Join me in some wine,” she asked, tilting her head, smiling. “If I drink the whole bottle I’ll only do something I regret later.”

“Thanks Mrs F,” I said, taking a spare glass and taking a sip, the cold, refreshing hit going straight to my head.

“One condition Matt,” she purred, “you’d better strip off too, it’s far too warm for clothes.”

My mind raced. The heat of the sun, the wine, and the lure of this stunning siren buzzed in my head. Surely this was wrong, what about her husband? Clearly cock won over brain, as the next thing I knew, I was naked on a sun lounger, wine in hand, chatting to my naked neighbour. Even though I tried to disguise it, she knew I was checking her out, furtive glances at her nipples, firm in the breeze. I tried sneaking a peek between her legs; was she trimmed? shaven? I had to know.

I gave up trying to pretend not to look, she was clearly loving the attention. My eyes were mesmerised by her perfect breasts. Soft, large and firm and clearly natural. When she threw back her head and giggled, they jiggled softly, sensuously. Her nipples were proud points set in large pink disks. Every so often she would press the cold wine glass to her chest to keep them in peak condition, teasing me with a wink. I was desperately trying to keep my cock from getting out of control; thinking of dull things in order to keep myself down to a thick semi.

Mrs Fortune took a big sip of her wine, put own the glass and stretched, purring like a kitten. Arms up behind her head, she gratuitously spread her legs, drawing her feet up to her pert ass. Like a powerful magnetic force, my eyes were drawn downwards, tearing themselves away from the soft perfection of her breasts, down between her legs.

“Shaven then!” I thought to myself, though she must have either waxed or lasered to get her pussy that smooth all over. Her lips were already slick and wet, making me dangerously aroused. I forced the cold wine glass on my now burgeoning cock in an attempt to suppress my stiffening shaft. I had to do something, what could be safer? I gazed down at her feet, red nail polish glinting on her toes. That Escort Etlik had to be safe, compliment her on her makeup.

“Those are great nails Mrs F,” I blurted out, “Looks expensive, is it Chanel or something?”

“Why thank you Matt,” she said with a smile, stretching her elegant feet out straight, moving them from side to side, showing off her handiwork. The sun dazzled on a shiny silver toe ring, its glare combined with her rippling toes were quite mesmeric.

She rested her head on her hand, leaning towards me, smiling.

“I can do tricks with my toes, they’re almost as good as fingers with me. Want to see?”

She gracefully slipped off one flip-flop letting it hang on her big toe, before letting it drop to the grass. Deftly her toes gripped the other flip-flop, easing it off gently before releasing it with a flourish. She moved each toe in turn, like a pianist flexing their fingers before a concert.

“That’s some serious control you’ve got there Mrs F.” I was frankly amazed. “I bet you could probably type using your feet!”

Pivoting on her firm pert ass, she swung her legs round, resting her feet on my sun lounger. “That’s not all they do, Matt,” she whispered seductively, stroking her toes along my thigh, toes crawling towards my crotch. Before I knew it, her feet were softly massaging my cock. Staring at her expert foot work, I saw I was almost fully hard, and my smooth shaven balls were pulsing. Her delicate toes had pulled back my foreskin and my cock was laid bare before her, a river of precum streaming down my shaft. I watched transfixed as her feet massaged me, rubbing my natural lube into my shaft, squeezing, teasing most definitely pleasing.

“Holy fuck Mrs F!” I blurted out, “that’s amazing, I’ve not even had a hand job that good.”

She put a finger to her lips, “Shhh Matt, didn’t you know I’m the foot job queen?”

I gulped some wine and lay back, my eyes fixed on her toes dancing over my cock, playing me like a musical instrument. If my cock started to twitch, she would squeeze my throbbing purple helmet between her big toes, keeping me hovering on the edge of ecstasy. I lost track of how many times she brought me close, all I could do was moan gently and let it wash over me, a rolling tide of pleasures.

“Now let me show you my other skills,” she smiled, moving over to my lounger, making her way up between my legs like a prowling panther. Her hand gripped my cock hard at the base of my shaft while her mouth went to work on my smooth throbbing balls. Her tongue traced figures of eight over my balls, the hot wetness of her tongue sending a shiver through my body. Her lips kissed my scrotum then sucked and pulled, stretching me out.

“Jesus fuck, Mrs F, your mouth is even better than your feet,” I moaned.

“Let me show you what my tits can do first,” was her sultry reply. Sliding forward she massaged the head of my cock over one hard, tempting nipple and then the other. Sticky precum glistened on her breasts as she stroked my cock over her cavernous cleavage, painting herself with my natural lube.

She looked me full in the eye, licked her lips and held her breasts tight against my cock. They felt so soft, so warm as they massaged my now rock hard shaft, her hands kneading them over me. As her breasts caressed me, she flicked her hair forward, letting it trail across my chest. She gently freed her breasts, giving me one last rub, before returning my cock to her willing mouth.

She Etlik Escort popped one ball fully into her mouth, rolling her tongue over it, sucking, pulling, teasing. As she swapped to the other one, her hand started stroking my cock. A firm grip at the base, loosening as her her hand twisted on the upstroke, fingers closing over my bulging head, gathering up my precum, ready for the next stroke. Her tongue started working its way up my shaft, running over the veins that pulsed under her touch.

“Mmmm, I love the taste of your precum,” she purred, rolling her tongue under the ridge of my helmet, looking me full in the eye.

Hand tight around my shaft, her lips bobbed over my head, slurping and sucking, inhaling my precum as it gushed from my slit.

“Oh fuck Mrs F, you’re good, don’t stop.”

With that, she took me full in her mouth, eyes locked on mine, lips sliding down my shaft with no hesitation. Her eyes were wide, deep blue pools I could dive into. Mrs Fortune’s lips touched my balls as I filled her throat. She held me deep for a long lingering moment, before releasing me from her mouth. A long rope of spit and precum hung from my tip, which she wrapped around her tongue, swirling it, revelling in the taste and the texture.

Again she deep throated me, elegantly, confidently, holding me deep just before her gag point. All I could do was moan her name, and watch her give me a blow job master class, helpless in her hands, a slave to her mouth. She slowly kissed down my shaft, smiled and said

“Want to fuck me in my tight pussy? It’s so wet for you right now.”

What man could resist an offer like that, let alone one with a raging hard cock. She had straddled the lounger doggy style, face down, ass proud. One hand was dipping fingers into her swollen, shaven pussy, the sunlight reflecting on her glistening lips. She rolled her fingers in her juice then rubbed it over her hard clit, circling a fingertip over it. Her fingers dipped back into the dripping well of her pussy, returning to her clit, lubing and rubbing as I stood behind her, cock bulging.

Placing her face flat on the lounger, she reached both hands round to her ass cheeks, pulling them apart as she wiggled her butt.

“Fuck me Matt, fuck my sweet little pussy,” she demanded.

No second invitation needed, I stepped forward, one had placed firmly on her back, the other holding my cock, rubbing the tip between her moist lips, sliding down to her hot wet hole. My fingers wrapped themselves in her long blonde tresses and I pulled her by the hair onto my cock. Her pussy lips yielded, pushing back onto me and my head slipped in.

“Mmmm Mrs F, you’re so tight. Go on, take my cock,” I growled, easing my shaft slowly into her pussy, pulling her hair and grabbing her hip. My free hand slapped her ass cheek, leaving a pink imprint as she yelped. As I filled her inch by inch, I slapped her ass, the sharp sound echoing in her garden. Fully buried in her tight wet pussy, I started to thrust, each push in accompanied by a pull of her hair and a sharp slap on her ass.

Just then I heard a sound and looked up, to see the French doors slide open, and her husband step out into the garden. The sound of my last slap hung in the air as I stopped mid-thrust, frozen.

“It’s Matt isn’t it?” said Mr Fortune, breaking out into a broad smile. “I see my wife has been making you feel at home. Good work my dear. If you two could just give me a moment.”

With Etlik Escort Bayan that, he took his phone out of his pocket, placed it carefully on the free sun lounger, and proceeded to undress. His cock was long and veiny and already close to fully hard, stretching out from a dense bush of tightly curled pubes. Picking up his phone, he took pictures of me balls deep in his wife’s pussy.

“That’s one for our special album,” he said with a smile. “Don’t let me stop you, carry on and let me enjoy the show”.

He sat down, open legged, one hand holding the camera, the other stroking his now fully erect cock. I gave her ass a big slap, to let her know we were back in business, and started moving my hips, forcing my cock deep into her smooth wet pussy.

I was so turned on. The additional thrill of an audience made me push deeper, pull her hair harder. I could see her husband responding, stroking his huge cock faster as I roughly took his wife before him.

Mrs Fortune started to moan, a low hum of pleasure as her ass glowed red in the sunshine. She ground her ass on me, forcing me deep into her tight hole. I picked up speed, pushing in faster, building a rhythm of pull, slap, thrust.

“Flip her over Matt, I want some pictures of your cock fucking her pussy,” gasped her husband, his engorged cock thick in his hand.

Happy to oblige, she slipped off my cock and rolled over onto her back. I grabbed her thighs just behind the knee and pushed her legs back onto her chest, spreading her wide open. My cock plunged into her silken depths, hungry to return to her tight, warm embrace. The green blanket beneath us rucked and twisted as we fucked harder and deeper, building towards the inevitable explosive climax.

“Mmm fuck me Matt, make me your slut,” she groaned, her breasts swinging as I pounded away on her pussy, balls slapping on her ass. “Give me your cum!”

“Hold tight honey, I want to film your cum face in slo mo,” said Mr Fortune.

He stood up, holding the phone steady in both hands as he filmed a close up of his wife’s face. Precum streamed from his cock, dancing in the breeze like a gossamer rope.

“Mmmm, uuh, uuhhh, ooooh, Matt, give me your cum, ooohh, fuck, fuck! FUCKKKK!”

Mr Fortune was in close, capturing every detail of her orgasm, her wide open mouth, her rolled back eyes, and her yells and moans. I was past the point of no return; my balls had to unleash, the desire to cum was overwhelming. Mr Fortune was now furiously stroking his cock, his swollen helmet hovering just in front of her face.

“Do it on my feet Matt,” whimpered Mrs Fortune, “glaze my toes with your yummy cum.”

“Uhh, uhhh. Oh God, Fuck! I’m gonna blow. Fuck. Yes! Yes!”

I finished with a loud roar, chest tight, back arched as I pulled out, holding her feet with one hand, jerking my cock furiously with the other. I shot my hot sticky ropes of cum over her feet, white streams running between her toes. My body spasmed, still stroking, pumping, a second wave splattering on her sole which she rubbed into her other foot, moaning and smiling. My moans were joined by her husband’s as he sprayed his load into her open mouth, jerking his cock so he painted her face, glazing her with his cum.

Exhausted, I sat on the grass, panting as the pair of them cuddled up together. He stroked her hair as her tongue licked up the cum from her lips. His finger scooped up cum from her cheeks, and gently fed it to her, slowly cleaning up her face, her mouth hungry for his taste. When he was finished, they kissed, deep and passionately. His arm round her shoulder, he turned to me.

“Thanks Matt, that was a good show. I’ve got some beers in the fridge, I think you deserve one after that.”

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Accidental Delivery Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 – Dinner and Desert

Marie pushed off from the shelf and looked around, she really didn’t need anything from in here, she hoped nobody notices her emergence as she opened the door and stepped out. She looked around slightly paranoid that somebody might be watching her as she made her way back to her desk.

She looked at the clock and thank god it was just about time to leave, she was totally full of nervous energy as she sat down in her chair and started turning off her computer. She needed to get out of here. She was sure somebody would notice her, she knew she’d look like she just had great sex.

She picked up her bag and walked towards the elevator, and causally looked over at Nick’s station. He looked at her and she shivered as his glance was full of unrestrained passion. His eyes flared with searing passion before a mischievous grin appeared on his face and winked at her… She had to leave now before she melted into a puddle of goo on the floor.


She needed a cold shower, she was still overheated from her ‘adventure’ she couldn’t believe she had been so forward. But she couldn’t help but wonder, now the itch was scratched, would he want her anymore. Am I just another notch on his belt? She planned to make tonight as memorable as possible. She didn’t want him to drop her, she was going to fight to keep his attention.

She’d use tonight to find out more about him, but now she needed to get ready to turn him inside out, just as much as he was still doing. Too bad tomorrow wasn’t the weekend, but she certainly planned to have more than just this one night with him, or she really would chain him to her bed.


Digging through her wardrobe she wanted to find the perfect dress for the date, she had racks of blouses and ball dresses but not much in the way of what she would call exactly sexy. She despaired at her collection, she needed to go dress shopping that was for sure. Suddenly she caught sight of a dress she hadn’t had an opportunity to wear yet.

She grinned it was perfect, bronze with a small amount of glitter ingrained into the silky fabric. She quickly looked at the clock, in a hurry she grabbed the dress off the hook and dashed into the bathroom, she couldn’t believe it she only had thirty more minutes to get ready. She still needed to put on more makeup!

Marie clipped her earrings together as the doorbell rang, she sighed in relief she just made it. She grabbed her evening bag and purse off the kitchen table and walked out to the door and opened it. She just about drooled at the sight of him. He was wearing a black suit with a mocha coffee shirt that seemed to ripple in the light.

“Ready to go?” he asked with a slight purr in his voice.

She shuddered, his voice did delicious things to her. Tonight was going to be a hot one. “Sure, lets go,” she inflected her own purr as she walked out the door past him and locked up.

He needed a moment to compose himself, what was it about mousy Marie that made him feel like a raging beast? He wanted to rip off that tight dress and take her up against the wall, tonight was going to be hard. If he was going to have to struggle tonight, so would she. He was going to make sure of it, he smirked deviously then turned and walked down the steps to his car parked on the side of the street.

She was certainly in for it tonight she thought as she watched Nick, he looked like a predator ready to pounce on his prey and devour it. She needed to try and keep him contained or she’d be totally lost by the end of night. He couldn’t get to much power over her, she knew exactly where this was headed.

He was sweating again, the atmosphere inside his car had become as steamy as a jungle. He almost didn’t want to continue with this dance and just take her back to the apartment and ravish her all night, but that would be a sign of weakness and he didn’t want that. He bit back a growl of frustration as he entered the parking lot of the restaurant. He pushed the door open and almost sighed in relief as the cool air whipped past him, cooling his overheating body.

She grinned when she saw his tense frame relax as he stepped out of the car, it was good he was just as hot as she was. She opened the door and stepped out into the crisp air, feeling the coolness wrap around her. With a sigh of relief she walked towards the doors without waiting for Nick. She looked over her shoulder and tossed him a cheeky grin and stepped inside.

He growled, she was playing with him. He had to teach her a lesson, nobody toyed with him and got away with it. He smirked again as he pushed off from his car and locked it then set the alarm before striding towards the entrance. She was going to regret toying with him, he thought.

She was really in trouble now as she looked back and saw Nick approaching her, she hid a grin, prodding the beast was proving to be quite entertaining. Though skipping these formalities would have been better, remembering the hot and hard press of his chest against hers in the supply Escort Eryaman closet sent a shiver down her spine.

Nick leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear, “You’re a very naughty woman Marie, don’t think that you’ve gotten away with it, two can play this little game of yours,”

She shuddered and then grinned, her plan really was working as they approached the concierge desk to place their orders. She had to bite back a gasp as his hand ran up her leg to the leg band of her panties. She had to control her breathing and keep the waver out of her voice as she ordered a salad and a steak with mushroom sauce.

Nick leaned over and growled in her ear, “Sounds delicious,” he extracted his hand and ordered the same.

She had to get him back she thought as she sat at the table they were directed to. He decided on being extremely wicked right there, she’d do the same she thought with a wicked glint in her eye.

“What are you planning there?” he said huskily.

“You’ll just have to wait and see won’t we?” she said with a grin.

They were seated at a table up against the wall mostly covered from view of the room. She looked around quickly observing the area, only a few diners close by. She could put her plan into action. She slipped her shoes off and rubbed her feet together, she smirked to herself. Her woollen stockings would come nicely into play here. She slid her foot up Nick’s leg slowly watching the heat simmer in his eyes.

“Watch what you’re doing there, you’re playing with fire. And when you play with fire you get burned,” Nick said huskily. She was going to be the death of him that was one thing for sure he muttered to himself.

“Can you handle it though Nick?” she purred as her foot slid up his tense calf to his thigh and continued slowly moving. The long table cloth was a nice advantage as there was no way the approaching waiter would see what she was doing. As soon as he reached them with two baskets with bread in them she pushed her foot against his rock hard cock and rubbed him with the rough wool. He jerked in the seat as his jaw went rigid.

“Are you ok sir?” asked the waiter concerned, regarding Nick’s uncomfortable state as redness bloomed across his cheeks.

“Yes, everything is fine,” he said struggling to keep his voice level as Marie rasped her foot against his aching cock.

“Ok sir, this is the entree. I will be back with your meals shortly,” said the waiter as he placed the baskets on the table, he turned sharply and walked away.

Nick growled under his breath, “You’re really evil you know that right Marie?”

She grinned deviously and said, “What? Can’t take the heat?”

Nick’s eyes darkened and he growled, “I’ll show you heat,” he pushed off one of his shoes and slid his wool sock covered foot up her calf to her thigh and rolled it around in circles. Biting back a groan as her foot continued its torture on his cock. He leaned over the table and plucked some bread from the basket and started eating it slowly. Savouring the rich texture of the butter melted into the bread.

Marie bit back a gasp as his foot slid higher up her thigh as she watched him eat the bread. Teasing her, her foot slowed down in her rubbing. He grinned, he was getting to her, he needed to get some of the power that she had taken from him. He was going to be controlling this, he’d make her crack for sure.

She reached into the basket and pulled out some bread and stroked her foot over his cock making him jerk and gasp. His eyes darkened further closer towards black. She grinned, they were both running hot now and dinner still had not arrived yet. They’d need every single piece of it as they were in for a long night.

“You won’t win,” Nick growled at her, his blood was running hot now. His face was burning and fuzzy prickles of heat danced all over his chest and down his spine. He grasped the jug of water and poured a glass and drank deeply.

“Oh I see otherwise,” she purred, feeling just as much heat. She hadn’t had so much excitement in what she thought might be forever.

“Well we will just have to see who comes out on top then won’t we?” he asked setting the glass back on the table and picking up another piece of bread. His toes rubbed in a tight circle on her thigh in a rough pattern.

It was a struggle to breathe normally as his rough foot scraped her thigh, she also had to keep the pressure up on him, not let him breathe or she’d be lost if he was afforded the chance to direct his full attention to her. She reached out and grabbed another piece of bread.

Time seemed to pass by rather quickly while they were intent on keeping up their teasing of each other. He spotted the waiter returning with their plates and smirked, time to get his revenge. Once he was at their table he pushed his foot up and stroked his toe over her panties. She jerked and swallowed a gasp.

“Everything ok here?” asked the waiter as he set down their plates.

“Yes everything is fine,” said Marie, breathily as the heavenly Eryaman Escort smell from the plates surrounded her.

“Very good, Enjoy your meals,” he said with a knowing smile and walked off.

Marie giggled slightly and said, “He knows,”

Nick grunted not willing to answer as he picked up his fork and started sawing through the meat. “You’re mean Marie,” he said as he shovelled some of the meat into his mouth and groaned at the flavour exploding in his mouth.

She grinned and ate some of the meat and stroked his thigh, her leg was starting to ache so she switched legs and continued eating the rich plump steak.

She was intent on driving him crazy, he was worried that he was going to burst and end up embarrassing himself. He wanted the dinner to end so he could get himself under control again. He needed to try and keep her off balance or he was screwed, he rubbed his foot against her lips making her jerk again.

That man was seriously trying to kill her she thought as sensual heat boiled through her. She had to get through this and then the desert before she could wrestle full control of this situation. She had him exactly where she wanted him and how she’d do it once they were driving away from here.

Once they were done with the salad the waiter returned. He gave them both a measured look as it was all but impossible for them to retain their composure as they were both sweating and breathing faster than normal. “Did you want to order a dessert?” asked the waiter.

“Caramel fudge and vanilla ice cream i’ll have,” said Marie.

“And you sir?” asked the waiter.

Marie rubbed her foot over his groin again making him tense, “Chocolate ice cream and fudge,”

“There’s certainly going to be some gossip about us later,” she whispered huskily, rubbing her foot up his cock and down again in tight circles.

Nick groaned and said, “You really are evil you know that?” He rubbed his foot over her mound making her tense.

Soon enough the waiter returned with their deserts. He put down up the plates and with a smile he said, “Enjoy your deserts,” and walked away.

She looked down at her ice cream, it would have been so much better had she been able to eat it off his chest she thought with a devilish smirk as she stroked her foot over his groin and up to his belt. He looked at her with fire blazing in his eyes as he picked up his spoon and shovelled up some of the rich chocolate.

He pushed the spoon into his mouth at the same time that he rubbed his foot over her panties again. They were sending each other crazy with desire as they ate their desserts. Wanting to speed it up but not willing to show their impatience to each other. He knew one thing, tonight was going to be a long hot one.

The rich caramel fudge coated her tongue and throat as she swallowed it, groaning as the flavour exploded across her tongue. She wanted Nick so badly, but that would give a lot of power over to him if he found that weakness. She’d have to grit her teeth and bare it until they were finished.

When Nick removed his foot, Marie smirked at him and rubbed his groin again before dropping hers. “What’s the matter Nick?” she purred.

He only looked at her as he raised his arm, waving over the waiter, “Check, please,” he said in a strained voice. Still he didn’t reply to her question, afraid he’d lose that last bit of sanity and patience. That woman was in for a ride! The bill paid, he suddenly stood up.

A surprised look appeared on her face as she asked, “Where are you going?”

“Back to the car, I’m done here.”

The surprise faded as she saw him buttoning up his jacket to cover up the impressive bulge in his pants. She watched him turn and walk out of the restaurant. Licking her lips after taking another spoonful of the delicious ice cream, she smiled. Oh I’m going to have so much fun tonight, she thought at she finished her dessert and then got up to leave as well.

He walked towards his car as controlled as he could make it, even the cool air out here was unable to cool him off. He was so hard it hurt, he reached down and adjusted himself discreetly, Marie would be along soon, certainly not enough time for him to be able to regain control over himself.

She walked towards him, she was just as flushed as he was. He smirked, seduction was always a double edged sword. Both parties could be burned so easily, he slid inside his car and unlocked the door waiting for Marie to come.

She grinned, he was still flushed, it would make her plan easier she thought as she opened the door and stepped into the car. Pulling the door shut she pulled on her seat belt and gazed into Nick’s hungry eyes. There was no doubt about what was going to happen tonight, no question. She would certainly enjoy it, she felt the exhilaration coursing through her veins.

“Let’s go then,” he growled and started the car and leaving the parking lot. She put her purse down and stared at him, no wonder she had a crush on the man. He seemed to be quite Eryaman Escort Bayan similar in his likes to hers. To her that was very important, and the fact that he could stand her to her teasing was another shining positive.

Though she had another test for him, she smirked deviously as she waited for them to join the traffic flow. Once they were out on the road she started her plan, her nails scraped against his damp neck. He shuddered as he tried to concentrate on the road as her nails toyed with his collar.

“What do you think you’re doing? I’m trying to drive here,” he growled.

She grinned as her nails trailed down his shirt to his belt as she toyed with it. “Having some fun, chill out Nick,” she said cheekily as she pulled his belt open and teasingly popped the button on his pants.

He sucked a deep breath in, she was certainly going to kill him now as his knuckles turned white against the steering wheel. Her nails rasped against his fly sending sparks of hot flaying sensation up his spine. Sharp, hot prickles washing over his body.

She unzipped him suddenly and pulling his pants open. She grinned and said, “You came prepared,” as she exposed his throbbing hard cock, the glistening dark red head thick in her hand. She ran her nails up and down his cock making him groan and tense in the seat.

He choked on a breath as she grasped his cock firmly in her hand and stroked him, slowly, teasingly.

“Marie, you’re certainly going to pay for this,” he growled as he sat rigidly in his seat.

“I can’t wait for it,” she said huskily as she drew her nails up his cock and under the rim making him jerk and hiss.

They were still at least ten minutes away from her apartment, he didn’t think she’d try something so bold. He was almost to the breaking point, he felt as though he’d bust at any moment. He cursed loudly as her thumbnail dragged over the currently super sensitive tip. “Damn it Marie, are you trying to kill me here?” he hissed.

“Of course not, where would the fun that be?” she giggled gleefully as she continued stroking him and teasing him with her nails.

He groaned as her torture continued, he needed to be inside her before he exploded. They were close to her apartment, he needed to last until then. He was counting his blessings though as if she had put her mouth on him he would have been gone, his control was already extremely weak. Another wracking tremor passed over him as she scrapped under the rim of his cock.

This was better than any fantasy, he bit his lip to stop a moan from escaping as they turned down Marie’s street. She released his cock and tucked him back into his pants and then leaned over and kissed his neck, savouring the salty flavour of his skin.

He parked the car in the apartment parking zone and quickly buckled his belt again as Marie exited the car. He slid outside quickly and locked up his car and stalked hungrily after her, the first time was going to be hot and hard. She already had the door open and was waiting for him as he approached her down the entrance hall.

Lucky she had a ground floor apartment or he might have lost his shaky control and taken her on the stairs. He pulled the door shut and shoved her against it with a loud thud and thrust his tongue down her throat, kissing her hungrily, like he was starving for her.

She groaned against the hot and hard press of his body, this was her doing and she loved that she could get him so fired up. She wanted to feel his chest pressed up against her, out of these clothes. She grabbed the middle of his shirt and pushed him away from her, then tore his shirt open yanking it off his broad shoulders together with his jacket.

His skin was flushed with damp hairs plastered to his skin, he was just as ripped as she had imagined as her fingers trailed across his abs. He growled and unzipped her dress and yanked it off her and then tugging at her panties and tearing them off. He snapped her bra off and shoved her back against the door while her fingers worked at his belt.

“You’ve been a bad girl, and guess what happens to bad girls? They get punished,” he growled as she tore open his pants and shoved them down to his ankles. He grasped her hips and slammed his cock deep inside of her, the door rattled as she came off of it and back up against it as he slammed into her like a piston.

Her hands grasped his back as her legs wrapped around his as they thrust against each other, knowing nothing but the raging fire in each other’s eyes and the burning torrent of sensation rushing through them. The bite of her nails as they dug into his back was sending him crazy as he slammed her into the door, they trailed down lower until her nails were digging into his tight ass.

She needed to unbalance him, shock him she thought through her haze of mind-melting pleasure. Her nails dug deeper into his ass as he ravaged her against the door, her teeth raked against his neck and licked the salt from his sweat and dug her teeth in slightly biting him.

The sudden pinch of her bite send him tumbling over the edge as he exploded forcefully inside of her, as a loud roar emanated from his chest. Marie’s orgasm was triggered by his as she cried out, he groaned and shuddered against her as her walls squeezed and milked him.

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