Pt. 12 – My Maid: Lover and Muse


The second part of my interview with Ann.

This is part 12 of my story and I recommend you read the prior stories before this one.

All characters are well over the age of consent.


* * * * *

As I drove home from the nail salon, my mind went through what took place that late afternoon and early evening.

After being teased by two hot female Asians, which I covered in my last story, Part 11, I finally got relief from Ann, the lady I was supposed to interview to be my maid.

I was very worked up and was ready to take matters into my own hands but before I could do that, Ann came to my sexual rescue and after just a few full and strong base to tip strokes of my very tense cock, I erupted a giant load of my hot white salty essence into her warm, wet, and willing mouth.

Turns out she was quite a sword swallower, and she loved the taste of my cum.

Ann’s eyes grew wide in surprise and enjoyment as I came shot after shot, groaning in relief as my hips pumped, and she struggled to contain the heavy salty load from spilling out.

The volume was large, but she managed to chug it down after several loud gulps with a huge smile.

Ann’s comment, “My God you shoot a lot of cum!” got me smiling as I panted after my orgasm.

After showering with Ann and tilling her ready cunt until she came twice with my hands on her tits, pulling, teasing, and playing with her very sensitive and extended nipples, and I unloaded a second time, into her hairy and mature yet very wet and tight pussy, she and I had a dinner of sorts at the small conference table in the office.

We were both naked, and she was an eyeful. When you’re twenty-five, you have a perpetual hard on, and when the lady in question is naked, attractive, smart, funny and enjoyed having sex with you, well, my erection soon became almost painful.

She talked about her experience cleaning houses and offices, and commercial spaces, including the three salons owned by Linn. My eyes wandered while she spoke, and my imagination took off.

She shared a story of one of her former clients, who asked her to clean his house once a week. In the mornings he wanted her wearing only yoga pants and after lunch, he wanted her wearing only a short cut off tee shirt.

Ann watched my face when she was done talking and she knew what I was thinking: this client of hers fucked her silly.

But she was a great storyteller and closed with: “And his wife got even hotter than he did, and they fucked like rabbits the whole time I was there!”

The result of all this was a throbbing cock.

Ann didn’t seem to mind. I think she rather enjoyed the impact she was having on me.

Ann may have been an older lady, but she oozed sex and loved to laugh. She shared some stories which I found entertaining, and she liked to touch me. Her hands were often on my hands, my arms, my shoulders.

I knew where she really wanted to touch me!

And did I ever want her to touch me!

And being a white boy from the suburbs of Sacramento, I had a lot to learn about ethnic foods.

While I was being teased and tortured, Ann had run out and picked up Japanese takeout.

She proceeded to feed me, as if I was incapacitated, explaining what I was eating and what spices and sauces were used.

Ann didn’t treat me like I was a baby, what she did was something of affection.

I quickly became smitten.

I could get used to this kind of treatment!

I should also mention that Ann was gorgeous. If she wore makeup, I couldn’t tell. Her lipstick was a soft pink, and I knew from our kisses it tasted great.

Her hair was shoulder length, black, and somehow, she was able to get it under a shower cap before we were illegal bahis together under the hot water where she cleaned a lot of lipstick off of me and where I took her, fucked her silly, from behind.

She had light tan lines, and they accented her bare breasts, her pussy, and her ass.

Her skin was flawless. It was if she bathed in milk.

I particularly enjoyed looking at and feeling her large breasts. They were firm and for me, just the right size. Meaning, she was just over a handful, and I have large hands.

Her nipples were responsive to my touch, and I could tell from her reaction that she enjoyed my mouth as I suckled.

While I had yet to taste her pussy, and I was planning to, she was very tight and got very wet when aroused.

While my other two candidates for maid were shaved bare, Ann had a nicely trimmed but thick black bush.

Fucking Ann felt great, and that natural bush only added to my pleasure.

Finishing our meal, she took me by the hand, and still naked, my hard cock bobbing in front of me, she took me on a tour of the facility, sharing with me the process she used to clean every corner, every nook, in all the rooms.

She stood close to me, almost always in contact with me, and she never once referenced my hard bobbing dick or our nudity.

But she did enjoy seeing me in my aroused state. Hence the constant touching of everything but my cock.

I could tell because her eyes were sparkling, and she glanced down at my bobbing hard on more than a few times.

Only once did she mention our sexual congress, and that was when she felt cum dripping down her thigh.

She laughed, blushed, and then quickly wiped away the batter with a finger, which she then brought to her mouth for a deposit.

“Sweet” was her only comment.

Our little tour ended when we arrived at a door in the back of the building.

I was still hard.

Ann opened the door and said, “Let me give you a happy ending before we call it a night.”

She pulled my head down to hers and we kissed softly, my still hard cock bumping into her belly.

I tasted a hint of cum but what the hell, it was my cum after all.

“I want to give you a massage Rick. Hop up on the table while I get the oil.”

* * * * *

My still hard cock bobbing, I climbed up on the table as Ann watched.

I think she more than just enjoyed watching me in an erect state, my big cock hanging and my balls quickly filling my baby batter.

If I could read her mind, I would have found out that she was telling herself that she still had it in her to turn heads and to get a young man hard.

Normally, I’d adjust my cock as I got settled in face down, but this time Ann took charge, and she slipped a warm dry towel under me for my erection to lay on.

But she couldn’t keep her hands off me, so she lightly took my cock and lowered it to the table. The rest of my body followed.

She made me feel special when she said to me as I got comfortable, “Most men need a towel because they often shoot their load when they are overly excited, but you have such control that won’t happen. I put the towel down for you to make you comfortable.”

She dimmed the lights, lit a couple of candles, and put on some very soothing, relaxing music.

There is a huge difference between a massage using lotion and one using oil.

Lotion is good to rehydrate skin, to moisturize the body.

Oil is slicker, much smoother, and when it is warm, there is nothing else comparable to the feeling when a hot naked woman rubs it on you.

Ann was an experienced masseuse and within seconds I knew I had hit pay dirt.

Her hands were tiny as she was dainty, but they were strong, and she knew illegal bahis siteleri what she was doing.

Using the warm oil, all the tension soon left my neck and shoulders and then she stood at the head of the table and massaged my head.

My rock-hard cock softened and shrank as she tenderly massaged by head and my stress level dropped.

My heart was no longer racing, my breath returned to normal.

I might have been able to fall asleep if she had stayed rubbing my head.

But as she moved down my back, my hardness returned, because the long sweeps of her hands went from the tops of my shoulders down my back past my waist over each butt cheek where she cupped the lower end of my ass.

It was sensual, the tension was rising and both of us knew it.

She climbed up on the table, her bare butt sitting on the back of my thighs as she slowly but directly began massaging my ass.

I groaned as she used both hands, in unison, to get the knots buried deep in the muscles.

Alternating between rubbing, pushing, and pulling with teasing with her fingernails, I was soon rock hard, my erection trapped between my body and the towel.

Ann got off the table and stood by my side, then pulled my left leg out so that half of my body was like a frog leg. Grabbing a large towel that was rolled up, she lifted my knee, which elevated my hip and leg off the sheet and semi-exposed me.

I was sure she couldn’t see my cock, not that I was hiding it on purpose, but she could see the result of her efforts so far, and that was my tight sack, building up, getting ready for some relief soon.

“You have big balls” she whispered to me, “and big balls create lots of cum.”

I could tell Ann liked me in this position because I heard her pour some oil onto her hands, rub them to heat it up, and then she started on my left thigh, massaging, but also moving her hands up to the juncture of my sack, thigh, and torso. As she reached the top of my thigh, her right hand rubbed up against my sack and I groaned.

Which only encouraged her to massage there again, then she grazed my already tight sack with the fingernails on her right hand, causing me to groan again.

“This is where life comes from” she whispered to me. “I love your balls.”

When she finished with my left leg and feet, she repeated the process on my right leg, again pulling out my thigh at a 90-degree angle and going to town on my upper thigh and now even tighter sack.

Rubbing my ass gently, she asked me in a quiet voice to lift my torso, and she slid in a cushion that lifted my belly and chest up, while my ass and legs were now fully exposed and open to her. Ann climbed back on the massage table, sat between my spread legs, and cleaned my crack and starfish with a nice, scented baby wipe.

Gently spreading my cheeks, she blew on my hole to dry it, then she lowered her head and licked my starfish.

I groaned in response; the feeling was beyond incredible.

Ann giggled and continued, her tongue snaking everywhere, slowly sensuously, up and down my crack, spending more time at my starfish before licking her way down to my sack, her tongue active as she sought only to pleasure me.

This was far from the torture I’d been put through earlier.

Ann knew all the right places to please me, and she spend extra time with her tongue, lips, and mouth on the intersection of my thighs, balls, and torso.

Ann was driving me nuts with pleasure, so much so that I was sure I would soon be dripping precum if I didn’t start dry humping the towel I was laying on!

“You like this, Rick?” she whispered to me.

“Oh yeah” was all I could say, my cock rock hard and at near throbbing.

“You must wait canlı bahis siteleri to cum” was her reply. “I’ll make it very special for you.”

Rubbing more oil between her hands, she warmed it nicely before going to town on my bare ass, my thighs, my cock, and my hard sack.

I groaned and spread my legs even wider for her.

Ann chuckled, pleased at her efforts to satisfy me.

* * * * *

After working on my feet, and each one of my toes, Ann cleaned my neck, back, butt, arms, legs, feet, and toes with a warm, wet towel, paying special attention by using a new warmed wet towel on my crack and sack.

She dried me with a warm towel and then had me roll over on my back.

My erection was huge, waiting for some attention.

It would have to wait as Ann started in on my head, relaxing me again, my penis softening as she massaged my head, then my neck, occasionally kissing the side of my face and whispering to me how much she liked being with me.

“I appreciate that you didn’t try to maul me when I was massaging your back, Rick. Some men just go crazy trying to touch me when I am trying to relax them.”

She kissed the side of my face and continued with “I knew you were a gentleman when you walked through the door tonight.”

* * * * *

It was more than a happy ending.

A happy ending in my book means a hand job and well, Ann promised me something special.

So, I didn’t know what to expect from her.

She teased me a little bit about being so “tense” when she massaged my belly and thighs.

More than a few times she massaged under my cock, causing my erection to bob a bit.

“You’re so big” she whispered to me.

Hearing that made me feel like a real man for the first time because I knew Ann had seen more than a few cocks and she wasn’t bullshitting me.

She pulled my legs up, exposing my still tight sack and she teased me with her fingernails, causing me to groan in pleasure.

After massaging down my legs and in turn, my feet and toes, Ann once again got out a warm towel and cleaned me off, taking extra time to make sure that my cock and balls were clean of the massage oil.

Her washing my cock just brought me to an even harder state, if possible.

Ann turned off the lights, leaving us only in candlelight.

* * * * *

She sat me up and then asked me to get off the table and she helped me to do so.

Then Ann got up on the table and laid down on it, only her head was hanging over the end of the table.

She whispered to me “Let me suck you now” and she pulled me by my hips so that my cock was right at her face level.

Opening her mouth wide, she didn’t have to tell me what she wanted me to do.

* * * * *

I came for the third time that evening, this final time right down Ann’s throat.

The feeling of fucking her mouth and throat was beyond amazing; this time she truly emptied my balls as she gulped down my essence as I grunted and shot, over and over again, my hands under her neck, supporting her head so could I plunge deep.

The tip of my cock edging into her throat was so incredible.

I had no idea how sensitive my cockhead was, and Ann knew right when to swallow as I pushed past her mouth and into her throat.

The sensation of her contracting throat muscles around my hard dick was going to be addictive.

That was something I would want more of. A lot more of.

* * * * *

I collapsed after shooting my pent-up wad, and after I recovered Ann took me into the shower again where she gently washed me free of the oils she had rubbed on my body.

She paid special attention to my ass, crack, sack, and cock, being very careful not to get me excited again.

She dried me off and helped me to get dressed, but not before kissing my balls and cock again.

On her knees in front of me, she looked up from my junk and asked me if she got the job.

What do you think I said?

* * * * *

I’ll be back soon.

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