Queens of the Hearts


The next four days were just exactly that. It was almost a blur of asses.

The very next morning as I woke up, I found Goldie standing over wearing her harness telling me to roll over and open up. I hadn’t even had my morning coffee yet and my sister was sliding her appliance into me. It didn’t take long though as she told me she just wanted to start the day making sure I was open, ready and knew what the day would be about.

“I’ll let you return the favor later little brother.”

She let me up and we headed to the kitchen with that thing bouncing in front of her. We talked over breakfast about what was happening and again she wanted to make sure I was OK with it all. She reiterated that in addition to Jill and Alice, Mom had made the request because of some clients that special preferences. She implied that I would be finding out more about that soon.

Looking at my crotch, she said, “C’mon over her, let’s get back to work.”

She had set up a special piece of furniture that almost looked clinical saying it would be more comfortable than the couch. Dropping to her knees, she put her mouth on me to get me hard again. Once she was satisfied with it, she laid herself over the cushioned rest and displayed her ass to me. There was a chrome looking object visible.

“OK, little brother, I think you know what to do, but you’ll have to pull that plug out first.”

It was a big larger than I’d expected and took some effort to get it out. Still wet with her saliva, it wasn’t difficult to get into her since she’d been opened up quite a bit. After a few strokes she pushed me away, stood up and turned to me.

“That’s enough for now, I don’t want you to come yet, we have a lot more to do today.”

With that, she picked up the plug and re-inserted it into herself. The lewdness of seeing her do that with the rubber cock bouncing in front of her was almost too much to handle.

The next two hours were filled with menial tasks punctuated by comments about each other and her either stroking me, sucking me or telling me to stroke myself to keep me hard most of the time.

“Hey little brother, time for the next round, your turn” as she patted the padded surface, motioning for me to lay over it.

She stepped in behind me and worked her dildo in complaining that I had gotten too tight and might need to take it more often the rest of the day. I heard the door open and heels coming towards me, but she wouldn’t let me up to see who it was. Two beautiful legs in a very short skirt appeared in front of me before I heard Alice’s voice asking our sister how things were coming along.

“See for yourself.” was Goldie’s reply as she pushed into me again then stopped and stood us both up.

“Damn! Is he bigger?”

“Yeah it seems like he might be a little, sometimes that happens with guys. They get so turned on that their system reacts more than usual. Might be just an illusion though.”

“Can I have it?”

“Sure. Pull your skirt up and bend over.”

Alice leaned over the cushion, and raised her skirt spreading her legs slightly to reveal that she was also wearing a plug and directed me to remove it from her.

Still deep in me, Goldie moved us both forward enough for me to enter Alice and basically pushed me into her. I was now sandwiched between both of my sisters, my cock in one and impaled by a strap-on used by the other. Goldie started a motion that had her basically fucking both of us. Again it was only for a brief time before Goldie stopped us saying she wasn’t ready to let me release just yet.

Goldie separated from me, but told me to push into Alice a couple of more times which I gladly did before I pulled out and stood up.

Alice told me to put her plug back in, then stood up and faced us.

“He’s coming along pretty good for just a day.”

“Yeah, he’s almost a natural.”

Both of them giggled a bit while I blushed.

Alice looked at me again and reached down to hold my erection, “I’ll let your wife have this tonight, but I’ll see you tomorrow and it’ll be back in here again,” patting her own ass.

She lowered her skirt and walked away, heels clicking back towards the door.

The rest of the day was much of the same. A few repeats intermingled with less interesting bits.

Goldie had me remove her harness. She leaned back against the wall and made a production of removing her plug, rubbing her mound with both hands in the process. She took my cock in her hand again and looked at me with a glimmer in her eye, “it’s time,” and used her firm grip to lead me to the bedroom.

She laid face down, raising her hips presenting her ass to me. I took a now familiar stance behind her to find her open and ready. I slid into her easily and started pumping deeply causing her to elicit a variety of moans. She motioned for me to stop so she could turn over. Now on her back, she spread her legs and let me see her nakedness. She used bahis firmaları both hands to rub herself and I could see her slit getting moist. But then she covered it with her hands, using her two index finger to direct me to her ass again. I took my place and pushed in yet again driving deeper than I thought I could. Her eyes were open but glazed over as I drove into her again and again.

Our eyes met as she almost whispered if a sultry voice “go ahead little brother, pump your spunk deep into your big sister’s ass.”

I lost it as I tensed up and let go, then collapsed onto her, still embedded.

We laid there for a while and talked quietly about a lot of things before she told me she thought I was ready for what Mom had in mind. We got up and grabbed robes. She wasn’t sure exactly why, but she wanted us to be covered for a while. It was another hour or so before Jill came home. Goldie told her most of what had happened including Alice’s visit. She told her she thought I was ready, but wanted to get together in the morning and see how our night had gone.

There, in front of my wife, my sister put her hand under my robe and stroked me while she kissed me. Then she walked away, got dressed and left.

Jill and I talked quite a bit about all that had happened. She recounted a lot of things I hadn’t been aware of, including some of her anal sessions with company clients. She told me she’d been more than a little disappointed in my reluctance and found it necessary to fill her need to have her ass filled elsewhere even before we came back to this area. She confessed that not too long after we got married and found out I wasn’t into it, she had gone of to a couple old old boyfriends to have them do it. We started out with a more or less open marriage, so it wasn’t really a problem in that regard. When she found out what was going on at the company, she was really excited and wanted to be involved. The evening with parents when they welcomed her to the family was far more easy for her than she let them know at the time. She wanted it almost as much as they did.

But then she let me know something no one had told me to that point. She told me my father had been in her ass that night and several times since. She had wanted him there the night they reenacted it all in front of me but didn’t think I was ready to see that.

That night in bed, I made up for the past.

We got up, got dressed and went to work. Pretty much a normal day. A couple of issues came up that kept us focused and there really wasn’t much time for play. It turned out to be kind of a stressful day and none of us felt like doing anything that night.

We went home and crashed. Sometimes you just need to do nothing at all to help regenerate.

Now in the evening of fourth day since Goldie first took me, Alice stopped by for a session. This was our first session since and Jill agreed to let us be alone for a while. It was really kind of cool and part of just how well bonded we all were to know that my wife would wait in another room while my sister and I used our marital bed.

After Alice left, Jill and I spent the rest of the night as any husband and wife would.

And here we were. Another weekend. Yard work. I began to hate it except that it gave us a chance to be normal. Jeans and frumpy clothes for the most part. ‘Course Jill’s jeans were very short cutoffs and her frumpy top was a bikini and cropped t-shirt. Somehow, she just couldn’t NOT exude sex appeal. We considered hiring a gardener and landscaper, but we figured they’d never get any work done if she was around. She had all the suitors we needed and I wasn’t about to pay a crew to fuck her.

A few more days passed by. Work was uneventful. Some kind of conference out of town that most of the clients were attending, so nothing much happening. Goldie and Alice were busy with their own things, so it was pretty much just a normal sort of married life without even any real mention of outside or family encounters.

Jill had taken a few phone calls in private though. She finally told me those were with Mom trying to figure out if I was ready. Between the three girls, they had convinced Mom I was and had begin to plan for her event.

They all gathered at our house one evening after work. It started out like any other, but turned out like several. The women remained dressed, but Mom flat out directed me to be naked. It wasn’t presented as an option. I didn’t really understand, but I went ahead and obeyed. They chattered mostly girl talk, but it finally turned to me.

“Goldie’s told me all about her sessions with you. Jill and Alice have told me what I needed to hear. Tonight was a simple test. I wanted to see if you could be naked in a room full of women.”

Jill chimed in, “Remember this isn’t a normal crowd here though, considering what we’ve all done. Do you think you can handle it in a room of women you’ve never met?”

I told kaçak iddaa them I probably would but wasn’t sure what they meant.

It was Alice next, “Remember what you were told about Mom having a couple of clients who only would do certain things? Well, it’s time for you be introduced to them.”

Mom took over again, “tomorrow night you’ll be accompanying me to a monthly women’s club meeting. I’m not going to hold back here, you’ll be naked, just as you are now. Of the group, one will be selected at the and of the evening. You’ll be having sex with whoever that is. Anal sex only. It’ll depend on who is selected as to whether you’ll be giving, receiving or both. Since we don’t know who it will be or what they’ll want, you’ll need to be ready.”

She reached into her purse and pulled out a package and handed it to me to open. Inside was yet another set of chains attached to what I’d now become accustomed to seeing in my two sisters and my wife ‘… an anal plug.

“We’re leaving now. Jill will attend to you tomorrow and make sure you’re ready. She knows what all to do. I’ll be here at five to pick you up.”

They all left and Jill and I spent the rest of the evening talking about it all.

First thing the next morning, I was met with the vision of my wife in a harness very similar to the one Goldie had used. The next two hours passed by with one of us inside the other. Later in the afternoon she told me it was time to shower and get ready. Before getting dressed, Jill told me to get what Mom had given me so she could out it on me.

This turned out to be an open front thong. A chain around my waist, several down the front that framed my cock and a third, larger one down the back. They all met underneath. The one behind had a small ring. Jill put it on me and adjusted and fastened it in place.

“Now pick up the plug and hand it to me.”

Somehow that seemed important to her rather than picking it up herself. I did as she asked and she proceed to insert it and fasten it to the loop in the rear chain.

“We don’t want it to fall out, do we?”

Yeah, like there was no chance of that. The fucker was kind of large and tight.

She selected pants and a shirt that were loose fitting and could be removed easily. Then we went and waited for Mom to arrive.

When she did, Jill pulled my pants down to show her handiwork. My half erect cock framed by the chains took notice of the open air and eyes of two women and began to come to attention. Jill stroked it a couple of times and it grew more causing the chains to tighten and let me know it.

“As he gets bigger, they’ll get tighter putting pressure on the plug too.”

“That’s great. You’ve done well Jill. Now pull his pants back up and we’ll get going.”

My wife pulled my pants up, then rubbed my ass, She gave me a kiss on the cheek and said playfully, “have fun sweetie, don’t do anyone I wouldn’t do.”

Well, that left it open for sure considering she’d do almost anyone.

We were greeted at the door by a hostess dressed as a 1960s style Vegas casino cigarette girl. Inside there were two more hostesses dressed the same way. Mom told me to stand still while one of them removed my clothes. During the next half hour of so, each of the three hostesses took turns handling me to keep me hard and erect, occasionally using their mouths.

A door opened and the members of the club entered.

The array of dresses and gowns they wore ranged from long to short, and simple to elaborate. A rainbow of colors. Some long sleeve, some sleeveless and everything in between. Some high neck. Some low cut. All were obviously expensive. In spite of the variety of designs and colors, they all shared a certain characteristic. While their fronts were covered, they were all bare from about the lower back to mid-thigh. Some were little more than corsets with skirts that stopped at the sites and left them naked from waist to floor, others had the fronts held in place by straps across the back. Others were more creative including heart shaped cutouts exposing not much more than their buttocks. The other common aspect was that they all included some form of heart theme in the way of a shape applique, design or cutout.

Of the fifteen women present, three wore glamour style masquerade masks to conceal their faces. During the entire time, two of them never spoke. It was explained that they might have been recognized by their voices.

We walked to the center of the room and Mom introduced me, making sure they knew I was her son. We walked down what could almost be considered a receiving line. Each of the women was allowed to look, or handle as she saw fit. Most just looked for now, four handled, one quite a bit more than the others. Then they went on with other bits of club business. It was kind of odd the way they casually behaved with the asses fully exposed. I was told to just wander around and let whoever do whatever they kaçak bahis wanted.

On of the hostesses that had been serving food look down at the empty tray and cried out “Who stole the tarts?”

Someone else replied, “Was it the queen of hearts?”

As we milled about, most of the women asked me a few questions different things. A couple were more pointed and obviously knew about my sisters. One pulled me aside, put her hand on my cock and blatantly asked how I felt about my father fucking my wife … in those words. The twitch of my cock answered her question and she just grinned.

The three hostesses were not strangers to the action either as some of the women openly pawed them over, or under their costumes. One woman directed one of the hostesses to lick her ass in full view of the rest of us.

I was treated in the same manner, women touching me at will. More than one ran her finger up my crack and handled the plug buried in me to see my reaction. Some others turned around and directed me to fondle, finger, kiss or lick their asses. At least four were clearly wearing plugs.

They all suddenly left the room for a few minutes leaving only me and the three hostesses, two of which had decided to make out with each other sliding the glossy lips together, making no secret of their tongues tickling each other.

When they returned, one of the women wearing a costume mask to hide her face took special interest. She got very close and handled me expertly, leaning in and breathing heatedly on my neck. She took my hands and placed them on her larger than average breasts and motioned for me to caress them. She opened her legs and took my naked thigh between them. Hers was one of the floor length but deeply slit gowns and as she all but humped my leg, I could swear I felt bare pussy. At one point she stood in front of me and stroked my cock with both hands, then placed it between and held it with her bare thighs as she ground her body into me. She never spoke though, only handing me a note with one word … ‘tongue’. She turned around, bent over at the waist and used her hands to part her cheeks. The message was clear and I crouched down to do as she wanted. She too had a plug, but on the end of it was another single word … ‘yours’.

That turned out to the method of selection. Apparently the brief meeting was to determine who would get that plug to insert and present to me. The rest of the ladies clapped. She straightened up, took my hand and led me into an adjacent bedroom making sure to leave the door open.

She never removed her mask or dress and never spoke a word, simply laid on the bed face down and made the invitation unbearable. I settled in between her legs and caressed them from the ankles up her inner things to her ass, closely approaching, but narrowing avoiding her pussy. Her moans let me know just how close my fingers had gotten. Focusing on my intended target, I moved to her ass. After a few minutes of licking and kissing her cheeks moving ever closer to the center, I removed the plug and began to finger her until she moaned again. Using the head of my cock leaking precum, I rubbed it over her hole to lubricate her, then entered her ass without hesitation. Stroking gently at first to get us used to each other, then giving it all I had. I started driving harder, pushing her face into the pillows she used to muffle her screams of ecstasy as she came after several minutes of penetration. I unloaded into her as we collapsed on the bed.

Once we recovered sufficiently to stand up, she stroked my cock with her hand. She reached down between her legs and used her fingers to get a bit of my cum leaking from her ass, then put it under her mask to her lips and licked it off. She opened the front of her gown just enough for me to see most of one of her tits and the bra holding it. On the edge of it was a small embroidered note with the words ‘thank you’. She pulled my mouth to it and then walked away through another door.

I looked to see that all of the women, including my mother were gathered at the door and had been watching us. One of them turned to Mom and noted, “I guess he didn’t need the plug after all. Maybe next time.” They all laughed.

Everyone moved away, getting their coats and heading out to their cars. One of the Hostesses handed me my clothes and helped me get dressed. Mom and I left and went to their place.

The next morning Jill and the other girls showed up for breakfast, after which Mom explained some of what had happened.

“The woman that selected you is extremely famous and well known to the general public. Her face and voice would be recognized almost instantly by anyone. My son’s cock was in the ass of a woman most men and women could only dream of having sex with and I’m extremely proud of that.”

After a brief pause, she added coyly, “Oh, but the way, those three hostesses? They were triplets of one of the members who was there. Two were her daughters. The third was her son who the daughters have feminized.”

“Uhh, OK Mom, you know they were all over me and two of them sucked me.”

“Yes. I was there, remember?” She added a sly wink.

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