Sally, Summer of Sex Ch. 11


The Morning After

Sally lay in bed next to Kyle in his home. He was caressing her body softly, her breasts and nipples, her stomach, her neck and her genitals. He used the same soft touch he had use last night for one of the most incredible sexual sessions Sally had ever experienced. She had had sex with maybe a hundred boys and a few older men but Kyle had treated her more gently, more sensually, more considerately than any of them. She felt more relaxed than ever after a night of sex and wished the morning would continue like this forever.

But the alarm had just gone off and after hitting the snooze button Kyle had told her he would need to be getting up to get ready for work. Sally would also have to get dressed, Kyle was her ride home.

The alarm went off again and Kyle got up. “Wait!” Sally requested, only slightly insistently. Last night he had undressed in the dark. Sally was glad for that because it had allowed her to concentrate on his gentle touch. But she usually liked seeing her guys in the light. She had an obsession about penises and loved their variety. She wanted to see the cock she had only felt last night. “I want to look at you.”


“It was too dark last night. I’ve never seen you naked. I want to look at you.” She whipped the covers from her own body and spread her legs. “Wouldn’t you like to look at me?”

“I guess I would,” he said and turned to see her spread on the bed, fleshy pillows between her legs with thin labia extending from the slit. They were pointed at by a light brown triangle of hair and covered by thin tendrils of hair he remembered feeling last night. Her nipples were fully erect, extending a half inch from her chest. His groin responded to the sight and thoughts of the previous evening.

As he turned, Sally saw the slightly erect, now 4 inch long uncircumcised cock with small testicles which were slowly retracting into their abdominal pockets. She reached down and spread her labia, watching as the cock hardened more, rising from its resting place on his testicles. She stood and went over too him, placed her arms around his neck and kissed him. “Want to take a shower?”

He held her in his arms and was tempted but declined, “That would likely take too long, I’ll get distracted, I really have to get into work.”

“Can’t you come in late this once?”


“Your boss is a real pill?”

“I’m the boss.”


“I own a chain of sporting goods stores. Well, not exactly a chain, three.”

“So why can’t you you just take off!”

“I have to set an example. You’re out of school and enjoying a bit of free time but I have to get in, on time!”

He walked to the bathroom door and then turned suddenly, Sally?”

“Yes,” she started to move to the bathroom, looking at the fully erect cock extending from his crotch, thinking he might have changed his mind.

“Jill’s mother, my mother -in-law, will be here soon to watch the kids. Could you get them ready. Just make sure Jared is up, he can take care of himself. Holly will need some help getting dressed, Charlette will need a diaper change and could you dress her?”

Sally was about to say, “Do you think I’m their mother,” and “I’m not changing any diapers.” But held her voice, She definitely wasn’t changing any diaper.

Jared was already up and she heard noises downstairs. “What are you doing, Jared?” she yelled down.

“I’m getting some cereal,” was the reply.

Holly was lying awake in bed, “What do you want to wear?” Sally asked her.

She picked purple and blue plaid shorts, an orange and yellow striped T-shirt and long, multicolored, striped socks to go with her green “Crocs”.

“This is a real fashion statement,” Sally said as she pulled on her shorts.

The doorbell rang as Sally pulled the T-shirt over Holly’s head. “I’ve got it!” Jared yelled up. Then, as the T shirt came down, “Hi, Nana!”

“Nana,” Holly said and tried to run out the bedroom door. Sally held her back and put on her shoes and socks.

Sally saw a solution to the diaper dilemma: ‘Nana’ could handle Charlette. She followed as Holly ran down the stairs and heard a woman;’s voice, “What is that you’re wearing, Holly.”

“Sally says it’s a fashion statement.”

“It’s certainly that,” the woman replied. “Who’s Sally?”

Seemingly without pausing for a breath, Holly spilled it all, “She came home with us from the water-park. She stayed all night. Daddy let her sleep in his bed with him ’cause he’s so nice. She didn’t have any pajamas and had to sleep naked. She has hair but not a penis, ’cause she’s a girl.”

Sally slowed, feeling embarrassed. As she came down the final flight she saw a woman in her late 50’s, a bit overweight with gray salted brown hair. The woman stared at her in apparent astonishment.”

All Sally could think to say was, “Hi, I’m Sally.” Knowing how young her lack of a figure made her appear, she added, “I’m eighteen.”

They stood in silence looking at each other.

Jared güvenilir bahis broke the silence, “Hi Sally. Want to play more ‘Mario Kart’?”

“No, Jared.” Then she faced Nana again, “Charlette’s still in bed. Kyle said she probably needs a diaper change.”

Nana went upstairs and Sally followed the other two children into the kitchen where she collapsed onto a chair. “That could have gone better,” she mumbled to herself.

‘Nana’ returned carrying Charlette who immediately said, “Sally!” and began squirming out of her grandmother’s arms and reaching for Sally. Nana gave in and put the young girl down so she could run to Sally who put her on her lap, “How did you sleep, Charlette?”

The older woman glowered as Sally chatted with her granddaughter.

Kyle came down shortly and asked Sally if she’d like some toast, juice or cereal. Before Sally could answer, ‘Nana’ interrupted, “Kyle, we need to talk. In the other room.”

Still holding Charlette in her lap and watching the other two children consume the Froot Loops Jared had prepared she tried to listen in but all she could make sense of was an occasional name, “Kyle,” pronounced in an accusing tone and a pleading, “Charlotte,” in response. Sally came to realize that the young girl in her lap was named after her maternal grandmother, with an ever so slight change in pronunciation.

When the returned ‘Nana’ was no happier with the situation and Kyle seemed less than happy. Sally tried to break the awkwardness, “I would like some toast and orange juice, Kyle.” Then she whispered to Charlette, “Why don’t you see if Nana can get you some breakfast?” The young girl gave Sally a hug, slipped to the floor and ran to her grandmother who finally smiled.

When they left the house after a very silent breakfast each of the children gave her a big hug and she held out her hand to their grandmother, “Pleased to have met you, ‘Nana’.”

The grand mother held out a wet noodle of a hand for Sally to shake, “please call me Mrs. Overton.” Under her breath she added, “I’m not your Nana.”

Sally realized that her parents would be off to work or heading out the door when she got home so she called Sarah and asked Kyle to drop her off at Sarah’s.

“I’m sorry about that,” he said when they were in the car. “I should have realized it wasn’t a good idea to have you there when she arrived.”

“She doesn’t like her daughter’s husband have anyone sleep over?”

“Well, I think it’s more your age. Anyway you’re the first so nothing to compare with. But both she and my mom have been encouraging me to get out and meet women. I think she was also put off by how attracted to you the children are, maybe a bit jealous.”

“Oh, I guess I should have sensed that.”

“It’s strange, since in her encouragement for me to get out she’s always saying how important it is for the kids to ‘have a mother’.”

Sally hoped he wasn’t thinking that she was likely to be that ‘mother’. She wasn’t ready for any such responsibility. Much as she liked his kids, she wasn’t going to change her life for them. “You know, Holly blurted out all the details as soon as she saw her grandmother, telling her how I was naked in your bed all night.”

“She’s no good at keeping secrets even if she knows it’s a secret,” Kyle laughed.

“She mentioned my pubic hair, I wonder if she told her about your ‘swollen’ penis?” Sally laughed back.

“More than likely, certainly even. Charlotte said something about me keeping my ‘swollen penis’ to myself.”

Sally had forgotten what she observed about the grandmother’s likely name, “Charlette?”

“Oh, you don’t know, ‘Nana’s’ name is ‘Charlotte’ we named Charlette after her, changed the spelling and pronounce the name a bit differently.”

“When Charlette wanted to come to me I bet that really ticked her off.”

“She did? Yeah that would do it, Charlette’s her favorite, partly because of her age but also the name.”

As Sally prepared to get out of the car he said, “I hope the kids and I will see you again.’

She held up her phone, “I have your number, and you have mine.” She gave him a big kiss on the lips, “I enjoyed myself immensely.” Then as she closed the car door she told him honestly, “You are a GREAT lover!”

He watched her go to the door enjoying the tingle of the parting words. She blew him a kiss as Sarah let her in.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. OH … MY … GOD.” were the first words out of her mouth as she came inside.


“Incredible,” she continued and went into a long rave about her sex with Kyle, “so gentle, so caring, so sensual” were the constant refrain.

“So you enjoyed your self?” Sarah said in jesting delight.

“Oh my god! Never, ever, have I experienced anything like it. Even his cock inside me was, like, searching for ways to make me happy. Not just ways to pleasure me, certainly not to pleasure itself but to make me HAPPY! Gently, Caring, probing, sensually trying to make me HAPPY! OH .. MY … GOD!”

Sally türkçe bahis collapsed on the couch and began rubbing her crotch in an attempt to quell the thrills that were building in her genitals over the remembrance of the previous night.

“Isn’t this the guy with the kids? What did he do with them.”

Sally went into detail describing the evening with the kids and expressing how much she liked them. “Oh, but then this morning their grandmother came.”

Sarah sensed the tone of her voice, “That didn’t go well?”

“Not well at all.” Sally told Sarah what Holly had told her grandmother. “And then Kyle and the grandmother had some sort of dust-up in the other room.”

“Kind of like parents coming home to see their son fucking some girl,” Sarah decided.

“Not exactly, this was Kyle’s mother-in-law. He said it had something to do with my age and the kids, jealousy maybe.’

“Or maybe she had the impression the kids saw too much, based on what the granddaughter told her.”


Sally’s phone rang. The number wasn’t one in her phone and she didn’t recognize it but she answered.

“Is this Sally?” a female voice asked.


Sally recognized the voice as it continued. “Kyle Petersen gave me your number. this is Mrs.Overton.”

“What do you want?” Sally asked, failing to keep the coldness from her voice.

“The children have been talking about you incessantly. I don’t approve of what you are doing with Kyle, but that’s none of my business as he has informed me. However, my grandchildren are my business and I don’t want them getting hurt because you used them to get their father into your pants for a one night stand.”

“I don’t do one night stands,” Sally protested knowing that was only partially true. She preferred guys she could have sex with over and over but if they weren’t at least promising then once was it. Of course Kyle was way beyond ‘promising’.

“I don’t want my grandchildren getting hurt because they become attached to you and then you disappear from their lives. They’re already asking when you’ll be back.”

“Oh.” Sally wasn’t sure how to handle that. Even if she saw them frequently she’d soon be off to Stanford. And how often would she see them? No way was she going to go by every day, maybe not even once a week. Basically she wasn’t going to make any commitment to the kids, or Kyle, or this “Nana’.” All she could think of to say was, “I do like the children and don’t want to hurt them. That’s something Kyle and I will need to discuss.” She disconnected.

“The grandmother,” Sally explained to Sarah. “The children are asking about me.”

“They’re not your kids,” Sarah replied.

“I know, but they’re sweet kids.”

“Not your problem. You need to get on with your life.”

“I used the kids to get to their dad. And I had a lot of fun with them.”

“Sally you can’t worry about the kids. Guys like this come with too much baggage.”

“Baggage? He’s a nice, well adjusted, sweet guy. And great at sex.”

“Baggage: kids, dead wife, mother-in-law, probably a mother. Kids! It was probably a mistake to go looking for guys with kids at the water park.”

Sally’s phone rang again.

Recollection and Invitation

Kyle’s day was not going well. He couldn’t get his mind off the skinny girl who had spent the previous night with him. His ability to put her aside wasn’t helped by the “dust-up” with his mother-in-law. And then she had managed to pry Sally’s number from him. He had given in just to get her off the phone. He worried about what she would say if she called Sally. He didn’t like the way she had referred to Sally. It was unfair since she didn’t even know the girl. “That little, slut,” “I don’t want my grandchildren subjected to this,” “I can get custody,” the words went around and around in his mind.

Then she called him again.

“Your children are asking about your little slut,” were her first words.

“What?” The last thing he needed now was more of this.

“They want to know when the slut will be seeing them again.”

“They did have a good time with her. She’s great with the kids.”

“Kyle, that slut isn’t going to be any mother to my grandchildren. If you were thinking with any part of your body outside of your pants you’d realize she just used you, and the children.”

“Charlotte, I know she’s not going to marry me, she’s too young, she’s leaving for school in the fall, I enjoy being with her, the kids enjoy her company. She isn’t a slut and this is none of your business.”

“My grandchildren are my business. What will your mother say?”

He wondered what his mother would say. She’d been encouraging him to get out and meet women. But she had in mind someone who might marry him and provide a mother for the kids. “Deal with it Charlotte!” He hung up.

He was in no mood to deal with the employee who loafed around instead of replacing items which customers had examined, decided not to buy and then stuck wherever, including the floor. güvenilir bahis siteleri Order and cleanliness was something he insisted upon and he was frustrated that the manager of the store hadn’t gotten this employee on track. He could tell he would explode in anger if he addressed the subject today. He needed to get out and told his store manager that he had to check out a problem at the store across town.

He parked in a nearby grocery lot and sat in the car calming himself. Sally’s parting words, “You are a GREAT lover!” came to his mind and he focused on them as the most calming event of the day. Then he thought of her request when he got up, naked, “I want to look at you,” and his anger abated. He remembered her lying naked on the bed and his anger was replaced by sexual desire. Almost without thinking, he found her number on his phone and pressed the call button.

He had called with so little thought that his conscious mind was startled by her voice saying, “hello.”

He stammered out the first thing that came to mind, “Could we meet for lunch?”

She muffled the phone and whispered to Sarah, “He wants to have lunch.”

Sarah whispered back, “They aren’t your kids.”

Sally whispered her decision to Sarah, “Maybe this is a chance to get this over with.” Then she spoke into the phone. “Sure Kyle, where do you want to meet?”


Kyle stood in front of the Italian deli and examined the young girl approaching him. He almost didn’t recognize her. he remembered the tight bathing suit at the water park that showed her nipples and genitals. He remembered her flashing him on the water slides. He remembered the top that draped over her nipples and the brief shorts that left her midriff exposed almost showing her pubic hair. He remembered the skinny body naked in his bed. He remembered how light and fragile she seemed as he drove his cock into her. But approaching him was a girl with no figure wearing loose fitting jeans and a plain, cotton top with a large nose, large mouth and hair that seemed to fly in every direction.

But then she smiled at him, her light brown, almost golden eyes widened and flashed. “Hi Kyle,” came from the sensual mouth. His heart skipped a beat and his cock jumped slightly. Something about her just screamed, “fuck me!”

They ordered their food in silence and Kyle spent his time composing himself and wondering how she stayed so slim if she regularly ate things like the meatball sub she ordered.

As they sat, Sally opened the conversation, “Your mother-in-law called me.”

“I’m sorry about that. I gave her your number.” He didn’t add that he had done it just to get her off his back.

“She was upset that your kids are getting attached to me.”

“Yeah, we need to talk about that.”

“I like your kids but we’re not going to be ….” She searched her mind for the right words, but they didn’t come. “I’m not expecting to see you frequently,” was what ultimately came out.

He knew that was probably the case but hearing the words gave him a sinking feeling. “I don’t expect to see you every day.”

“I didn’t expect even once a week.”


She was blunt, “You’re a great fuck. But I’m too young to get attached. And I’m off to Stanford in a couple months.”

“So, last night was it.”

She smiled broadly, “I hope not! Like I said, you’re a GREAT lover! I wouldn’t want last night to be my only chance at that.”

“You only want me for sex?”

“That is the reason I was at the water-park and started talking to you.”

“So, you don’t like me. Or the kids?”

“I think your a great guy and I love your kids. But …”


“I’m not ready to settle down in any way. Nor will I restrict myself to one sex partner.”

He was surprised at the direction. “Restrict yourself?”

“Kyle, you don’t really know me. Most people would call me a nymphomaniac, and maybe I am. I have to have sex, a lot of sex, and different guys.

Kyle was unable to stop himself from blurting out what was in his mind, “So Charlotte was right.”

“Your daughter? Right about what?”

“No, my mother-in-law.” He hesitated before coming clean, “She calls you ‘that slut’. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything.”

The term hurt partly because Sally knew that she would fit the definition by many people’s use of the word. But she didn’t think of herself that way.

Kyle caught the hurt look in her eyes and reached over to take her hand. “I’m sorry, I don’t think you’re a slut.”

His words had implied differently, but Sally expressed her view of herself. “I don’t go with any guy that asks. I’m selective. I went with you because you were a nice guy with great kids.” As she said it she realized that she had been selective in high school. However, since graduation and hooking up with Sarah, she had been fucking any guy that asked and that had been mostly disappointment. She shouldn’t go along with everything Sarah suggested.

“I don’t want you to think I’m not glad for the time you spent with me.”

Sally didn’t answer right away so he charged on to something that had been central in his mind since he left work. “I’d love to make love with you again. Can we spend another night together?”

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