Shower , Steam with Dean


Note: I’ve sat on this story, thinking about writing it for nearly 20 years. This is a true tale of the first time I had my cock sucked by another man – and generally the events leading up to it.

During the summers in college I had a habit of working out late nights at the local big box gym franchise.

Usually arriving around 10:00 or so it was mostly empty, giving me free run of the place.

At the time I’m about 22 or so, about 6′, light brown hair, with a study athletic build – having played multiple sports in high school, and keeping a regular exercise routine during my time away at school.

While there, I noticed an acquaintance who I’d met at various times in past, his name was Dean. Dean owned a small independent movie theatre in a neighboring town. He was always very friendly to me, and to other young men I’d noticed. Always kind of hanging around, but never in a creepy way, just a friendly guy. He was probably in his late 50’s, tanned, slightly balding, in trim shape, with slight facial hair.

At this gym they had a nice locker room, with 4-6 semi private stalls, and a steam room just before you got to the showers.

I really enjoyed a good sweat after my workouts. My routine would be to get a pump on, shower up and then go to the steam room for a sweat.

It started slowly, with Dean. I’d be getting my workout on, and he’d be up on the mezzanine level getting his cardio on.

It seemed though that without fail when I’d finish up, he too would finish up. And so it happened this evening, where Dean and I went into the showers together. I walked into the shower area, towel around my waist, shower sandals on and picked the far shower on the left. Dean followed me in and picked the one right across from me.

I think we’d been doing this for some time, but on this evening, I saw that he’d left his curtain open.

On seeing this, I got nervous and excited. In truth it had been a slow progression. He didn’t start with the curtain bahis firmaları open, but worked his way into it over time.

On this night though, the curtain was open, and so I let mine open too. No one was around, we were the only ones there.

At this time I was naive of my true feelings and was very shy about things. But I proceeded to soap up, as did Dean. I started with my chest and shoulders, working my way down my trim stomach. Hitting the soap dispenser again, I soaped up my dick and balls. I looked up and dean was looking at me, memorized. I have to admit that I liked the attention, though I didn’t know how to handle it exactly.

I would soap up, letting my dick chub up, but not letting myself become fully erect out of fear of someone walking, seeing me with a raging boner across from another man and thinking I was gay.

I love a chubbed up boner though, its like a game you play, letting it get erect to a point, but not so much where it stands at full attention. You kind of come off with plausible deniability – no my dick is normally just this think and points out forward. Of course its this big, all the time.

While I was soaping up, my dick, my balls, and rubbing my ass with lather, I’d look over at dean. I’d have water running off the tip of my dick like I was peeing.

At this point in my life I’d seen other dicks, but not in such a context. Usually it was in a locker room while changing to get ready for practices or games and such.

Here though, my dick and Dean’s dick were on full view. He had a caramel color to his skin, and the water ran down his skin nicely.

Once we had showered up, and sufficiently lathered ourselves it was time to sit in the steam for a bit. We turned our showers off, headed to the steam room, and hung up our towels outside of the steam room. It hadn’t started this way, in the beginning I had kept my towel on. I think the first few times, maybe just once or twice, I had sat in the steam room kaçak iddaa with a towel on, which then left me with a soaking towel. After I got comfortable though, and with Dean’s help, I saw that dicks out was the way to be, so I followed suit and ceased to bring a towel in the steam room again.

On this night I think I was talking to him about the woes I was having with my girlfriend at the time. We sat on the bench together. Inside the sauna the steam came out of a spout right by the door. The shape was rectangular with a long bench and a short L shape at the far end. I liked to sit on that upper bench, so I could get maximum steam. Dean preferred to be on the lower bench, just to my left. He said it was because he didn’t want the hotness of the heat, but in reality, as I see now, he wanted to be eye level with my cock.

About my dick, my cock, what have you, I’ve always gotten compliments. I had one girlfriend tell me I had the perfect cock, which of course went right to my head. Its got a nice girth to it, and a nice length too. Not too short, not too long. Not too fat, but not too skinny, its just right. My balls are big, and they hang low, always have.

We were sitting there, Dean had a water bottle he’s suck on while we sat and sweat, he’d worked up the courage to splash some on me, as I was sitting forward at that time, I reacted positively to it, and leaned back. My chubbed cock growing in length, and girth, and rising to the occasion. This gave Dean the courage to continue, he came next to me on the bench and sat close to me. This time, as we talked, he splashed water on my chest again, and then again and then directly onto my cock. It felt glorious. The contrast of the cool water he was putting on my chest and belly, and then on my cock against the heat of the steam room was amazing.

I remember when he splashed my cock with the bottle, I contracted it, I squeezed it from the inside and it jumped, now standing up at full attention, chubbed to kaçak bahis the max.

This was the signal he was looking for, and with that he dropped the bottle, and engulfed my cock completely.

I was surprised, and inhaled sharply. I’d never had a man suck my cock before, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it.

Sure we’d been playing a dangerous game, flirting, without me really knowing, or admitting to myself that that was what it was.

His mouth on my cock felt amazing, it was like liquid velvet. Hot and smooth, Dean knew how to suck a dick. My cock throbbed in his mouth and he sucked me like there was no tomorrow.

I laid my head back, and leaned back against the hot tile walls, sweat dripping down my face, my chest and my cock and balls. Dean went to town, bobbing up and down, sucking, slurping, bobbing his head up and down on my thick, hard young cock. He was an expert, and a better cock sucker than any of my girlfriends had ever been. He knew his way around the dick, knew not to drag his teeth on the shaft, knew how to envelop his mouth around me in just the right way.

I wish I could say I was able to hold out, but in truth it was too much for me.

At this point Dean had moved down right in front of me, bending over to suck my cock as I sat on the bench, and all of a sudden I unloaded, I didn’t even warn him, cause I didn’t know it was coming. But did I ever, I unloaded in his mouth, and heard him receive it. He breathed hard in and out of his nostrils so he could take my whole load, he sucked me off and out for all I was worth, so much so that my cock turned electric and I had to pull him off of me. He wanted to suck my cock until everything was out. So much so that my dick turned electric and I had to pull his head off.

Once I got him off of my dick, I collapsed back onto the bench, my head was swirling, he looked at me and said, “How ’bout them Red Sox?!”

“Yeah” was all I could manage.

My mind was racing: I’d just had a fully gay encounter, or was it gay? I didn’t touch him, he’d sucked me off. Was I gay? What does this mean?

I slid off the bench, got a quick rinse in the showers with Dean and headed home to go to bed.

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