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Anna is one damn hot and sexy brunette nice perky tits, a gorgeous pair of legs that go all the way down to the floor, one of the most gorgeous faces around and her ass is just about always bursting out of her clothes no matter what she wears. She’d being going out with John for around a year they had been at high school together but hadn’t really got to know each other until leaving for uni where they had soon hooked up. Anna was from a pretty liberal back ground and ever since her friends had introduced her to the buddy suck she hadn’t looked back, John didn’t have a problem with it mainly because it was a massive turn on. It was coming up to one of Anna’s friends birthdays, Louise was a bit of a prude about sex she’d had boyfriends but never really went further than a bit of dry humping a hadn’t got involved with the rest of her friends in giving and receiving the odd buddy suck but she was coming up on twenty now and her friends felt it had to change.

“Well Anna did you talk to John?” Catherine a black haired sex goddess asked as a tight bodied brunette ate her delicious snatch. Anna was bent over an arm chair watching the two go at it as Caron a blonde haired nympho ate her ass while thrusting a purple dildo in and out of her plump pussy.

“Yup just as I expected he jumped at it babe!” she giggled as Caron tickled her perineum with her tongue.

“Could you blame him Louise has got that tight little ass and those big tits” came Sam’s muffled voice from between Catherine’s glistening nether lips. The girls had decided to throw a sleepover party for Louise’s birthday with an added twist they had decided to invite John so that Louise could finally lose her virginity in a marathon sex session with her friends. They’d just got all their supplies lube, alcohol, more lube and a surprise for John as a thank you for helping Louise they were now relaxing after a hard shop with some kinky fun.

“Don’t you dare fuck John tonight you little slut we’re guna need all his cum for tomorrow!” Caron joked from between Anna’s sexy cheeks.

“I know baby I won’t but less talking and more rimming for now” Anna shot back.


John had gone to his class in the morning at nine and was finished at twelve that left him ten hours to kill with time going as slow as he could ever remember he’d had to wear jeans today as his usual tracksuit bottoms would have made his massive hard on that he’d had ever since Anna told him of her plan far to obvious. He hit the S.U bar with his buddies and killed time with some pool there was a football match on at four which killed around three hours and it was for everyone casino şirketleri else a short enjoyable day but hell for him. When seven finally came he walked home and got showered and dressed resisting the temptation for a quick wank and at around nine left the his house for the girls’ flat.

He arrived carrying a bag with Anna’s toothbrush and make up that he was to say she had left at his place when she stayed there last night it was his excuse for turning up so as not to arouse Louise’s suspicions too early in the night.

He rang the bell and Anna opened it the sight that greeted him almost caused him to blow the load in his pants. All the girls were dressed in what was supposed to be their pyjamas but they had all gone and bought new sexy ones for Louise’s seduction.

“Hey baby” Anna kissed him and dropped her hand to his crotch to feel his arousal.

“Well how’s the plan working out?” he asked while slipping a hand under her short night gown to cup her ass.

“Like clockwork she’s kinda drunk already you’re dyin’ for this I can tell your cocks so hard!”

Catherine interrupted again as per the plan

“Aww look at those two John why don’t you join us?” she smiled.

“Well if Louise is ok with it I’m in!” he called back.

“Yeah sure john why not? The more the merrier and all that crap” Louise called back giggling. John could tell she was slightly drunk perhaps enough to loosen her inhibitions.

“Cool” he said and he walked in with his arm around Anna.

“Well if you’re guna join the party you’ve gota obey the rules John!” Catherine smiled wolfishly. Anna had told her he was big and she really wanted to see.

“Are you ok with that Anna?” he asked her in a teasing tone.

“Oh yeah baby get those jeans off now!” she grinned undoing his belt. He began to strip off as the girls whistled and cheered until finally he stood in his boxers his hard on was clear for them all to see.

“Man that’s a big joy pole you got there John!” Catherine half gasped.

“Don’t you like it Louise?” Sam asked the virgin coyly.

“Mmm…well yeah… I suppose it would be nice if you were into that kinda thing.” She stuttered never taking her eyes off the cotton encased rapture.

“I think she just needs a better view.” Caron cooed

“Yeah me to.” said Anna as she quickly whipped John’s boxers off and helped him step out of them. The hairy monster bobbed up and down in font of the scantily clad girls, Catherine’s transparent panties had a large wet patch on the front of them and she was rubbing her legs together causing her big tits in their half cup bra to casino firmaları jiggle furiously trying to escape their confinement. Caron stood up and as she bent over to pick up her drink gave everyone in the room a glimpse of her soaking cunt through her crotchless panties. A little gasp of desire at seeing Caron’s pussy escaped Louise this drew John’s eye and he noticed her nipples poking through her cut off top and a dark wet patch on the front of her red thong. Caron grabbed Louise’s hand.

“Come here pet and you can see John’s pretty pole properly!” Caron said.

“No… I can see ok her…won’t Anna mind?” Louise nervously asked as she reluctantly followed Caron across the room.

“Of course not Louise hunny I want you to see his cock you’ve gota learn to enjoy it!” Anna answered lovingly.

“Well ok if you say so.” Louise answered as she knelt in front of John. He smiled down at her.

“Go ahead Louise touch it if you want!” he said. She gingerly reached towards him and grasped him gently in her hand. She explored his cock for a while until Anna knelt down beside and lent close to her face and whispered seductively into her ear.

“Do you like it babe?”

“Yes I think so”

“You know what you can do if you really like a guy’s cock?” she asked dirtily.

“What?” Louise replied innocently the drink had really loosened her up into the fun person they had all known she could be.

“You can suck it” Anna said slutily.

“Will you show me?” Louise asked.

“Yeah pet!” Anna began to give John a simple blowjob moving her head up and down on his cock and stopping to lick around the head and up and down its length once in a while. Sam and Caron were now in a 69 on the sofa while Catherine had waited until Louise took John’s cock in her mouth to position herself between Louise’s legs to move the red thong to the side and begin to lick the pretty pussy they had hidden. She looks after her cunt well for a virgin Catherine thought to herself as she saw the little landing strip before she began to eat Louise out. Louise didn’t even notice she was to caught up in John’s monster of a manhood.

Anna never one to be left out moved behind John and spread his ass cheeks he stiffened but didn’t say anything in case he would snap Louise out of the sexual trance she seemed to be enjoying as she moaned around his cock. John soon relaxed as he began to enjoy the attentions of Anna’s tongue on his rosebud she’d never touched him there before but she was no stranger to tossing salad and had wanted to introduce him to it for some time and this she felt was the perfect moment. Anna’s tongue güvenilir casino was working wonders on John’s ass and Louise began to feel his cock twitch Anna could see it twitching from between his legs.

“He’s guna cum soon Louise jus keep him in your mouth and let him cum there.” Anna said. She continued to watch Louise and as she saw her eyes bulge and new John was coming she spread his ass cheeks and penetrated him with her index finger quickly finding his prostate and stimulating it expertly.

“AHHHH SHIT YEAHHH!” John roared as he ejaculated hard into Louise’s mouth. This is the hardest I’ve ever cum he thought to himself my girlfriend is perfect and dirty too he smiled to himself as she slipped another finger up his hole she stood up still fingering him from behind and whispered into his ear.

“Do you like me fucking your tight ass with my fingers baby?”

“Fuck yeah” he groaned as Louise let his cock slip from her mouth. Her cheeks bulged from the huge load she was still holding in her mouth.

“I think someone needs a little help” he said pointing at Louise who was starting to writhe and moan as Catherine’s tongue brought her to the brink of orgasm.

“This is called cum swapping baby” Anna told Louise as she dropped to her knees took Louise’s head in her hands and began to kiss her transferring the cum into one another’s mouths. Louise came covering Catherine’s face in her sweet sticky nectar Catherine slipped from between her legs.

“You wanna try cum swapping to?” John asked as he pulled Catherine towards him and kissed her before she could swallow the large amount of girl jizz that she held in her mouth. Anna passed all the cum into Louise’s mouth and said

“OK babe time to swallow your first load!” Louise hesitated but then seemed to say what the hell though her mouthful of cum and swallowed the whole load in one gulp. Anna pulled Catherine’s hand from John’s cock and John’s head out of Catherine’s tits despite their groans.

“Later guys, Louise needs little Johnny more than you do right now!” Anna scolded almost managing to keep a straight face.

“Louise, John is our birthday present to you he can take your virginity, but only if you want him to? Anna asked shyly. In answer Louise pulled her top off and dropped her thong exposing her gorgeous body to her friends for the first time to many appreciative gasps. Anna turned to Catherine.

“Well babe did you bring the essentials?” Catherine retrieved a bag from the corner of the room and emptied it to reveal condoms, two bottles of flavoured lube, two strap ons, a pack of six butt plugs of varying sizes and a double ended dildo….

To be continued……………….

I’m still quite new to this so any suggestions or feedback would be welcome don’t be afraid to drop a comment and if you liked the story please vote. Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32