The Man In Seat 21A

Big Tits

My grandmother, who raised me, went through a lot in her long life. There was the Spanish Civil war, the World war and various personal crises that are the hallmark of most lives. Illness. Bereavement. Poverty.And when I was growing up, she’d often say to me things like, “Men plan and God laughs, Andrea,” and, “You never know what’s around the corner.” and “Never, ever say never.”Because she had led an unpredictable life, she wanted to prepare me and make sure I was ready for anything.I first heard the expression “The mile-high club” at a teenage slumber party. I had a good giggle about it with my friends.“You mean people do it…on a plane?!” my best friend at school, Laia, said incredulously. We all thought it was tremendously funny. But privately, I thought to myself”What kind of person would do such a thing? Sex is supposed to be loving and romantic. They could at least wait until they got to the ground.”It sounded dirty and ill-mannered to my young, naïve self. I was still very much a virgin at the time, but I was going to look for a boyfriend or two, and enjoy the moment. Be a good, normal girl next door type. I wouldn’t be the slut who did it on the plane.But you should never say never.So, I grew up, had my first boyfriend, and we lost our virginity together. Went to college, where I went with a few guys. Three, if you’re wondering. Not exactly a cricket score. Nothing out of the ordinary.One day, when we were twenty-one, Laia and I decided to take a long weekend break in Croatia. We’d heard Dubrovnik was lovely, and a band we both liked was playing there. Initially, we planned to take the train but, when we saw the cost of the tickets, we thought better of it. Flying would cost half the price. So, Ryanair took our money.“Promise me you won’t take anything,” My dad said.He meant drugs, of course. I kept that promise, at least. If he meant don’t take anything, he was to be disappointed. We snapped selfies in the departure lounge. I am six foot tall, and Laia is five foot nine. I wear my brown hair just longer than my shoulders, and typically it is in layers. I have blue eyes and some freckles around my nose and my teeth are a bit goofy because I turned down braces as a kid. Laia also has blue eyes but darker skin, as her parents were Colombians who had emigrated to Spain. Her hair is naturally blonde, but she had dyed it a sort of orange-ginger colour with streaks of pink.Laia and I had a glass of wine in the departure lounge. That was where we first spotted Xavi. He was tall and wearing a seriously sharp suit. He had glasses and silky, well-groomed black hair. It was possible he was going to the same concert as us, although he wasn’t dressed for it.“Hope he’s next to us!” said Laia with a giggle.“Go and talk to him.”“No, you go and talk to him.”And so, the conversation went on, but we never made a move before we’d boarded the plane.Laia was in seat 22A, and I was in 22B. And who was in the aisle seat? You couldn’t make it up.Nobody.But Xavi was in 21A, the seat in front of Laia.About half an hour into the flight, we were chatting and gossiping. Xavi turned around.Smiling warmly, he said, “Hello.”“Hello!”He had the most gorgeous voice imaginable. Deep and sonorous, like James Earl Jones or H.G Tudor, but in Spanish.“You know, I hate the window seat. Would you mind if I moved to that empty seat on the aisle there?”“No, please! Join us!”Xavi squeezed past the people in his row, and sat down next to us, and introduced himself.“Now ladies, I’m parched. I’m going to order a glass of wine. Will you join me?”We readily accepted.Xavi, it turned out, was just the smoothest motherfucker you ever did meet. He paid equal attention to both of us. He made us laugh. He was interesting and vivacious. And he kept the wine coming and soon he was sitting between us, and I was on the aisle.I’m a little embarrassed to say it because it is not a feminist thing to say, but Laia and I were putty in his hands. We were tipsy and young and horny as hell for this guy.Which is why we agreed when he said,“Ladies, I‘ve got to tell you something. I’ve been sitting next to two beautiful women, who smell great and who make me laugh. I’m not ashamed to say I’m very attracted to both of you.”We laughed.“In fact,” he lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper, “I have a raging boner even now.”We both burst out laughing.“I’m like a genie in a lamp, me. I’m a man who can grant wishes. Now, if you’ll help me out with my problem, I promise you each a favour. You can name it. Anything you want, it shall be yours.”It wasn’t clear if he meant only sexual favours. But by his dress and manner of speaking, he seemed like a wealthy, connected man who could, in fact, give us our hearts’ desires.“Well,” said Laia, “I think we can manage that.”She reached into the seat and found the blanket that they provide for passengers who get cold in the cabin. She threw it over Xavi’s lap.I made the first move. I slipped my left hand under the blanket and undid Xavi’s fly. He did, indeed, have a serious erection going on. I felt it through his trousers. When he’d unbuttoned his trousers, he was able to free his cock, although it was hidden from public view by the blanket.Flying blind, I groped under the blanket. When I was able to, I grasped it at the stem and started to jerk his cock up and down. Xavi smiled.“Perhaps a kiss might help things along?” he said.He leaned over and we kissed, a proper passionate kiss with tongues. His cock grew noticeably harder in my hand. Oh, he was dreamy. I’d never been so instantly smitten.“Hey, don’t give her all the fun!” Laia protested.Xavi stopped kissing me and said,“Laia’s right, you know. Fair’s fair.”. Then he turned and kissed Laia too. I wasn’t jealous. It was hot.Then Laia made an unexpected move. She undid her seat belt, pulled up the blanket over her head, and disappeared beneath it. Xavi nodded approvingly.I still had his cock in my hand, but now Laia was sucking it. She was giving him the best present ever. Was I going to let her get all the attention? Of course not.“Let me have a go,” I said.Xavi let Laia suck it for a minute or so longer.“I think Andrea wants a go,” he said softly.Laia gave him three more long, deep sucks then she sat up straight and looked out of the window. The picture of innocence.Sitting next to someone in an upright chair is not the optimal position from which to administer a blowjob. It involves a lot of twisting and stretching, but it can be done.I pulled the blanket over my head and found my way to his cock, which was rock hard and throbbing. Laia had done a good job warming him up. I licked the top firmly, as if applying a layer of paint with my tongue, then I formed the time-honored O with my lips. I slid down and…even his dick tasted good as if he’d used an expensive shower gel. This guy had the full package. I sucked hard and deep, feeling his dick at the back of my throat and my saliva gland going into overdrive. I sucked that penis with everything I had, and Xavi put his head on the blanket above my head, and I heard him breathe harder and a second later…his semen shot into my mouth like a jet spray. He ejaculated so hard and fast that it was halfway down my throat before I could even think of swallowing. “Laia and Andrea, thank you. I promised you a favour. Well, I am a man of my word. Name it, and it shall be yours.”The wine. My off-the-charts attraction to Xavi. Knowing that I might disembark and never see him again. The adrenaline of the naughty act of blowing him in the plane cabin combined to make me whisper into his ear“I want to join the mile-high club. With you. Take me to the bathroom.”“Now that I’d love to do.”Laia whispered her favour into his other ear, but it was inaudible to me. We waited for the trolley service to begin. That was when the cabin crew was not seated at the end of the plane by the loos. When they wheeled past us, we made a break for it, hurrying down the aisle past the unsuspecting passengers. We opened the door and hustled in, quickly locking it behind us.Xavi whipped his trousers down. There was that tasty cock, which I now saw properly for the first time. Mmm…a classic seven-incher. I had a condom in my back pocket. I quickly rolled it on. Then I pulled down my jeans and panties. Xavi sat on the lid of the toilet. I lowered myself onto his dick, helping it in with my hand. It was rock-hard and felt great inside me. I flung my face to his neck, kissing him but also breathing in his masculine scent. He moved inside me, and I rocked so that his penis hit just the right spot. Then we kissed, and that drove me along. I was halfway there. Then, with strength that amazed and aroused me, he seized my ass and stood, his penis still inside me but now he was carrying me, my ass supported by his hands and wrist. He thrust firmly into my vagina. Although I was being held aloft, I felt absolutely safe in Xavi’s arms. He nailed me against the wall, pumping hard and after a minute I felt my orgasm ripple through my body, and I cried out aloud.He had to finish, too. He lowered me down and pulled out. I turned my back to him and bent over. A moment later, he was thrusting skillfully against my clit, which felt amazing, and then he sped up, going as fast as a man could and he came hard.When the condom was off and we were cleaned up, we stepped out of the bathroom. Passengers were looking at us with a mixture of smirks, disapproval, and envy.When I sat down, residual juices in my pussy made my pants pleasantly wet. Sleep stole over me, and I closed my eyes. My last thought as I fell asleep was to laugh inwardly at the younger me who had heard what the mile-high club entailed and thought to herself, ‘Never!’That might have been the end of the story. Laia and I bid farewell to Xavi at the airport. She mercilessly teased me all through the bus ride from the airport to the town.

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