The Neighbor


Deb had turned Lisa and I into two sex addicts who have sex at the drop of a hat under any conditions and circumstances. Don’t get me wrong its great but it was a big change from what we were doing before all this came about. We were cruising along at what I would consider a normal relationship when the following incident put us in high gear again.

Lisa had called me at work to let me know she had gotten released early and was going to do some shopping with a friend and she may be late coming home. I told her I was going to be a little late myself so it was no big deal. I finally left work at 5:00 PM and enjoyed my drive to the house which takes about a half hour. As I drove around the corner I saw Lisa’s car in the driveway and wondered what she had gone shopping for and if she bought anything for me. I entered the house through the garage and popped into the kitchen expecting to smell food or see Lisa; instead I heard voices coming from our bedroom. I questioned myself as to the identity of the other voice as she didn’t say who her friend was. I quietly walked down the hall to listen what was being said.

“God Lisa, what a great body you have and look at how it is accented by those things you purchased.”

“Dee, with your figure and looks this stuff would turn you into a centerfold.” Lisa replied.

“Lisa you’re too kind.” Dee responded in a flirty voice

“Hey Dee, try your things on and we can compare looks.”

I was down the hall far enough to be able to see into a mirror and catch a reflection from the end of the room where the girls were. I had my own little peep show happening! Lisa was dressed in thigh high stockings, mini bikini panties, and a push up bra that squeezed her tits together and up at the same time. Man was she hot looking!

Dee had her things on the bed and started to undress to try them on. When she was naked Lisa commented on her voluptuous figure especially her tits which didn’t seem to sag an inch. She smiled at Lisa’s remark reached out for Lisa’s hands and pulled her slowly towards her.

“Lisa I’ve admired you for a long time and now that we’re together alone I want you to know that I would love to have sex with you right now.”

Lisa didn’t even respond she just wrapped her arms around Dee and planted a soft sensual kiss on her lips.

“Honey, I love having you in my arms right now.” Lisa panted.

They continued their embrace and kiss as they fell on the bed with Lisa on top as she was starring down at Dee’s tits. They seemed to mesmerize her for a few seconds before she slowly lowered her head and sucked on her nipples until they stood erect. Lisa was kneading Dee’s tits like they were dough balls which turned her up a notch on the horniness level. More kissing ensued before Lisa whispered in her ear that she was now going to eat her so she had better hold on. Trails of kisses led her down to Dee’s pussy where she slid her tongue through her lips a couple of times before she pulled them apart to attack her clit and fuck her with her tongue. Dee was moaning and calling Lisa a fucking slut and for her to never stop what she was doing, which only made Lisa intensify what was going on.

Lisa wet a couple of fingers and slid them into Dee’s pussy and started pumping in and out to a mythical beat that was driving Dee insane again, as she was now screaming at Lisa asking her to push in a couple more and pick up the pace so she could cum. Being the good lover that Lisa was she obliged Dee, inserted two more fingers and started to work over her pussy a rapid pace until Dee’s hips picked up off the bed and she arched her back, screamed she was Cumming.

What a site! I had a fucking hard on that I thought was going to rip my pants!

Finally Dee came back to earth and showered Lisa with kisses and told her what a fabulous lover she was.

“Lisa, take those things off so I can return the loving you just gave me” Dee sexily said.

Lisa got up from the bed slowly turned her back to Dee and unhooked her bra which fell to the floor as she cupped her tits and turned around to face Dee. Pushing her tits toward her mouth she bent forward and flicked her tongue across each nipple before she sucked them in. Dee was panting with anticipation as she watched the show that Lisa was performing. The next little act was another slow turn again as she bent forward to pull her panties off and expose her pussy and look over her shoulder at Dee as she slid her fingers through her pussy lips. I was karabük escort starting to pant as much as Dee was! I removed my clothes and started to play with my rock hard cock as I thought about when I should join this happy twosome.

Lisa walked to the bed to sit and remove her high heels but Dee told her to leave them on as they pushed her ass up which looked absolutely delicious that way.

“God Lisa if I had a cock I’d fuck you silly right now” Dee sighed.

“I’ve placed a dildo in my night stand for times of need and it’s time” Lisa laughed.

Lisa retrieved her dildo as she lay on her back so Dee could work on her pussy and anything else with the vibration part. Dee turned on the vibrator and started on Lisa’s tits and nipples which made her squirm. Dee sucked on her nipples as she ran the unit down her belly across her pussy and held against her clit hood. Lisa was moaning now as Dee was working the dildo to her advantage. She removed it and brought it up to Lisa’s mouth and told her to suck on it and get it wet so she could stick it in her cunt. As Lisa was sucking Dee went down to lick and nibble on Lisa which brought more whimpers of joy from her dildo filled mouth. Dee pulled the dildo from her mouth and slowly pushed it in Lisa’s cunt causing an instant orgasm which did nothing to slow down Dee. She worked the dildo slowly in and out, round and round and then turned the vibration button on high and held for dear life as Lisa was all over the bed squealing with ecstasy. I had to stop playing with myself as I didn’t want to waste a good load just jet.

Dee had removed the dildo and brought it to their mouths so they could both lick and taste the fruits of their enjoyment. After they cleaned it Dee slid down and licked Lisa’s pussy clean and came up to give her a big kiss so that Lisa could lick her juices off Dee’s face and lips.

Lisa remarked how wonderful this was and wished I was her to enjoy this.

“Do you think he minds that you’re with another woman” Dee asked?

Before she could respond I appeared around the corner into the bedroom with a raging hard on that was waving up and down like a limb in a wind storm.

Lisa replied to Dee. “Does that answer your question?”

Dee looked over at me then my cock and smiled in reply “Oh my, someone looks like he needs some relief right away.”

“Ladies, it appears you have taken matters into your own hands so I think it’s about time you took my cock into your mouths’ I demanded.

They separated on the bed patted a place between them and I obliged and nestled down with one on each side as they started kissing me from head to toe for the next five minutes. I was getting pretty worked up and they knew it was time to let me release my straining cum from my already swollen balls. With both of them licking my shaft and sucking on my cock and balls I was getting that feeling I was going to explode at any second. They anticipated this as Dee took me deep into her mouth and Lisa sucked on my balls while sticking a finger up my ass.

I screamed I was going to cum as Dee deep throated me and Lisa sucked harder and worked another finger into my ass. Dee was a pro as she gulped down three terrific loads without missing a beat!

Lisa looked up at Dee and they passed a long kiss between themselves along with some of my cum. I fell asleep from exhaustion.

When I was coming out of my sleep state I thought I was dreaming about fucking Lisa and getting reamed by Dee when I felt this beautiful sensation on my already throbbing cock. I opened my eyes to see the top of Dee’s head in my crotch as she had her lips wrapped around my dick and Lisa nibbling on my neck. Wow what a way to wake up! Lisa whispered in my ear she wanted me to fuck Dee. I told her I waned to eat Dee’s pussy first but she told me she would masturbate for us while we fuck which would definitely keep me hard for a while.

Lisa grabbed Dee’s head off my dick and told her the game plan at which Dee produced a huge grin and nodded OK.

Lisa rolled over to the other side of the bed facing the opposite direction so we could watch her as she told Dee to get on her hands and knees so I could fuck her doggy style. Lisa stuck her fingers in her mouth and slapped a big wad of spit on her pussy for lubrication as she started to play with her pussy with one hand as she worked on her tits with the other. I was hard already but this scene made my cock twitch with karaman escort anticipation.

Dee reached back for my cock so she could slide me into her wet pussy as Lisa slid down some more to get a view of my prick entering Dee’s cunt. I pushed forward as Lisa told me to shove it in hard and slam up against Dee’s ass; she wanted to hear balls slapping on ass flesh; all the while fingering her pussy at a moderate pace.

Lisa took her fingers out and told Dee to suck the juice off as she ordered me to pick up the pace a bit. I told Lisa she was a slut and needed to put four fingers in her cunt for not letting me eat Dee’s pussy, at which she smiled and jammed them in one at a time while looking down at my cocking working in and out of Dee’s cunt.

Dee was squealing about getting fucked real good and watching Lisa ravish her cunt with her hand as the first wave of orgasm hit Lisa as she arched off the bed and rolled her eyes. This was what we waited for as we started to fuck at a feverish pace, with balls slapping against Dee’s ass I felt the familiar sensation in my loins. Lisa had taken her pussy juice soaked fingers and told Dee to lick them clean again as I complained about not getting anything yet. Lisa told me I was going to get much more very soon as she scooted under Dee to place her face directly under Dee’s pussy to watch my cock pump in and out of her pussy as I grunted I was cumming and slammed up against Dee’s ass. I filled her cunt with loads of cum as Lisa pulled my cock out and started to eat Lisa as if it was a gourmet delight.

Lisa came up from under Dee grabbed my face with her two hands and gave me a big French kiss with the juices from Dee’s cunt in her mouth as she passed them on to me. Our tongues were twirling about as I know she wanted me to taste Dee and my own cum so I swallowed everything she gave me. Dee watched what was going on and commented on what a beautiful thing we had just done as she slid down to clean off the remaining juices on my cock and balls.

I told the ladies that I was hungry after all this sex and asked if any plans were made for dinner. They looked at each other then at me with that far away gaze and asked for suggestions. I had read about this small Italian restaurant on the other side of the city that had great food but was about an hours drive from us so I told them about it and we all agreed. I went to shower first while they talked about dinner and when I came out Dee had gone home to clean up and change and Lisa was looking for things to wear. I put on some clothes and went to the living room to check out the tube to see what I missed during our sexual romp.

After a few minutes Lisa arrived wearing a soft flowing short summer dress with her heels and some great cleavage for all admirers to behold. I told her how hot she looked and she gave me a peck on the cheek and said we should go get Dee.

Dee was just coming out the front door when we arrived and was a vision of loveliness herself with a mini skirt, shirt that revealed her magnificent tits just enough for eyes to pop, and heels of her own that accented her firm ass. What a lucky bastard I was tonight!

We jumped in Dee’s car and drove over to the restaurant with small talk and not much else on our minds but eats. I parked in the middle of the parking lot and noticed not too many cars around and hoped the place was still open or that at least the food was as good as I read about. The ladies remained in the car as I went in to check it out. I returned in a few minutes to say all was well and that everything was Ok. It was apparently later than everyone else was used to eating and that we would be assured of great service. When we entered the staff took one look at Lisa and Dee then me and just had huge smiles along with some hard ons I suspected.

The waiter came right over after we were seated to ask about wine and probably look at two sets of great tits as I suggested a bottle and they said fine. We ate a fantastic meal along with another bottle of wine and were at that fine glow state when we had to think about the ride home. The check came and the ladies excused themselves to go to the ladies room so I paid and awaited their return which took about ten minutes. I left a tip and we headed to the car with nothing but stares and open mouths as I paraded those two through the place and out the door with them giggling all the way. I was getting a hard on with four tits stuck in my sides kars escort and two handfuls of great ass.

Being the gentleman I am I opened the doors to the car for them but they just stood there instead of getting in as I asked what was going on.

Lisa and Dee looked at each other then me with a wicked smile and said we as in all three of us would be driving home in the nude this evening. I laughed and asked about the possibility of getting stopped by the cops or getting into an accident at which they told me to go the alternate route and to take my time. I looked around the parking lot and it was far enough away and dark enough for one to really see what was going on so I stripped as the ladies followed suite and we got in and headed home. The ride was uneventful except for my raging hard on so the two of them would stick a finger or two in their pussies and give me a smell and taste so I would have something to look forward to when we arrived at home.

When I pulled into Dee’s driveway I noticed a new vehicle that wasn’t there before and inquired as to who owned it; she said it was her friend Marcus. “He’s very gay so don’t feel intimidated” she replied.

“Yah right. I’ve got this hard on, he’s gay and how am I suppose to feel” I joked.

We piled out and headed to the pool area where Marcus was just climbing out naked, wet, and with a very nice piece of meat if I do say so as another guy. He smiled, waved, embraced Dee, checked out Lisa with an admiring grin and shook my hand as we were introduced while stealing looks at my semi erect cock.

“Well it looks like everyone came here to party, am I intruding” he asked?

The ladies laughed and I just stood there without knowing what to say or how to respond to that. Lisa came over to me gave me a kiss as she stroked my cock and asked me if I would mind getting a blowjob by Marcus. If it will make you happy and horny then I’ll do it I whispered in her ear. She squeezed me and said Dee watched him suck some guy off before and he is quite talented and knows how to please. “Should I do him also” I asked?

When I looked over Dee had dropped to her knees and was fully involved with Marcus as she had him fully erect as he asked her to save some for the new guy……… Me.

Dee pulled away and I was staring at seven inches of cock but it didn’t seem that thick so I thought that maybe I would tackle this job. He smiled at me as he walked over and placed his hand on my fully erect cock and commented on its thickness and wondered about the taste. I told him I took special vitamins to make me cum in huge amounts and make it taste sweet. Marcus smiled as if he had just seen heaven and led me into the living room where he told me to lay on the couch so he could enjoy this feast. I suggested the floor because I was going to get him in a sixty nine position so I could suck him off at the same time. He was ecstatic with joy and could hardly wait for me to wrap my lips around his cock and suck on his balls. Marcus attacked my cock with a desire I had only known from a woman before as he engulfed my member right down to the base and started swirling his tongue all around the shaft, head, sucked on my balls and continued this routine at a pace that stunned me at first.

I had barely started licking his shaft and he had me close to the brink when he squeezed on my vein and shut me down so I could give him some pleasure before I shot off. I took his balls in my mouth swirled them around a bit and sucked hard enough to make him moan. I shot my tongue up and down his cock while swirling around it like a snake before I opened up and slowly took inch by inch down my throat until I was buried at the base. I couldn’t believe I had just done that and either could he, as he squirmed with pleasure. We kept up this pace as the Lisa and Dee watched in amazement as what was unfolding in front of them. I told Marcus that I was going to get off real soon and that if he expected me to swallow his load it better be when I’m fully engrossed doing the same. He bobbed down on my shaft and we both came at the same time exploding great spurts of cum into each others mouths and gulping like crazy to keep up. I was surprised to find the taste wasn’t all that bad as I lapped up the last drops as I even milked some more out and ran my tongue into his piss hole which drove him crazy. He told me he had never tasted such sweet tasting cum and that any time I needed to get milked he would be my farmer.

We all laughed and Lisa she had the exclusive rights to that stuff so it would be when she said it was Ok.

The rest of the night was shear sexual bliss with the evening high light of Lisa butt fucking Marcus with Dee’s strap on as she sucked him off while he milked another load from me. That was quite a sight!

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