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Chapter 2: Back Door Surprise

After arriving at Cynthia’s dorm room it did not take us long to get naked. This was my first chance to get a good look at Cynthia’s nude body. At the library I could only see Cynthia’s breasts and crotch. The rest of her body had remained covered by her long skirt and peasant blouse.

The naked woman before me was a vision of loveliness; from her tautly muscled calves to the short blonde hair atop her head. Her body was lightly tanned; firmly muscled from constant exercise; while still retaining its feminine curves. Her breasts were striking as they rose and fell with Cynthia’s breathing. The firm, pear shaped, twin globes jutted from Cynthia’s 38 inch chest; like two spectacular mountains. Her glorious peaks where capped by dark, silver dollar size areolas; with long, hard pink eraser shaped nipples. Cynthia’s belly was trim and flat; flaring into wide 38 inch hips. Her buttocks were ample and firm; with a deep crease separating the two cheeks.

My eyes finally came to rest on the furrow between Cynthia’s thighs. The area surrounding her cleft was completely shaved; displaying her puffy labia lips to good advantage. At the apex of her slit; I could see the pink, moist finger of her clit peeking out. The juice of her obvious arousal and the remains of our sex juices could also be seen leaking from the aroused lips of her labia. This inviting sight was causing my manhood to stiffen with lust.

“I can see by the way your cock is standing up that you like what you see.” Cynthia laughed; turning around; making sure I had a good view of her sexy body. Giving her tits a shake; Cynthia provocatively thrust her pelvis at me, saying, “Looking at your big, fat cock is making me hungry. The cunt lapping you gave me at the library felt so fantastic; I think I should return the favor. I just love the first taste of a man’s pre come juice; as it oozes from the tip. I’m going to show you that I’m as good a cock sucker as you are a cunt lapper.”

Falling to her knees in front of me; Cynthia licked her glossy red lips, reaching for my rigid shaft with her hands. Wrapping her two hands around the shaft, Cynthia bent her head until her mouth was close to the head of my cock. Sticking out her pink tongue, Cynthia began to bathe the knob with spit; lapping up the pre ejaculate oozing from the tip. When the head was shiny with saliva, she popped it between her glossy pink lips, slowly feeding the length into her mouth. As my meat disappeared down Cynthia’s throat; she tickled the underside of the shaft with her tongue. Finally her nose was resting against my crotch. She had swallowed my entire 12 inches of cock meat! I could not believe anyone could swallow my entire length without gagging.

With my erect member buried in her throat, Cynthia began to massage the length by working her throat muscles. The rippling throat muscles felt like tiny wings fluttering against my aching shaft. To increase my pleasure, Cynthia tickled my sensitive nut sack, while continuing to caress my hard on with her throat.

“O fuck baby! That feels fantastic! Don’t ever stop!” I groaned; entwining my fingers in Cynthia’s blonde hair. “I’ve seen guys getting deep throated on movies, but I never thought I’d get to experience it. What an incredible sensation! You’re like a human vacuum cleaner. I want to shoot my cream down your throat. You’re one hell of a cock sucker! You have sure paid me back for the pussy lapping I gave you earlier.” I growled; staring down into Cynthia’s shining blue eyes; as I ground my pubic hair against her face.

Slowly Cynthia began to pull her head back, allowing my pole to slide from her clutching throat. Ever so slowly more and more of my shaft began to appear. When only the head remained in her mouth, Cynthia began to suck hard. The suction was so powerful I thought I would shoot my load right then. Grasping my slick rod, Cynthia pulled the knob from her mouth with a pop. When Cynthia had removed my saliva covered penis from her incredible mouth, she inquired, “Would you like to fuck my big tits? You can slide your thick, long, slippery cock in the valley between these mountains.”

Placing my rigid pole between her breasts; Cynthia mashed the two glorious globes together; forming a tunnel for my penis to slide in. Feeling her hot tit flesh surrounding my shaft was incredible. She then began to slide her firm, fleshy melons escorts in london up and down my slippery shaft. Every time my knob protruded from the top of her tits; Cynthia would give it a sloppy lick with her talented tongue. Watching and feeling Cynthia’s huge breasts sliding on my cock was driving me crazy. Again Cynthia knew when to stop to keep me from climaxing.

Quickly Cynthia pulled my slippery cock from between her tits; stared me in the eyes and stated, “I’m not going to let you shoot yet. I’ve got another place I want to put your cock before I let you shoot. I hope you like surprises.”

Climbing on the bed; Cynthia arranged herself on all fours, with her head on the bed and her ass provocatively up thrust. She was in the traditional doggy position. This gave me an excellent view of her ass and the aroused pink lips of her gash. From my vantage point I could see the dew gathering on her love lips.

Giving her ass a wiggle; Cynthia asked, “Do you like what you see? Is there a hole you’d like to shove that big, hard cock of yours into?”

“There sure is! It looks hot, wet and ready for me!” I enthusiastically replied; climbing from the wheelchair to the bed.

Getting to my knees behind Cynthia; I grabbed her buttocks for support; allowing my cock to find its way to her weeping slit. With no difficulty, I thrust my throbbing pole into her snug, warm passage. The flood of love cream made it easy for me to bury my huge cock up to the balls in her welcoming tunnel. Slowly I began to pump in and out of her sucking slit.

Just as I was settling into a rhythm; Cynthia said, “Your cock should be well lubricated by now. How would you like to try out my other hole?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like that before!” I replied with astonishment. Isn’t that kind of nasty and dirty? Are you sure it won’t hurt?” I inquired apprehension obvious from the hesitant way I spoke.

“Don’t worry. It’s only nasty or dirty if you’re hurting someone against their will. I’ve done this before. I just love getting fucked up the ass; especially by a long, fat cock. It feels so great. I can’t get enough. Relax and try it. I promise you’ll enjoy it!” Taking a jar of something from the desk; Cynthia handed it to me instructing, “Put some of this on your fingers and work them into my ass hole. When you have one finger up there, try to work two then three into my butt hole. I want you to get my bung hole well lubricated and stretched. You’ve got a big, fat cock for me to get up my ass.

Scooping some lubricant from the jar; I rubbed my fingers against Cynthia’s rose bud. Slowly I worked a finger past Cynthia’s sphincter, burying it up to the hand. Sliding the lubricated finger in and out, I was soon able to stretch the passage until I could slip two; then three fingers in her expanding anal chute. My cock was twitching with anticipation, as I contemplated sliding between the globes of her ass.

Giving her ass a wiggle, Cynthia squealed, “I’m ready!” Reaching back to pull the cheeks of her ass apart, Cynthia commanded, “Jam that big, fat cock up my ass! I can’t wait any longer.”

Cynthia’s pussy made a slurpy pop, as I pulled my rigid pole out. Bringing the slippery knob to the entrance to her back door, I applied some pressure. With a grunt, I slowly popped the head past Cynthia’s greasy anal ring. Slowly more and more of my shaft disappeared into her tight sphincter. Suddenly I realized that my crotch was pressed against the firm globes of Cynthia’s buttocks. Her anal chute had taken my entire 12 inches; Just like her mouth and pussy had.

“Holy fuck! You’re so tight! I’ve never felt anything like it before.” I groaned; gritting my teeth to keep from climaxing with the sheer pleasure. I can’t believe you’re so tight. It feels like a hot, soft, tight fist jacking me off. It’s fucking great! I exclaimed; as I began to withdraw my throbbing cock from Cynthia’s snug ass hole.

“Fuck me baby! Ram that cock in and out of me fast! I love getting it in the ass!” Cynthia exclaimed, squeezing my shaft with her sphincter muscles. “It seams like you enjoy fucking my ass, as much as I enjoy getting it fucked. The way you’re talking, it sounds like you’ve become a butt fucking convert. Do you still find it nasty and dirty?” Cynthia laughed, thrusting her ass backwards trying to grip my withdrawing manhood. “Well slam it in some escorts in london more!”

Before Cynthia finished talking; I started pushing back inside her anal passage. The way her tight sphincter gripped my shaft, I did not think I could hold out for long. After a few more deep strokes; her back door began to open wider; allowing me to slide in and out with greater ease. Taking a firm grip on Cynthia’s ample butt cheeks, I began to slam in and out faster. I was really getting into butt fucking.

The sensations created by Cynthia’s grasping anal passage sent electric shocks shooting from my groin to my brain. I did not think I could keep my balls from spewing out my seed for much longer. The slapping sound of my crotch against Cynthia’s buttocks was reaching a crescendo, as I slammed faster and faster in and out of her ass. I was just about to blast my load of sperm deep into her bowels.

Suddenly I felt Cynthia’s ass muscles squeezing my cock. It hurt like hell! The grip was so tight I could not move my aching cock in or out of her ass. I could not believe how tightly she could grip my shaft with her sphincter muscle. Cynthia kept me in this vice like grip until the desire to climax was gone. After no longer then a minute, she relaxed her ass, allowing me to withdraw my aching manhood from her back door.

“I didn’t want you to come yet; so I gave you the squeeze. It works every time.” Cynthia explained; as she rolled onto her back on the bed. “I bet you never felt muscles squeeze your cock like that before. Do you think I have a talented ass? I hope you do because I want you to fuck it some more.”

“That squeeze hurt, but it will make me last longer. You sure know how to make the pleasures of butt fucking last. I can hardly wait to get some more of that gorgeous ass of yours.” I groaned, as I watched in amazement.

Cynthia was lying on her back; ankles around her ears; knees out thrust; hands under her hips; forming a giant O with her legs. This gave me a magnificent view of her pussy and butt. Cynthia’s ass was still wide open from the ass reaming I had just given her. I could not believe the erotic sight before me. Again my cock was throbbing with lust.

“Shove some pillows under my hips! Cynthia ordered. “What do you think of this position? It’s my favorite way to butt fuck. I can watch your big fucking cock, as you ram it in and out of me. It also leaves my hands free to do what ever I want. I saved this position for last, so I can see your face as you shoot your spunk into my bowels. This is why I didn’t let you come earlier.”

Quickly I obeyed Cynthia’s orders, sliding a couple of pillows under her hips. Leaning over her, I slid my knob between the cheeks of her ample ass, burrowing past the stretched sphincter. Thrusting my hips forward, my slippery cock plunged into Cynthia’s open ass hole; not stopping until my crotch rested against her butt. With my manhood buried in her cozy anal passage again, I cupped her up thrust melons with my hands. Giving Cynthia’s heaving tits a hard squeeze, I set to work sawing my shaft in and out of her snug back door.

“It feels great to have my cock back home in your ass.” I sighed, giving her a big grin. “You are right. This position is fantastic. I can look at your beautiful body; while getting full access to your ass hole. I wish I could keep fucking you like this for ever.”

“Fuck baby! I’m as glad as you to have your thick long cock back in my ass. I’m glad you enjoy this position as much as I do.” Cynthia cooed; rotating her hips; so her tight canal would squeeze my pulsating penis. “I love watching your cock slide in and out of my ass hole. This position also leaves my hands free to do things like this.” Cynthia giggled; as she gave my nipples a hard pinch; causing me to start in surprise. “I know you’re not going to last for ever, but while you last I want you to fuck me real hard. My ass hole needs a hard fucking. Give it to me hard and fast! Cynthia demanded; as she roughly forced her butt onto my cock.

Cynthia’s dirty talk; coupled with the pain from my nipples being pinched, was making me lose control. If she wanted to play rough, so could I. I could pinch her nipples and give her ass a hard fucking. I was not going to show this hot bitch any mercy!

Giving her erect nipples a hard pinch, I slammed my pole down into Cynthia’s anal canal; burying the full escort service length in her hot, sucking bowels. When my crotch smacked against her butt cheeks; I rotated my hips; grinding my pelvis against her globes; while my shaft twisted inside her hole; like an oil rig drilling for oil. Pulling out until only the knob remained inside her snug ass; I again rammed into her. Cynthia’s ass hole was mine to dominate. This feeling of power over Cynthia’s body was getting me very hot. Again I pounded into her glorious butt. This time Cynthia contracted her anal muscles; increasing the friction on my pole; as I withdrew. We were both getting into the hot, rough butt fucking.

“That’s it! Pinch those fucking nipples hard! Slam your big fucking cock into me! I like it rough!” Cynthia squealed.

With the fingers of one hand Cynthia continued twisting my nipples, while the other hand ministered to her own needs. The fingers had found her clit, commencing to strum the hard, pink nub. As her passion increased, she moved her fingers into her slit. Swirling her fingers around her pussy hole; Cynthia began to stroke the thin membrane separating her vagina from her ass. Slowly Cynthia forced her fist into her gash; beginning to fuck herself with it.

When I drove my erection into her ass; I could now feel Cynthia’s fist through the membrane separating her fist from my hard on. As I slammed my cock into her ass; Cynthia would pull her fist out of her pussy; replacing it when I removed my member from her ass. Cynthia was being double fucked! I could not believe this hot vixen could have both holes stuffed so full with out bursting. This was the hottest sex I had ever had.

“Holy shit, Cyn! I can’t believe what you’re doing; while I fuck your butt! You’re incredible! You’re the hottest bitch I’ve ever met!” I exclaimed; increasing the tempo of my pumping cock.

“I love to feel both my holes stuffed full! Can you feel my fist as you fuck my butt? Does it feel good?” Cynthia asked through gritted teeth. “O fuck keep pounding my butt!”

Losing all self control; I pounded into Cynthia; like a jackhammer. My swelling balls were beginning to fill with sperm. I knew my spunk would soon be flooding her bowels.

Arching my back; I drove deep into Cynthia’s bung hole, crying out, “I’m fucking coming! I’m going to shoot, Cyn! Here it comes! I’m filling your ass with my hot, sticky cream!”

With my shaft buried up to the balls in Cynthia’s ass hole; I could feel my seed blasting from my cock head; splashing against the walls of her bowels. As I emptied load after load of jism into Cynthia; I could feel her ass muscles squeezing my shaft; milking the semen from deep in my aching balls.

Quickly she moved her feet from her head to my shoulders; wrapping them tightly around me; holding me in a vice like grip. Looking into Cynthia’s contorted face I could see her blue eyes glaze over. When her body stiffened under me; I knew her climax was imminent.

As the first wad of cock juice hit Cynthia’s insides; she let go; screaming in orgasmic pleasure, “I’m right behind you! Your fat fucking cock has put me over the top!” Slamming and twisting her fist in her flooding hole; Cynthia franticly bucked her hips; crying out, “Don’t ever stop fucking my ass hole! I want to feel your thick long cock pumping me full of sperm! My fist can feel your cock jerk each time you blow a load into my bowels!”

All the thrashing about Cynthia was doing; made it difficult to keep her from breaking my shaft off at the root. As the waves of orgasmic pleasure began to subside; I could no longer hold myself up. Breaking free of the neck lock Cynthia’s legs had me in; I collapsed onto the bed. Cynthia continued moaning and fisting her gushing gash; as I lay beside her. This woman came so hard it frightened me. I had never seen a woman climax with such force. Finally Cynthia began to calm down; removing her glistening fist from her honey hole; as her body relaxed. It looked as if she had fainted from the intensity of her orgasm.

Just as I was beginning to worry; Cynthia recovered enough of her senses to whisper, “That was fantastic. You’re a great ass fucker. We’re going to have to do this again.” Moving her hand to my slimy, limp cock; Cynthia gently caressed it; as she murmured, “I hope I didn’t hurt your cock. I get carried away when I’m fucking. Let’s go to the shower and get cleaned up. I have a few more surprises in store for you. Showers are great places for water sports.” Reaching for a black mesh thong, Cynthia laughed, “I better pull on this thong so I don’t leak cock and cunt cream all over the carpet.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32