When it Came Through the Door Pt. 08


My birthday was coming up, and my wife asked me what I wanted. I told her what she wanted to hear, and decided to keep what I really wanted to myself. After all, I’m more than a little confident she wouldn’t understand.

When I’d left the toilet and Jackson had followed me, I’d almost let him veer off before I gave in, turned to him, and gave him an awkward smile. I’m not one to fess up very often, but this felt like one of those times in which I should. For some reason I had felt a little connection with Jackson, like a kindred spirit perhaps, so I went with my gut feeling and told him the truth.

“I was a bit scared and deleted your number, but later regretted it. I’m sorry,” I’d said simply.

He’d done this little thing where he stroked his chin for a while and his eyes squeezed almost closed, before fixing me with a cheesy grin and saying, “Sounds to me like you need to make it up to me!”

Of course I laughed, “Sure! I’ll happily suck your cock.”

He watched me with a secret bursting in his eyes. “I was thinking more like, fucking that hot, tight arse of yours actually.”

Naturally, I laughed. I knew he was serious, and we joked a little. But then he realised.

“Wait…so, I’d be your first?” he laughed.

By this point, we’d walked half the park, which is quite large.

“I’m not sure it’s my thing,” which was a big lie. I’d been watching a few videos that led to fucking, and I wondered what it was like to do both, but the size of Jackson’s dick scared me.

“I have an idea…no pressure, but how about, you come to my place when my wife’s away for the weekend in a couple of weeks. We can have a few drinks, relax a bit, and give it a shot?” he asked, hanging onto my response.

I did like the idea of trying it, and told him I’d consider it. He gave me his number again, and then demanded I give him mine. When he promised he wouldn’t send me suggestive texts in the middle of the night and that he’d act discretely, I agreed. Before I’d even ventured far from him, he’d sent me a text to confirm he had the right number.

As we rounded a bend, to a bit that overlooks a lake, we were surrounded by thick bush. He paused, and I assumed he was going in his own direction.

But he didn’t.

He walked into the bush, which had a worn path. I stood on the main path and gaped, not quite sure if he was going to pee or what.

But Jackson turned and watched me, as though waiting. When I took one step in his direction, he disappeared into the bushes. I quickly checked around me, and nobody was around, so I quickly ducked to the bush and followed him.

There was a spacious area that was well hidden from the path. It was like a little room covered in leaves. I looked around, absolutely shocked that such a hidden spot was possible.

It did not surprise me that Jackson knew about it.

As I entered, he stood with a big grin, and his dick hanging out through his zipper.

I began to smile, but he stepped forward, and with big arms, enveloped me into a hug, while lifting my face up to his. He kissed me and I felt my dick go rocket hard.

We had both just jizzed in the toilet, both emptied our balls into Vivek, yet someone was horny again, and I wasn’t surprised.

The cheeky grin had not disappeared, and so Jackson dropped to his knees and sucked my dick.

I looked around, but already knew we weren’t being observed and wouldn’t be. Anyone coming would make noise and we’d have time to separate.

But I needn’t worry, because Jackson sucked well and he did it with a slow, wanking hand.

I realised that it got me off really quick.

My dick wasn’t even in his mouth for a minute before I could feel the urge to nut.

And so I did, and Jackson let it spurt into his mouth and even as I gave him all of it, he swallowed it and gagged on it.

When he came away, he smiled, and I bahis firmaları could see he’d swallowed it all.

He’d jizzed all over my joggers too.

We quickly left the bush, and finally, he turned around and grinned, while holding up the phone, before walking off.

He had my number now.

We had some dinner and drinks with close friends for my birthday, but Vivek had developed a stomach bug and sent his apologies. His wife came without him, apologising profusely and relaying his regards, which was odd, because he normally just called or messaged me himself. I told her I understood, and deep down, I did, but I was still upset about it.

I’d figured that if I could get past it, perhaps he could too. At some point, I might need to corner him by himself and have a conversation to clear the air. Though that was easier said than done.

Regardless, it was a great night, we all drank too much, made more memories, and toasted to many more celebrations together.

That weekend was a long weekend, and the Sunday night my wife went to a women’s overnight retreat with two of her girlfriends for the night for a luxurious massage and champagne evening, followed by yoga and meditation.

The timing was not accidental, given I’d suggested it, found the alleged discount voucher, and bought it for her, then suggested her friends go with her.

Alone on a Sunday, with no wife until Monday, and free to do as I pleased, I chose to accept Jackson’s invitation.

A bottle of good Whiskey in hand, I drove over to Jackson’s address, which wasn’t that far away from mine, and parked in his driveway.

His house was impressively large and suited the neighbourhood well, with two and a half stories, a double-garage and white picket fence.

I thought the guy was taking too much risk however, but kept that musing to myself.

Jackson opened the door wearing a naughty grin, grey shorts, and a baggy white tee and stood barefoot.

“Hey buddy, come in,” he said, highly likely more for the neighbours than for me, but I liked the sound of being called his buddy.

Jackson’s house was as impressive on the inside as it was on the outside, with tasteful decor and not too crowded furniture. He led me to the main living area, which faced an impressively large television. On it, was some high quality, bisexual porn.

“Whoa…” I couldn’t help but stammer and sat on the soft, large sofa.

He looked concerned. “Is this not okay?”

I quickly reassured him it was. “No, no! Not what I meant. It’s just that…well, it feels all so out in the open here. Aren’t you afraid that…”

“…my wife will come home?” he continued for me, a tight jawline that held up a smirk on his handsome face.

“Um, er…yeah.” I shrugged, but looked around as though expecting her to come in at any moment.

“She got a 3-hour train this morning, and I’m picking her up tomorrow evening. She’s got a tracker device hidden in her suitcase, which I checked today, and she’s definitely at her hotel.”

I started at him, disbelieving. “You put a tracker on your wife?”

It was his turn to shrug. “Only way to ensure we won’t be interrupted. Also for her safety.”

There was no point faulting his logic, even if it bothered me.

Somehow, I relaxed a little, but occasionally looked over my shoulder towards the doorway regardless.

The blonde girl in the video was overly made-up, far too slutty to be attractive, with eyes that proved she was high off her chops, but one of the guys was incredibly sexy, with muscles not much more defined than Jackson’s, and handsome, rugged looks.

This guy was getting fucked by a black guy, who had a dick only slightly smaller than Jackson’s.

“Looks painful,” I said.

“Only for a few seconds,” Jackson said, pouring us both a Whiskey from his own stash.

“What happens after a few seconds?” kaçak iddaa I asked, eyes glued to the close-up of a black dick sliding in and out of the rugged guy’s arse.

“Your arsehole starts to relax, you start to enjoy it and feel less pain, and more pleasure.”

“And if I don’t relax and enjoy it?” I asked him, finally turning to watch him.

He shrugged. “Then you bite the pillow, and hope I’ll jizz pretty soon,” he downed the scotch while watching the porn. Then slowly turned to face me, even as my jaw slowly dropped open.

“Kidding,” he added. “If you don’t like it, you can fuck me.”

“Do you like it?” I asked him.

“Sometimes,” he said, watching the blonde girl try and focus on the rugged guy’s cock.

It wasn’t awkward exactly, but I felt like Jackson was waiting for something.

We sipped our drinks in silence, and watched the bi porn with interest. I wasn’t hard, in fact I was quite turned off by it.

A short time later, as I started to feel a healthy dose of buzz from the alcohol, Jackson said. “You’re not hard. Nervous?” he was staring at the bulge in my shorts.

I shrugged. “It’s not really turning me on. Not sure if it’s the girl or what. She’s too…” I didn’t know how to finish, but luckily Jackson seemed to get it.

He nodded. “Yeah. Not really my type.” He navigated to a new site with his phone, and selected gay porn onto the big T.V.

A ‘Doctor’ and a ‘builder’ were standing in an office.

“I have an itch deep inside me that I can’t seem to scratch,” the builder complained to the Doctor.

I laughed, and pretty soon Jackson did too.

It relaxed the atmosphere a little, but the porn was a lot better, so it made a big difference.

He slid over to right next to me and the awkwardness dialled up a little, but then he put an arm around my shoulders, and a hand on my bulge, while gently massaging it, and watching my reaction.

I kept my focus on the porn for a few more seconds, but then looked down at his strong hand as it massaged my quickly growing boner.

“That’s better,” he said, as my rock-hard dick began to protest against my shorts.

His hand felt good, and warmed me up quite quickly. When I turned to look at him, he was watching me intently, with a gaze that made me a little uncomfortable.

He leaned in too close, and his lips were right next to mine. I watched his face, and felt the compulsion to turn away.

But I kissed him instead.

Again, I felt that jolt when our lips touched that seemed to echo through my body and made my dick throb.

Apparently he felt it too, because he swivelled to sit on my lap, faced me and pushed his body into me. I could feel his huge dick press against my belly as he leaned in and kissed me again.


It was warm, and comfortable on that sofa, and somehow we went from sitting, to laying down. Clothes dissolved while we kissed, and he pushed me down with a ferociousness I hadn’t experienced since my wedding day.

When he pulled my t-shirt off, and he saw my bare chest, his eyes lit up.

“You’ve been working out,” he said breathlessly, and kissed me again.

It was a bit awkward, in that we hit a level of intimacy I wasn’t expecting.

An intimacy I hadn’t experienced with anyone except my wife.

But it didn’t seem to bother Jackson, as his lips melted into mine with a deep, long, passionate kiss, while his hands massaged the back of my neck, my ears, my head, my shoulders, and occasionally, as our dicks pressed and rubbed against each other, his tongue would trail along my neck and sometimes venture into my ears.

Nobody had ever put a tongue in my ear, and it made me wanna nut so bad.

His hot breath, as his dick moved tightly against mine, made me pretty close to jizz, but I held off.

He jumped up, grabbed my hand, and led me to his bedroom. I could tell right kaçak bahis away it was not their bedroom, but a spare room, by the generic sparse furnishing and lack of intimate objects.

The bed was comfortable and soft, but the minute we lay on it naked, and he was back on top kissing me, I forgot where I was.

The passion reached new levels with Jackson. When his tongue immersed itself in my mouth, and his dick rubbed against mine once more, I drew back, so close, trying not to jizz.

Jackson sensed this, because then he trailed down, licking around my chest and my nipples, and down along my belly and around my balls. He sniffed them for a while, apparently enjoying my man-scent.

Before I knew it, my dick disappeared inside his mouth with loud sucking and slurping. His mouth was so hot, and firm as it swallowed my dick whole. He alternated between my balls, the head of my cock and swallowing my cock again repeatedly.

Then he came up and kissed me while lifting me onto his lap, and I felt his cock rub against the hole of my arse.

I opened my mouth to tell him that I didn’t think I could do it, but he lifted me up, twisted me around and grabbed my waist, pulled me up and towards him, and shoved his tongue into my arse.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Doggy style is not a position that I’ve ever thought I’d be in for my birthday weekend, but being naked with Jackson in his bed, was what I’d been thinking about a lot for some time.

On all fours, with Jackson eating out my arse, my thoughts raced.

Would I let him? He was huge. I’m not sure I have it in me. Thinking about it is one thing, but he was very big. I began to list how I’d reject him before he’d even begun.

It felt a bit like a dream, and surreal, as he flipped me again, put a bottle of poppers to me, then kissed me while the tip of his dick pushed at my arsehole.

Whatever that poppers was, put me in a very dreamlike state and also made me relax a lot.

Smirking at me, a hand reaching over for lube, and then his dick trying to gently wiggle a way in there, while I stared at him wondering what the hell poppers was.

“I don’t think I can,” I started, but Jackson’s lips came down into mine as I felt him trying to push in even further.

“Okay, we won’t then,” he said, but continued to slide in and out of me.

I could feel him fucking me, but I knew he was only in a little bit.

Instead of moving off me, he gave me more from the little bottle and then kissed me some more.

My legs wrapped around his waist as I felt him sliding deep into me. I’m not sure how far he got in, but the look on his face was ecstasy. He kept nodding, smiling — so cheeky, but grunted as he fucked me. He’d built a little rhythm, and looked like he was completely in heaven.

And then he was close, I could tell, and I was too. His dick seemed to be hitting that spot where my orgasms always start.

He seemed to be fucking that very spot.


And as I felt it begin to erupt, I watched his face spasm, and his eyes almost roll all the way back as he nutted with an explosive grunt, a half roar like I’d heard in the toilets when he’d fucked Vivek, and his body tensed, even as his dick plunged all the way right deep inside me.

My jizz splashed us in waves, between his chest and mine, and our faces.

We were covered.

Eruption isn’t even the word. It’s like when he fucked me, he fucked the jizz out. It shot out in multiple directions like mini jets of molten lava and stuck to us.

And then he collapsed on top of me, kissing my neck, panting heavily, and covered in a sheen of sweat.

I can’t tell you how long we lay like that in total, but I did not have the energy to move a muscle.

At some point, Jackson slid off me and rolled to my side, and lay half draped across me, both slowly trying to catch our breath.

I didn’t know what to say, and I opened my mouth a couple of times, but felt this enormous wave of tiredness.

I fell asleep.

And woke up with sun streaming through the windows and Jackson spooning me.

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