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He was supposed to have been home two days ago. He was late.


Madison and Jake had been married only a few weeks when he decided he was going to join the service. She hadn’t seen him in over a year, and now that she thought about it, she had only seen him once since he left nearly three years ago. She was so excited she just couldn’t stand it! It was nearly midnight. “Oh well,” she thought, “another night to myself, I suppose.”

She should be familiar with the loneliness by now, it had been three years since she slept with anyone, and she had been working her ass off trying to keep up with herself while he’d been gone.

She stood up and walked slowly toward the bathroom, stripping herself of the robe and thong she was wearing along the way to the bathroom. She didn’t bother closing the door, she was much too caught up in her own feelings. Her knees were starting to tremble, and she thought to herself that maybe they knew what was to come. She stood and contemplated the shower, the floor, the counters.. She looked around again, spying the bathtub faucet, remembering how her husband had once shown her to use it long before they were married and walked over to the edge of the tub.

Slowly, she turned the water on, opening the flow of water more and more, eyeing it greedily as it grew in volume, remembering, vividly now, her lover and the night he had first shown her the versatility of an ordinary faucet. Yes, she would give nature another try. She was tired of waiting, she had been holding out for him for the last week. He would understand if she didn’t hold out for him another night; it had been too long.

She stood by the tub and waited for the water to heat up. In a matter of seconds it was at a comfortable temperature. She couldn’t help but smile, getting excited over what was to come. She lowered herself into the bathtub, and slid down so that her legs were split wide, her pussy was directly under the tap. She could feel the water getting deeper kurtköy escort around her, and she couldn’t help but shiver with her anticipation.

She starts to knead her breasts slowly, squeezing them in turn, then rolling each nipple between her fingers until she could feel every movement on her breasts deep inside of her. She let her hands tickle their way down to her crotch, which was warm and soaked from the rushing water. Smiling, she opened herself up to the glorious current rushing against her, opening her lips to expose her most sensitive areas.

Madison took first one deep breath, then another, holding them in as long as possible, keeping her attention on the sweet crescendo of sensations building in her groin and rushing through her entire being as her body readied itself for the release for which it yearned. She could feel the quivering of her thighs, and knew instinctively that she was nearing the edge. She held her breath until she felt slow trickling warmth spread through her, then slowly let it out, creating a wave of pleasure. She relaxed and let her body go with it. She felt so good. Her mind went blank, and during the most intense part of her orgasm she opened her eyes slightly, then closed them again. She could feel the muscles inside of her pulsing, and knew it would be over soon.

Her eyes flew open again as it registered in her mind that someone was standing in the doorway watching her. Jake. It was Jake! She tried to speak, but it came out as a moan as her back arched and she exploded. Her whole body vibrated with sensation and she stared at him, unable to speak.

What would he think?? What would he do?? She couldn’t believe he was actually there. She fought to regain her voice, but it was a failure. She was still too worked up over her pleasuring that she could merely whisper. “Jake…”

He didn’t say a word, but walked to her, helped her stand and lifted her from the tub, leaning over to turn off the faucet as he did.

“Madison,” aydıntepe escort he said with a sigh. He had spent the last three days traveling home, filled with anticipation at the idea of finally seeing his beautiful wife whom he had missed every day since he had been gone. He noticed the worry in her eyes, and pulled her closer to press against him.

“Damn,” he thought, he was rock hard already! He had missed her so much. Missed this. He picked her up off of her feet and held her close. She kissed him on the cheek sweetly, worried about his reaction, or what he might say. Before she had a chance to speak, he caught her mouth with his, and kissed her strongly and deeply. He was so aroused; there were no other thoughts in his mind but of her. He carried her into the bedroom, still wet, and lay her back against the pillows. He didn’t bother to unmake the bed, but started to tug off his clothing as quickly as he could.

Madison watched in awe as she saw how much her husband’s body had changed because of his physical work, and pride burst in her heart. Her husband. He was home, even though it wasn’t for long. She looked up at him then to the floor as his underwear finally came off. She held out her arms, reaching for him, and when he came to her, he crushed her underneath him. It felt so good to be with her again, he couldn’t believe he was actually home. Home.

Thank God.

Jake kissed her fiercely on the mouth, then moved on to kissing her eyelids, nose, cheeks, neck, and breasts, making a slow, hot trail to her pussy.” He wanted to taste all of her, every inch, so he would never forget any of it. He felt his groin throbbing and wanted desperately to finish it, to feel himself erupt inside of her, but he withheld himself from it.

She moaned as he reached her core and began licking it slowly, teasingly. He glanced up at her face and saw the slight hint of pain contorting her features and realized she was probably a little tender from before. He kissed tuzla içmeler escort his way to her thighs, then back up to her mouth, taking it greedily and slipping his tongue into her mouth. He probed as deeply as he could with his tongue, while pressing his fingers inside her at the same time. She moaned softly and he couldn’t stand it any longer. He pressed himself down to cover her body and she sank her head back into the pillows. He started to nibble at her ear and neck, making her sigh with pleasure.

Then he entered her, and she sucked in a deep breath. He moaned and pressed himself fully into her. He started to move in and out slowly, still teasing her neck. She breathed out “Jake….” and he started to move faster. They moaned together, and met each other, surge for surge, matching one another’s passion as it grew, lost in the sensations of every movement. Feeling it and memorizing it. He let out a shaky groan and started to ride her faster and harder. He couldn’t get enough of her, she was so warm and inviting and wet. His nerves were thrumming with pleasure and he rode her harder yet, pushing his full length into her over and over again.

She moaned loudly and arched her back. She threw her head back and screamed aloud, she just couldn’t handle it anymore. She had waited for this, fantasized about this for months. She bucked wildly, moaning and moving with his rapid thrusts. He bit down on her shoulder and let out a harsh breath against her silky skin. Then he felt himself starting to cum and kept pace. Her hands flew up and entangled themselves in his hair, and his hands found themselves a place on her hips, pulling her along with his movements.

He groaned out her name over and over. She pulled his head down against her chest and held it there tightly as he emptied himself inside her and she panted as she reached the peak. He rode with her, and they fell over the edge together, lost in each other completely, mindless with their exhaustion.

Madison looked at her husband after a few moments and realized he was asleep. She cradled him closely and sighed. She could feel him pressed inside her still, and held him tightly. “I love you Jake.” she whispered into the darkness, and drifted off into sleep herself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32