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Three’s a Party

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Chet Chester had it good. Somewhere along the line, he became rich and successful, with a job at the world’s largest soup company. He was well-off and married to a smoking hot woman who happened to be heiress to the soup, and now he paraded around with the look of a man happy with his life.

Apparently, this meant he invited his high school frenemies to house parties. Standing in the middle of his living room, Bill stared at the furniture and frowned.

He felt out of place. He wasn’t rich or well-connected, not worth schmoozing with and without the confidence of youth to tell himself otherwise. The only person he knew was Chet, and they hadn’t even been that close, just classmates who fought more often than they got along. Bill remembered how he once punched him and got bitten on the leg as payback. He still had the scar to prove it.

If he was still Harvard’s star quarterback, then it would make sense. Those were the glory days, back when he played on the varsity football team. People called him a golden boy with a bright future, promising him that he’d make it big.

Except he never did. No team ever scouted him, and, like the short-sighted fool he was, he didn’t have any backup plans. So much for that, he graduated and life became normal from then on.

Now he was divorced, with a dead-end job at his father’s hamster breeding business. Just when he thought he couldn’t get any lower, he was getting pity invites from Chet.

The only thing pleasant about the party was the smoked-salmon canapé in his hand. Bill bit into it and got crumbs all over the floor.

A woman standing nearby saw the sight and tutted, whispering to her friends. Then they started tutting at him too.

Bill rolled his eyes. A younger, dumber him would’ve walked over and picked a fight, but now he just thought about leaving. Fuck this, he thought bitterly. He wasn’t here to fuel his inferiority complex. There was no point in sticking around just to eat expensive food and get judged for it. Hell, Chet probably invited him to lord his success – and his salmon bites – over him.

That settled it, he was leaving. All of this was a lost cause, and most of all himself.

He turned towards the door and was stopped by a hand on his elbow.

“Leaving so soon?”

There Chet was, the bastard.

It figured that he would show up just as he was leaving. Bill scowled, jerking his arm free as he looked down at him.

“Yes, actually. I have something else to do. Something, uh, something better. I have better things to do.”

“Aww.” Chet had the nerve to be disappointed about it. His face fell and his shoulders slumped, managing to look sad despite his ginger curls and goofy freckles. “That’s too bad, Sol was looking forward to meeting you.”

“Sorry, maybe next time,” Bill snorted.

“No, what about now?” He peeked up at him hopefully, suddenly all smiles. Chet grabbed his arm again, harder this time, and pulled him back into the house. “I’m sure you can spare five seconds, she’s really looking forward to meeting you. I told her all about when we were young and I bit your leg during soccer. Good times, good times.”

Bill wasn’t having it. As far as he could tell, there was nothing to talk about. He’d seen Sol a few times in passing and only knew her as Chet’s tall and pretty wife. She didn’t look like the sort of person who would like him and what was the point of sticking around to find out?

Chet kept chattering without a care in the world, much less for Bill’s thoughts. “She found it pretty interesting, you know? Then I said you went to Harvard and now she wants to see what a Harvard boy is like.”

The reminder stung. Bill flinched but before he snap back, Chet pushed him forward. “Here’s Bill!”

He looked up. Chet’s wife was standing before him and to put it lightly, she was breathtaking.

She was tall and slender, towering over her husband. With the stilettos, she was about Bill’s height and a head over Chet’s. Her long, dark hair cascaded to her waist, while her little black dress was cut alarmingly high, showing off her legs perfectly.

Sol was out of Chet’s league. She was miles out of his league. How had he even managed to marry her?

“Hi Bill,” she said and even her voice was sweet. “I’m Sol, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.” Bill gave her an awkward nod, at a loss for words.

Sol didn’t seem to mind. Looking him up and down, she giggled and nodded to Chet approvingly. “You’re right, he is tall.”

“Right?” Chet beamed back at her. “Remember, he used to play football at Harvard.”

“Oh really?” Now she was looking at him with renewed interest. If Bill didn’t know better, he would’ve said it was the look single ladies gave him at the bar, back in his glory days. “Which, um, position were you in?”

“Quarterback,” he muttered.

“Wow.” Sol was definitely making eyes at him now. She stepped closer, playing with her hair. “You do look like the type. I bet you’re really strong…”

Bill snuck a glance ulus escort at Chet. For some reason, his wife’s blatant flirting didn’t bother him at all. Either he was ignoring it or he didn’t care, both of which drew questions. What the hell was this?

As if sensing his confusion, Chet put his arm around Sol’s waist and shot him an indulgent look. “Sol likes men who play with balls,” he said.

Sol nodded and ducked her head. “You have such a nice body, Bill.” She placed a hand on his chest and smiled. “I’d love to see it.”

“In a threesome,” Chet added helpfully.

“What?!” Bill stared at them in shock, unable to believe his ears. Were they serious? Sol and Chet, the perfect married couple, was inviting him to a threesome? God, was this the reason he was at the party in the first place?

Sol’s face fell and she withdrew her hand. “Unless you’ve got someone already.”

“No,” he blurted out. “No, I don’t. I’m actually divorced.” His stomach twisted at the memory. Everything had been going so well and then one day, he woke up to her suitcases packed. He still didn’t understand why.

“Can’t imagine it,” Chet said blandly.

“Yeah,” Bill snapped. He looked at them and wondered what in the world they wanted from him. Here they were, two happy, successful people, inviting him to their bedroom. He wasn’t even a football player anymore, but a has-been.

Even if he didn’t understand it, he couldn’t turn them down. Sol was hot, Chet was… tolerable, and it was a once in a lifetime chance.

Bill went for broke.

“I’ll do it,” he told them.

They ushered him into a bedroom upstairs and closed the door. Bill spared a thought for the party still going on, but if the hosts didn’t care, then neither did he.

He looked around. Everything was tidy, the bed neatly made. By the nightstand were condoms and lube, which made his face flush. “So do you guys, like, do this often or…?”

“Oh no, this is our first time.” Chet laughed and pulled Sol close. “Sol said she wanted to try it out and I thought, why not? It’s pretty hot.” He beamed like there was nothing wrong with letting another man fuck your wife.

Sol turned to him and cooed. Leaning down, she placed her hands on his chest and kissed him lightly. Chet chuckled and pulled her into another, deeper kiss.

“Watch closely,” she murmured.

“Oh, I will.”

“Wha-” Bill spluttered, eyes wide. Not caring that he was right there, Sol and Chet were parting their lips, kissing deeply. Holding each other, they tilted their heads and made out with tongue. Bill’s face turned red and he averted his gaze, unsure where to look.

The couple parted with heavy breaths, looking sheepish. “Oops,” Sol said, smiling in embarrassment. “We got carried away. I’m so sorry Bill, you must feel like such a third wheel.” As an apology, she stepped forward and pecked him on the cheek.

“No, it’s fine.” What was he saying? A foolish smile was growing on his face and he couldn’t even control it. He was beginning to realize the frightening effect Sol had on people.

She smiled and glanced at Chet, who chuckled. “Well, go on, Sol,” he said and gestured to him. “Undress him. You wanted to see his body, right?”

Nodding, she reached up and started unbuttoning his polo. Before she could pull it off though, Chet interrupted, a crafty grin on his face.

“Wait, no, get naked and then undress us.” He made eye contact with Bill and winked.

“Okay,” Sol murmured obediently. She stepped back so the two men could see her body, then began stripping. In a smooth gesture, she shrugged the dress off her shoulders, sliding it down. Bill watched as the black cloth fell to the ground, revealing her skin.

She wore shockingly racy lingerie under the dress. Her bra was lined with lace, and her matching panties had a little bow at the front. They were dark and elegant, designed for sex appeal, and framed her body perfectly.

Sol reached behind herself and unclasped her bra, freeing her breasts. Her panties went next, inching off her legs agonizingly slow, and then she was standing naked in front of him.

She fidgeted with her hands and looked at him. “What do you think?”

“I think he’s getting a boner,” Chet said snidely from behind her.

Sol glanced down at his crotch and Bill flushed. Chet was right, his dick was reacting – he wasn’t fully hard, but he was getting there.

The sight of it seemed to please her, and she started taking his shirt off. Bill silently hoped she wouldn’t comment on the way his body had softened since his college years, but Sol said nothing. Moving down to his pants, her palm pressed against his cock, rubbing it before she unzipped his fly. As she lowered them, Sol made an impressed noise. “You’re big.”

Bill felt a rush of pride. It was true, six inches was the American average and he’d taken a ruler to himself and measured a good six point five. His cock happened to be bigger than most men yenimahalle escort and he was smug about it.

He snuck a peek to where Sol was stripping Chet and decided he was bigger than him too. Not that Sol seemed to care, given the sappy, married looks they were sending each other. She was taking her sweet time with him, occasionally stopping to kiss his freckles. And his freckles were everywhere on his body, which was soft like he lived well.

“I like how you’re looking at me,” Chet said, interrupting him mid-thought with a heated look.

He didn’t want Chet making eyes at him! Stubbornly, Bill looked away and hoped he hadn’t been making eyes back. It was supposed to be Sol he was into, not her husband. He must be getting carried away by the mood.

“Sol’s hotter,” he snapped.

“Of course she is,” Chet said and beamed.

Bill huffed and crossed his arms, suddenly self-conscious. The weight of what he was doing suddenly dawned on him. He was naked and standing in a bedroom with an equally naked Sol and Chet. They were about to have a threesome together. A threesome!

This was like nothing he’d ever experienced before. Truth to be told, Bill was getting cold feet. Although he always acted like they were, none of the women in his past were particularly impressed with his performance. Sol was about to find out just how mediocre an ex-quarterback could be.

“Hey, so I don’t really know…” he trailed off uncertainly, unsure what he was trying to say. That he didn’t know if he could do it? That he wasn’t going to satisfy her? That he wasn’t good at sex?

“That’s okay, I have an idea.” Sol seemed to have misunderstood his words. She stood between Bill and Chet, a happy look on her face like it was Christmas and they were her gifts. “Come closer,” she said, and when they did, she brushed her hands against their cocks. “I was thinking I could touch you and then maybe use my mouth?”

Bill’s head went blank the moment he felt her hand. “Fuck,” he swore and pressed himself against her, forgetting his previous thoughts. He felt her giggle as she took him and began stroking.

Her hand was amazing. Her fingers gripped his shaft, pumping up and down with firm strokes. It was different than what he was used to and Bill realized it was probably how Chet liked it. A glance to his side confirmed it – Sol was touching Chet the same way and he was already breathing hard.

Bill flushed and felt his dick twitch in her hand. The way she was going, he would cum in no time at all. “You’re too good at this,” he choked out.

“I’ve thought about it before,” Sol admitted bashfully. “It’s one of my hottest fantasies.” With that, she dropped to her knees and tilted her head. “I think it would be really sexy to… to do two men at once.”

Opening her mouth, she licked Bill’s cock.

Bill immediately gasped. Sol was holding him with one hand, running her tongue along his shaft and getting it wet. Her fingers massaged the base of his cock while her mouth worked at the tip, sucking the head.

Then she moved her mouth off, turned to Chet’s cock, and got to work servicing him. Still throbbing, Bill watched as she sucked her husband, giving him loving attention. She got him wet with her tongue, then opened wide and took his cock all the way into her mouth in a practiced gesture. Bobbing up and down, her eyes closed helplessly as she moaned around him, the look on her face saying she loved every second of it.

The sight of her sucking another man’s dick made Bill’s heart pound in ways he didn’t understand. His eyes widened, staring at her with rapt attention as she blew Chet. “Do me too,” he moaned.

Sol did. Alternating between them, she took him in and hollowed her cheeks. A tight, wet heat enveloped him, and the suction as she bobbed her head was amazing. Her hand caressed his balls, then moved up to rub the rest of his cock that she couldn’t take in her mouth.

Then, of all things, Sol swallowed. Bill groaned and threw his head back, feeling his body shake. “Fuck,” he swore, and repeated it when she did it again. “Fuck.”

Chet was looking at him smugly, as if pleased by his wife’s performance. “She’s good at this, isn’t she?” He leaned in, breath hot against Bill’s cheek, and grabbed his shoulder. Kissing his neck, Chet leaned up and nipped at his jaw. “You’re hot when my wife is sucking your dick,” he whispered. Bill felt his breaths deepen.

Bringing their faces together, Chet kissed him in a way that was undeniably masculine. A firm mouth pushed against his, and Chet bit his bottom lip sharply. When Bill gasped and opened his mouth, Chet took the chance to rub their tongues together in a hot, dirty way. The sensation was too much for Bill, who groaned from deep within his chest.

“God,” he choked out. Chet was sparking all sorts of weird feelings within him. Bill always thought he was firmly straight but now, he might have to reconsider.

It was so much. Too much, with how Sol was still sucking his cock like it was the best thing in the world. She was taking him good and deep in her throat, getting more of him each time she went down. By the time she swallowed all the way to the base, he was a whimpering, sweating mess.

“I’m gonna…”

“Do it,” Chet whispered, licking his ear.

Bill let go. His body trembled in one of the strongest orgasms of his life, an explosive feeling that went all the way down to his toes. His dick throbbed, ropes of cum shooting out and coating Sol’s face, dripping down her neck.

“Yeah,” Chet grunted from beside him, and Bill saw that he was jerking himself off. “Fuck, that’s hot…”

When Bill caught his breath, he looked down to see Sol’s chest heaving, pearly white semen all over her. Covered in their cum, Sol flushed and touched her face. “I’m all dirty now,” she said, satisfaction heavy in her voice.

“You look good,” Chet said.

“Thank you.” Sol stood up, wavering unsteadily on her feet. Chet caught her and rubbed her back, directing them to the bed.

Bill’s cock was throbbing with deep, aching need to fuck her mouth again, but he followed. He got on the bed and waited for what would happen next.

Chet was sitting on the bed with a box of tissues in his lap. Patiently, he wiped the semen from Sol’s face, smiling indulgently at his wife. They exchanged some quiet words Bill couldn’t catch, then broke into giggles.

When they turned back to him, there was a mischievous grin on Chet’s face. “You know what I wanna see?” he said and pulled Sol over so she sat between them, facing Bill. Grabbing her legs, he spread them out. “I wanna see you eat her out.”

Sol moaned as her pussy was exposed, head lolling back to rest against Chet’s shoulder. Her chest rose and fell as her husband used his fingers to spread her open. “Please,” she gasped.

Bill spared a moment to contemplate the gravity of the situation, then dove right in. How could he not when she was begging for him with the sluttiest look on any woman he’d ever seen? He lurched forward, planting his head between Sol’s legs.

Sol’s pussy was in front of him, pretty and wet. Evidence of her arousal glistened on her thighs, a wet spot forming on the bed, and Bill didn’t wait a second more.

Taking a deep breath, he opened his mouth and moved it messily between her folds. His lips slid against her and he stuck out his tongue, licking and sucking wherever he could get. He went fast and hard, desperate to make her moan. Technique was never something he was good at but he’d been told his enthusiasm made up for it.

“Bill? Bill, please stop.”

A hand gripped his hair and wrenched his head up.

“What?” Bill mumbled, baffled.

“That’s not how you do it,” Sol said, looking like she felt bad about telling him.

He was genuinely confused. He was putting his mouth on her private parts, wasn’t this how it worked? Bill furrowed his brows, trying to work out the logistics, and couldn’t come up with anything better. “But my ex said I was good at it.”

Sol fell silent, blushing. Chet took the chance to chime in. “I’m not commenting on that,” he said about Bill’s ex. He gave Bill a serious look. “If you want to make Sol feel good, listen to me. Stop going so hard without even thinking about what you’re doing. You gotta go slow. Kiss it. Worship it. Make her beg with your tongue.”

“Huh,” Bill said.

“Don’t make me stick out my tongue and show you,” Chet said, sticking out his tongue anyway.

Bill snorted. “No, I got the idea.” He ducked down again, kissing the inside of her thighs. The idea was to tease her before getting to the good part, right? He could do that.

He did it again, moving to her pussy. Parting his lips for a dirtier kiss, he went over her with his tongue. He ran it along her slit, slower and more gentle this time, just like Chet said.

Bill felt Sol shiver beneath him, her reaction better than the first time he tried. He repeated the motion, drawing out a ragged breath, and felt a rush of pride.

“Keep going,” Chet said above him. “Add some pressure, do it around her clit. Yeah, that’s good. You’re feeling good, right, Sol?”

“Mm,” Sol breathed. “Yes, he’s getting better.”

Bill went warm at the praise. He increased his efforts, trying to make every move about her pleasure. As he was sliding his tongue up, Sol’s hips twitched and he drew back, startled.

He stopped and looked up, meeting her eyes. They were half-lidded and dazed, clouded with lust. “Please don’t stop, Bill. Please. Keep going, you were doing so well.”

Chet’s hands came up to fondle her breasts. He cupped them and squeezed, rubbing her nipples with his fingers. Sol let out a soft noise, face going red. “Hear her? Get back to it, Bill.”

The way Chet was bossing him around was making him feel strange. Normally, Bill would never take instructions from someone like him. He knew Chet as the weird, goofy guy, except times had changed. Now he was the one who spoke firmly, while Bill didn’t know what he was doing.

It felt kind of good to let Chet tell him what to do.

As Bill lowered his head again, Chet drew a hand down and with a finger, rubbed the nub that was peeking out. “Lick the clit,” he said before taking his hand away.

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Tawny and the Five Guys

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For the most part these stories are from Tawny’s viewpoint, with some segments being from her husband Eric’s viewpoint.

Tawny loves to be used by multiple guys who treat her roughly. Her being a slut to be used by strangers is something that Eric understands and supports, not only because he loves her, but because hearing about it is a huge turn-on for him as well. Tawny charging her “customers” for these parties is an idea she had to get the type of sex she enjoys, but still have boundaries. She’d happily do it all for free, the money is just a way to ensure that the guys feel entitled to treat her as roughly as she wants to be treated.

Ideally, these stories should be read in order. However, if the reader’s only interest is in hearing what is happening to Tawny in this installment, it’s not strictly necessary.

It is strongly suggested to at least first read her origin story “Tawny and the Value Given” to better understand her lifestyle, and to get an idea of what will (and won’t) be happening to her in these stories.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Unlike the real world, STI’s don’t exist and The Pill is 100% effective. In reality, the lifestyle depicted here would present a large health risk, and a low but non-zero pregnancy risk. Tawny’s sexual tastes are not shared by all, or probably even most, women.

Also note that when Tawny goes to a stranger’s house for sex, they have been vetted and someone she trusts always knows where she’s going and who she’s meeting.

Copyright © 2020 by EightBits.

All Rights Reserved.

Tawny and the Five Guys

Welcome to the Party

Trevor, the guy hosting the party, opened the door and the first two guests came in. One looked like a football player. The other one was fairly small and wearing a Colorado Rockies ball cap.

They saw me standing naked in the middle of the room, my wrists cuffed and attached to a rope that went to a hook in the ceiling. The rope was taut, and my arms stretched above my head.

He’d placed a ball gag in my mouth from when I arrived, so saying hello wasn’t exactly an option.

The big guy stared at my naked body and said, “Ohh, nice. What can we do with her?”

He sounded a little hesitant, so my guess was this was his first time at this kind of party.

Their host replied, “Pretty much whatever you want Tiny! This bitch is our toy for the rest of the night.”

Hearing that, he smiled and said, “That’s great. I’ve got a few things my girlfriend would never let me do to her. This is going to be fun!”

Looking at how big he was I thought I could guess at the reason for some of his girlfriend’s refusals – an option I didn’t expect to have. Or want! I looked forward to finding out what he had in mind.

Rocky said, “How’s her pussy? Have you fucked it yet?”

“Nope, all I’ve done since she got here is cuff her and hang her up. Ok, well maybe I played with those tits a little. Hard not to when they’re just hanging there,” he said with a grin. “But I knew you guys wouldn’t want to miss any of the fun.”

Tiny said, “Who else is coming?”

“Bill and Marty,” replied Trevor. “Bill always has great ideas for these bitch’s tits.”

Rocky chimed in “Oh, yeah! Maybe he’ll do that thing with the Vice-grips. Bet our toy here will make some good noises if he brought those.” The leer he followed that comment up with made my pussy a little wetter.

Trevor said, “Yeah, I would like to see that. But Bill was saying he had something else he wanted to try, wouldn’t say what, just that he was waiting for a girl with big enough tits. Now hers aren’t huge, but should be big enough.” He grinned again.

Well, I do like my breasts treated rough! And it was looking like this party was going to not disappoint me. I smiled in anticipation. Of course the deal was always no permanent marks or real injuries, but that still left room for these guys do a lot of painful and fun things to me.

As I pondered just what perverted ideas these guys had for abusing me, the doorbell rang as the last two guests showed up. When I’d arrived, Trevor had explained they limited these things to just five guys. They all liked to watch a girl being fucked, so that size let them watch other guys do me but still have plenty of opportunity to participate. And, I gathered in my case, spread the cost out just enough.

“Tits look good,” said the one I presumed was Bill, who was carrying a gym bag.

Marty barely looked at me at all, and headed over to the wet bar in the corner of the room. As I’d discover later, this did not mean he wasn’t interested in having his fun with a naked, helpless woman. And “helpless” was the part he really liked…

After everyone had said their hellos and gotten drinks if they wanted them, Trevor said to the group, “Ok, let’s not just keep her hanging around.”

Groans from a couple of the guys. And me too, but I don’t think anyone noticed due to the ball gag. Bill walked over to me and started fondling my exposed tits.

“Yeah, these will tandoğan escort be fun,” he said as he cupped my tits in his hands and bounced them lightly up and down, assessing them.

“And her nipples are just the size I like, easy to get a hold of.”

With that, he gave both nipples a pinch, making me grunt into the gag. I couldn’t help thinking about what might be int that gym bag.

“Where do we want to begin?” said Trevor. The guys looked around the room. I looked around too. A table was set up with various toys, ropes, and clamps on them, and there were a couple pieces of some type of sex furniture.

“That bitch hanging there like that has me ready,” said Rocky. “If I fuck her right now, I’ll be able to take my time with her later on in round two when things get interesting.” He glanced over at Bill’s gym bag.

This got a laugh from the other guys, and boasts about their staying power.

Trevor walked over to where the rope was tied around a cleat on the wall, and lowered my arms down. With Rocky’s help they picked me up and carried my squirming body over to a wide sofa. They laid me down on my back, and retied the rope over the the end of the sofa and down to its legs. I guess my arms were staying above my head for now! They did at least untie my ankles.

I watched as Rocky dropped his pants, and climbed on the sofa, spreading my legs as he did so. His cock was already hard as he kneeled there, so no stage fright for him. I guess it wasn’t his first time he’d had sex while most of this group watched.

He started rubbing his hands on my thighs, softly at first and then squeezing them. I felt a finger trace along my pussy lips for a few moments before he inserted it into my pussy, as I moaned. He wiggled it around a little, feeling the soft wet walls he was about to enjoy. Hanging naked in front of a bunch of horny guys always gets me ready!

“Ready bitch?” he asked, though not really a question as his fingering me had shown him I was. Without waiting for the answer, he roughly shoved his cock in my pussy. Still gagged, I was only able to make a small noise as he penetrated me.

“Oh, man, this pussy feels great. Glad I’m getting to use it while it’s still tight!” He then proceeded with a pretty standard missionary-position fuck. A nice start to what I hoped would be a lot more cocks in my pussy tonight!

Looking down at a girl whose arms were tied above her head, with a ball-gag in her mouth seemed to speed things along, and after a minute or two I felt him push hard against me and his warm cum filled my pussy. He had been quick — too quick to get me to my orgasm. Oh well, I felt sure I’d have more chances. They couldn’t all be that fast I hoped.

“Next!” yelled Trevor with a laugh.

Bill walked over and said, “Bitch, I can get a vanilla fuck any time. I’m going to show you why you’re here!”

He motioned to Marty and Trevor, who came over, untied me, and carried me over to an x-frame that was leaning against one of the walls. The two guys wasted no time in fastening my wrists and ankles to the frame, and there I was, naked and spread-eagled, ready for whatever my next use was going to be.

Bill didn’t leave me wondering long. Without a word, he stepped up and slapped my left tit. Hard. He paused, and then did the same to my right tit.

“This is just a warmup bitch. I like to work my way up to serious fun!”

He gave another downward slap, and immediately followed it with an upwards backhand to the same poor tit. Smiling, he repeated that on my other tit, and then set up a rhythm, alternating tits. He paused a little bit between slapping each tit to make sure I felt it. Oh, I felt it! Even though I’d just been fucked, it made me want another cock in my pussy right now!

While this went on, a couple of the guys had gotten undressed and were stroking their cocks as they watched the show. After a few minutes of this abuse, my tits were bright red and he stepped back to survey his handiwork.

“That’s one thing I really like about you light-skinned cunts – your tits show such a nice red color!”

“We’ll work on some other colors later, you can count on that,” he said as he walked over and sat down in a chair.

Marty stepped up and removed the ball gag from my mouth. It felt good to have that out, as it was beginning to get a little uncomfortable. As I moved my jaw to recover from being gagged, Trevor walked up to me, his cock in one hand and a couple of clothespins in the other.

“Thanks Marty.”

“She’s been too quiet,” he said as he put a clothespin on each nipple. He got the reaction he wanted, as I gave a small yell when they closed on each of my nipples.

“The problem with the x-frame is that it makes it hard to fuck a girl. Fortunately it gives us other ways to have fun.” With that, he returned carrying a few more clothespins. Holding them in front of my face, he said, “Guess where these are going!”

My fears were realized as he reached between my legs. I felt him tunalı escort grab my pussy lip, pull it out, and clip one of the pins on it. That apparently got him the bigger yell he wanted, and he smiled as he gave my other lip the same treatment.

Marty said, “I want to play too,” and added a clothespin of his own to each already sore lip.

As I closed my eyes and moaned, Trevor said, “We’ll let her enjoy that sensation for a few minutes while we get things ready for Marty’s turn.”

With that, they left the room and went down a short hallway, leaving me with nothing to do but focus on my poor clothes-pinned pussy while I imagined what was coming next.


I could just barely hear them talking as I hung there, and mostly could not make out what they were saying. The occasional phrase like “…that tight?” and “She won’t have any choice…”.

And they took their time. Why not? I was their’s for the night, they weren’t in a hurry.

The pain in my pussy-lips went from the sharp sting when they first went on to just sort of an ongoing ache. My breasts had stopped throbbing, and I was happy to see them starting to return to their normal color. After maybe five minutes they filed back in.

I decided to give a little test, see if I could look forward to really being treated like their property for the night, or if they were going to be considerate.

I said “These clothespins really hurt – please take them off!”

“Soon bitch, soon”, said Marty.

So “no” then. That was the kind of answer that I was hoping for, and I smiled to myself.

He and Rocky unhooked my cuffs from the X-Frame and hooked my wrists together behind my back. Each of them grabbed a nipple and pulled, giving me no choice about following them down the hall. It’s not easy to try and walk with your legs open to not rub clothespins attached to your pussy, especially when the guys holding your nipples didn’t care if you wanted to slow down!

We entered the room at the end of the hall. it was a bedroom, but it didn’t look like the kind where anyone actually slept.

In the center was a normal-looking king-size bed, bare with just a sheet. Around the walls were six or seven comfortable looking chairs, all facing the bed. The main decorations were a variety of framed color a bunch of pulleys and hooks fastened to the walls and ceiling.

“Theaters usually have a screen, not a bed,” I said.

Ignoring my attempt at humor, Rocky just said, “We like to be comfortable while we watch the show.”

They turned me around and pushed me down on the bed, my cuffed arms beneath me. Off to the side of the bed were two ropes that ran through pulleys near the ceiling. They attached each ankle-cuff to a rope, and then held my legs as Trevor started pulling one of the ropes. When my leg was pulled back pretty far, he tied the rope off walked over to the other rope and did the same.

I ended up with my legs spread wide and up, my ankles being pulled towards the walls. I was just thinking it was fairly comfortable when Marty pulled the rope on my left leg even tighter.

“Hey, how flexible do you think I am?” I exclaimed, purely for their benefit. As you know, I’m very flexible, although these ropes were pulling my legs not just spreading them open.

Ignoring me, he did the same to the rope on my right leg. I was now spread even wider. I wiggled around to try and relieve some of the strain but with my arms under me, it was a pointless effort.

“You know you can just fuck me, you don’t need to tie my legs open.”

“I like you tied open,” he growled.

“You’ll see why you’re tied soon enough bitch,” laughed Rocky as he headed towards one of the chairs.

By this time the rest of the group was comfortably seated. Marty undressed, showing me a cock that was…

…pretty normal.

So why did Marty want me tied down?

He reached down removed each of the clothespins from my pussy-lips, causing me to gasp at their removal.

My question was answered as he roughly plunged into my pussy and started fucking me.

“Fucking” doesn’t really describe it. He slammed his cock into me with each thrust. I don’t think I’d ever been fucked that hard. And not that fast! Oh, maybe a couple thrusts like that just as a guy was finishing up. Maybe. But every one of his thrusts rocked my entire body.

So this was the show! Marty was unstoppable, his cock pounding in and out of my pussy at a rapid rate. I was in heaven.

Combined with the soreness caused by those clothespins, I couldn’t help but wordlessly exclaim each time he hammered into me. I could tell that was what turned him on. His goal was to make each thrust an assault on my pussy.

He’d tied me down because he assumed no girl who had a choice would have let herself be fucked so relentlessly. Little did he know!

After several minutes, my pussy was getting sore, but Marty showed no sign of slowing down.

“How long has he been giving it to türbanlı escort her?” asked Bill?

“4 minutes,” said Rocky, looking at his watch. “Might be a new record”.

“Keep fucking her!” said Bill. “I’ve got 20 bucks on you doing her for at least five minutes!”

The thought of guys betting on how long I would be fucked was all I needed. I yelled as my first orgasm of the night tore through me. Marty didn’t even change his rhythm, although he did start breathing faster.

The soreness from the clothespins had faded, but after my orgasm I could now feel my entire mons venus aching from the pounding it was receiving.

I couldn’t believe this wasn’t hurting Marty too. Maybe he was used to it. Or maybe he thought it was worth some pain to get to do this to a girl.

Whatever his secret was, he was outdoing himself tonight apparently, because Rocky had just crowed “6 minutes!” when Marty started slamming me even harder and then I felt his final push as he came.

He collapsed on top of me, and laid there breathing heavily. His weight on top of me was uncomfortable but it felt good to be just laying there. The discomfort of my stretched legs started to make itself known now that I could notice anything other than my pussy being jackhammered.

After a minute or two, he crawled off of me. The crowd stared at his accomplishment – my reddened and abused crotch.

“There, that’s how bitches are supposed to be fucked!” he said as he wiped his wet cock off on my outstretched leg.

I lay there hoping for one of the audience to then take a turn (what can I say, apparently I’m a slut) but to my surprise they just started to untie me. I lowered my legs, sprawled on the bed with my eyes closed, and waited for the aching between my legs to fade.

The Pullee

My brief moments of peace came to an end as Bill returned to the bedroom with his gym bag. He set it down on the floor, opened it, and pulled out several bundles of rope in varying thicknesses and lengths. The rope was followed by a large pulley, and a thick bar a foot or so long.

Bill told me to stand up, so I got off the bed and stood in front of him, wondering what he had in mind. Trevor took my arms and snapped the cuffs together with my arms yet again behind my back. From somewhere in the room the ball gag appeared, and he wedged it into my mouth, buckling it tightly behind my head.

“Bend over,” said Bill, and I did, as he started at my dangling breasts. I was now starting to get an idea of what came next.

He selected a length of the rope that was about clothes-line thickness. Leaving about a foot of one end loose, he started winding it around the base of my left breast. He added several turns, pulling each one a little tighter than the last.

“Oh, yeah, these tie up nice,” he said approvingly. He stopped once he had my breast taut and round like a ball. It was a little painful, but mainly just made my breast feel tight. Taking the original loose end, he tied it to the long end of the rope, keeping my breast firmly bound.

He did the same to my right breast, and then stood me up straight.

Trevor said, “Her tits stick out like they’re held up with a bra or something.”

“Better than a bra,” said Bill, and he gave one of them a hard squeeze, making me yelp at the sudden pain. “You still get to squeeze a nice bare tit.”

Bill grabbed the bar he’d brought, climbed up on the bed, and attached the large pulley to one of the many hooks that were screwed into the ceiling above the bed. Rocky handed him the end of one of the thicker coils of rope, and he threaded it through the pulley, and brought the end down where he tied it to a ring at the center of the bar.

Bill looked at me and said, “Kneel here, bitch.” He gestured at the spot where the rope hung.

Trevor smacked my ass and said, “You heard him, get on that bed.” He sounded excited. I guess he’d also figured out what Bill had in mind, and was looking forward to it.

I climbed onto the bed, and knelt in front of Bill. He’d centered the knots at the top of each breast, and now he took the length of rope from each and tied them to rings at each end of the bar, which were spaced a little wider than the distance from nipple to nipple.

Rocky gave the far end a pull and took the slack out, pulling the bar up above my head, with the ropes to each of my tits straight down on either side of my face.

“Wow, look at how tight those titties look,” said Rocky. He’d taken his pants off after helping Bill with the rope, and I watched him start stroking his cock. He was clearly getting turned on by my situation. Looking around, I saw Trevor doing the same.

“Trevor, you wanna go first?” Bill said, as he climbed off the bed.

Trevor did. He climbed on the bed, inserting his legs between mine and sliding down to where his hard cock was between my spread thighs. Reaching down, he grabbed my legs and thrust his cock up into my wet pussy.

As soon as he did, Bill pulled on the rope, and I flexed my legs trying to raise up and relieve some of the pressure as my tits were pulled up. Trevor started fucking me from below, and seemingly at random, Bill would pull on the rope or release the tension. It felt amazing when Trevor would thrust up into me as my tits were pulled up hard, combining the pleasure and pain in a way that had me screaming into the ball gag.

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Prize Island Pt. 05

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Day 5

Harry woke to sunlight streaming through the gap in the curtains. Diana was still clinging to him with her leg thrown over his. As he moved upon waking she clung to him tighter even though Harry could sense that she was still asleep. He tried to disentangle himself from her arms and leg without waking her, as he had a very urgent need to pee. As he slipped from her grasp he heard her moan softly, “Aargh!” and he watched as she opened one eye and looked it him as if to say, “Why are you moving!”

Harry kissed her tenderly on the top of the head and whispered, “Back in a minute baby!” and then he nearly ran to the bathroom as his need became more pressing. In a couple of minutes he felt relieved as he slid back into the bed next to his wife. Again her arms grabbed him and her leg was slung over his thigh, in an almost subconscious reflex. He tried to lay still as she moaned and groaned in her sleep. Harry gently stroked her hair as she slept and he replayed the last evening in his mind.

My God it was a wild night he thought. Diana was like a different woman, but he couldn`t deny it was a fabulous turn on for him to. He felt Diana stir and her body rolled a little bit and her eyes came open and she was staring up at him with that beautiful smile that he had fallen in love with a few years back. “Morning baby,” she purred and her hand reached up and touched his cheek with her fingers. Harry kissed each one of them in turn.

Diana moved about until she found a comfortable position. She looked at him with those fantastic Brown eyes of hers and Harry felt his heart nearly break with the love he had for this woman. She coughed softly and then whispered, “Wild night baby!”

Harry was still stroking her hair when he asked, “Are you OK? Did you have fun my Darling?”

Diana giggled, “Oh baby that was so fucking hot. I didn`t know it was possible to come that much. At the end you could have touched my big toe and I would have creamed my panties. It felt like every nerve ending in my whole body was on fire, and so sensitive, I could feel the air moving. I have never had an experience like that. What you did was just perfect from start to finish, and I have fantasised about you doing all those things to me!” She paused before finishing, “And more!”

Harry was stunned, “Are you sure you are OK? It wasn`t too much? I loved it as well, and you seemed to be enjoying yourself so I just went with the flow!”

Diana stretched and groaned, “Everything hurts baby, but it`s a nice hurt, like how you would feel after a good workout in the gym. I don`t know if I will be up for much today, but it was fantastic. You were fantastic. Gail was fantastic. Everything was fucking fantastic!”

Harry laughed and slipped from the bed. “I am going to shower. Just rest a bit Darling. We have nothing planned so just take it easy!”

Harry spent a good ten minutes in the shower. He used the massage setting on his back and neck as he was aching as well, but mainly from sleeping in a strange position with Diana wrapped around him. As he stepped from the cabin and wrapped a towel around himself, a bleary eyed Diana entered the bathroom. As she sat on the toilet he left the room to give her a bit of privacy. He was watching the news on BBC when twenty minutes later she emerged from the bathroom. She looked revitalized and quickly donned a t-shirt and short denim skirt. No bra or panties.

Harry saw her wince slightly as the cotton T-shirt came in contact with her abused nipples. Once again he asked if she was OK and received a beaming smile in return. She bounced over to him and kissed him passionately. Her tongue tasted of toothpaste as it burrowed between Harry`s lips. Breaking the kiss she told him, “Let`s go baby, I`m starving. Being a sex slave to such a virile Master gives me an appetite!” and she was laughing as she bounced out the door with Harry following in her wake.

They were the first ones down for breakfast, and while they waited for Gail to bring their food Diana whispered in Harry`s ear, “How did you know that Gail would be up for all that submissive stuff?”

Harry kept his voice low as he replied, “When we were walking up the stairs Gail`s bum was right in front of me and I could see the scar lines from old beatings that she had had. Probably from Moira. Have you seen them together? She eats Moira out on command, plus, you saw how Moira bossed you about the other night. I think Gail is Moira`s pet in some way!”

Diana could say no more as Gail came in with their breakfasts and smiled shyly at them and the double doors burst open as the other two couples entered. Sandy and Dave were in what one might call a very “Chipper Mood”. Their night with Moira had obviously gone very well and their smiles filled their whole faces as they tucked in to the breakfasts that Gail provided. Harry looked at Sandy expectantly as it was unlike her to keep things bottled up.

Sandy saw that Harry was waiting for her to talk about their time with Moira and when she looked at rus escort Jim and Mary they were also staring at her and waiting for the rundown of their exploits with the Scottish beauty.

Sandy was blushing under their gaze, which was not really her style Harry thought. Then the dam broke as she just couldn`t keep it to herself any longer, “It was absolutely fucking great. That Moira is one hot sexy chick, and absolutely insatiable. My God we did everything you can think of. Moira went down on me and I was coming in seconds. Then I went down on her and Dave got a blow job at the same time. Then Dave did her doggy style while she licked my pussy. Then we swapped and I rode Dave while Moira sat on his face. Dave must have shot his load about four times. Once in both our pussies and once in both our mouths. When he couldn`t keep it up I did a 69 with Moira. Nearly three hours of fantastic fucking sex. My pussy is in tatters this morning!”

By the time she had finished her lurid and vivid description of the events of last night they were all roaring with laughter. Mary and Jim were the first pair to quieten. Timid Mary spoke so softly that they could hardly hear what she said, “I am so jealous. First Harry and Diana and now you two have had the pleasure, and I am starting to feel a bit left out!”

Mary had not seen Moira enter the dining room behind her as she was talking, and when Moira spoke it startled her, and she blushed beet red as Moira said, “Well I am sure we can rectify that tonight, if Jim is agreeable?” Jim nearly chocked on his bacon as he tried to reply whilst nodding vigorously. Again the laughter was long and loud from all those sitting at the table.

“What’s the plan for today?” asked Diana. “The weather seems better. I could do with an easy day if you know what I mean?”

Mary had recovered from her embarrassing moment with Moira and said, “Anybody fancy a walk around the island again this morning? We can decide what to do this afternoon at Lunch time!”

Everybody agreed that that sounded like a good idea and they took their coffees and teas out onto the patio as Gail cleared away the breakfast debris. Ten minutes after and the three couples were walking slowly down to the beach and using it as a starting point for their ramble. The sun was already high in the sky and the air was warm. It was slightly humid after the rain the day before, but not uncomfortable.

Diana clung to Harry`s arm and he noticed that she was walking a bit stiffly after her adventures the last evening, but she was smiling and every so often she would would reach up and give him a peck on the cheek. The morning passed quickly and easily as the three couples pointed things out to each other. The small island boasted a plethora of birds and it was a truly beautiful place with the sun shining down on them from a cloudless sky. The six of them had become good friends over the past couple of days and were enjoying each other’s company as they took in all the delights of nature that the island had to offer.

They were out and about for over four hours and Harry was surprised at how much time had elapsed when he first looked at his watch. He was starving again, and he was glad it was nearly lunch time. The Scottish air was really playing with his normal appetites. Well, for food anyway, he grinned to himself.

The six of them ate ravenously and soon all the plates were empty apart from a few pieces of tomato and cucumber and a couple of lettuce leaves. Harry was tired. The good air, the great food and the unbelievable sex was taking its toll. Looking at the others he asked,” I am dead. I could do with another couple of hours sleep. Then I think Diana and I will give the hot tub a test!” he looked at Diana and saw her nodding her assent. Both Jim and Dave readily agreed that that sounded like a great plan. Mary and Sandy had decided to spend more time looking around the island as they hoped to see the dolphin once more as he had been absent on their morning stroll. They all agreed to meet in the hot tub around five o`clock. “Naked!” was Sandy`s last word as she left with Mary to the sound of all their conjoined laughter.

Harry was so tired that within minutes of laying on the bed he was fast asleep. The last thing he remembered was Diana wrapping her arm around him. When he woke, it took him a few seconds to work out where he was. He heard Diana breathing softly next to him and the sunlight was filtering through the curtains and dust motes were dancing in the pale light. He was thirsty and a little bit disorientated, so he carefully removed Diana`s arm from around his waist and grabbing a coke from the fridge he went for a shower. He put the water as cold as he could stand and gradually he began to feel human again. Stepping from the shower he briskly towelled himself dry before running his razor quickly over his face, and when he entered their bedroom ten minutes later he was refreshed and ready for the rest of the evening.

Diana sıhhiye escort was lying on the bed, with her head propped on a pillow smiling at him as he entered. Harry thought he was the luckiest man alive as he took in her fabulous body laying naked on the white sheets. Her bruised nipples were hard on her perfect breasts and her hair was mussed from sleep. Her long legs stretched out and were nearly perfect in his opinion. He couldn`t resist her. Even though they had had more sex in the last four days than in the last four weeks he realised that he desperately wanted to have her again. He moved with haste as she opened her arms for him to come to her. He revelled in the delight he felt as he fell on the bed and she hugged him to her breasts. She flinched as his body roughly came into contact with her abused nipples, but she was soon kissing him and stroking his hair.

Harry`s hand explored lower, but was disappointed as he felt her hand stop him before he reached his goal. “Baby I am bloody sore!” She cooed.” Give me a rest for a bit. Just lay back and enjoy!” And she moved him off of her gently and he rolled over onto his back. Diana moved until she was kneeling between his legs. Diana then leaned across and opened the nightstand drawer and her hand came out with the bottle of lube. Harry watched as she poured a generous portion into her hands and then grasped his shaft, which was now standing to attention. Harry felt the coldness of the greasy, slimy liquid and shuddered.

Diana started to move her hands deliciously up and down on his erection. The lube felt great on his straining dick as Diana`s hand slipped up and down. She used both hands and every couple of minutes she would add more drops of lube to ensure that there was relatively no friction. When Harry felt her start to massage his balls with one of her lube covered hands he lay back, shut his eyes and luxuriated in his wife`s glorious hand job. Her hands were moving faster now and he felt his impending climax start in his balls and spread to his shaft before four large spurts of come erupted from the tip of his dick.

Diana was still pulling her hand up and down his shaft until he just couldn`t take it anymore and her rolled away from her, pulling his cock from her grip. She was giggling like a schoolgirl as he did this and he knew that she had been waiting for his sensitivity to become unbearable. Her little bit of revenge torture.

Harry needed another quick shower now as his come seemed to have covered his whole lower body somehow. They both jumped into the shower and washed off the lube and Harry`s spunk before drying themselves, throwing on some shorts and a T-shirt and going downstairs to see what the others were up to. When they arrived at the patio both the other couples were already in the bubbling hot tub and a sheen of steam lay over the surface.

Diana and Harry quickly shed their meagre clothing before climbing into the tub. The tub was easily big enough for them all and there were six seats under the surface. Diana and Harry settled in as the warm water and bubbles caressed their skin. Harry looked around and saw Mary`s huge breasts were practically floating on the surface. Both Dave and Jim had their heads back on the side of the tub and their eyes closed. Mary and Sandy had pushed their legs out into the middle of the tub and were wiggling their toes at each other playfully. Harry relaxed in the water and closed his eyes, letting the warm bubbles soothe his body.

The sound of soft music caused Harry to open his eyes to locate the source. Moira was sitting at the small patio table and she had the remote control for the bars CD player in her hand. As always Moira looked perfect in a blouse and skirt with her normal nylons and heels. The music was soft as it came through the open double doors from the bar.

Sandy moved to the middle of the tub and ducked under the water for a few seconds before raising herself and shaking her head causing water droplets from her hair to fly in all directions. She looked around the group in the tub and then at Moira and giggled to herself as she had obviously thought of something, and then she spoke, “I have an idea for a game, if you are all willing to play? We could call it Musical Cocks!”

Now she had all of their attention as Jim said, “Go on. What does this game involve then Sandy?”

Sandy laughed quietly to herself, “Well. We all sit on our husband’s cocks and start to fuck. Moira plays the music and when it stops we ladies have to move anti-clockwise to the next cock. Moira starts the music and we fuck until the music stops. We keep doing this until someone comes. Then they, and the woman on their lap are out. We go on until the last one comes. Twenty minute break ad we go again. How does that sound for a fun afternoon game? You up to do the music Moira? Moira nodded and slowly Dave, Jim, Harry, Mary and Diana all followed suit in that order.

With a big grin on her face Sandy waded sincan escort across to Dave and Harry saw her hand moving under the water. In seconds Dave had apparently responded and Harry watched Sandy raise herself up and guide Dave`s dick into her pussy. Her face scrunched up and then she let out a soft, “Aaaaah!” as she slid down on Dave`s huge cock. Sandy looked around her, as if to encourage Diana and Mary.

Harry felt Diana`s hand wrap around his already hard dick and give it a couple of strokes before settling herself down onto it. Harry felt the familiar tightness as his manhood entered Diana and her breasts were shoved into his face. He leaned forward and kissed one of her nipples gingerly and Diana shivered and moaned. Harry felt the tremors running through her body all the way to his engulfed dick. She leaned forward and kissed him on the lips.

Harry glanced at the other two couples and saw that Mary was impaled on Jim`s dick and everyone was looking at Moira who was smiling broadly as she said, “3-2-1 Go!” as the music was turned up slightly using the remote she held.

Harry felt Diana start to move up and down on him. The combination of the warm water and the delicious way she was contracting her pussy muscles felt so good he wasn`t sure that this game would last long. He guessed that Moira sensed this as well, and after just a minute the music stopped and her beautiful Scottish voice stated, “Swap partners!”

Harry felt Diana pull herself off of him and move to her right where Dave was sitting. Mary was soon raising herself up and lowering herself onto Harry`s erection. Harry could feel that her vagina was not as tight as Diana`s and he slid into her with relative ease until her pubic hair was rubbing against his sensitive shaved pubic mound. Her large breasts were pushed into his face and he couldn`t resist giving both nipples a suck and she moaned softly, enjoying the attention he was giving her breasts.

Harry nearly shot his load when Mary leaned forward so the others couldn`t hear and whispered in his ear, “My arse is tighter. Bet you wish you were buried back there Harry!”

The music had not started again so Harry unlatched his lips from Mary`s nipples and looked around to see what the delay was. Sandy was already positioned on Jim, but Diana was obviously having a problem to accommodate Dave`s size. He saw her hand moving frantically below the water and her face was screwed up in concentration as she bobbed up and down in the water and sank a little bit lower each time. Eventually she groaned,”Aaaaaaaargh!” as she had apparently managed to push herself down enough, and she was now filled with all of Dave`s nine inches. She wiggled about a bit to adjust the position of his dick so it was more comfortable for her.

Once she had settled, Harry heard the music start again. Mary started to bounce up and down on his dick. The sensations Harry felt were different from those he felt when buried in Diana, but were never the less more than pleasant. The large globes bouncing around in front of his face were just calling out to be licked and sucked and he couldn`t help but do just that. Mary was moaning softly now as he sucked her tits and his cock was thrusting into her pussy.

He heard louder moaning from his right and looked over at Diana. She had her eyes closed and her face was almost frowning as she felt Dave`s large member pump into her and she was biting her lower lip. She had her arms round his shoulders and was clinging tightly to him, causing her breasts to be pressed into his face. When he sucked on one of her nipples her head thrust back and she screamed her orgasm to the skies. Harry had a brief moment of jealousy as his wife orgasmed on a cock that was not his, and also to his chagrin, much bigger.

The music stopped and Harry kissed Mary on the lips as she dismounted and moved towards “Monster Dick Dave”, as Harry had now christened him. Harry waited only a few seconds before Sandy`s taut body was settling itself onto his lap. He felt her hand go between her legs and grasp his hard shaft and guiding it towards her opening. Harry felt himself being rubbed up and down her slit before Sandy pushed down and took him all in one movement. “My God she is tight. How is that possible when she is getting fucked by Dave`s cock all the time?” he thought to himself. He clasped her wonderfully sculpted body and flicked his tongue over both her nipples in turn. He felt her shudder and her arms clamped around his head pushing his face harder into her flat chest and her super sensitive nipples.

The wait this time was not so long, as Mary had a big enough pussy to take Dave without as much fiddling about as Diana had needed. Moira activated the CD player and Sandy began to move up and down. Harry almost came then and there. He didn`t know what she was doing, but it felt absolutely fantastic. He had never felt anything like this. As she moved up and down on his pole Sandy was contracting and relaxing the muscles in her love tunnel. It was like his cock was getting a massage whilst he was buried in her snatch. The sensations were so intense that Harry felt his balls contract indicating his imminent climax. He sucked hard on one nipple to stifle his groans as he shot his warm seed into Sandy`s gash and she screamed her orgasm as they came simultaneously. The music stopped

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Lily’s Longing

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Lily was raised the very proper Christian daughter of two very proper Christian parents. I have no criticism for them as they did the very best they could to raise their daughter to be ethical, honest, and above all virtuous.

Which is why it was quite the torture for the redheaded Lily when she started to have feelings for her childhood best friend Mallory. It started innocently enough. Lily and the tow-headed Mallory had been doing sleepovers all their lives but as their bodies changed in junior high school then of course so did the feelings those bodies would have. One night Mallory and Lily were cuddled up as usual and Lily suddenly realized that her friend was attractive. To Lily.

Of course she did nothing with this epiphany and for six tortuous years she kept her silence as to her feelings. But that didn’t stop her from cuddling with Mallory every chance she got.

Naturally they chose the same college to attend. And of course they had to be roommates. Lily was overjoyed when the housing at the women’s college was impacted and she and Mallory would have to share the bed in their one-bedroom apartment.

What she didn’t know was that Mallory was harboring similar feelings for Lily.

The two of them found jobs at a nearby coffee shop. The owner was named Jace and he wasn’t hard to look at. He was into cycling so staying in shape came easy to him. He was cheerful and his shock of auburn-red hair distinguished him from the majority of the men in the area.

Jace himself hadn’t bothered with college. Quite frankly he thought the women’s college was a bit of joke since the faculty encouraged the girls to do more protests and sit-ins than studying. But it did provide a steady stream of workers and for that much he was grateful.

He’d started out in high school working at the corporate coffee place out on the Interstate. He threw himself into learning the business and by the time he was eighteen he was the manager. By the time he was twenty-one he was ready to strike out on his own. The corporate coffee bosses had ignored the modest downtown for the college community and Jace thought it was the perfect place to open his own coffee shop. Using a little forethought he partnered with a struggling donut shop and moved in next door to them.

The deal was he’d sell the coffee and they’d sell the pastries. That way the two businesses would bring in customers for each other. And it worked. It worked so well that the corporate coffee place felt the bite on their profits and they sued. Jace fought back and when he won he took the extra money and paid off his loans and bought a decent house.

It was an old house from the 1920’s and kind of on the bigger side yet cozy. He put in the work to make it a nice place and when he discovered the old pool hiding underneath a garden he excavated it and spent an entire summer restoring it to working order.

Jace dated, of course, but there was never anything serious. When he hit thirty he was starting to feel like it was time to find a good girl and fill that house of his with a family. He was successful, he had a house, he just needed a decent woman.

And then Lily and Mallory came in to the coffee shop and asked for a job. He liked them both and he immediately noticed the chemistry between them. They were inseparable, they giggled a lot, and after he hired them they worked their asses off and the customers loved them.

Of the two girls it was Mallory who was the more approachable so one day he asked her out for a date. She readily agreed and they had a great time. After their third date Mallory invited Jace back to the apartment and the two sat on the couch talking and chastely holding hands. When Lily got in from a late class she sat with the other two and somehow ended up with her bare feet getting a heavenly massage from Jace.

She loved it. She also loved the male attention and that became the second major epiphany of her life.

It was a few short days after that when Jace and Mallory were holding hands at the park and Lily came up and sat down next to Jace. His left hand was holding Mallory’s hand and now Lily took his right hand and held it.

“This is interesting.” said Jace as he looked at Lily.

Lily looked straight ahead and avoided Jace’s gaze, “I’m gonna be your girlfriend too.”

Jace was a little surprised but then more so when he looked at Mallory, “You okay with this?”

Mallory shrugged. “Yeah, why not?”

Jace took it in stride and figured it was either the girls putting a joke over on him or it was just a quirk of their relationship. Either way he didn’t mind being sandwiched between the two cute college girls.

Naturally their dates took on a new dimension and it was just a day later when Jace went to kiss Mallory and he saw Lily waiting for her turn. He smiled and happily obliged her with her very own first kiss.

Lily loved the kiss but mostly because she could taste Mallory’s mango lip balm on Jace’s lips. It was the closest she could get to actually mamak escort kissing Mallory and it got her excited.

Jace typically took Sundays off from work so on an unseasonably warm October day he invited the girls over for a last swim before he covered the pool for the season. Mallory and Lily immediately agreed and skipped their usual noontime church service to head for Jace’s place instead. Both girls brought out their best bikinis and Jace whistled his approval as they shucked their clothes to reveal quite a bit of skin.

Jace pulled off his shirt and the two girls freely stared at him. He wasn’t any body builder but he was lean and chiseled in the right places. Both girls approved.

The trio ended up in the pool and their playtime gave them all license to touch each other where they’d normally be too bashful to explore. Lily was the first to get her hand on Mallory’s cute tits and then Jace got his hand on Lily’s cute ass. Both girls had no problem ‘accidentally’ running their hands along Jace’s properly sized cock.

Around three they broke for lunch and Jace stunned the girls with a repast of Italian dishes including a caprese pasta salad, ricotta spinach tarts, and ricotta fritters. He paired it with a very potent Italian-style red table wine that came in a one-gallon jug. The conversation and the alcohol flowed freely as the delectable lunch was consumed.

After the lunch was finished the three of them got the table cleared away save for their wine glasses and the jug of wine. The conversation resumed and the wine glasses would almost magically be refilled as needed.

By the time the sun was starting to set the three of them had a very pleasant and amenable glow about them.

Jace suggested another swim calling it, “The last bit of summer”, and the three of them enjoyed a more relaxed time in the pool. It wasn’t the frolic of earlier in the day but there were still plenty of hands brushing things that would normally not be brushed.

All good things come to an end and so did their time in the pool. The evening chill was coming on and as the girls climbed out of the pool their nipples stood firm. They were obviously chilled and when Jace exited the water so was he.

“Feel like doing something dangerous?” he asked the two girls.

Both of them reacted as if whatever he had in mind was the best idea ever. Laughing and giggling they followed Jace into the house and headed for his bedroom. Leading them into his very modern bathroom he introduced them to his large shower. A rain drop shower head adorned the ceiling of the shower enclosure. Two shower heads were on either side and it was obvious that whoever was in there was going to have quite an experience.

Jace turned the water on. Turning to the two girls he said, “Go ahead, wash off the pool water. You’ll like this.”

The two girls looked at each other for a moment. Then they looked at Jace.

“Oh, right. Excuse me.” he said as he turned and closed the door behind him.

Mallory and Lily both giggled as they dropped their bikinis and stepped into the warm water. They were no sooner moaning their mutual approval of the luxurious warm water when the bathroom went dark.

“Hey, who turned off the lights?” said a very playful Lily.

The shower door opened and closed. “I did.” said Jace.

Jace put his arms around the two girls and pulled them in close, kissing them and running his hands over them. Mallory loved feeling Jace’s hands all over her body. She also didn’t mind feeling Lily’s hands cupping her pert tits and exploring between her legs. Mallory found herself holding Jace’s cock and Lily’s pussy at the same time and tried to guide the two together.

Jace loved exploring the two girls. He loved taking note of the differences between them. Lily’s smaller tits stood firm on her chest. Mallory’s somewhat bigger and heavier tits had a very attractive curve to them. Lily’s ass was petite and Mallory’s ass was fuller.

The two girls meanwhile found themselves fascinated with Jace’s tool. Mallory thought it was similar in dimension to the big hot dogs at the state fair. Lily meanwhile thought it a little bigger than the silicon dildo she’d covertly acquired a few months before. Her pussy having been fully surrendered to the sex toy several times since then.

Jace fought back some strong urges when the two girls were giving so much attention to his stiff cock and balls. Mallory’s light touches were distinctly different from Lily’s more assertive explorations.

The water turned cool and it was time to dry off. Jace left the lights off as he handed off thick, plush bath towels to the girls.

The trio kept their silence as they dried off and it was Jace who finally spoke, “Everyone dry now?”

Both girls said “Yeah.” almost in stereo.

“Good.” said Jace as he opened the bathroom door. The sun had set sometime before and the room was lit only with the glow of a night light.

Jace ofise gelen escort had his towel wrapped around his waist and the girls were wrapped up in their towels too. The day having been much warmer in the afternoon he’d left the windows open and the chill air in the bedroom was an unwelcome contrast to the hot steamy atmosphere of the bathroom.

“Ohmigosh, that’s cold!” exclaimed Mallory. Lily muttered something under her breath but the other two couldn’t make it out.

“Here,” said Jace, “you two jump in the bed and warm up and I’ll get the windows closed. Give me a sec…” he said and then busied himself closing the windows in the bedroom before running off to close a couple windows elsewhere in the house.

“He wants us in his bed.” said Lily. It was more of an observation the way she said it.

“I think it’ll be okay”, replied Mallory, “we’ll just warm up and then get going. It’ll be fine.”

Mallory led the way pulling back the duvet. As she sat down on the sheet she felt the damp towel on her skin and realized it wasn’t something that needed to be in the bed. She hesitated for a moment and then stood up to drop the towel to the floor before she climbed into the bed, pulling up the duvet for both warmth and modesty. Lily had hesitated a bit longer but when she heard Mallory dropping her towel and getting into the bed that did it for her. She let go her towel and then got into the big, soft bed to cozy up to her naked friend.

Their experience in the shower was still fresh on their minds as the two friends hugged face to face. Lily looked into Mallory’s eyes and there was clearly a moment exchanged between them. Lily kissed the tip of Mallory’s nose and Mallory was just about to kiss Lily on the lips when they heard Jace returning.

“Holy crap, it’s cold!” he laughed as his towel was flung away and he got into the bed next to Mallory.

“Oh, that’s much better.” he said as he pulled the warm and soft girl close against his body.

“How are you two doing?” he asked.

Again and in stereo he heard, “Oh, yeah we’re fine. Yeah. Just fine.”

“Good.” he replied, snuggling close to Mallory.

Mallory felt his hard tool pressed between her ass cheeks. It was warm. She knew that her current position was nothing her parents would ever approve of. Yet at that same moment she didn’t know she was about to have sex.

Jace pulled back her hair and kissed her neck. The hand that had been perched on Mallory’s bare hip now moved to hold her tit. She felt his body move against hers. Lily felt the motion, too. In the dim light she could see Jace kissing Mallory’s neck and then he moved, pulling her onto her back.

When Jace’s hairy leg ran over Mallory, Lily felt it touch her skin. Feeling the man’s bare leg on her own bare skin was so racy! Lily imagined her parents being outraged at the thought of their daughter being in bed with the man and her pulse quickened. And to add fuel to her fire she felt Mallory’s hand seeking out her touch.

Lily took Mallory’s hand just as Jace moved himself between Mallory’s parted legs.

“Please be careful!” whispered Mallory. Letting go of Lily’s hand Mallory tried to hold Jace back from what he was set on doing.

Jace gently rutted against the girl trying to gain entry. He could tell she was nervous and he slowed and settled back on her. And then he felt Lily snake her hand between the two entwined bodies. He felt her hand brush against his cock but she didn’t grasp it. Instead he realized she was fingering Mallory.

It was quite the sensory overload for Mallory when she realized that the petite fingers probing her pussy belonged to Lily. She looked to Lily’s face and saw her friend staring back.

“Lily…” she whispered.

Lily scooted closer and kissed Mallory full on the lips. Lily couldn’t help herself any longer. Mallory’s virginal defenses were crumbled and the girl kissed her friend back as Lily’s finger found their target. Mallory’s hips rose as Lily’s finger slipped deeper into Mallory’s moistening pussy.

Jace was somewhat gobsmacked as Lily prepared Mallory for him. The whole day had surprised him at every turn. He’d kept expecting the chaste church girls to run screaming from his house yet they’d kept surprising him with the lines they were willing to cross. And now he knew Lily’s finger was inside Mallory and he wondered if they’d done this before.

And then Lily gently withdrew her hand and placed it on his bare ass.

Now he moved his cock up against Mallory’s wet pussy and her body yielded.

“Gently! Please be gentle!” said the still-virgin girl.

He heard Mallory give a pained cry as he pushed into her. Her legs moved about as if she was trying to get free of him yet his weight held her in place as he mated with her.

Mallory’s outcry announced to Lily that Jace was entering her friend. Lily found this to be quite the turn on as she felt her boyfriend and her best friend otele gelen escort become lovers.

Mallory shed a tear as she felt Jace move deeper into her body. She had a pang of regret as she felt her virginity and her innocence disappear with every thrust of the man between her legs. Her pussy stretched to make room for her first cock and although it was uncomfortable it was also keenly satisfying as if she’d needed this all her life.

The much more experienced Jace was soon slowly and steadily fucking Mallory. He kept it together and fought off the urge to cum. He wanted this to last.

He’d moved up into a push up position over the girl and when he was about to kiss Mallory he saw the back of Lily’s head. Lily and Mallory were making out while he was busy relieving Mallory of her virginity.

‘Fucking crazy girls!’ he thought to himself just as his balls told him the end was near.

Mallory was busy kissing Lily when she felt Jace push deeper into her as fucked her. Instinctively she understood what was happening and although she struggled with the idea for a moment she spread her legs wider for him anyway.

Jace felt Mallory open up and now his dark red pubes mashed into her delicate blond tuft.

Mallory reached for Lily’s hand and held it tight.

Jace grunted and speared himself deep into the girl as streams of his cum started jetting into her pussy. She heard herself grunting as Jace’s cock poked deep into her body and she knew he was cumming. She had just been feeling the start of her own pleasure when he finished but still she was pleased that he’d found her desirable.

It was a few minutes as they calmed down before Jace rolled off of Mallory. He came to rest between the two ladies and lay on his back to catch his breath.

To no one in particular Mallory uttered, “Wow.”

With Jace removed from between her legs she pulled them together and in doing so felt a very wet ‘squish’ from her nether region. She was acutely aware that the wetness was nothing of hers and then she realized that she was now a woman.

Lily was herself rather amazed at having witnessed Mallory’s defloration and at having witnessed the act of sex in person. She wasn’t so sure it was love but she knew for sure it was sex. Lily felt a sadness for her friend and she also felt a wonder at what her friend had done. And then she thought about the intimacy that she’d shared with Mallory and she hoped that Mallory wouldn’t reject her after this.

Jace took time to relish his experience with Mallory and decided that he wanted to keep the perky blond in his life for a long time yet to come. He wasn’t prepared to get married but he knew he wanted her in his life. As he lay there he started to feel gentle caresses from both of the ladies and occasionally he felt one of them reach across his body to touch the other female body.

It had been a while since Jace had last been with a woman and now here he was with two of them. His mind now went from thinking about the blond Mallory to considering the red haired Lily. He’d never had a red headed girlfriend before and there was something about maybe fucking the petite girl that appealed to him. The thought of his dark red bush tangled with her bright red counterpart thrilled him.

Jace turned to face Lily and he kissed her. She eagerly returned his kiss and even opened her mouth to invite his tongue to tangle with her own. Her delicate hand found his cock and she gently touched the spongy head imagining it deep inside of Mallory. Lily was now consumed with the desire to feel that same cock inside of her own body. In a way it would be like making love to Mallory.

Lily silently signaled to Jace her desire. His hand went to the pale skin of her shoulder and pushed her onto her back. She complied and Jace moved between her legs the same way he had with Mallory.

Mallory could see better in the dimly lit room now and her own heart beat faster as she saw Jace get himself on top of Lily.

Jace pressed his cock up against Lily’s pussy and felt her flower open for him.

Lily’s eyes went wide as her ideas about sex and desire were made into reality. She felt her pussy stretch to make way for Jace’s cock and she winced a couple times as he ground himself into her.

Jace had managed to get off a decent cum with Mallory and now he was ready for a good fuck. He let his weight crush Lily into the soft bed as his hips rose and fell above hers.

Mallory moved closer to the two lovers and managed to get one of her legs under one of Lily’s legs. She reached out to touch her friends tit as Jace fucked the girl. Lily looked at Mallory and her jaw was slack as her head moved back and forth in time with Jace’s motions. Mallory and Lily kissed again and in the midst of their kiss Jace managed to kiss them both.

Lily felt some surprise as the feeling started in her belly. She’d felt this a few times with her silicone toy. Her tits felt flush and her pussy demanded a deep fuck. With her one leg entangled with Mallory she could only raise the other. Jace moved to take advantage of what she was offering and fully impaled the girl.

Lily strained against Jace’s cock as he buried himself into her to the very root. It was uncomfortable and even painful and it lit off fireworks for Lily! She grasped at his body and encouraged him to fuck her harder.

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Firehouse Fuck Buddy

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There were four firemen, one woman, and me. There was no fire, except in the sex hungry bellies of the firefighters and me. She was standing with her hands on her hips, challenging the five of us to put up or shut up. If we couldn’t back our bravado, she was threatening to take things into her own hands, and our cocks into her own fingers, pussy, and between her lips. She laughed at our lack of haste, mocking us as gay boys afraid to fuck a real pussy.

She took over and undressed one of us, stretched out flat on the bed and boldly beckoned him to join her. He knelt in front of her while the rest of us began taking off our clothes. The lucky first responder was the first to respond and eagerly positioned himself between her knees, separating her labia lips and pushed himself deep into her vagina, thrusting his hips forward rapidly, pounding into her with piston-like motion, fucking like any fireman would be proud to do.

They fucked for twenty minutes before he came and was replaced by a second responder who was quicker on his feet than the rest of us. His boner slid into her in one swift motion, parting her wet lips with a thick and hard rod that rapidly thrusted back and forth as she squealed with delight encouraging him “to fuck me good” as loud as an ally cat on a wooden fence.

“Oh god, yes,” she yelled. “Fuck me like there is a raging fire in your pants. Harder, you hot kızılay escort firefighter motherfucker, “she called out. “Fuck this pussy good. Fuck it so someone can suck your come right out of me. Yes, screw my hungry brains out, you cocksucker.”

We had never heard anything quite like shat came out of Cheryl’s mouth that day, and as it turned out, we heard it many, many times since that day. The rest of us stood and watched with our dicks n our hands, waiting for the chance to fuck the firehouse darling who begged for more as fireman 46 fucked her pussy as hard as he could, pounding into her as fast as his cock would move.

Her name was Cheryl and She worked at the restaurant down the street from the fire station and served breakfast and lunch to most of the men working there. She had flirted with the four I was with and she invited me to come along, stressing the word ‘come’ when she made the invitation. She told us to be at the restaurant at closing and she promised to “service” us after hours.

After the second one to fuck her came she turn over and knelt, putting her bottom in the air, offering it to all takers, then she motioned to me to get in front of her so she could take my very stiff cock into her mouth. She took hold of it with one hand and brought it between her lips, swabbing the tip with her tongue before kolej escort pulling it in and to the back of her throat. She sucked me like a vacuum cleaner and I threw my head back and enjoyed the ride.

As she was sucking me, the next firefighter knelt behind her and she directed him to fuck her ass. As his friend fucked her ass, the remaining firefighter began fingering her pussy as he knelt beside her. He brought her to a screaming orgasm that came from deep in her throat around my busy cock. After she came she rested for only a few minutes, then she started over taking the cock of number one, offered her pussy to number two, took number three in one hand and four in the other, then she motioned to me with her head and encouraged me to take each of her breasts in my hands and massage them as she fucked and sucked the others.

I fucked her pussy from behind after that and came in her with a blast of cum that had me dizzy and spent as I shot stream after stream of semen into her well-fucked and eaten pussy. No one seemed bothered by the fact that other guys had filled her pussy with come before they ate her.

When each of us had come at last once, we collapsed on the bed or couch, totally spent, totally satisfied, and completely surprised that she was still raring to go at least another round. “You big strong firemen aren’t maltepe escort tired are you. What pussies,” she mocked. Then she offered to blow any guy who would come over to her. Number three did, although I am not sure how he managed.

He could barely get it up and never got totally hard. She sucked his semi-hard cock and made fun of him for not getting totally hard. I must have dozed off because a few minutes later I heard a noise and saw that number two was fucking her doggie-style on the bed as she gave number one a blow job.

I began to get my strength back and mounted her when he was finished. I fucked her from between her thighs as she jacked off three and four at the same time. At close to three am we all were crashed and she was finally finished, collapsing on the bed on her stomach with her hands stretched out straight like a wet dishrag on a kitchen counter, dead to the world.

By that time I could hardly raise my head to look at her and was out like the proverbial light and didn’t raise my head until the sun was shining through the window and right in my eyes. As I lifted my head Cheryl was back at it with number one, riding him cowgirl and bouncing over his hips.

Cheryl is merely an average waitress, but she is one incredible fuck buddy to firehouse fifty-one, and by now has fucked every fireman there except for Andy, who has pledged fidelity to wife Linda, who must be incredible to keep Andy home while Cheryl is on the prowl. It is lucky there aren’t more fires in the neighborhood, because the firemen at station fifty-one are in no condition to fight firs these days, not with Cheryl working the neighborhood. I am still not a fireman, but I do consider myself part of the crew, Cheryl’s crew.

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Truth or Dare

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“I used to let Jackson and Oliver Puddu finger me under the cafeteria table.” Chloe smiled at me sweetly, took a deep drag, and passed the joint to Ryan. I could count on one hand the times we smoked weed together. Now, she looked so natural, as if she did it all the time.

“You’re such a slut.” Ashleigh laughed nonchalantly. Chloe’s dormmate already lost her top on an earlier dare. Now, she lay reclined on her bed in a red bra, her feet resting on Aiden’s lap.

“Oliver Puddu?” I remembered feeling Chloe up. We sat in a corner where the teachers couldn’t see what we were doing. Our friends looked out for us and giggled conspiratorially. I had put my hand on her knee. She grinned and spread her legs wide, daring me to go higher. As far as I ever got, until much later, was a brush of wetness on my fingertip. I did not know she let Oliver do it too. A rich kid with a bully streak, if Oliver had any redeeming qualities, I never discovered them.

“You don’t remember? You both pulled my legs apart.”

I thought back: white linoleum tables, cinnamon disinfectant, Chloe sliding around on the bench between us. We were all laughing. It seemed so innocent now. “I remember playing around. I didn’t know he made it that far.”

Aiden gave a sideways grin, and I realized he superficially resembled Oliver: tall, lanky, disheveled hair. “Don’t get worked up,” he said. “You were young.”

“I’m not jealous.” I forced myself to smile, took a drag, and scanned the faces of Chloe’s college friends. Except for Ashleigh, they were all guys—all good looking, pseudo-intellectual stoners.

After those early days of exploration, Chloe and I became sweethearts, despite having very different personalities. While I studied hard and worked at my dad’s accounting firm, she skirted by in school and spent every spare moment with friends. She exuded a sense of adventure, which I loved and admired, and also a certain neediness that made me want to take care of her. I bought a nice car and had lots of money, but she always had people vying for her attention. When we went out, I treated her like a princess and felt like the luckiest guy at school. I never even kissed another girl.

Then, I got accepted into Grinnell. She went to Clarke. We kept our relationship kindled by meeting at home every other weekend. But this was my first time visiting her at college and meeting her new friends. It was Aiden’s idea to play truth or dare. I handed him the joint.

Chloe rubbed her hands together and smiled at me mischievously. “Truth or dare?”



I rolled my eyes. I pulled myself from her bed in her dorm room where we were gathered. The others sat on Ashleigh’s bed or on the floor. I strutted a half-hearted striptease in the center of the room and peeled off my shirt. I got a couple laughs. I tossed the shirt to Chloe and dropped back on the bed beside her. “Happy?” I asked.

“Yes.” She playfully dragged her nails across my chest. It occurred to me she was wasted.

“Girl, there’re four boys and only two of us,” Ashleigh said. “You know we’re going to be naked long before they are.”

“That’s the risk of truth of dare,” Aiden said. “Your turn, Jackson.”

I turned to Chloe. “Truth or dare?”


Aiden rolled his eyes. Chase and Ryan groaned in chorus. The guys undoubtedly hoped to see more of my girlfriend’s skin. I was grateful she had, thus far, managed to keep her clothes eve gelen escort on.

I looked into Chloe’s eyes. Although I wondered if I was just being paranoid from the weed, I was suddenly certain she had had sex with Aiden. All the guys seemed so familiar with Chloe, as if they had known her forever and I was the interloper. I imagined Aiden putting his hand on her knee. Would she stop him before he reached her pussy? I was unsure. I tried to think of the right question to elicit the truth, but every possibility seemed too boorish for the situation. Chloe’s eyes widened almost imperceptibly, as if she was reading my mind.

“Dude, ask a question,” Ryan said.

“Have you ever had sex with Oliver Puddu?” I blurted out.

I felt a twinge of guilt for asking the question, as if I was taking advantage of her when she was high and could not be expected to respond intelligently. However, the guilt passed quickly when she parted her lips and just stared at me blankly.

“I’m gonna say that’ s a definite ‘yes!'” Aiden said.

Chloe wrung the bottom of her shirt into a knot, exposing a patch of her taunt stomach. She rolled her eyes back and forth to indicate the others in the room. “Do you really want me to answer that here?”

“You chose truth!” Aiden said. “Let’s hear the deets.”

My heart sank as everyone but me and Chloe laughed. I imagined Oliver taking off Chloe’s top in her parent’s basement, where we first did it. I pictured them making out on the leather couch, their bare chests pressed together. I felt sick to my stomach.

Ashleigh shot Aiden a look. “We shouldn’t torture Jackson like that. He’s obviously jealous.”

I slumped onto the bed, my face hot from anger and jealousy. “I can’t believe you let that douchebag fuck you.” I pictured Chloe’s skinny legs wrapped around Oliver, her shorts and panties dangling around one ankle in case her parents came home early and they had to get dressed quickly.

I tried to catch Chloe’s eyes, but she was staring at Aiden with a dumb expression.

“How many times did you have sex with him?” I asked.

She shrugged.

“I mean, twice? Five times? Ten times? A hundred times?”

“Maybe three times?” She met my eyes and bit her lip. “It was just sex. It didn’t mean anything.”

Ashleigh took a drag from the joint. “Okay, she answered the question. It’s Ryan’s turn.”

I considered taking Chloe’s hand and leaving, but we were in her room, and I had no idea where else to go. I felt like my head might explode from jealousy.

Before I could think of a way to leave with at least some of my dignity intact, Ryan turned to me and smiled. “Truth or dare, Jackson?”

I tried to shake the images in my mind of Chloe spreading her legs for my nemesis. The thing was that Oliver used to tell everyone he had fucked Chloe, but she always denied it. Back then, Oliver bragged about his alleged exploits with dozens of girls, so it was easy to brush off whatever he said about my girlfriend as mere lies intended to make me upset. The revelation that Oliver had in fact fucked her three times was more than enough truth for me to deal with at the moment, particularly when I was so high.

I gritted my teeth. “Dare.”

“Take Ashleigh in the closet for a full half hour. Whatever happens in there—even if nothing happens—neither one of you can tell anyone, especially Chloe. gaziosmanpaşa escort You’re welcome!”

Ashleigh’s mouth shot open in feigned shock. “That sounds more like my dare!”

“You know you want to.” Aiden pressed his tongue to his cheek and pantomimed fellatio.

Chloe fidgeted beside me as the others laughed. “You guys are so bad,” she murmured.

I shrugged at Ashleigh, who stood, eagerly tripped across the room, and extended a hand to me. She was blond with big tits, fleshy around the belly. As far as I could tell, she was not dating any of the guys in the room, but I suspected she had probably fucked half of Clarke College. I found her mildly attractive, but I was already certain there was no way I was going to let anything happen with her in the closet.

I glanced at Chloe, whose demeanor had changed markedly from just a moment ago. She now looked at me with wide eyes, squirming awkwardly, her cheeks as red as strawberries. I felt a flash of smugness that this situation had apparently—for the first time in our relationship—sparked her possessiveness. I said, “You know I’m not going to actually do anything with Ashleigh, right?”

“You can let her suck your dick, if you want.” Chloe pouted and then giggled nervously. She looked like she was about to hyperventilate.

I framed her face and kissed her lips. “I love you. It’s just a dare. I promise you nothing will happen.”

“It’s okay.”

I kissed Chloe one more time and accepted Ashleigh’s hand. The guys stood and cheered. They ushered us to the closet as someone turned up the music to a deafening level.

“We’ll set a timer for thirty minutes!” Aiden shouted, shoving us into the closet. “Under no circumstances can you open this door until we let you out.”

Ashleigh kicked some shoes out of our way. “We understand!”

No sooner had we ducked inside than they shut the door, leaving us in total darkness. The music droned beyond the door. The small space was packed with clothes. I struggled to find a way to stand up straight. Ashleigh wrapped her arms around my waist. The heat of her bare skin surprised and excited me. The fabric of her bra tickled my ribcage. In the confines of the closet, it was possible to image Ashleigh as anybody I wanted her to be. I was struck by a sudden urge to at least touch her boobs.

I was reaching up to make my move when she tugged me to the ground. She shoved shoes and clothes out of the way to make space. She pushed me onto my back and nuzzled on top of me. She rested her head on my shoulder. I held her awkwardly; there was nowhere else to put my arms. With her weight on top of me, it was now obvious she was not Chloe, whose petite frame had barely changed at all in the years we had dated.

She placed her lips near my ear and nibbled my earlobe. “You can kiss me. I’m not allowed to tell.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

She sighed, and I felt her hot breath on my neck. She smelled like rum and sex. My cock twitched. Despite that I was not really into her, the sensation of having a very enthusiastic, half-naked girl on top of me made for an almost irresistible temptation. I decided making out with Ashleigh would not hurt anyone, and it would certainly make our time in the closet go by faster. I found her mouth. She parted her lips. Our tongues twisted together as we made out for several minutes.

She gölbaşı escort pulled back, panting, and ran her hand down my body. She found my hard dick and purred. “I won’t tell. I thought you might wanna get back at Chloe—you know, for what she did with that boy.”

I tensed. I had almost rid my mind of Oliver Puddu, who had once produced a pair of panties from his locker that he claimed belonged to Chloe. “You’re a cuckold, Jackson!” Oliver said to me. “She fucks everyone. You’re the only dumbass who doesn’t see it.” He clucked like a chicken as his friends laughed. I slammed him into the locker that day and almost got suspended.

“That was a long time ago,” I said to Ashleigh. “I’m already over it.”

“You know, Chloe and I are roommates.” She unzipped my fly, slipped a hand in my pants, and wrapped it around my cock. “She tells me everything.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I pushed her off my chest and sat up.


She clung to my neck, but I brushed off her arms and pulled myself to my feet. I zipped up my pants and wiped the saliva from my mouth. I had had enough of Chloe’s slutty roommate and her douchey new friends. I was too old to be smoking weed and playing truth or dare in a closet. I reached for the doorknob.

“Wait!” Ashleigh said. “Can’t we just talk?”

I tried to turn the doorknob but felt resistance, as if someone was holding the knob from the outside. In a panic, I twisted it more forcefully and at the same time rammed my shoulder into the door. Someone shoved their weight against the other side. I jammed my foot in the crack, then both arms. I pried the door open and forced my way back into Chloe’s room.

“What the fuck?” I said, my voice completely drowned out by the music.

Someone had dimmed the lights. It was not much brighter than it had been in the closet. My eyes landed on Chase, who stood behind the door, his hands up in a gesture of surrender. I turned to look for Chloe, to take her out of there to a place where we could talk, but her bed was now empty. In fact, both beds were empty.

I sensed movement on the floor, a tangle of bodies in various stages of undress. My eyes tried to make sense of what I was seeing. Even before I could distinguish the lines, I recognized a shared sexual act with Chloe in the center, the details of which at first alluded my comprehension. I made out Chloe’s bare legs in the air. She lay flat on her back. Someone’s white butt pumped furiously between her thighs, apparently racing against the timer.

My mouth dropped open.

Another figure—Ryan—crouched beside Chloe. I saw he had pulled up her shirt and was pawing her tits, presumably waiting for Aiden to finish so he could take his turn.

In a flash, I thought of all the rumors I heard about Chloe over the years, and not just from Oliver Puddu—the countless parties she attended when I was studying or working, when it was later rumored she had hooked up with this or that guy. Of course, when I confronted her, she always denied it. She told me she loved me, that she would never cheat on me. I believed her. But there was no way to deny it now. Chloe’s friends had conspired to distract me with Ashleigh so they could run a train on her right under my nose.

Aiden shuddered, apparently climaxing inside my girlfriend. He scooted over. Ryan pulled down his sweatpants and edged his way between her legs. The music was so loud they were oblivious to my existence, or they just did not care.

Ashleigh put her hand on my shoulder. I left it there. I was too stunned to do anything but stare. Ryan mounted Chloe and found a rhythm. Her hands cupped his ass, driving him in hard.

“Don’t be too upset!” Ashleigh said, shouting into my ear. “Chloe fucks everyone. You’re literally the only one who didn’t know.”

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Backpacking with College Students

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A totally fictional story about a husband and wife teaching college students how to pack, fly fish, do hygiene, on a backpacking trip where the space and weight of the pack creates the need to limit items. The wife takes the boys, the husband a girl that likes to fish. It is one of my longer stories as I found it too difficult to split into parts or chapters without hurting the story.

All characters are over 18 years old. As with all my stories, they are proofed with the help of software, some mistakes may be missed. If you are more interested in perfect grammar, than reading a good story you may want to look elsewhere. I hope you enjoy it! Comments on the storyline are always appreciated.


Ellen and I are children of the ’80s, which means we were raised by children of the ’60s. My parents were very liberal, something that I rejected when I was in my early teens. Yes, I wanted designer clothes, and a BMW for my birthday like many of my friends drove to school.

My jeans came from the discount store, and I drove an old car my grandpa gave me. Those things I thought were important at the time were not in the cards financially as my mom was a social worker, and my dad although an attorney did more work for legal aid than for his private practice. There is no payoff for that monetarily, for it is a work of charity at its best. Anything that we had was modest, as, like my dad, my mom’s job did not pay so much in dollars as it does in their self-worth.

What I did have was a wealth of good values when it comes to the world, yet open minds when it came to weed, sex, and relationships in general. Instead of a lecture about not having sex before marriage, I got one on how not to make a baby until you want one, and a box of condoms.

With my parents, being nude with them on occasions that called for it was not made to be an evil or sinful thing. They were into nature, backpacking, camping, and fishing, and not nudists per se, or what some like to call naturists. I found out in my teens that they had opened up their marriage to other partners on occasion, something else from the 60s.

Our nudism is out of necessity as well, and even though it little to do with sex, you have to be honest about it, nudity and sexual arousal have always had a connection.

Like with my parents, our nudity is necessary for us to freely enjoy being out in the wild, in our case backpacking and camping are our stress relievers. I guess it started by my grandpa and grandma from the necessity of needing to bathe in the wilderness, in a river or pond. It was partly started by the lack of space, and the need to keep our backpacks as light as possible.

When you are backpacking, and camping sometimes for as long as a whole week, it is hard to carry enough equipment. Swimwear, or even having to carry anything wet after a swim or bathing was an unnecessary hassle, if it was warm enough we would just dry in the sun.

Aside from being OK with nudity, and the survival skills I was taught, my parents being open and honest about life has made me a better person. They even influenced my loving wife Ellen, who in our personal life goes as just L. The very summer we were married we made our first trip together.

My parents, now her new parents-in-law, visited my grandpa’s cabin together for the first time. Maybe a little too soon, she and I could not get enough of each other sex-wise, but I figured we could always go off on our own to take care of those needs. Although I did my best to prepare her, I thought it might be a problem seeing, and being seen by my parents while naked. It wasn’t though I soon found out, I learned a lot about her on that first trip with them.

She more than let them know that she was fine with the necessity of it. She demonstrated that when we were on a day hike with them at the cabin during a very hot summer. My dad suggested a swim to cool off in a spring-fed lake along the trail. We had no swimwear only a small pack with power bars and something to drink. My dad said that we could all go in our underwear since it was a day hike, or as an option split up and mom and dad could walk to a small alcove only a little ways away for privacy if we wanted to swim nude in private. Telling L that he understands it might be too soon, or maybe just too difficult a thing for her to do at all.

“She said to him, Dad, am I not an immediate member of the family now?”

“Of course you are Ellen, you know that I hope.”

“If I was not here wouldn’t all three of you just strip naked and go in for a swim?”

“You got me there, yes we would, I just didn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

As she started shedding her clothes right there in front of dad and she said, “I will probably get a little red in the face at first, but I will get used to it dad. I am worried about you though, having both your sexy wife and your young daughter-in-law naked and in your presence for the first time, well, I just hope your heart can take it.”

She accomplished grup escort something few people have done, left my dad speechless, and made my mom giggle, as she became the first to join L in disrobing. I will say that once my dad disrobed, he had a bit of a reaction in an organ, but that organ was not his heart.

What a beautiful sight her standing there naked in the afternoon sun, her and I only a couple of feet from my parents.

Like my mom always does, she wanted to do something to have some fun in the water and challenged L to a chicken fight. L was all for it, I was a bit surprised she was willing to sit on my shoulders and further expose herself. I figured she was still trying to act like all this did not bother her, but then again, maybe she was trying to tease my dad with her ample young breast?

Well, games began as my naked dad and I hoisted our spouses upon our shoulders. Mom won the first two rounds, but then the biggest surprise of the day is when L proposed switching partners. But she is competitive, saying that she lost only because I was not holding her legs tight enough.

My dad was a little hesitant, but in the end, did not protest, and hoisted L up and held her legs tightly as her young bald pussy lips pressed right against the back of his neck. I will never forget, the look on his face. The water was cool and was up past our waist and it was a good thing because I was not only hard from seeing all this but having my mom’s pussy pressed against my neck added to it.

L is competitive and tightened her legs around Dad’s neck, he is a big guy, making her look even more petite. His big hands were wrapped around her thighs holding tight. I knew he had to be as hard as I was even in the cool water. I was both watching L’s breast bounce hitting the top of Dad’s head, feeling mom’s pussy, and making sure not to get in too shallow of water. They battled for quite a while, and in the end, it was a tie, and we were all four worn for wear. She then shocked my dad, after she dismounted, when she pressed against him to give him a victory kiss, I know she had to encounter his erection, but gave him a good kiss and hug nonetheless. It had to make the old guy’s day, maybe even his year.

Ellen and I have passed on to our son, the same courage to be nude in front of others when the situation called for it, and to not be ashamed if one of your cousins, siblings, or parents turns you on while naked, it is natural under those conditions, you have to just isolate yourself until it goes away.

We have opened our marriage at times but did not, and still don’t do it without the other’s knowledge, usually doing it with other couples. The love of nature that was passed down, my parent’s lifestyle origins was from my grandparents, my grandpa built that humble cabin with no running water or shower in the mountains as a getaway from everyday life, and taught his values to my dad.

The story I am about to tell is about a trip there that Ellen, planned with our son. He was doing well in college about to finish his Junior year and wanted to backpack with some of his friends. L and I will be telling our own stories separately, as we both had different experiences on this trip, our interests vary a little so we split into two groups. L is more into just plain backpacking, she loves to hike and pitch a tent, survival-type stuff. I like to fly-fish, but also like to backpack to streams and small lakes that very few people know about. Then just pitch a tent and make a fire and hopefully fry up some fresh catch out in the open air. I guess I am more on the lazy side.

We had planned this late spring, early summer trip during the winter months and everyone was looking forward to it. It was to be three of my son’s male friends and one female. Yes, I questioned what his friend Jennifer would have in common with L as the only other female and 20 years older, and likely even less with me for that matter. She was not a girlfriend of our son’s or any of the other boys as far as we knew. She was just a very close platonic friend to our son and we assumed the others. They were all college friends of his that he had become very close to, they all four were Juniors and entering their early 20s in age.

The reason for that time frame of the trip was that it was for four days right when everyone’s classes were over, and before they started summer jobs or classes. Jason said that everyone was looking forward to it and that a couple of them have had little experience in the wilderness and were looking forward to learning backpacking.

Not three days before we were all to meet there Jason called with a good news, bad news scenario. The good news was terrific as he had been accepted as an apprentice at a well-known architecture firm, a big boost to him when he graduates. He did not expect it, it was a long shot. The problem was that he had to report to them on what would have been the second day of the trip, so he was out. We were disappointed iranlı escort but had no intentions of canceling and were looking forward to it even if it was just the two of us. To our surprise no one else wanted to cancel, they had all been looking forward to it, and we had met most of them, and we did not have a problem with it.

Things became a little complicated when we found out that it was Jennifer, (Jen) that was heavy into fishing, and not any of the boys had that interest, they were more interested in trying backpacking. We figured we would be in two groups but this was going to make things a little more complicated in several ways. For one, with both of us, we would have to share a tent with his friends, in my case with Jen, in her case with one of the boys. For me and Jen we couldn’t carry two tents backpacking and still have room for all the other necessities and some fishing gear. She seemed fine with it, but I was a little reluctant remembering my dad’s reaction to L naked years back. But I figured I could offer her privacy as he did.

I will start the story with our arrival at the cabin, and then tell you about my experience with Jen. Then I will let Ellen tell about her experience with the boys.

Joel’s Story:

Ellen was busy with the boys arranging equipment for the trip up into the mountains, we planned to leave early the next morning. Even though she was trying to be a teacher and leader, I could see she was already getting turned on being around the young male friends of our son with him not present.

Jen and I were doing the same as far as getting ready, she was a very nice girl, I read her as kind of a tomboy I guess. She was cute however even in that look, I didn’t think of her sexually, but then I had no idea what was under those baggy clothes. Once she changed into her shorts and a top in the heat, I could not keep myself from looking at her round young ass as she bent over, and her cleavage when she was facing me. I could see that L had busted me looking at her young ass, and I figured I would hear about it from her later but it was worth it. I let Ellen help her pack and explain what was important, I did not want to be the one to tell her she did not need swimwear, etc…

I did the same with the boys so they would know I was OK with the rules, and for them not be hesitant to be naked in front of L. Telling them they were in for a treat, explained that we swim and bathe au-natural, that it is just part of backpacking. I think they had some prep from our son. But I also wanted to break it to them we did not all need phones or entertainment items, but I let them pack a Frisbee.

The next time I saw Ellen, she had changed out of her baggy clothes, and was bra-less in a button shirt, that I think she forgot to button at the top on purpose and was tied to show her midriff. Her shorts were, well, very short, no panty lines, I figured if they were tight enough to show her camel toe, she was commando. She was dressed to test or tease who were going to be her boys, her charges for the trip. This was not the same as when L and me first dated., I don’t think any of us show the “real” us early in a relationship, but I mean that in a good way, she is much more open, and is a woman in her sexual prime now. I figured she wanted to convey that to them and get their reaction, just like my mother did with my friends.

Her fit figure was not lost on the 20 something boys, these boys were excited about this hot MILF being their guide. This should have given her a boost, it sure made me feel good about having such a hot wife. Especially the fact that these younger men were taking more notice of her over Jen, someone their age. She does not look a day over 30 to me. One, in particular, had her attention, he had his shirt off and was showing off his fit build to her, I know when a guy is doing that and why, and I know when it is working on her, I once was that fit, now at 42 not so much.

We retired early that night for the early start. We were in the bedroom, the rest of the cabin was one open room, no bath just a sink with a pump to bring water in from the small spring-fed lake we were on. A little ways further back in the woods was our outhouse.

I tapped on the door, announced myself, and walked in as L was pulling off the sheet so I could see she was laying there waiting for me naked, and in a sexy pose that I knew the meaning of. I called her on her lack of night clothes as I shed my shorts and boxers, and my cock was already starting to react to the view, saying, “I know that look, and what it means, what has you so froggy honey,” do tell?

“Well, to be honest,” she replied, “Watching you looking, and practically drooling as you were looking at that young lady’s ass that you are about to go fishing with is part of it. You seemed to have a bulge in your hiking shorts as you did. How could I not get visions of you fishing, with her being more interested in sucking your middle-aged rod?

Or picture keçiören escort you with your head between those beautiful legs, eating that young girl’s pussy as she runs her fingers through your hair, what you still have that is. I guess I would like to witness, or at least hear about it, but remember a young girl like that could ride your cock till your heart gave out Joel, so be careful. A lot of girls that age have a thing for Daddy figures.”

I just had to have a good comeback for that and did my best, “You don’t think I didn’t notice you looking at the what are in truth, young men 3 or 4 years past legal, but yet just boys to someone your age. Especially Larry with his athletic build, and willingness to show it to you. I am sure he wants to show you the hard young cock that is causing that bulge in his hiking shorts.

How could I not picture my beautiful wife pulling those shorts off for him, and just to see that hard young cock of his? Then him taking a look at that ageless bald pussy of yours, and eating you out. All this before he enters you with that hard cock, and fucks your MILF brains out”

“Who knows, the other two boys might want to watch while stroking their young hard dicks too or just join in, you have two hands and three orifices. Maybe those thoughts of you getting fucked have more to do with my hardon than seeing Jen’s young body does. Don’t worry about me being upset, as long as you describe your actions to me sometime.”

“MILF’s have been popular with young men their age for years, even before porn made people more aware of it. Young men, these days are in on what us older guys know, that you hot mama’s know what you are doing.”

“My God honey, you are a mind reader, only you saying it has me even hotter than when I just think about it. You got the short straw though, only one girl to fuck if she is into it, I have three chances to seduce one.”

“Now let’s quit wasting time, and chance our arousal factor decreasing, and get things started. Let me at that big cock of yours, let me see if I can still curl your toes like when we were young.”

“Yes dear, and let me at that fine wet pussy of yours, I can taste it in my mind already, it will save time if we 69 and please each other. Then we can get to the fucking part quicker, we do need to get some sleep tonight.”

It was not exactly dead quiet in the cabin, the young ones were talking smack to each other, they were not that worried about getting some sleep like us older folk. But more than that we needed relief first. Ellen soon had a mouth full of my cock, and I was busy eating her bald pussy. I quickly noticed her pussy was silky smooth, like she prepares it for an anniversary trip of ours or something, freshly waxed just for a camping trip?

L and I were pretty turned on just thinking about the adventures we were about to have, and once we finished our oral foreplay, I was balls deep in her. Our sex was nothing elaborate, and I can’t say it was quiet, knowing these young people might hear us just made it hotter for me. Just a good advertisement for both of us, so that the younger ones know we are not dead yet. It did not last long we just needed to get off, then get some sleep. We were laying on our backs afterward and L had a hand on my chest as we gazed at each other.

She was the first to speak. “Well stud, and love of my life, what are the rules for me on this trip master,” said partly in humor I thought?”

“As far as I am concerned, only one rule, and it’s for both of us, I think whatever happens out there, we should just let it happen. It is no different than when we used to trade spouses when we were younger, we are not cheating. I don’t have high hopes for myself, I have to be just another old guy to Jen. But you are one Hot MILF, you have a better chance of scoring than me.

I know you are willing to let three horny young men see you naked in a pond or a stream, tease them by doing a sexy strip for them while pretending to just be getting ready to bathe. I am sure you will be bathing or just skinny dipping with them by the second day so you can check out their young penises. You will turn them on with those big breasts of yours, and that fine ass, and smooth bald pussy I just fucked.

Remember what you did to my dad that first time you were naked with my parents? Well, these are constantly horny young men with stamina you are going to be teasing and hoping to fuck.”

“I am totally honest when I say I would be upset with you if I was to hear of you turning one of those boys down, and have no hot story to tell me. Getting some strange would be good for both of us.”

That was all that was said that night, the next morning we were on our way. For Jen and I, we had a lot of stuff to carry just being two of us, and we had fishing and camping things, we at some point were going to have to rinse some clothes out. The first day was walking, climbing hills only to go down and climb up another. We walked through most of the daylight hours to get to my favorite stream. We rested from time to time and munched on power bars and jerky. We set up camp at a beautiful bend in the stream and did little else as we rested. Later we went to gather some wood but decided to hold off on starting a fire till morning to cook breakfast and warm-up, nights get cold there and it takes a while to warm up the next day.

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Work Colleagues Ch. 01

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She loved having sex with him but hated having to hang around in hotel receptions while they checked into their room – she had an idea – she’d check in first, arrange to leave a key for him on reception then he could join her later. She also had a surprise for him today!!

Over the past few weeks she’d been talking to one of their colleagues who they both found attractive. Heather was a bit younger than them both but they knew she’d experienced a female/female relationship and Jackie had confided in her that she’d like to know what sex with a woman was really like. Her response was so positive. She’d mentioned it to Ian and he said if she thought Heather could be persuaded to join them in a threesome she could tell her a bit about their affair. Little did he know that she’d agreed to join them in the hotel, and little did he know what they had planned.

Jackie checked in to the hotel and then, with trembling hands and shaky voice, she rang Heather to let her know the room number. Before she even had time to undress there was a knock at the door, there was Heather in a white low cut vest top, short dark skirt and knee high boots; just the out fit that had turned Ian on when they went out for their works night out; altogether this ensemble showed off her figure to its best advantage with just a hint of slut to add to the look.

Jackie particularly liked her tits, which were just the right size to be fondled and sucked, were so pert that she could imagine her tongue teasing her nipples while she stroked and fondled them with one hand and played with her clit with the other. She could hardly believe these fantasies were about to come true. They had talked a little about what they wanted to do but they were both still slightly hesitant until Jackie very gingerly moved closer to Heather who stood up straight and placed her hands behind her head in a provocative “come and get” pose. Jackie gently touched Heather’s breast with her fingertips and noticed just how hard Heathers nipples were. Jackie used both hands and cupped her breasts and squeezed then which caused Heather to drop her arms, exhale with a moan and throw her head back eyes closed. Heather raised her head looked Jackie right in the eyes and moved her head closer and closer to Jackie’s face until she parted her lips and mashed them to Jackie’s in an all consuming kiss forcing her tongue into Jackie’s mouth and soon receiving her moist tongue in return as a reward for making Jackie’s cunt positively drip.

Heather decided to take the lead and began to unbutton Jackie’s black see through blouse and remove her lacy bra, as she did so Jackie unzipped the short skirt Heather wore and it slid to the floor. Heather stood there in front of her with a black thong on that left nothing to the imagination and she herself pulled the vest top over he head ruffling her hair in the process and exposing the half cup bra that allowed her nipples to be visible. Heather reached behind her and staring Jackie in the eyes removed her bra and ran her own fingers under her breasts and up to her nipples pinching them in the process.

Jackie stood there mouth open and trembling, but she noticed that she had her own hand in between her legs and was just squeezing her own cunt. Heather pinched Jackie’s nipples which brought right back to reality and Heather ordered her to place her hands behind her head adding the words “now I am going o strip you and feel how wet you are” at which Jackie instantly obeyed and moaned out loud at the command.

Heather kneeled down, and eased her hands up Jackie’s outer thighs, hitched her fingers into the waistband of her pants and pulled them down, noticing the tug of her cunt as it clinged with moisture to the gusset of the pants. Jackie lifted each foot so she could remove the pants and looked into Heathers eyes as she sat back on her heels and brought the gusset to her lips and gently and slowly licked it, breathing in heavily the pungent cunt smell that she had caused. Jackie just closed her eyes and shivered.

Jackie, dikmen escort still with her hands on her head, hips stuck out and legs apart, felt the tingle of fingertips on her knees and noticed they were followed by little wet licks. This continued up her thighs inch by inch till she felt the hands disappear and a hot panting breath tingle her cunt. Heathers nose and mouth were only a centimeter or so away from her cunt and she knew this was the moment she had longed for, for so long.

She felt Heathers hands grasp her arse cheeks and pull hard. All of a sudden Heather buried her face into Jackie’s cunt and licked all along the whole of her wet dripping cunt till she flicked her clitoris expertly. All the waiting, teasing and months of fantasies all exploded together as Jackie came with a loud long scream … “FFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK I’m CCUUUUUMMING” Her knees buckled and she fell back on the bed. Not once did Heather stop her licking, and within seconds Jackie came again, or was it that she just kept her coming for what seemed like an unbelievable amount of time.

Jackie could hardly wait for Ian to arrive and join in on this fantasy ‘come true’ but she wanted Heather to welcome him with her arse in the air, naked and inviting him to fuck her. She’d already checked with Heather in the various emails and she was happy to be fucked by Ian and for him to fuck her arse too if he wanted to.

She gently and reluctantly moved Heather away from her cunt and up onto her knees on the edge of the bed. Heathers shoulders and face were on the bed and her arms splayed out to the side and her tits squashed on the bed too. Heather still had her thong and boots on and Jackie stood behind her wondering if she should remove them or not and decided to leave them on. Jackie knelt down between Heathers legs and stared at her arse and slightly open cunt. It looked so fucking good and she raised her hand and brought it down on her right cheek with a loud slap. Heather jumped and moaned into the bed cover but didn’t move. Jackie knew she enjoyed a good spanking as her emails had revealed quite a kinky side and willingness to try just about anything, spanking just one of them. This sudden power trip gave Jackie the confidence to want to try a few other things so she lightly spanked both cheeks till Heather was moaning continually and her cheeks and thighs were getting redder and redder.

Jackie then hitched her fingers into the waistband of Heathers thong and pulled them from her arse but only till they were half way down her thighs and restricting her ability to open her legs too far. Jackie just looked at her open cunt and the tight little pink pucker of her arse and wondered just how many cocks she had had up there over the years, it looked so un-used. Jackie stretched her hand out and lightly ran her finger over her arse hole and down her moist cunt and eased it inside feeling how warn and wet she was. She removed it and licked the juice off it noticing just how sweet it tasted and how it made her own cunt twitch. She ran her own fingers through her own cunt lips and wet her fingers and eased them back into Heather much to her joy as she grunted into the bed cover again.

Jackie just knelt there, finger fucking Heathers cunt, hearing the mix of moans and the squelch of her juices. Faster and faster she fucked her till the juice dribbled out and ran all over hand. Then she took in a lung full of air and leaned forward, pushed her tongue out and circled Heathers arse in decreasing circles till she eased it into her arse hole feeling her muscles twitch and grasp at her tongue. Jackie had never heard a woman moan so much as Heather was now, not even in the porn films she had watched.

She withdrew her fingers and licked down her cheeks till she, for the very first time, tasted the juices of a woman direct from the source. She pushed her tongue in till her chin was on her clit and her nose was pushing at her arse hole, she breathed in through her nose and smelt emek escort the bitter smell of her hole as well as the distinctive smell of sex positively oozing from her cunt. Jackie jammed two fingers up her own cunt, squeezed her thighs together and frantically licked and sniffed at Heathers cunt till she moaned loudly into Heather cunt as she came, sending heather over the edge as she squirted small amounts of cum into Jackie’s mouth. Jackie was in heaven at that very point in time and knew that her and Heather could have more and more of the same over the following hours. Jackie moved to the side of the bed and kissed Heather deeply and allowed her to lick her own juices from her face and mouth. Ian would surely arrive soon and she was sure he would not be able believe his eyes if he saw this spectacle. Heather suddenly muttered “blindfold me, blindfold me, so I am ready for Ian. I want him to see me and use me as he likes and being blindfolded is such a turn on”. Just then they heard a light knock on the door, Heather gasped and whispered “quick do it do it”. Jackie took her blouse and tied it around her eyes just as she heard the key in the door and the door creak open. Ian walked through the door just as Jackie stood up, naked and flushed with her face all wet, with Heather naked apart from boots and a thong on her thighs, kneeling on the edge of the bed with her thighs soaked and her cunt open and wet – he took in the sight of them both, heard Heather moan and a huge grin spread across his face. Heathers bum was a sight he had wanted to see and play with for so long.

Jackie stood up and ran her finger down Heathers arse cheeks and slowly tickled Heathers bum hole and Ian stood in front of her, cupped her right tit and squeezed it and kissed her hard and long pushing his tongue into her mouth and sucking on her tongue.

He broke the kiss and said “lick her while I get undressed”. She dropped to her knees again and held Heathers arse cheeks apart and licked from hole to hole with relish as Ian stripped completely. He ran his hand all over her cheeks, up her back and round to her tits and fondled them, feeling her breath hard and moan as he did so. He whispered into Heathers ear “rise up on your hands and open your mouth and lick your tongue out, Jackie is going to finger you and I want you to lick me and make me hard so I can, at last, fuck you, then I will show you what kinky things Jackie and I get up to, if you want to really join us”

Heather knelt up on all fours and Jackie continued to probed Heathers cunt with her tongue, again Jackie nodded slightly in Ian’s direction so he’d know it was OK for him to do what she knew he so desperately wanted to do, and that Heather was prepared for anything he could offer. Their eyes met as he sat spread legged in front of Heather and slowly pushed his cock deep into Heather’s mouth. She moaned softly as Jackie moved her fingers in and out of her cunt and the cock in her mouth started to grow and Ian moaned at the sheer pleasure of the whole scenario and finally having Heathers lips wrapped round his rapidly growing cock.

Ian held Heathers hands wide apart from her body so her mouth sank down on to his cock and the only way she could be comfortable is to bob her head to get some breath, and occasionally gag as his cock hit the back of her throat, but some how this heightened the appeal for all concerned for the couple of minutes it happened. Ian grabbed her head by her hair and lifted her head from his cock, twisted her face so that she was licking his balls. She was breathing so hard now and was quickly approaching an orgasm and shouted “Jackie push as many fingers in my cunt as possible …. I am going to cum”. Jackie rammed four fingers into Heathers cunt and lapped her arse hole like there was no tomorrow and Heather just buried her head in the crack of Ian’s arse and screamed her way through an orgasm. Ian just smiled at Jackie and wanked on his cock to keep it nice and hard while Heather breathed eryaman escort hard into his arse and the bed.

When Heather had got her breath back she realized Ian was no longer on the bed in front of her. She heard a sucking sound and assumed Jackie must be blowing Ian some where in the room. He was in fact stood behind her and Jackie was sucking and licking him to get him nice and hard and wet ready to fuck Heather.

He stopped Jackie and said “now get under Heather in a 69 so she can lick your cunt and you can lick hers while you watch me fuck the shit out of her”

She helped Heather to her hands and knees again and slid under her, wriggling down the bed, licking her tits and stomach as she did so. Finally she reached the right spot and Heather wasted no time in grabbing Jackie’s thighs opening them wide and pulling them up in the air and burying her face into the soaking wet cunt opened in front of her and lapping away like she had not had sex for years. She was so turned on that anyone could have done anything to her at that point.

Jackie, underneath Heather, teased her clit with her tongue and fondled Ian’s balls as he stood waiting to fuck her. Jackie wanked on his shaft and he even squatted a little to push it into her mouth for a few thrusts. He pulled his cock, wet and hard, from her mouth and guided it to her cunt. He grabbed Jackie’s hand and told her to “hold it while I push it in”, this she did with much pleasure. His purple head soon passed Heathers lips and slowly disappeared into her cunt right up to the hilt, pushing a large sigh, as well as a lot of cunt juice, out of Heather, who didn’t miss a beat with her tongue in Jackie’s cunt.

Ian’s pent up feelings took over and he slammed into her for all his might and fucked her harder and harder. Her cunt was so tight and wet it was almost sucking him in and Jackie kept hold of his balls and continued to lap at her clit from below. He knew he wouldn’t last too long listening to the pure sound of sex and the guttural grunts and animal noises coming from Heather as she took all this and moaned to Jackie to move from under her and get ready.

Jackie then moved out from under her and whispered to Ian that Heather had agreed he could fuck her arse – his eyes widened and she thought he was going to come there and then at the thought of it, but he slowly eased his cock out of her cunt and stood back for a few seconds to try and stop himself from coming. He gently pushed first one finger then two into Heathers arse hole that looked so inviting between the soft round tanned cheeks of her arse. As he did so Jackie continued to fondle his balls and had kneeled behind him gently fingering and licking his arse hole. Ian moaned “that’s it, nice and gently … go on lick my arse you slut”. Heather gasped and spoke for the first time “Ian lick mine too, lick it and finger it, get it ready then FUCK ME in it, please fuck me in my arse, hard and rough, treat me like the slut whore I want to be”

By now his cock was even harder as he bent over and pushed his tongue into Heathers arse tasting her sweat and cunt juice Jackie had smeared all over it. Jackie licked his arse for a few seconds more then moved round and licked his rock hard cock and soaking balls and got up. She moved over to the dresser and got the tube of lube and squirted a load onto her hand and wrapped her hand round his cock again, coating it from tip to base and even smeared the rest all over his arse.

He stood behind the panting Heather and touched the tip of his cock onto her arse hole. She pushed as though trying to take a shit and her hole opened and a fart erupted, but she knew what she was doing. She needed to open up ready for this cock. He pushed, she moaned, Jackie watched closely and moaned, he push hard till he sank in right up to his balls with a great gasp he was in. everyone stayed still for a few seconds, Heather to get used to this invasion, Ian to stop from coming and Jackie because she was coming with three fingers in her cunt and her thighs clasped together very hard. This was the first time she had come without closing her eyes, she wasn’t even blinking looking at the sight of Ian, her work colleague fucking Heather, another of their work colleagues, in the arse.

She knew this was only the beginning and we hadn’t all started the kinky games yet.

To be continued…

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All-Black BDSM Party

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Ifeoma Momodu is a six-foot-tall, curvy and sexy, dark-skinned Nigerian woman living in the City of Detroit, Michigan. This West African beauty grew up in the City of Kano, northern Nigeria, and moved to the state of Michigan to study accounting at Wayne State University. While living in the United States of America’s premier Black metropolis, Ifeoma Momodu experimented with her sexuality and discovered the world of BDSM. Along the way, Ifeoma Momodu became a dominatrix, but one cut from a different cloth. In the world of BDSM, the majority of Black women are allergic to Black men. Ifeoma doesn’t play that shit, and instead seeks to create a pro-African BDSM club…

Anyone who’s ever met a Nigerian can testify to their resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. As more and more Nigerians move to America and Canada, the entire North American continent is beginning to feel their presence, especially in the business sector. Ifeoma Momodu graduated with honors from Wayne State University, got a job with First Independence Bank of Detroit, and bought herself a house. The savvy Nigerian businesswoman intended to make some major moves in the world of BDSM as well, by uniting local Black kinky folks, without needing white oversight or influence, thank you very much. Nothing wrong with Black folks getting things done on their own.

“Welcome, please, make yourselves at home,” Ifeoma Momodu said as she welcomed the latest arrivals at the party. Time to get things moving. Jerome Wilson, a big and tall, dreadlocked and ruggedly handsome young Black man originally from Bethel Town, Jamaica, arrived with his girlfriend, a curvaceous, brown-skinned Afro-Colombian gal named Nadine Cabrera. The couple was all smiles as they walked in, and Ifeoma greeted them with a hug. In a world that hates Black folks, the smartest thing a Black person can do is love themselves, and their own kind.

“Your place looks great, thanks for having us,” said Jerome Wilson, and he admired both the hostess and her sumptuous surroundings. Jerome Wilson, a graduate of Wayne County Community College’s applied business program, recently walked away from a job as a tech wizard to start his own business. He opened two barber shops in the Detroit metro area, one close to downtown, and one in the hood. Jerome is doing big things, and his lady Nadine Cabrera, a nurse at the local hospital, supports his dream. Black love makes things happen, folks.

“Good to be here, my sister,” Nadine Cabrera said, and she and her man Jerome walked past their gorgeous hostess Ifeoma Momodu and went to meet the other guests. In Ifeoma’s townhouse, located in the West Village area of Detroit, things were definitely happening. A knock at the door got Ifeoma’s attention, and she went to greet the newest arrivals. Malik Jabir, a tall and slim, dark-skinned Somali-American gentleman originally from the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota, arrived with his lady friend Esther Guillaume, a tall and pleasantly plump Haitian-American gal originally from Miami, Florida.

“Hmm, love your hair, sister,” Esther Guillaume said as she hugged Ifeoma Momodu then admired her. Ifeoma wore a Black leather jacket over a Black tank top, Black leather pants and Black leather boots. When it comes to BDSM play parties, Ifeoma’s style can be described as “Femdom Chic,” to put it mildly. Esther wore a red and white, flower-patterned summer dress, and her lover Malik wore a dark gray business suit. The Somali-American brother works in real estate, esat escort and Esther met him while shopping for a house. They’ve been together for a long time.

“My dear, you look exquisite,” Malik Jabir said, and Ifeoma nodded gracefully, accepting the Somali American realtor’s compliment. Everyone went to the living room, where wine, beer, and tasty Nigerian food awaited. The guests helped themselves to Jollof rice and goat Suya, plus spicy chicken and vegetables, prepared in the Nigerian style. Everyone bantered and caught up. It’s not easy being Black in the United States of America during the best of times, and Covid isn’t exactly helping matters. The Black community is resilient, however, and determined to do their own thing.

Ifeoma was the perfect hostess, and made her guests feel welcomed and entertained. The Nigerian gal was a bit sad due to the fact she and her lover Vincent Tartaglia, a handsome biracial stud of Italian and Black descent, were having issues. Oh well, that’s life. After savoring their meal, Ifeoma and her guests got the party started. Jerome and Nadine began getting their freak on, right there on the couch. The Afro-Colombian gal slipped out of her dress, revealing a curvaceous, sexy body. Jerome marveled at Nadine’s lovely face, big tits, curvy body, wide hips, thick legs and big brown ass. As Nadine fondled her tits and fingered her wet, hairy pussy, the Jamaican stud stroked his big dark dick. Miss Colombia was totally going to get it…

“Hmm,” Nadine said gently, as Jerome knelt before her and began eating her pussy. Ifeoma smiled enviously as Jerome ate Nadine’s pussy like a hungry man. When a man loves his woman, it’s clear and plain for all the world to see. No lies. No bullshit. No mystery. Nearby, Malik Jabir and his lady Esther Guillaume were having some fun. The tall, slim and fit Somali brother lay flat on the carpet. Esther fingered Malik’s asshole while sucking his big Somali dick. Malik was all smiles, clearly enjoying what his favorite Haitian lady was doing for him…

Ifeoma Momodu sat there, watching as her guests kept themselves entertained. The tall, sexy Nigerian dominatrix was happy for her guests but missed her man sorely. Vincent Tartaglia, who was born of an African American mother, Mercy Johnson, and of an Italian father, Michelangelo Tartaglia, simply took Ifeoma’s breath away when they met. The tall, muscular, brown-skinned and Afro-sporting biracial brother was all that and then some. A newcomer to Detroit by way of Tuscany, Italy, Vincent had a huge appetite for sex, and craved dark-skinned women in particular.

“You’re going to be addicted to me,” Vincent told Ifeoma, after they hooked up for the first time in his loft, located in the Belle Isle area of Detroit. Vincent was good-looking and had money, having worked for the Sienna Corporation in Italy, Canada and now the U.S. Ifeoma likes confidence in a man, but Vincent really thought he was all that. The problem is that Vincent, like a lot of men with huge dicks, thinks that no woman can resist him. Ifeoma loves Vincent, but she’s a dominatrix, and not willing to submit to any man. This caused problems in their relationship…

“I’m already addicted to you,” Ifeoma replied to Vincent, on that fateful first night together. They’d fucked over every inch of the loft. Ifeoma surprised herself by sucking the hell out of Vincent’s huge brown dick, and then she let him take etimesgut escort her on all fours. Face down and big Black ass up, Vincent fucked the hell out of Ifeoma. Moaning and groaning in sheer pleasure, Ifeoma began grinding her big Black ass, custom-made in Nigeria, against Vincent’s groin, driving him absolutely nuts.

“I love that ass,” Vincent roared, and he smacked Ifeoma’s big Black butt as he rammed his dick into her pussy. Ifeoma squealed and rode Vincent’s dick, loving the feel of him inside of her. The two of them fucked and sucked the night away. Ifeoma absolutely loved Vincent’s rough and tumble style of lovemaking. The biracial stud left the Nigerian dominatrix’s pussy pleasurably sore after pounding her almost into submission. Good times, for sure, but Ifeoma enjoys certain activities that Vincent isn’t okay with it…

Ifeoma Momodu is a dominant, and a huge part of that means playing with submissive types. The Nigerian dominatrix has a submissive named Nestor, a chubby Black man from Antigua, whom she enjoys dominating. Ifeoma showed Vincent tapes of her dominating the hell out of Nestor, and this made him feel profoundly uncomfortable. Vincent felt sick to his stomach as he watched Nestor, a husband and family man, let Ifeoma bend him over and fuck him up the ass with a thick strap-on dildo. Vincent thought only white folks were into weird shit like that, until he saw that there are Black men who let Black women dominate them in the bedroom. This shocked Vincent, to put it mildly…

“Hmm, Vince, you should let me peg you one of these days,” Ifeoma suggested, after a night of passionate lovemaking. Vincent stared at Ifeoma as though she had two heads. When Ifeoma, feeling naughty, caressed Vincent’s ass, he yanked her hand away. Vincent grabbed Ifeoma’s hand and twisted it, hard enough to hurt. Ifeoma winced, and then Vincent let go. Ifeoma massaged her bruised hand, and looked at Vincent, astonished by what he’d done. Couldn’t he tell that she was joking?

“Ifeoma, I’m nobody’s bitch,” Vincent said angrily, and as an astonished Ifeoma looked on, he got up, put his clothes on and left her bed and her house. Ifeoma’s hand hurt, but she loved Vincent too much to report him to the authorities. Ifeoma didn’t tell any of her friends or family what Vincent had done. Ifeoma sighed, blinking away her reverie about the recent past, and noticed that everyone around her was having some wicked fun. Esther was riding Malik’s face, smothering him with her big ass, and Jerome was whooping Nadine’s big ass with his belt as she sucked his dick. Good times…

“Everyone’s having fun but me,” Ifeoma said to herself, and she began to masturbate on the couch while watching her guests. Outside the house, Vincent watched everything from the window. The biracial stud felt guilty about hurting his beloved lady, but he also felt conflicted. Vincent is a macho brother from Italy, where it’s not easy to be the mixed-race son of an Italian man and a Black woman. The softness of North American men irked Vincent, who grew up in a place where men are strong and manly. Still, Vincent loves Ifeoma, and wants her back…

“Here I am,” Vincent said, and he shoved the door open and stormed the townhouse like a warrior invading a foreign kingdom. Ifeoma’s guests were stunned to see the tall, brown-skinned brother walk in, all serious. Ifeoma was stunned to see Vincent as well, and only her etlik escort training as a dominatrix and her fortitude as a strong Black woman prevented her from panicking. Vincent walked up to Ifeoma, ignoring the Black couples that were having sensual and kinky fun together. Ifeoma sat up, wondering what the fuck Vincent wanted. If this fool wanted to disrupt her party, Ifeoma wouldn’t have it…

“What do you want?” Ifeoma demanded, and Vincent looked at her, and smiled cockily. The handsome biracial stud surprised everyone by prostrating before Ifeoma, and kissing her feet. If lightning had struck Ifeoma, she wouldn’t have been more shocked. Vincent knelt before Ifeoma, and only looked up when she gently touched his face. Vincent looked into Ifeoma’s eyes, and she saw that he truly loved her. Even though Vincent is biracial, he’s still a strong Black man, and his only weakness is the Black woman he truly loves…

“I want you,” Vincent said gently, and Ifeoma smiled, overjoyed. The two of them kissed, and then began enjoying one another. Ifeoma found herself on all fours, face down and big Nigerian ass up. Vincent kissed Ifeoma’s thick posterior, and then slid his fingers into her pussy. At the same time, Vincent worked his tongue into Ifeoma’s butt hole. The Nigerian gal moaned in pleasure, loving what her lover was doing to her. For these two, the wicked fun was just beginning…

“I love you, my dear, and I want you to trust me,” Ifeoma told Vincent, and he nodded. After giving his lady’s holes a tongue bath, the biracial stud was ready for more. Ifeoma sat on Vincent’s face, and smothered him with her big Nigerian booty. The Nigerian dominatrix sat on her man’s face like a queen on her throne. Nearby, the others were having fun. Nadine was riding the hell out of Jerome’s thick dick, and Malik had Esther on all fours, face down and ass up, as he smacked her ass and fucked her…while she was handcuffed. Let the good times roll…

“I love you and trust you,” Vincent told Ifeoma, and they continued with their fun. Ifeoma sucked Vincent’s big brown dick, but while sucking him off, she fingered his butt hole. Vincent seemed nervous but Ifeoma reassured him. After fingering Vincent’s butt for a while, Ifeoma replaced her digits with a sleek ebony dildo. Ifeoma worked the dildo all the way up Vincent’s ass and continued fellating him. The biracial stud moaned and groaned as his favorite dominant Nigerian lady stimulated his ass with her toy. Soon, Vincent shouted that he was about to cum, and Ifeoma urged him to do so. When Vincent came, Ifeoma drank every last drop of his manly juice…

“You are my King,” Ifeoma told Vincent, and then she kissed him. The two of them continued with their fun. Ifeoma got on all fours and spread her thick ass cheeks wide open. Vincent came up behind her, and playfully smacked her thick Nigerian booty. Stroking his hard dick, Vincent grinned, loving Ifeoma’s ass. Vincent worked his dick into Ifeoma’s pussy, and began fucking her with deep, passionate strokes. Ifeoma cried out in sheer pleasure as Vincent smacked her ass and fucked her silly. The two of them melted into each other. At long last, the King and Queen of Detroit’s Black BDSM scene are one…

After a truly remarkable night, Ifeoma Momodu’s guests left the townhouse, thanking their hostess and her man for their hospitality. Ifeoma and Vincent thanked Malik, Esther, Jerome and Nadine for a great time, and then sent them on their merry way. Hand in hand, Ifeoma and Vincent returned to the bedroom. They’ve been apart for weeks after that unexpected disagreement in the bedroom, and Ifeoma is a horny woman. Vincent’s got a lot of atoning to do, and Ifeoma intends to wear him in the bedroom before granting him absolution. Fortunately, Vincent is up to the task. Let the games begin…

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Wildcat Within Ch. 02

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I heard the rain pour down outside of my apartment as I cleaned the kitchen. The clanking against the barbeque on the balcony helped drown out my thoughts of our wild threesome a few days ago. It was hard not to think about Laura and Stephanie together, they’re writhing bodies intertwined as one. I dreamed of seeing Stephanie again but didn’t want to bring it up to Laura, thinking about how it might make her jealous. Yet, I was infatuated with her. Those deep blue eyes cried innocence but her body yearned for knowledge. Distracting myself, I loaded up the dishwasher when I heard a knock at the door. Always wary of solicitors I looked through the peephole but saw no one. Figuring it was just the rain playing tricks on me I went back to finish cleaning the kitchen.

After starting the dishwasher I grabbed the trash to take it out. I put on my coat and readied myself to run to the dumpster. Quickly opening the door I sprinted down the walkway and tossed my trash in. Sprinting back, I was out of breath when I entered my apartment. “That’s what I get for smoking.” I thought to myself.

After discarding my wet coat and shoes next to the door I went and opened the blinds to the sliding glass door that led to the small patio. I was shocked to see Stephanie huddled in the corner outside, trying to shield herself from the downpour. Her head sprung up when she saw me.

Unlocking the door I quickly slid it open and said, “Oh my god come in.”

She hurried herself in, dropping her backpack by the door. Relieved, she muttered, “Thank you.”

“Let me grab you a towel,” I said and rushed to the bathroom. “What were you doing out there?” I yelled as I grabbed a towel.

“Well I tried knocking but there wasn’t an answer,” she stuttered from the effects of the cold. “So I figured I’d just wait for someone to come home.”

“You must be freezing,” I said walking back into the room. I draped the towel around her shoulders and rubbed it against her before taking a step back.

“Thank you,” she whimpered and she started to towel herself off, starting with her long, black hair.

I stared at her shivering body, etching it into my brain. Her wet tee shirt clung to her petite frame, accentuating those perky breasts that I never stopped thinking about. Her soaked jeans clung to her thin legs. “My robe is in the bathroom if you want to get dry and out of those clothes,” I offered.

“Yes that would be nice,” she said and stumbled into the bathroom. I watched as she hurried away, her wet hair bouncing against her ass.

I sat on the couch, lit a cigarette, and anxiously waited for her to come out of the bathroom. I couldn’t wait to have another go with her, but knew I had to wait for Laura to come home.

Stephanie came out of the bathroom wearing my white robe that hid all of her wonderful features. Mentally I undid the sash as she sat down and curled up on the couch. She let out a long breath before finally saying, “Thank you. I feel much better now.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied coming back to reality. “So why didn’t you call first?”

“I don’t know. I guess I wasn’t thinking,” She replied her face bent down, looking at her lap.

I reached in and ran my finger under her chin. Lifting her face I asked, “You ok?”

“Ya I guess so,” her eyes looked downward.

“So what is then?” My arms retreated to my side.

“Well after I left here the other day I went home,” she finally stuttered out. “My dad saw the handcuffs in my bag and started yelling. Before I knew what happened he kicked me out of the house.”

“Oh,” I said then paused, feeling remorse for her. “Sorry to hear that.”

“It’s ok. Not your fault.” She took in a deep breath. “I just don’t know what I’m going to do.”

“Well you can stay here if you want to,” I reassured her.

Her eyes, suddenly beaming, shined with excitement. “Can I?”


“What about Laura?” She asked.

I forgot about Laura. “I’m sure she’ll be fine with it. After all, you two have been friends for quite some time now.”

Stephanie leapt at me and gave me a hug, causing me to fall back into the couch. Her head pushed into my neck. “Thank you Steve,” she whispered. Her warm breath hitting my neck made me tingle. “I knew you’d save me.”

“You’re welcome,” I replied holding her. My infatuation grew thinking about her being around all the time. I couldn’t wait to have her on all fours again and wondered what I would do to her. I started to get excited and lightly pushed her away before she noticed. “You’ll see. Things will be great.”

“Oh I know they will,” she replied staring at me. Those bright blue eyes radiated a relieved innocence, like a child who just opened their gift at Christmas and discovered they got exactly what they wanted. “I’m so happy that I get to be here with you now.” Her hands reached and rested over mine.

I sensed she felt something for me, but I didn’t know if it was purely physical or something more. We really never talked that much cebeci escort before our threesome so I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I didn’t know what to say, “I need to take a shower before I go to work tonight,” was all I could muster.

I got up and quickly turned away as to hide my excitement from her. “There’s coffee and beer in the kitchen if you want anything,” I said and walked into the bathroom. I shut the door behind me and noticed Stephanie’s wet clothes scattered across the floor. I picked them up and hung them on the towel rod, pausing to appreciate her black bra and panties.

I had the shower on high heat to combat the cold air that filled my apartment. I stepped into the shower stall and soon the bathroom was full of steam. As I washed the soap through my hair I heard the shower door open. I nervously rinsed the soap from my eyes to see who it was. There Stephanie stood in all her naked glory. Her body glistening with her hair pulled down her back. I was speechless as I stared at her wonderful firm breasts that withstood the water that poured down on us. Her shaved snatch catching my attention as I finally spoke.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked.

“Well,” she said seductively. Her arms crossed down her front, pushing her breasts further out. “I wanted to thank you for letting me stay here.”

“You already did,” I replied as she got nearer.

“I wanted to really thank you,” her eyes staring up at me. “I know I can make you happy.”


“I need to be honest Steve,” she whispered reaching in, grabbing my erect cock. Stroking the head, she confessed, “I need you Steve. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. And by the look of things I think you need me to.”

My happily erect cock couldn’t lie. I did want her. I just stood there as she knelt down before me. She pressed my shaft against her cheek, holding it there like a prized possession. She rubbed her cheek against it as if it were a plush doll. I stared at her as the water splashed against us. After a couple moments of savoring my cock she engulfed it, sucking vigorously. I braced my arms against the walls as she repeatedly took me in, glad to know she hadn’t forgotten the techniques Laura taught her last time.

“Am I doing this right?” She asked while kissing my shaft.

“Oh yes,” I replied smiling.

She smirked then asked, “Do I make you happy?”

“Yes very much.”

“Can I be your little whore?”

I paused for a moment. She knew that’s what Laura liked to be called. Then I realized that she had dyed her hair black, like Laura’s. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Was she infatuated with me? Or Laura?

“Well,” she asked looking up at me. “Am I?” She ran the head of my cock against her left breast. Circling her nipple, she looked down at the tip. “Cause I would love to be your little whore.” Her tone sounded more truthful than just lust.

She was more forceful now as she took me back into her mouth. My body twitched as she worked me harder. I let one hand go off of the wall and grabbed the back of her head. She didn’t need much help but yet still I wanted to work her harder.

“Yes oh god yes!” I moaned. “You’re my little whore!” My hips thrusting forward as I pulled her head in. She opened wide to fit me in as I fucked her mouth. The pressure built within me until I couldn’t hold back any longer. I held her head tight against me as I exploded within her mouth. I continued to hold her there as I drained myself. Once I saw my cum seep from the side of her mouth I let go, her head jerking back with freedom. I sat down in the shower and watched her as she swallowed what remained in her mouth.

“Thanks Steph,” I breathed heavily. “But let’s keep this between you and me, ok?”

Stephanie stood up and smiled down at me. “I’m just glad I could make you happy,” she said and stepped out of the shower.

I gathered my strength and stood up, letting the water pour down me. After gathering my thoughts I turned off the water and stepped out. Drying myself off I remembered Stephanie had taken my robe. After combing my hair I stepped out into the living room, letting the steam escape with me.

“Laura,” I said shocked as I saw her on the couch, sitting next to Stephanie who was still in my robe. I was frozen in place, waiting for someone to acknowledge the situation. I had no idea how long Laura had been home and prayed that she didn’t know Stephanie was with me in the shower.

Breaking the silence, Laura said, “Hey honey.”

“How was your shower?” Stephanie asked white a devilish grin across her face. “Refreshing?”

“Umm, fine I guess. I’ve got to get ready for work,” I mumbled then retreated to the bedroom.

Laura walked in as I dressed myself for work. “Wanna quickie?” She asked closing in on me.

“I’m running late,” I said zipping up my jeans.

“Oh phooey,” she whined and sat down on the edge of the bed. “Well, have fun at work I guess.”

“I çukurambar escort shouldn’t be there too long,” I commented as I pulled my work polo over my head. “It’s just training stuff tonight.”

Laura followed me into the living room and sat on the couch as I walked to the front door. Stephanie made me nervous, eyeing me as I put on my shoes and jacket. “Well see ya,” I said and ran out the door and onto work.

I walked back into my apartment and dropped my tired body onto the couch. Laura came out of the bedroom and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek. “Need a beer,” she asked.

“Yes please,” I answered then lit a cigarette. It didn’t seem that Laura knew about my time with Stephanie in the shower.

After grabbing my beer Laura sat down on the couch and cuddled against me. “How was work?”

“It was ok,” I responded. “Where’s Stephanie?”

“In the other room.”

“Is it alright with you that she stays here?” I asked.

“Ya it’s fine with me,” she giggled. “She’ll be like a pet.”

I was excited that Laura was not only fine with the idea, but seemed to love it. I drank my beer while daydreaming of what Laura had in mind when she referred to Stephanie as a pet.

Laura and I drank while we watched tv and relaxed. I felt relieved that Laura didn’t know about Stephanie and I. Feeling buzzed, I stood up to get another beer and instead fell back into the couch.

“I think you’ve had enough,” Laura laughed then stood up. “Come with me,” she said grabbing my hands, pulling me up. “And close your eyes.”

I did as she said and walked blindly with her. I was excited knowing she was leading me into the bedroom. Thoughts of her and Stephanie filled my head, building my arousal. I couldn’t wait to ravage Stephanie’s body again. I paused at the doorway as she let go of me.

“Ok,” she clapped. “Open them.”

I opened my eyes to see Laura practically jumping up and down. She wore a black corset that wrapped tightly around her torso, holding her perky breasts in place and black lace panties hid her treasure. “What do you think of our little pet?” She said excited.

My jaw dropped as I saw Stephanie, hands and knees on the two mattresses I use as a bed. She was naked except a few accessories. On her head were black cat ears that blended in with her hair. Her nose was marked with black, like that of a cat, including drawn on whiskers. Continuing the trend she wore a collar around her neck with a leash attached and a leather belt that harnessed a cat like tail that stuck out from behind her. I stood speechless but thoroughly aroused.

“Well,” Laura asked impatiently.

“I don’t know what to say,” I responded.

“She’s like one of those girls from your cartoon movies,” she commented. “Doesn’t she look hot?”

“Well ya,” was all I could mutter.

“I call her Miss Kitty,” Laura giggled as she swayed over to Stephanie. “Say hello Miss Kitty,” she commanded and grabbed her leash.

“Meow,” Stephanie complied.

“Was this your idea?” I asked.

“Well I always wanted a pet,” she replied. “And when I told her you’d like this kind of thing she practically dressed herself.” Laura had one hand gripped tight on the leash while the other stroked Stephanie’s hair. “There is one problem though,” her tone changed from cheerful to serious.

“What’s that?” I asked while ogling my two beauties.

“She’s been a bad kitty,” she said angrily and yanked the leash forward, causing Stephanie’s head to jerk forward. “Haven’t you Miss Kitty.”

“Meow,” Stephanie replied with her head bent downward.

“What do you mean?” I asked obviously knowing the answer.

“Don’t worry Steve,” she paused. Her eyes fixated on her hand stroking Stephanie’s hair, “I don’t blame you. I know you can’t control yourself.”


“It’s Miss Kitty’s fault. She should have known better.” Her hand slid from the back of Stephanie’s head down her spine until she reached the top of her ass. “Bad kitties need to be taught a lesson.” Her hand sprang back and came crashing down on Stephanie’s bare ass.

“Meow,” Stephanie yelped out. Her eyes filled with a sorrowful glare.

“Lay down Miss Kitty,” she commanded.

Stephanie complied and turned around. I noticed the red mark scarred her pale left ass cheek as she lay down on her back at the foot of the bed, just as Laura commanded her.

I got excited seeing where this was going and pulled off my shirt. I sat at the edge of the bed and eagerly slid my jeans off, followed quickly by my boxers.

Laura knelt behind me and kissed my neck. Her hand reached around and grabbed my throbbing dick. Moaning, I reached behind me and grabbed her ass. As we fondled each other I looked over at Stephanie who lay on the bed, watching us. Her gorgeous body ached with yearning as she wiggled back and forth. I turned around and kissed Laura. My tongue invaded her mouth as my hands found their way to her breasts. demetevler escort Grabbing them I leaned down and started licking her erect nipples, my tongue swirling around them.

Laura ran her hands through my hair. “Now watch and learn Miss Kitty,” She moaned. “Watch as I pleasure him in ways you can’t.” Laura pushed me on my back, my head inches away from Stephanie’s. Laura slid her panties down and off her long legs then proceeded to climb on top of me; hovering her pussy over my face. She leaned down and started working my cock with her mouth. Grabbing the back of her ass I pulled her towards me. With my tongue reaching out, I lapped at her wet pussy. As I swirled my tongue I spanked her ass. Her moaning increased with each slap.

Lifting her mouth off of me she moaned, “That’s it baby. Spank your girl. Spank your little whore.” She then proceeded to suck my cock. Her words pierced me, causing me to slap her harder. I leaned my head back to see Stephanie staring back at us with a longing in her eyes.

Laura continued to milk my cock with her mouth, only pausing to catch her breath. I slid my finger into her wet pussy, feeling around. With each moan I thrust into her harder until she climbed off of me, obviously ready for more. I got onto my knees and climbed towards her, positioning her on her arms and knees with her head now hovering over Stephanie’s.

“That’s it baby!” She panted. “I want her to watch my face as you fuck me.”

Stephanie purred while fingering herself as she watched our show. I watched as her fingers slid in and out of her pussy, wishing it was my cock. Her other hand held tightly against her breast. I readied myself behind Laura and without hesitation, rammed my cock deep inside her wet, awaiting pussy, causing her to cry out.

Laura leaned her head down and ran her tongue along Stephanie’s lips. “I wanted to taste what it felt like.” She moaned then spat on her. “The taste of your jealously is so sweet.”

I pulled out and rubbed my mushroom head against Laura’s pussy lips. Laura moaned and kept pushing herself back against me, wanting me back inside her. I reached over into our nightstand and pulled out Laura’s rainbow colored butt plug. I swirled it against her pussy, using her juices as lubricate. Laura moaned as I slowly inserted it in and out of her.

“You know what’s coming don’t you?” I said becoming more verbal. Knowing I couldn’t fuck Stephanie drove me wild. The rage built within me and I wanted to take it out on Laura. Punish her for keeping Stephanie from me.

“Mmmm yes baby.” She moaned. “Stick it in me.”

I pressed the tip against Laura’s asshole and slowly started to twist it in. She moved her hips as I worked it deeper. I grabbed her hair and yanked her back as I fully inserted the plug. I continued and thrust my cock back into Laura sopping pussy. Her moaning increased with each pounding. I could feel her pussy tightening around me as I ravaged her. “Oh god,” she yelled out. “That’s it baby, make me cum.” I tried my hardest to pound into her as she yelled out and her body convulsed.

I pulled out of her wet pussy, catching my breath. Laura turned around and quickly grabbed the base of my pulsating shaft, taking it into her mouth. I watched Stephanie finger herself as Laura cleaned my shaft. Leaning up she panted, “You feel so good. Doesn’t he Miss Kitty.” Laughing she turned back around and stared at Stephanie. “Does it drive you crazy? Knowing he fucks me harder?”

Stephanie purred as she continued to masturbate, her body vibrating with her touch.

I leaned over and grabbed lube off of the nightstand. I lotioned my cock and readied myself to plow into Laura’s prepared ass. I pulled out the plug and tossed it on the bed by Laura’s head. I slapped her ass again and again until it was red, Laura yelping out each time. “I’ll show you who’s my whore,” I said pressing the head of my cock against her asshole.

“Yes baby!” Laura agreed. “Show Kitty who’s truly your little whore.”

As I slowly entered into her tight asshole Laura moaned loudly. I took my time going in and out, a little deeper with each thrust. Her body wiggled, trying to accept me in. I looked at Stephanie masturbating and pretended it was her ass I was fucking. Her cat like features drove me wild as I began to lose it. I grabbed Laura’s hair and yanked her head back. “C’mon whore, you can take it.”

“Ohh my ass can take it,” she whined out. “Not like that little slut Miss Kitty.” Laura grabbed the plug and pressed it against Stephanie’s lips. “Open bitch,” she yelled.

Stephanie reluctantly parted her lips as Laura inserted the plug. I watched in awe as Laura pushed it into her mouth, making her gag.

“Purr you little slut.” Laura commanded, “Show Steve how much you like it.”

Stephanie tried to purr as Stephanie twisted the plug in her mouth. Her eyes watered as she looked up at Laura.

I yanked Laura’s hair harder as I rammed into her. Her ass clamped against my cock. My breathing increased as I felt the urge to cum. “I want you to cum baby!” Laura yelled out. “Cum for your whore!”

I pulled out and Laura turned around grabbing me. She pulled me to the foot of the bed. I looked at Stephanie’s face as she suckled the plug like a bottle. Her body buckled as I jerked my cock. The pressure in me built as Laura’s hands caressed my balls.

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