Abbey and Marking Territory

Abbey and Marking Territory

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Abbey and Will are back at work, out and proud about their atypical relationship. But Abbey doesn’t want her employees to know all of her business. Can these two lovebirds find a covert spot to enjoy their honeymoon period alone?


“Then Hayes said, ‘Dental dam? Rub that wood with an eager beaver.'”

Abbey smirked. “Next time, we can email her the invoice. I don’t need an adult toy magnate inflicting my new employees with her puns. Even if she is my business partner.”

“Hayes isn’t so bad.” Cruz rose from the desk outside of Abbey’s office. He slung his messenger bag over his shoulder. “I had fun this week.”

“You’re doing an excellent job, Cruz. Have a great weekend.”

“Thanks, Abbey.” As he headed for the elevator, Cruz almost collided with a coworker standing directly behind him. “Oh, hey, Will.”

“See you on Monday.” Will stood his ground.

Rattled, Cruz shuffled around him toward the exit.

Will set his focus on Abbey. “Ready for dinner?”

She scrutinized his face. Then she swiveled and stepped inside her empty office. “You’re jealous.”

Will followed her through the archway. “I’m aware of the attractiveness of your new assistant.” He shut the heavy door.

“I had to hire someone after you poached Doug to head your Operations team.”

“Doug knows everyone and everything, and you trained him.” Will traced his finger down Abbey’s earlobe, her chin, and her neck. “I only deal with the best.”

“You’re intimidated by Cruz?”

“He’s a strapping young man. Easy to mistake sincan escort bayan him for one of the suitors.”

“Superficially, yes. However, his talents are better matched with administration and organization. Like yours. He shares many of your best qualities.”

“As long as he’s not sharing my girlfriend.”

“The only person you are sharing your girlfriend with is my fiancé.”

“So generous.”

“Who am I sharing my boyfriend with?” Abbey wondered aloud.

“No one yet.”

“Any targets in your sights?”

“It took me years to land the big fish. Can I enjoy you for a moment?”

“You may.”

“Such a prize.” Will skated his palm across the back of Abbey’s denim pants.

She flinched. “We agreed, not at work.”

He retrieved his hand from her plump bottom. “It’s Friday night, we’re the last people here. My kids are with my parents for the night. However, I respect your wishes.”

Abbey clutched her purse from the loveseat. Then she took Will’s hand. “Where is the nearest location that is not work?”

“The card isn’t working because you need to wait for the green light to blink.”

“I have done this literally a thousand times.” Will shoved the plastic into the slot.

“You’re nervous.” Abbey deftly slid her card inside. The hotel door beeped and granted them access.

Will’s hands shook as he tore off the bedspread and flopped face first onto the mattress. “I need to calm down. This should not be a big deal. We have done this before.”

“Not by ourselves, eryaman escort one on one.”

“Did you text Jed? I don’t want him to worry about you.”

Abbey kissed the nape of his neck. “Considerate. Jed reminded me he is out with a client for the night, so I will see him at home tomorrow morning. He’s going to make breakfast, and we’ll talk about our wedding plans.”

His nose buried in the sheets, Will murmured, “This is weird, right?”

“We’re unconventional. Do you want out?”

He pulled Abbey onto the bed with him. “You are not getting rid of me that easily. Also, I am bringing a plus one to the ceremony.”

She unbuckled his belt. “Make sure they don’t wear white.”

He allowed her to remove his chinos. “Do I need to coordinate with the groom? Because I’m wearing a tan suit.”

“Is that a threat?” She maneuvered his muscular arms through his cardigan, which stuck to the sleeves of his dress shirt. “Why do you wear so many layers?”

“I’m stylish. Let’s just get these clothes off.”

They had both disrobed to their underwear when Will stammered, “Are you hungry?”

In her mismatched bra and panties, Abbey rested her head on his shoulder. “Yeah.”

“We are so not sexy.”

“Room service will take 20 minutes, minimum.” She reached in her bag and tossed him a condom. “Roll this on while I place the order. What would you like?”

He scrambled out of his boxer briefs. “Anything edible.”

On the bedside phone, Abbey maintained her concentration with the server on the other end of the etimesgut bayan escort line, while Will kissed her toes, her calves, her knees, her thighs, her crotch…

“No rush, take your time, thank you.” She hung up the receiver before she burst out giggling. “That tickles!”

He peeled her panties down her legs. “You taste good.”

Abbey squirmed as his tongue tasted her cavern. His mustache grazed her throbbing clit.

“Scrumptious. But I’m still hungry.” His cock swelling, Will crawled over Abbey to unhook her bra. He lowered the straps and uncovered her ample bosom. “Luscious.”

She held up her breasts, offering them as a feast.

He scooped up Abbey and rolled them over so that she was on top. Her nipple hung over his lips. He latched on. She moaned.

After an extended teasing session stoking their flames, Abbey finally positioned her pussy lips over his sheathed cock head.

Will entered her.

Abbey whimpered.

Will hands flew to her hips. “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

She shook her head. “I’m okay. Better than okay.” She pumped up and down, slowly, engulfing his girth with her hot walls. “This feels so right.”

“I love you, Abbey.”

“I love you, Will. I love that I can finally say that out loud.”

Will thrusted in and out. “Say it again.”

Abbey leaned her torso back, tits bouncing, and groaned, “I love you.”

There was a knock at the door. “Room service.”

They both sighed.

Resigned, Will rolled his girlfriend to the mattress.

As she pulled the sheet over her nude body, Abbey watched her boyfriend tug on his boxers and head for the door.

Before he undid the lock, Will turned to Abbey and made a declaration. “I’m getting this food, but my first meal of the night is going to be you.”

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