Pam’s Parents Pt. 02: Maureen


Maureen texted her best friend Pam, “Hey, let’s go to the mall later.”

“Sure,” Pam texted back. “Pick you up at twelve.

Pam wore a loose tank top with no bra and denim shorts that did justice to het round butt. She loved to draw attention to herself, having the boys and men salivate at the sight of her bouncing large breasts as she sauntered around the mall. Maureen was quite the opposite, slim, a runner’s body with perky a-cup titties. Maureen was noticeable for her protruding hard nipples that were easily aroused.

“Check out that sorry looking dude on the bench over there,” Pam indicated to her friend. “Let’s give him a thrill.”

Pam and Maureen walked up to the middle-aged man on the bench at the mall. Pam sat down beside him and Maureen stood in front of him, blocking his view and hiding him from onlookers.

“Sir, my girlfriend here was feeling me up in the dressing room at Forever 21, “Pam said to the forlorned looking man, “and she said I have a lump on my right tit,” she went on. “I can’t feel anything and I’m only eighteen, way too young for cancer.”

“Go ahead,” Maureen ordered him. “Feel her tit. Prove to her I’m right.”

The man was perplexed. Astonished.

Maureen grabbed his hand and placed it on her friend’s exposed breast as Pam pulled her tank top up. The man froze, not able to comprehend the situation.

“What the he’ll is going on here!” screeched a middle-aged woman.

“Sorry ma’am,” Pam apologized. “He was just checking me for a lump.”

“God, my husband’s a fucking pervert,” the woman yelled as she ran away.

“I think you better go get her, ” Maureen told the man who by now realized the situation and became amused.

“She’s not going anywhere,” the bemused man replied. “Unless she wants to walk.”

“We didn’t mean for you to get in trouble with your wife,” Maureen said to him.

“Don’t worry about that,” he replied. “She has been so cold to me the past few years, it serves her right.”

“So, you guys don’t fuck anymore? ” Maureen asked.

“No. And she even thinks it’s disgusting when I jerk myself off,” he explained.

“Oh God, you poor man,” Pam exclaimed.

“No wonder you looked so forlorned sitting there.”

“Come with us,” Maureen commanded him as the two girls took him by the hand and led him to the family rest room. Pam locked the door.

Inside the rest room Maureen pulled up her shirt and exposed her large brown erect nipples. She directed the man’s head to suck on them while Pam unbuttoned the man’s shorts and slid them to his ankles. Pam took the man’s erect cock in her mouth and started sucking him off. The poor guy must have been really deprived because it wasn’t more than ten seconds into Pam’s ministrations on him when he exploded streams of tasty sperm into her mouth.

“Are you going to be selfish?” Maureen asked her friend. Pam got up and locked lips with Maureen, passing along to Maureen the remaining cum.

“I don’t know how to thank you girls,” the man said relieved.

“We are just a couple of young sluts,” Pam explained, “who love sex.”

“What are we going to do about youriou wife?” Maureen asked.

“Call her. Tell her to meet you at the entrance to Macy’s,” Pam directed.

The three of them made their way to the meeting point. They saw the man’s wife standing there fuming. She had a surprised look on her face when she saw her husband approaching with the two young women. Before side could get a word out of her mouth Pam laid into her.

“Here’s the deal,” Pam began. “You are going to go home with your husband and fuck the shit out of him. He is going to call me if you don’t then Maureen and I will right in front of you.”

“You really should suck him off,” Maureen added. “He has very tasty cum, doesn’t he Pam?”

“He does,” Pam confirmed. “I’ll take a mouthful anytime,” she said licking her lips.

“Well honey,” the man said to his wife. “These girls mean it. They said that anytime I needed to get tuzla eve gelen escort my rocks off and you deprived me, they would be happy to please me.”

The man’s wife stood there totally confused. After a minute of silence she finally addressed the girls.

“Did you just give my husband a blow job?” she asked. Her husband answered for them. “Yes, they did,” he said.

“Why?” the woman asked.

“Because he’s a nice guy and everyone deserves to live a happy life,” Maureen responded.

Later that afternoon, Maureen and Pam were sunbathing nude with Pam’s mother, Susan, at Pam’s house. Pam got a message on her phone. It was a picture of the woman from earlier that day at the mall. She was laying on a bed, naked, smiling, cum oozing out of her pussy. The picture was accompanied by two words, “Thank You.” Pam showed her phone to Maureen and her mother and explained to her mom what had transpired at the mall.

The three women laughed. Then Maureen got serious.

“Susan,” Maureen began asking Pam’s mother, “do you think it is ok for me to ask my father to have sex with me?”

“Do you want to have sex with him?” Susan asked as a reply.

“I have had a crush on him since I started having sexual feelings, ” Maureen confided. “I just don’t know how to approach him and mom. I don’t know how they feel about that. I don’t know if they are like you guys.”

“They know about our family,” Pam interjected, “and they don’t seem to think there’s anything wrong with us.”

“Why don’t we invite them over Friday before the graduation party,” Susan suggested. “That way we can all feel them out. Sex in the family is different from casual sex with friends or strangers. There’s already a loving relationship.”

“Let’s go inside and have a little loving relationship before dinner,” Pam suggested with a chuckle. The three women made their way to Pam’s room. Maureen sucked on Pam’s luscious tits while Susan ran her tongue on her daughter’s clit.

“Oh fuck, mom,” Pam cried out as her mother’s tongue made its way into her sopping wet pussy. Pam cried out again when Maureen bit down on Pam’s left nipple. Pam’s orgasm was in reach.

Maureen sensed her part time lover was about to cum so she quickly rubbed Pam’s clit as Susan continued tongue fucking her daughter. Pam’s hip thrust her pussy into her mother’s face, her womanly juices drowning her.

Pam took a while to regain her breath while Susan turned her attention to Maureen.

“You know you taste very much like your mother,” she told her. “Do you have the same feelings about her as you do your father?” she asked.

“It’s different,” Maureen moaned in response to Susan’s question and pussy licking. “The burning desire is not there with my mom as it is for my dad,” she managed to explain while her orgasm was building.

“Your parents are very philosophical,” Pam noticed. “And very open-minded,” she added.

“Oh shit,” Maureen screamed as Susan thrust a couple of fingers in the young woman’s vagina. It didn’t take long before Susan got her daughter’s friend to gush her feminine ejaculate all over her hand.


Bob and Julie accompanied their daughter Maureen to visit with Pam and her parents the night before graduation party. It was going to be an adult sex fest more than a party for the girls, though they were certain to be the center of attention. Pam and Maureen had been introduced to their parents’ lifestyle a couple of months earlier when Pam celebrated her eighteenth birthday. This Friday evening, however, was going to be more intimate with just the two young women and their parents.

“Pam,” Bob asked his daughter’s friend, “what are your plans for the future?”

“I’m going to into the nursing program at the university,” Pam responded.

“That sounds wonderful,” Julie complimented.

“And how about you, Maureen?” Frank asked his daughter’s friend.

“I need to work and save some money so I can go to college next tuzla otele gelen escort year,” Maureen responded.

“Where are you going to school,” Susan asked.

“A small liberal arts college in Annapolis Maryland,” Maureen replied. “I’m going to study comparative religion and philosophy,” she explained.

“She gets that from us,” Julie said to Susan and Frank. “We discuss religion and philosophy often and Maureen loves to participate in our musings,” she went on to explain.

“Maybe we can all go into the living room and have a conversation about taboos,” Pam hinted to help break the ice for her friend.

“Wonderful idea,” Susan affirmed. “Let’s relax with some wine and brandy.”

Normally, Frank would suggest that his guests continue the evening naked. Bob and Julie were very much used to that visiting the Miller’s household; they were frequent participants in the orgies there. Frank, however, thought that this night should evolve without undue influence. There was going to be plenty of sex the rest of the weekend and he wanted this night to belong to Maureen and her parents, if there was going to be any sex at all.

Pam and Maureen sat down on the large sectional sofa, situating themselves between Bob and Julie. Susan and Frank occupied the love seat. Susan led the conversation; bringing up the subject of incest.

“You both know about Frank and I having sex with our son Phil and with Pam,” Susan began. “Have you had any thoughts about such religious taboos?” she directed her question to Bob and Julie.

“Mom says love in the family is special,” Pam chimed in.

Bob and Julie both had thoughtful expressions on their faces when Bob came out reluctantly.

“I have never thought about it as taboo,” Bob explained. “I have always admired the way your family is free and open sexually,” he said.

“I have also admired the way you all naturally react to each other sexually,” Julie added.

“It just seems socially awkward,” Bob said looking at his daughter.

“Well,” Frank exclaimed. “Nothing is socially awkward in this house.” Susan gave a look to her daughter that screamed, get over here and be comfortable with your parents. Pam got the message and went over to sit on her father’s lap, wrapping her arm around his neck and giving him a big kiss. Susan stood up and slid her skirt and panties to floor.

Maureen saw that this was the moment she needed to let her parents know that she wanted to have sex with them, especially her father. She pulled her tank top over her head, her hard nipples protruding from her perky a-cup breasts. Maureen grabbed her father’s hand and placed it on her right nipple.

Fully naked, Susan beckoned Julie to her. The two women were no strangers to each other, having enjoyed many encounters of Sapphic love. The men were left alone to explore their daughters’ love in a physical way.

Maureen stood up and pulled her shorts and panties down to her ankles, exposing her wet glistening pussy to her father. Bob reached out to touch his daughter’s sex.

Maureen cooed at the sensation of her father’s strong hand gently stroking the outer lips of her vagina. She bent over and let her lips fall onto his in a passionate kiss.

Pam and her father, intently curious, watching their friends engage in an incestuous encounter for the first time, mutually masturbated each other at the erotic scene.

Bob’s desires for his daughter consumed him. He laid her down on the sofa and began ravishing her sweet pussy with his tongue and lips. Maureen’s feminine nectar was pouring out of her pussy. Bob licked her clit with a passion. Maureen cried out as her slim young body writhed in orgasm.

“Daddy,” Maureen said panting coming down from her orgasmic bliss. “Please. I want to feel you inside me.”

Bob released his throbbing cock from his pants. Quickly he stripped. Pam went over to her friend’s father and whispered to him.

“She’s very tight,” Pam told him. “Be gentle,” tuzla sınırsız escort she admonished.

Bob lined the swollen tip of his cock with his daughter’s slit and slowly, tenderly rubbed it up and down, picking up as much of her natural lubricant as possible. He leaned over, gave her a kiss.

“Are you ready, sweetheart,” Bob asked Maureen softly.

“Yes daddy, please,” she responded.

Bob slowly and deliberately penetrated his daughter. Her body reacted with a jolt that pushed him in further. Maureen relaxed then as Bob slide all the way in. He paused.

“Did I hurt you?” Bob asked his daughter.

“Oh no, daddy. You feel wonderful inside me,” Maureen replied.

Bob began fucking his daughter with slow long in and out pumping. Her pussy reacted by releasing copious amounts of her womanly cum, lubricating her tight vaginal walls as her father’s cock rhythmically picked up speed. She gripped him hard. They ascended together.

“Ohhhh, fuck,” Maureen screamed as she climaxed to the sensation of her father shooting streams of his hot cum, filling her pussy.

Witnessing the erotic intensity of her best friend cumming with her father, Pam brought herself and Frank to an orgasm manually.

Maureen, Bob, Pam and Frank settled down after their orgasms with another glass of wine. Frank renewed the conversation.

“How do you feel Maureen?” Frank asked.

“Do you feel your love is stronger for your father now?”

Maureen smiled as she looked at her dad. She responded to Frank’s questions by giving her father a long passionate kiss.

“How about you, Bob?” Frank asked.

“I feel so much better now,” he replied. “I’m happy we got over that hump to full acceptance of our loving relationship,” he explained further. “Our bodies are truly the way we express our love, our true spiritual being.”

Susan and Julie made their way back to the living room to join the others for a glass of wine. Susan’s curiosity came out first.

“Well,” she began to ask, “how was it?” She sensed that Bob and Maureen had coupled.

“Awesome,” interjected her daughter Pam. “It was so hot to see the passion they had for each other. Their energy electrified the air.”

“I want to thank you for the opportunity you presented tonight,” Bob said to Susan. “I know this will bring our family in tighter than ever before.”

“We should all go to bed now,” Frank said knowing that tomorrow was going to be a busy day getting the party prepared and the ensuing sexual activity was going to require all the energy they could muster.

“Bob, Julie, Maureen,” Susan began. “You can sleep in Pam’s room tonight,” she offered. “Pam you can sleep with your father and me.”


Morning came finding Maureen wrapped in the arms of her mother. Maureen woke first. She took her mother’s hand and gently placed it on her breast, her nipples aroused and standing out. Unconsciously in her sleep, Julie gently massaged her daughters firm, supple tit. Maureen grabbed a hold of her father’s morning erection and slowly stroked it, eliciting soft sleepy moans.

Julie woke noticing she had been rubbing her daughter’s tits. She took the erect nipples into her mouth, one at a time, biting gently. Bob woke to the movement in the bed. Maureen’s body was now restless as Julie worked her way to her daughter’s pussy, licking, sucking, biting softly. Bob positioned himself behind his wife and slipped his cock through her folds. The family was now connected in one mass.

“Oh god,” Maureen moaned, clutching her mother’s head as Julie’s tongue ravished her clit. Bob was thrusting in and out of Julie at a steady slow pace, careful not to be too forceful as to push his wife hard into his daughter’s cunt. Mother and daughter came to their orgasms in unison. Bob pulled out and began stroking himself fiercely. He spilled his morning cum all over his wife’s and daughter’s breasts.

“There’s your morning treat,” Bob said jokingly as he finished rubbing his cum with his cock on Maureen and Julie. The two women were pleased to lick his sperm from each other.

“What a wonderful morning,” Julie exclaimed.

Bob, Julie and Maureen embraced each other, their naked flesh bonding the family in love. They were ready for the adventures of life to come.

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