The Joys Of Being A “Manwich”, Chapter 2

Huge Strapon

Once we were safely in our hotel room, the girls went into the bedroom and told me to stay in the living room. Kelly had done a good job of hiding her surprise up to this point and didn’t want me getting a peek before the big reveal. Mary wanted to get herself “presentable” before we started as well. Knowing I was outvoted with just one of the girls, I relinquished myself to the living room to wait for the girls to call me into the bedroom.It was probably only a few minutes to be truthful, although it seemed a lot longer before I heard Kelly calling me into the bedroom. My cock was clawing to get out and play, and it was uncomfortable to be sitting on the sofa anymore. I was glad she called me when she did. I came around the corner of the hallway into the bedroom of the suite and my jaw damn near hit the floor… there on the bed were two of the loveliest and sexiest women God ever set on the earth!My Kelly was wearing a sheer white chemise with a lace-covered top to the bust line and practically transparent from there on down. I could see her thin matching string panty underneath. Kelly is five foot five inches tall with soft brown doe eyes, long black hair, and a very delicious 32D-22-34 body.Mary stood beside her wearing a lacy camisole that was cut to just about halfway from her breasts to the navel and below that a barely-there matching lace panty. Mary was five foot four inches tall with pretty hazel eyes, brown hair, and a marvelous 36D-23-35 figure.Both girls looked magnificent and I stood there for the longest time just taking this scene in. I wanted to burn it into my mind so I would never forget this vacation and the chance I had to go to heaven and touch the angels.”Are you going to stand there all night or are you going to have your way with us?” Kelly said, breaking my trance. Suddenly, there was a flurry of pants and shirts, shoes and socks hitting the floor and before the girls could stop giggling, I was undressed and standing right in front of them.”Mmmm… I’ve been wanting to get a closer look at this big, fat cock. You covered it up much too quickly earlier. I didn’t get a chance to admire it!” Mary said, wrapping her hand around my already hard cock. She began gently stroking me as she spoke, “Like I told Kelly in the restroom of Ankara bayan escort the restaurant, it’s been some time since I had a man and even longer since I had a real man. So I might be a little tight… you don’t mind stretching me a bit do you, baby?””No, I don’t mind a bit. I’ll take it easy on you though since it’s been a while,” I said, all gentlemanly-like.”You’d better not! I like it hard, and I like it rough! You just feel free to use me anyway you like. The harder and more degrading, the better. It’s been a long time since I have exercised my inner slut, and she wants to play–that’s why I agreed to the threesome. I figured it would be a good way to just let my slutty side out and not have to worry about being a ‘lady’!” she said, emphatically.This was sounding better all the time! If Mary wants to be a slut, then a slut she shall be! I knew that Kelly could get down and dirty–we have had many great times with her as a nasty filthy little slut and she loved being “forced” to have sex, degraded, and talked dirty to. It was a real turn-on for us both. Now we have someone else to humiliate, degrade, and shame!Kelly went out of the room for a moment, bringing back the desk chair. She set the chair in a place where she would have a good close view of the action yet not be in the way.She turned to me and Mary, “Okay, I want to watch you fuck her, Dave. I want you to fuck her hard, and I want to hear her moan and scream as you plow into her. You heard yourself that she likes it rough and she likes to be treated like a slut. You also heard that it’s been a long time since she has felt that way. So make her your fuckslut, Dave… fuck her and make her yours, baby! Own this little fucktoy!” Kelly said.I looked at Kelly sitting there with her legs spread just waiting for me to get started. I grinned and gave her a big kiss, grabbing her by the hair behind her head telling her in my own way that she is still my girl. She moaned softly into my mouth, letting me know the message was received. Then I turned my attention to the scantily-clad woman standing by the bed waiting for me.I walked up to Mary and leaned forward kissing her deeply. My hand slid around behind her head, pushing her long brown hair up and letting Escort bayan Ankara it slide between my fingers. I heard her barely audible moan as our kiss deepened and I knew that was my cue. Quickly, I grabbed a huge handful of that long silky hair and hauled her head back, breaking our kiss and causing her to gasp in surprise.”So you want to be my slut do you, Do you think you have what it takes to please me? Do you think you are worth my attention, whore? Let’s just see if you are even worth bothering with. Get down on your knees slut and show me what you are good for!” I growled at her.Mary did as I commanded, dropping to her knees while I maintained a hold of her long hair. She reached out to take my hard cock in her hand and I slapped her hand away. “What an impolite slut you are. Don’t you have any manners at all? You ask before you just take something!” I barked at her.Looking up, she said, “I’m sorry, Sir. May I please suck your co-ACKK!!” I didn’t let her finish before I shoved my cock deep into her throat, pushing all the way to the back of her throat just short of making her gag and holding it there blocking her airway for a moment. Then I let her up and she gasped and sputtered in surprise.”Now, let’s see how you suck cock. Let’s see if you can suck like a proper fuckslut!” I said. I pushed my cock back into her mouth just as deep as before and she brought her hands up, placing them on my legs to push me away if needed.”Put those fucking hands behind your back slut! You don’t use anything but your fucking face hole, got it?” I barked.She put her hands behind her and nodded “Mmphmm” she said around my cock.”Kelly, come over here and show this pitiful thing how to I like having my cock sucked, will you?” I said smiling. Kelly came over kneeling behind Mary. Kelly then took Mary’s head in her hands and began shoving it forward and pulling it back guiding her in the speed, rhythm, and depth that she knew I liked. She sped up a bit faster and Mary had to just keep her mouth sucked in around my cock and Kelly moved her head back and forth rapidly.”Gluck! Gluck! Gluck!” Mary made those delightful noises that I loved from the porno movies as her head bobbed on my cock.After a few minutes of face fucking, Bayan escort Ankara she was drooling like a proper slut should, getting her tits all wet with her saliva. Her makeup was starting to run and she looked so hot!”Look at yourself… kneeling on the floor of a hotel room with a mouth full of a strange man’s cock, your makeup ruined and looking like a back alley whore, drooling all over your tits and wanting more. You really are a fuckslut and now you look the part too!”Mary looked up at me as I spoke, her face a Picasso of ruined, runny mascara and smeared lipstick. What hair I didn’t have balled up in my fist was a mess as well.”Get up slut, I’m not done with you yet!” I said, pulling her to her feet by her hair. Once she was standing, I moved behind her. Lifting up her little lacy camisole, I reached under it to grab hold of her very ample breasts, sinking my fingers into the creamy pliant flesh. I used my thumbs to rub over her hard, erect nipples as my hands mauled her twin globes. She instinctively pressed back into me, feeling the present I had for her a bit later.”Oh God…” she moaned, aloud this time, as my hands worked her tender flesh. She laid her head back onto my shoulder and one hand moved up to hold my head as her other hand covered my hand on her breast.Mary ground her ass back onto my cock, feeling it’s hardness as it throbbed between her ass cheeks. Had she not been wearing panties, she would have steered me straight into her pussy right then, but I wasn’t quite done teasing her yet.My free hand, the one not covered by Mary’s, slid down her side and moved to rub her pussy over her panties. This caused Mary to moan even louder and grind her hips even harder on my cock.”Please, Dave… please, I need you so much…” she whimpered. I looked at Kelly and was glad to see she had scooted down in her chair, one leg thrown up on the corner of the bed and her hand down between her legs. She was watching us with great interest.I could feel the heat coming from her through Mary’s panties and I could also tell that her panties were getting soaked through by her now dripping pussy. It made me rub all the harder, pressing the saturated fabric into her slit as far as it would go and making sure she felt my fingers playing over her fat, swollen lips and throbbing clit. Mary spread her legs for me, her hand going behind her to grab my cock and stroke it as if telling me that this was what she wanted.”Fuck her Dave! Fuck that slut and show her how a man treats his whore! Make her scream as she cums all over that beautiful cock of yours!” Kelly urged.

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